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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Cockroach Killers

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How to Choose the Best Cockroach Killers

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that where there there’s one cockroach, there’s likely a whole lot more. That’s why you need to find the best cockroach killers. Infestations can catch you by surprise and there’s not always time to ask, “what is the best cockroach killer?” No worries! We did the research for you so you can take care of them fast. Before we take a look at the best-selling products, let’s take a look at some features to keep in mind.

Best Cockroach Killers

Count - This is different depending on the product. One tube of gel. A dozen baited traps. A few liters of barrier spray. Make sure you know what you’re getting! One tube of gel is enough. One baited trap is not.

Best Cockroach Killers

Targeted Pests - Some products are specially formulated to attract cockroaches. Some cockroaches are harder to kill than others so different attractants have to be used. That said, there are formulas that can eliminate other nuisances, too, like ticks or spiders.

How to Choose the Best Cockroach Killers

Usage - Most roach killers can be used in both residential and commercial settings. One exception? You have to be very careful if you’re going to use them in an establishment that serves food. Follow the directions carefully.

Best Cockroach Killers

Pet Safe - Pets can’t help being curious when they see something new. This is why cockroach killers can be so dangerous. Make sure you follow the directions closely. Consider cockroach trap-like cockroach killers for households with pets.

Best Cockroach Killers

Strength - Some cockroach killers last weeks while some will last up to a year! It greatly depends on what form the poison takes. Powders won’t last as long as sprays. Sprays won’t last as long as traps.

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Dimensions - The size of the roach killer matters to most when you’re dealing with traps. Gels and sprays come in different sizes, too, but a trap has to physically fit into a specific space to be effective.

Top 10 Products

So, what kills cockroaches? The most effective approach is using the best cockroach killer. Now that you know different things to keep an eye out for, let’s dig a little deeper into the products we’ve rounded up for you. Need to get started on clearing those cockroaches right away? If you don’t have time to spare, check out the top and budget picks first. Now, let’s take a closer look and get right to it.

Advion Cockroach Gel

Top Pick
Advion Cockroach gel is formulated to kill all species of cockroaches, including the difficult German variety. It not only attracts the pests, but is also formulated with a non-repellent active ingredient. They just can’t help themselves. With one product, you get rid of roaches fast - it begins working within 24 hours of when you first put down the gel. The active ingredient works when it’s ingested by the pest. Enzymes in the cockroach's body convert it into a deadly insecticide. What’s the bottom line? Other insects are less likely to fall victim to this gel. It’s formulated for cockroaches and only cockroaches. While this one isn’t indicated to be harmful to pets, the manufacturer still recommends using it places where your fur babies can’t get to.
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Hot Shot Roach Bait

Budget Pick
Did you know that roaches usually come into your home looking for water? Turns out they can live up to a month without food but only about a week without water. Hot Shot Roach Bait exploits this to kill roaches dead. It not only contains a food but water as well. That’s why it’s so effective - thirsty cockroaches are drawn to the water where the lethal dose of poison just happens to be. It doesn’t just kill the roaches - it gets their eggs, too. How? It’s designed to work slowly so, after they take the bait, they have time to head back to their nests before the poison starts to take effect. You get 6 different bait stations so you can scatter them around the areas in your home the roaches seem to like most.
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Cockroach Traps by Killer Green

Killer Green’s cockroach traps are completely non-toxic and odorless, which is why they’re safe to use anywhere. These traps resemble little shelters that you build for your pests. On the floor is a really sticky glue. The idea is, they’re lured into the trap with a pheromone attractant and then they get stuck. They’re really easy to set up, too. And check this out: because this a more environmentally friendly option than harsh chemical roach killers, it’s safe to use around your pets. While this trap doesn’t necessarily attract only cockroaches, the included attractant is not designed to lure in other bugs. One last thing. A major plus to this choice is that, once you catch the roaches, you don’t really have to even look at them. Just scoop up the trap and throw it in the trash.
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Combat Max Roach Killing Bait

