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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Composite Toe Shoes

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How to Choose the Best Composite Toe Shoe

Composite toe shoes are an alternative to Steel-toe boots. They’re becoming more and more popular as they are often lighter and keep your feet more comfortable in all temperatures. We’ve researched and reviewed a selection of shoes to bring you this composite toe shoe buying guide! The products we’ve included are the best of the best! Before we get started, take a look at some of the things you should know before you start shopping.

Best Composite Toe Shoes

Type: Some tasks require a composite shoe, and others require a composite boot. This list covers a selection of both types. Boots are heavier and provide ankle support, while shoes are meant for walking-intensive tasks and are lighter.

Best Composite Toe Shoes

Color Options: Some composite shoes come in different colors so you can be stylish while you’re working. This is the number of options there is for color on the selected shoe. Tan or black are the most common colors.

How to Choose the Best Composite Toe Shoe

Rubber Sole: Rubber-soled shoes grip better and tend to keep your feet more comfortable in all types of weather. Most rubber-soled shoes are anti-slip as well, so you can walk on slightly slick surfaces and maintain your footing.

Best Composite Toe Shoes

Waterproof: Depending on the type of work you do, you might need shoes that are waterproof. This means they resist all water, and no water can get inside of the shoe. It’s useful for keeping your socks dry!

Best Composite Toe Shoes

EVA Midsole: The midsole is the support of a shoe, between the ball and the heel of your foot. It helps maintain comfort for long-term use. EVA is a molded foam that keeps both comfort and temperature in mind.

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Weight: Obviously, a heavier shoe is going to be more difficult to move. If you’re working in these shoes all day, a lighter shoe will treat you a little better than a heavy one. Which is best for you?

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, check out our composite toe shoe reviews! We’ve included the best shoes and boots that we found to meet your workday needs. Check out our top pick and budget pick first, and when you’re finished there, get back to work on the rest of our list! All of these shoes are amazing examples of the best in composite toe footwear. We’re sure you’ll find the shoe that’s right for you!

Oliver Composite Toe Boots

Top Pick
This work boot does all the work for you! It comes in three colors (wheat, black, and brown) so you can show your personality while at work. The inside is lined with 600g Thinsulate insulation, to keep your feet warm in even the most extreme environments. The composite toe is tough, but you won’t feel it – there’s a latex liner inside the toe to keep your toes from touching the hard outer part. It guards against impact, a shock-absorbing sole, rubber midsoles and outsoles, and even a fancy lace-tightening system. There’s a waterproof membrane inside the shoe as well, to keep your feet dry if you work in a wet environment. It’s slip-resistant, heat-resistance, and great for mining or construction! The upper is made of leather, waterproof, and fits comfortably on top of all of this. Your feet won’t hurt after working in these boots! We are confident to call these the best composite toe shoes for sale!
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Optimal Comp Toe Shoes

Budget Pick
These Optimal Composite shoes will protect your feet while you keep your grip! The composite material toe is solid and resistant to smashing – no amount of force will get you to stub your toe with these shoes. The rubber sole is resistant to puncturing and slipping, so you can maintain traction while walking in slick conditions. Step on a nail? You won’t feel it! The upper is leather, and resistant to oils and acids. The inside is cushioned but breathable, so you will be comfortable while wearing these shoes no matter how long you have to work! There are an amazing 14 color options, ranging from the quirky to the standard. We love how customizable these shoes can be. There’s something for everyone! And there’s a handy sizing chart when you order, so you can get the best fit every time. These are easily the best cheap composite toe shoes on the market – you’ll want a second pair!
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Caterpillar Comp Toe Shoe

Caterpillar is the construction people – so of course, they’ve made some great construction shoes! These shoes are perfect for someone who needs a work boot but doesn’t like work boots. It’s got a lightweight shoe design, and only weighs about one pound – it won’t hold you down! There’s an EVA molded foam sock liner for comfort and cushion, as well as an EVA midsole for support. The outsole is solid rubber, and the inside is lined with nylon mesh – perfect for breathability. What strikes us most about these shoes is how comfortable they are! It’s like wearing a regular tennis shoe instead of a heavy-duty construction boot. And even better, it fits the ANSI guidelines, so you can wear them to most jobs! We can’t get over these compact, waterproof shoes. If you want to be comfortable after long hours on the job, these are definitely the shoes for you! We love these shoes and think you should try them!
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Wolverine Safety-Toe Shoe

Wolverine’s Safety-Toe Shoes are lightweight athletic footwear that’s good for hiking or industry jobs. They pull double-duty! They’re so comfortable that your work shoes can now function as your everyday or outdoor shoe as well. The toe is protective composite material that rivals a steel toe for anti-smashing properties but at less than half of the weight. The foam cushioning on the insole makes them comfortable to wear no matter how many hours you have to spend at work! They’re breathable as well, making them perfect for long, hot jobs. They come in regular sizes as well as wide sizes. They are available in standard black, gunmetal grey, or navy blue. These comfortable composite toe shoes are ATSM-rated, so you can wear them on the job. But there’s no need to clutter your closet – these shoes double as work shoes and outdoor recreation shoes. Use them for weekend hikes as well as your weekday work shoes. We love that!
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Keen Albany Work Boot

