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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Compound Bow Reviews

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quadcopter reviewsBest Compound Bow Reviews

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How to Pick Your Compound Bow

Looking for a sweet compound bow for practice, hunting, or fun? We’ve combed the internet, looking for great deals on amazing compound bows. Before you jump to the reviews below, here’s what to look for when shopping.

Best Compound Bow Reviews

Velocity: The velocity is how fast an arrow can travel from a bow at maximum settings. This means the bow must be set at max draw length and weight. Velocity is measured in feet per second.

Best Compound Bow Reviews

Draw Length: Draw length affects how fast and far an arrow will fly when released. The longer draw length, the more power the arrow has behind it. Your draw length is determined by your arm length.

How to Pick Your Compound Bow

Draw Weight: Draw weight also helps to put more power and speed behind each arrow. The heavier the draw weight, the more power you get. However, more draw weight means the bow will be harder to draw.

Best Compound Bow Reviews

Material: What is the bow made of? Bows can be made of aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, ABS, or a mix of these. Each has its own merits and downsides, so we picked a few made of each material.

Best Compound Bow Reviews

Weight: Knowing how much your bow weighs is important, especially for hunters. If you’re going to be carrying the bow around in the woods on your back, you should know how much it weighs first.

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Warranty: Warranties are designed to usually cover manufacturing and material defects in the product. This will save if the bow breaks from no fault of your own. It’s a little peace of mind to go with your purchase.

Top 10 Products

We’ve researched and reviewed tons of compound bows, and we think you’ll love the bows we’ve chosen for this top ten list. Like always, our top pick is the first on the list, showcasing our favorite bow of the ten. The second will be our Budget Pick or the bow we liked the best that won’t break the bank. Now, let’s get to those compound bow reviews!

Diamond Infinite Edge

Top Pick
Looking for an adjustable bow with same amazing features? The Diamond Infinite Edge is our Top Pick, and for good reason! We love the adjustable draw length and weights. The heavy-duty frame is solidly built. The cam system has been completely overhauled for a silky smooth draw that is all about form. Although the adjustments do slow down the bow, it more than makes up for its lack of brute strength with accuracy and easy shooting. And this bow also comes with accessories! This a full kit; so not only do your get this amazing bow, but you also get a three-pin tundra sight, tube peep sight, an arrow rest, quiver, BCY string loop, a wrist sling, and an ultra-lite octane stabilizer. This bow comes with everything you need with the exception of arrows. It’s a great deal and an awesome buy!
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Leader Accessories Compound

Budget Pick
Looking for the best compound bow on a budget? The Leader Accessories Compound comes from a leader in outdoor equipment. This lightweight bow kit a great starter set for anyone looking to into the sport. This set has everything you need to get going and an amazing bow. The easy draw weight can be adjusted from 30 to 55 pounds. The draw length can also be adjusted. With a max speed of nearly 300 feet per second, this bow is great for almost any adult. This sweet compound bow also comes with a fiber optic and peep sight, a drop away arrow rest, a release, D string loop, wax, and two, 30-inch aluminum arrows. And all this for cheaper than most bows are all on their own! So if you want a great bow kit for a superb price, check out the Leader Accessories Compound!
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Topoint Compound Bow Kit

The Topoint Compound Bow Kit has nearly everything in it! The lightweight, aluminum compound bow comes along with a five-pins bow sight, a peep sight assembly, arrow rest, stabilizers, braided bow sling, D-loop assembly, limb dampeners, wax, Allen key, an index finger release aid, eighteen carbon training arrows with a quiver to hold them, and even more. Phew! That’s a lot of stuff. And not to mention how awesome the actual bow is. The bow has a maximum velocity of 320 feet per second, with adjustable draw weights and lengths. The bow is right-handed. The let-off is 80%, and the bow is made out of durable and light aluminum. It feels smooth and powerful in your fingers, making finding the center of the target even more enjoyable. The shot is incredibly fast and quiet, giving the Topoint a high place on our list of best compound bows!
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SAS Siege Bow