This bait from Combat kills roaches around the clock. You get a lot of traps with this one - 18 to be exact. Spread them around your house in areas where you’ve noticed roaches. Under sinks. Behind toilets. Around appliances. After the roaches enter the bait station to dine, they take part of their food back to the rest of their buddies. Back in the nest, all the cockroaches start eating the poison to kill your infestation at the source. These baits are designed specifically for cockroaches and can even get stubborn varieties that are tough to kill, like German cockroaches. They’re designed for indoor use where they can stay hidden and dry. And it’s best to keep them well hidden, too, somewhere your pets won’t be able to get to them.
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Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder

PF Harris has been around for a lot of years and has earned a reputation as a “vermin slayer.” Sounds like someone you can trust to get rid of your roaches, right? This is a unique cockroach killer because it comes in powder form. The powder comes in a bottle with a long straw attachment that you use to create small barriers of powder. The powder lures the roaches in. Once the roach eats, it disrupts the roach’s digestive system causing it to die within 72 hours. One great thing about the powder is that it lasts and lasts unless it gets wet, so only use it indoors. The bad news? It’s not recommended for home with children or pets.
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Advion Cockroach Bait Station

Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas kill 54 cockroaches for every 1 that’s exposed to it. The toxin works in a 3-step process that it set off when the roach takes the bait. The roach will return to the nest to share his food. Not long after that, the toxin will lead to paralysis and then death for every roach who ate it. The heavier your infestation, the more bait stations you should put down. Think about it: more roaches mean more bait. Place between 3 - 10 traps around heavily infested areas: under heavy equipment, behind toilets, in utility areas. You can even place them vertically using adhesive. This is ideal if you’ve been seeing them in tight spaces. One more thing. This one is safe for pets.
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Ortho Home Insect Killer

If you’re looking for a cockroach killer that can take care of other pests, too, look no further than Ortho Home Insect Killer. It not only kills the pests you have, it also helps keep them from coming back. Spray this liquid indoors or outdoors to create a long-lasting barrier against bugs. There’s no pumping or bending over to spray. What does that mean for you? No sore hands, no aching back. It also doesn’t smell or stain. It’s important for you and your pet to avoid the areas where it was sprayed until it’s dry. But don’t worry! It dries fast. This cockroach killer is like having your offense and defense in one product. Kill the pests you have and keep them from coming back for good.
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Bayer Maxforce Roach Gel

You can use this gel indoors or outdoors and once you put it down, it’s good for a year. Unless the roaches eat it all, then you’ll have to apply more. And then that application will be good for a year, too. It gets a little film over it, but that’s okay! The cockroaches will still be drawn to it, still eat it, and still get all toxins they need. It’s great to put into cracks and crevices. If you’ve narrowed down where the pests are getting into your home, using some of this gel in just the right spot could solve your problem. One the roaches have taken the bait, it works pretty quickly. If you place the gel in hidden areas, your pets will have no problem with this one.
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Dupont Advion Bait Arenas

These Bait Arenas use the best cockroach bait to attract several different types of cockroaches. Using the Bait Arena is a convenient, simple way to get all the benefits of this gel without the mess. How? Well, rather than putting dots of gel out in the open, you use these traps instead. This keeps the gel contained. Even though the gel itself isn’t harmful to pets if you follow directions, using the bait arenas keeps it more contained. If nothing else, this can give you a little more peace of mind about whether or not your pets can access it. You can use these indoors and outdoors on any horizontal or vertical surface. The bait should last awhile but is likely to need replacing more often when they’re used outside.
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Invict Gold Control Gel

This gel bait is a combination that cockroaches just can’t resist. To roaches, it smells and tastes so good that they just have to take it back to their nests and share it with all their friends. It’s slow acting by design to enable this domino effect. Because there are 11 different attractants, roaches who aren’t fooled by other gels (like German Cockroaches) will fall for this one. Apply pea sized drops of gel wherever you’ve seen roaches or their droppings. Reapply every few weeks for maximum results. Even though this gel is specially formulated to attract German Cockroaches, it will work on other types, too. German Cockroaches are difficult to eliminate which is why this gel was made specifically to target them.
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