These Keen Albany boots are just what you need for long hours in the mine or the construction site. They have a high-quality rubber sole that is oil resistant, slide-resistant, and non-marking. You really can have it all with these boots! They are incredibly lightweight for a work boot. The asymmetrical composite toes are just enough to meet ATSM standards while still being a comfortable weight. There are narrow sizes as well as wide sizes and standard sizes available. The midsole is molded vinyl, a little different than the normal foam but just as supportive and comfortable. The upper parts are made of waterproof nubuck leather that keeps your feet warm and dry even in wet conditions. They’re some pretty amazing work boots, all things considered. And you don’t have to lug around ten pounds each to stay protected. Keep your grip on all types of slick surfaces with this boot – and leave no trace behind!
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Carhartt Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt is a well-known name in outerwear and work clothes. It’s not a big surprise to us that they make boots as well. Their Composite Work Hikers are waterproof and can be used in any situation that requires you to be on your feet a lot. They are a boot, but they aren’t heavy – your ankles will thank you for this lightweight footwear! Nylon and leather make up the upper parts of these boots, and they are 100% waterproof due to the breathable membrane on the inside. The sole is entirely slip-resistant and resistant to punctures, oil, and any chemicals that might be present at the job site. The inner sole is made to absorb shocks and be as cushioned and comfortable as possible.Be comfortable and confident with these shoes! These are definitely some of the best composite toe shoes on our list. Plus, they come in a lovely grey and blue variety that’s stylish and easy to keep clean.
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Optimal Product Safety Shoes

Optimal is back on our list with their women’s work shoes. These are hard-toed work shoes, but they look like nothing more than workout shoes! They’re small and aren’t bulky at all, so you can be protected without a giant shoe. They’re great for machinery or industrial work. The toe is hard plastic, so it is still protective while being lightweight. These look good as well – the design is sound, and with 12 different color options, you’re sure to find the one that will match any uniform. While these are work shoes, they are also ideal for working at grocery stores or in other retail industries, because they are comfortable to walk in and stand in for long periods of time. Not to mention they’re well-made, and the sole is made of non-marking rubber. We love that there are stylish work shoes specifically for women and that they are so lightweight and easy to get around in!
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Nautilus Comp Toe Shoe

These lightweight composite toe shoes from Nautilus are great for both work and athletic purposes. If you work in an athletic field, these are definitely the shoes you want to invest in. They come in one color – a black that matches everything you could possibly wear. The midsoles are EVA molded foam for support and comfort. As we said before, they are incredibly lightweight and comfortable for work shoes. The sole is made of rubber and is resistant to slick and oily conditions. The insole and outer sole also have impact ratings and compression protection so you are always as comfortable as you can be on the job! The uppers are made with nylon-coated mesh for great breathability and the feel of an athletic shoe, combined with a heavier durable leather to keep you moving and protected no matter what it is you’re doing. These come in a stylish black color and have wide sizes available.
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Reebok Composite Toe Shoes

Reebok is a company known for being the shoe people. They make mostly athletic shoes and are known for their quality. These Composite Toe shoes are packed with features that make them a memorable member of Reebok’s roster. They are low-profile shoes that look a lot like Oxfords, with the protection of work shoes. They are made of leather and nylon meshes for the most part, with a removable EVA cushion in the insole and a spongy, rubber heel. The midsole is EVA foam as well as support and comfort. The rubber on the sole is impact-resistant and the materials over the toe are so heavy-duty that they are ATSM certified for construction and electrical hazards. That’s pretty heavy-duty! They come in black or brown, and we love how casual they look – with all the features they boast, it’s hard to believe from the outside that they would have so much protection. We love these unique, lightweight shoes!
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DDTX Composite Toe Boots

DDTX’s composite boots look amazing, first of all. They’re a mostly grey and black shoe with bright orange accents that really stand out! And what’s even better? They’re extremely comfortable. You won’t even need to purchase insoles when you’re wearing these shoes. There’s a sizing chart so you can get your perfect fit – a must for work boots. The sole is rubber and made to resist punctures and static. These boots are beefy without having any metal components at all – which also leads to them being incredibly lightweight. They are a boot, without doubt, but they weight just about the same as an athletic shoe. That’s amazing! The uppers are made of leather and fabric – the top part is water resistant. Otherwise, they are breathable due to the mesh and fabric of the middle of the shoe. They are great for work in warehouses and other dry environments. These are some amazingly comfortable work shoes for men.
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