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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Beginner Compound Bows

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quadcopter reviewsBest Beginner Compound Bows

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How to Pick Your Compound Bow

Looking for the best compound bow to get started? Luckily, so did we! After researching and reviewing, we’ve come up with a list of our top ten favorite beginner’s compound bows. They are durable, adjustable, and all have fantastic features we think you’ll love as much as we do. Here are some things to look for when shopping for your starter bow.

Best Compound Bows for Beginners

Velocity: How fast does the arrow travel out of the bow? This is measured by top speed on the top settings. So if you’re looking for speed, check here. Velocity is always measured in feet per second.

Best Beginner Compound Bows

Draw Length: How long is the draw length? Most of the bows on this list have adjustable draw lengths. They can also be easily adjusted based on who is using the bow. Desired draw length is based on arm length.

How to Pick Your Compound Bow

Draw Weight: Draw weight refers to how much applied pressure it takes to pull the arrow back. Your max draw weight depends on upper body strength and leverage. All the bows on this list have adjustable draw weight.

Best Beginner Compound Bows

Material: Most of the bows on this list are made from aluminum, aluminum alloy, ABS plastic, fiberglass, or carbon. While carbon is the most durable, the other materials will hold up with proper care.

Best Compound Bows for Beginners

Weight: The weight stat refers to how much the bow itself weighs. Weight can be very important, especially for young beginners. Make sure the new bow won’t be too heavy to handle for your beginner.

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Warranty: This refers to how long the manufacturer will cover bows from defects. Most warranties don’t handle misuse or wear and tear, but it offers peace of mind that you won’t end up stuck with a lemon of a bow.

Top 10 Products

Ready for those reviews? The first review on this list will be our Top Pick, which was our favorite bow overall. The second is our Budget Pick, which is the best bow we could find for a low, low price. Now, let’s get to those reviews!

SAS Siege Bow

Top Pick
Covered by a great, three-year warranty, the SAS Siege Bow is our Top Pick for our favorite beginner compound bow. The simple, ABS frame is inexpensive but durable, great for learning or improving your archery skills. The SAS Siege is right-hand only. It offers an adjustable draw weight so your bow can change as you grow. This simple ABS bow launches arrows at a great 206 feet per second; while it’s not screaming fast, the accuracy of the bow seems to make up for any lack of speed or power. Although this bow doesn’t come with any arrows, it still comes with a sight. And the price is low enough that you should be able to grab some arrows too without going over the budget! So if you are looking for the best bow to learn, we definitely recommend the SAS Siege!
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Bear Archery Brave Bow

Budget Pick
Need your kit to be as cheap as possible? We found the Bear Archery Brave Bow, a kit that’s filled with nearly everything you need at a price that nearly any budget can afford. Its composite body doesn’t feel cheap, however, and neither do the accessories that will help your beginner archer become the best they can be. You’ll get a quiver and arrows, an arm guard, whisker biscuit rest, finger tab, a sight, and even some temporary tattoos for the kids. This bow is designed with even children in mind; it is made for anyone eight years old and up. But that’s not the best part! Your beginner also gets to choose from five awesome colors including pink, green, orange, black, or camo. So if you are looking for a fun yet formidable bow for your beginner, take a look at the Bear; we are sure you’ll love it as much as we do!
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Genesis Original Kit

Want a full kit for your new archer that’s used by over 11 million kids worldwide? This bow is the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®), so millions of kids in thousands of schools use these bows every day. If you are looking for the best training bow you can find, the Genesis checks off almost every box. It’s fully adjustable to help grow as you learn, and the parts are durable and long-lasting to help it stick around for a long time. The single-cam technology makes the bow quieter and with less recoil. The high-quality strings are more durable and last when some of the others fall apart. The best part, however, is the kit that comes with it. Complete with arrows, quiver, arm guard, manual, and a hex wrench, this kit gets your beginner archer everything they’ll need to get started right away.
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Leader Accessories Compound

Here’s a whole kit that includes one of the best compound bows for beginners. The kit includes a fantastic compound bow, a peep sight and a fiber optic sight, a drop away arrow rest, an index finger release aid, wax, and two arrows to get you started. The bow comes in three colors: black, lime green, and camouflage. Although only available for right-handed archers, this compound bow is a great deal and is one of the best starter kits for someone who wants their first compound bow. Also, Leader Accessories is well known for its quality outdoor products, including compound bows and compound crossbows. If you are looking for an inclusive starter kit with a smooth, easy bow at a great price, the Leader Accessories Compound Kit is one of our favorites.
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Diamond Infinite Edge