The SAS Siege Bow is the simplest compound bow that we’ve ever seen. The straightforward design is laid out in durable aluminum, the cams are small, and the whole construction has a low profile. But what it lacks in flair, it makes up for in substance. This fantastic starter bow features a 29” draw length and adjustable draw weight. The light, four-pound frame is easy to lift and draw for most adults. The cams don’t feel as smooth as some of the larger ones, but we still love it for its easy-to-sting simplicity. While there are plenty of fancier tools out there (for a lot more money!), this bow is easy, accurate, and fun to shoot. Perfect for anyone who wants to learn or improve their archery skills.
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Apollo Tactical Compound Bow

Want a sweet tactical compound bow kit that comes with everything you need to get shooting? The Apollo Tactical Compound Bow is a fully adjustable bow that can be tweaked for your required draw weight and length. The riser is milled from aluminum alloy, which reduces vibration, reduces noise, and makes for durable bows. The bow has an 80% let-off. The brace height is seven inches, and the bow’s complete length comes in at thirty inches. Not to mention it’s fast; a whopping 320 feet per second top speed. Included with the bow are a durable hard case for travel and storage, a quiver, arrows, and a few spare parts just in case something breaks. The whole package comes fully assembled and ready to go. And the lifetime warranty keeps you covered, too. Who doesn’t want a little peace of mind with their bow?
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Genesis Original Kit

We love the Genesis Original is the official bow of the National Archery in Schools Program. And if the NASP loves them, you know they will be awesome bows. This simple bow is fully adjustable and perfect for anyone from the newest beginner to a veteran hoping to hone their skills. Most of the bow is made with durable aluminum, like the riser and the cam. The limbs are strong composite, and the strings are very strong too. The bow has a single-cam technology that makes your shots quieter and reduces recoil. The Genesis bow kits also come with a quiver, arm guard, five aluminum arrows, and the hex wrench to adjust the bow to your liking. But the best part is that the whole bow is made in the USA. So buy local with Genesis.
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AW Pro Compound

Thinking about speed? If you are looking for one of the fastest compound bows on this list, you’ll want to check out the AW Pro Compound. It tops out at about 320 feet per second, which will certainly speed your shot along! This right-hand bow features a stainless steel cable guard and aluminum alloy risers. These durable metals make this bow long-lasting and strong. The AW Pro comes with a string silencer and a peephole. The draw weight and lengths are adjustable to fit you best. The AW Pro comes with twelve carbon arrows fitted with field tips, a sight, and a release aid to get you started. We loved this bow for its low price, speed, and the ability to adjust the draw weights and lengths so much. If you’re looking for an awesome compound bow for multiple users or a beginner, you’ll want to check out the AW Pro.
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SAS Rage Compound Bow

The SAS Rage is a great compound bow for anyone looking for a simple, ABS bow without any accessories. If all you need is a bow to get started, or if you already have all the accessories you need, the Rage is a great deal. This fully adjustable bow is easy to modify to your preferences; the draw length can be adjusted from twenty-five to thirty-one inches. The draw weight can also be adjusted from 55 pounds to 70 pounds. This bow a little heavier than most of the other bows on this list at about four-and-a-half pounds, but it makes up for the little extra weight with a smooth shot and durable ABS pieces. We really love this bow for the quality look and feel.
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Southwest Archery Raptor

The Southwest Archery Raptor is a fast, dependable bow that is adjustable to your desired draw length and weight. It is made of durable machined aluminum with no plastic pieces to be found. The cams, also machined aluminum, and lightweight and smooth. The axle-to-ale length is 30 inches. Even with the pre-installed peep sight and loop, the Raptor comes in at 3.6 pounds. It has a max speed of 315 feet per second when all the settings are cranked to the max. We love it for the quality accessories. Also included with the bow, sight, and loop are a whisker biscuit style rest and a stabilizer. Although it doesn’t come with arrows, this bow kit is still a great deal. It’s an awesome compound bow for both kids and adults!
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Bear Archery Brave Bow

Want a bow that’s concerned with safety? The Bear Archery Brave Bow kit features a whisker biscuit, which is a full-capture rest. This strong and lasting rest is safer than regular rests; it helps to prevent dropping arrows and accidentally dry firing, which can cause damage to both you and your bow. The bow is designed to help you improve your compound bow skills. It also features adjustable draw lengths and weights. The composite body is built to be strong and long-lasting. And the kit also comes with arrows, arm guard, quiver, finger tab, the arrow rest, and a sight. It also comes in five colors: an electric green color, orange, pink, camo, and black. For an adjustable, low-price composite bow, we love the Bear Archery Brave Bow kit.
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