Have multiple shooters that will be using the same bow? The Diamond Infinite Edge is fully adjustable, making it easy to change draw weight and draw length for whoever is using it. The settings range from an easy five-pound draw weight all the way up to seventy pounds, making it one of the most versatile bows on the market. This complete kit also features a couple of sights to choose from, quiver, wrist sling, and some other amazing accessories. All you need to get started is a few arrows! We love the smooth draw cycle in this bow. But the best part of this bow has to be the lifetime warranty. That’s hard to beat. Make sure you bow is covered; get yourself a beautiful Diamond Infinite Edge.
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Topoint Compound Bow Kit

This kit has it all! The bow in the Topoint Compound Kit is an adjustable beauty that makes changing your setting as you learn a breeze. IT comes in four designer colors, including several kinds of camo and black. This is one of our favorite starter compound bows, but not just because of the bow. It’s also amazing because of the sheer amount of quality accessories that come with it too! It comes with thirty-three pieces, including sights, eighteen training arrows made from durable carbon, a release aid, a quiver, a stand, and so very much more. Just the accessories are worth as much as some bows! And they give them all to you with the purchase of the bow. But the best part? The accessories aren’t just throwaways that have to be replaced; oh no, most of these pieces are ones you’ll want to hold onto and use!
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Apollo Tactical Compound Bow

Want a compound starter bow that not only comes with everything you need to get started but also has some fantastic reviews? The compound bows reviews don’t lie; this set is quality, durable aluminum, fully adjustable, and comes with everything you need to get started (and then some!). The Apollo Tactical Compound Bow comes fully put together in a durable hard case that’s ready for travel, storage, or anything else. It also comes with a stabilizer, five-pin UV lighted sight, peep sight, braided bow sling, a six-arrow quiver and six aluminum arrows with extra field tips, some spare strings, and that’s not all! The kit is massive and complete, and we couldn’t find a single thing we’d add to it. This kit makes for an amazing gift for a newbie that is warrantied for a lifetime.
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AW Pro Compound

Want a super fast bow built for beginners? The AW Pro is a great bow for those beginners looking for a fast, strong bow that will grow with them. The draw weight is adjustable from twenty to seventy pounds, the draw length from seventeen to twenty-nine inches. This allows you to customize your bow for your current skills. It comes with a release aid, quality 30-inch field-tipped carbon arrows, and a lighted five-pin sight to get you started and help you become more accurate. If you want a durable body made mostly from aluminum, the AW Pro truly stands the test of time. We love this bow for any beginner, and we think you will too!
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SAS Rage Compound Bow

If you are looking for a compound bow that will help you to develop your archery skills, the SAS Rage is a great place to look. It has a strong, ABS body that looks sleek and tactical. It feels amazing in your hands because the bow is well-made and adjustable to your desired draw length and weight. This durable and cool looking bow has a top speed of 270 feet per second, so you don’t sacrifice speed. Although this base set isn’t a kit and doesn’t come with all the bits you need to get started, it has available upgrades that allow you to add sights, arrows, and other things you’ll need to get started. It’s hard not to love this bow for its cut out, waffle look and sleek lines. And the quality of the shot helps too!
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Southwest Archery Raptor

Looking for a beginner’s compound bow that’s perfect for adults and kids? The Southwest Archery Raptor is an adjustable bow that can be tailored to almost anyone in a matter of minutes. The draw length is adjustable from 24 to 31 inches and the draw weight from 30 to 70 pounds. The Raptor comes equipped with quality accessories, including a safer, whisker biscuit rest, a lighted five-pin sight for accuracy, stabilizer, and a pre-installed peep sight and loop. The riser and cam are made from strong, long-lasting machined aluminum and the limbs are fiberglass, making for a durable bow that will last and last. The compound design allows for a sweet 75% let-off, making drawing and shooting easier. And it comes in two colors, black and G3 Camo. The Raptor is a great bow with some awesome accessories, and we believe you’ll love it too!
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