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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

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How to Choose the Best Crankbait

Going fishing? You’re going to want to take some crankbait. These types of lures are used specifically for bass, for covering long distances in the water or going through different depths. We’ve put together a handy crankbait buying guide to help you choose the best bait for your fishing trip. But first, here are some things you should look for when shopping for your lures. Afterward, check out our top ten crankbait varieties. There won’t be one that gets away!

Best Crankbait

Pieces: Most baits come in multipacks, so always make sure you know how many come in the selection you’re buying. Buying a pack with more than one lure is usually a better value than buying a single pack.

Best Crankbait

Size: Bigger lures are obviously meant to catch bigger fish. Crankbait is especially meant to entice fish with the way it moves in the water, so you want to target the size of fish you want to catch.

How to Choose the Best Crankbait

Material: Lures are usually made of either high-density plastic or wood. They are painted to look like fish, and the material depends on how the bait is meant to move. Plastic is often weighted to get a certain look.

Best Crankbait

3D Eyes: This is a step towards fooling the bigger fish you want to catch. 3D eyes add another dimension of believability to the lures and make fish more likely to bite. The shinier the lure the better the catch!

Best Crankbait

Weight: Again, the weight of the crankbait determines how it will move. Some baits are weighted to make them twitch around a certain way in the water. Heavier lures will also go further and deeper when you cast them.

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Treble Hooks: Treble hooks are tough hooks that latch onto the fishes’ jaws and won’t let go. These hooks are usually made of high-quality steel and barbed at the end to help you catch your trophy fish.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, check out our top ten choices for the best crankbait on the market. If you’ve got a pole in the water, check out our top pick and budget pick first! They are the best of the best for function and price. But read to the end of the list between bites, because all of these crankbait options are unique and effective. Get your best crankbait rod ready, because might find your perfect bait!

Rose Kuli Diving Crankbait

Top Pick
This Rose Kuli lure looks extremely lifelike! It’s unique because it looks like a school or fish rather than a single one. It’s an effective design that will attract plenty of bigger fish. The eyes are 3D, modeled after real fish eyes – if we didn’t know this was crankbait, we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference! This lure has two treble hooks to ensure the maximum chance of hooking something. What makes this design unique outside of the group fish design is the built-in gravity ball. This allows optimal distance when throwing the bait into the water. It also attracts fish because the lure rattles in the water. There are so many features that make this the best crankbait for sale! There are three different color options for this fish school design, and each of them is brightly colored and attractive to fish. You’re sure to catch a big one with any one of these wonderful lures!
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Budget Pick
There are five lures in this set, and they work great! Acefast provides these lures – they are plastic, but they are well-made crankbait lures. Each has an attractive metallic paint design that is sure to attract the bigger fish. These are simple pieces and sometimes that works a lot better for catching fish than the fancier lures. These are definitely the best cheap crankbait! For the most part, effectiveness depends entirely on the fish you’re trying to catch. There are better crankbaits for each type of fish, so be mindful of that when you’re purchasing lures or bait. Have we mentioned how cheap these are! You get five lures in this pack, and it is such a steal! It’d be hard to pass this deal up! The treble hooks alone are worth the price! We love the variety in this set! When you purchase them, they come in five random colors, so it’s a surprise!
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Rapala Dives Fishing Lures

These Rapala lures dive deep to attract the biggest fish from the depths of the lake. We just had to include a Rapala piece in our crankbait reviews; it is easily the biggest name in fishing. The lure is made of wood and balanced perfectly to fall into the water and wiggle through it. This is bluegill crankbait, so it’s made to look like a small fish. This, paired with the rattling from the balancing mechanism, is sure to catch you some amazing fish (or at least some amazing stories!). This lure was made with this purpose in mind, so it is designed to be the most dynamic it can possibly be. You will be able to fool even the smartest bass with this lure. Even the best lipless crankbait could not compete with this beautiful piece on attractiveness to predators. You’re going to want to take this with you next time you go crankbait fishing.
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A-SZCXTOP Crankbait

This is a huge set of lures! This crankbait comes in seven brightly-colored varieties. These paints are lifelike enough to mimic the bright colors of these minnows in the environment. They are made of plastic with a plastic bill, but they are some of the best square bill crankbait we looked at in our reviews. The perfectly 3D eyes make these lures a priceless tool for attracting the best fish. The balance and weighted balls inside of them make them swim perfectly in the water with the right tug on your line. There are even body scales painted onto them! If you’ve had trouble before with fish that are too smart for realistic baits like this, these are the ones you need to buy! Not to mention the amazing value – for seven pieces no less. The treble hooks make these extra valuable companions on any fishing trip. When they aren’t moving, they float for easy retrieval!
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Dr. Fish Crankbaits

The Dr. Fish crankbaits are probably the best we’ve ever seen. The paint is so realistic on them that even some humans would be hard-pressed to tell the difference if there weren’t hooks attached. But there are, and they are high-quality treble hooks. There are 5 different lures in this set, each of them different –some have bills, some don’t, and all are different sizes. Fish are going to go after these lifelike minnows like crazy! Due to their design, this is probably the best crankbait for bass. Remember to pick up a pack of these exceptional lures before you go crankbait fishing – you’ll thank us! And it won’t matter what type of fish you’re going after – these different types of lures go to different depths as well as being designed differently. So grab your best crankbait reel and these – and you’ll come back with so many fish you won’t know what to do with them.
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Proberos Crankbaits

This is another amazing set from Proberos! There are six pieces in this set and each of them is laser-printed and brightly colored. The 3D eyes are extremely convincing. This company sells sets of six all with different purposes – the 407, which is this model, is the best deep-diving crankbait we checked out during our review process. These lures dive to a depth of 7 feet. They are equipped with 2 excellent-quality treble hooks to assist you in catching the biggest fish you can without letting him get away! The bare metal of the treble hooks on this model attract even more fish when they flash as they move through the water. Proberos has even more varieties of lures, and all of them are just as effective! We loved that there is only one repeating color in this 6-pack – trying out different things sometimes allows you to catch more fish! You have nothing to lose by trying out this set!
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Bravefishermen CrankBaits

The six pieces in this Bravefishermen set are extremely vivid and bright, and will definitely stand out even in murky water. They have colors that are very close to what fish would actually eat. The bills allow a natural flowing swimming action to be even more convincing. There is a steel ball inside the plastic casings of these baits, providing a weight to make them convincing and making them noisy as well. This lure is definitely not going to go unnoticed on your next fishing adventure! These are an inexpensive alternative, and with the number of features they have on board they work just as well! You will be able to tell the difference immediately when you take these babies fishing. Be ready to get your fishing limit quick! These minnow dive and float for nice diversity. We loved the variety of colors on these lures, and we’re sure the fish will too!
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Sougayilang Minnow Crankbaits

Wow! There are ten pieces in this crankbait set, two of each color variety they offer. They are extremely lifelike and sparkle in the water due to their laser-painted design. There are definitely some varieties of fish that aren’t going to be able to resist these! They are aimed at predators. When you shake your fishing line, the lures are designed to dance in a certain way that is reminiscent of a real minnow. Fish may be smart, but there are few that would be smart enough to avoid this bait! The metal balls in the bodies of these lures give it just enough weight to improve how far you can cast them out into the water. The tongue plate, or lip, on this crankbait is ridiculous, so you can get all the best action to entice even the most bait-wary fish. And at this price, what have you got to lose? You can’t afford not to try them!
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Strike King Crankbait

The unique thing about these plastic lures from Strike King is the lack of any rattling balls in the center. While most companies go with the idea that the noise is going to attract fish, this company has decided that the best way to catch a fish is to not scare them away by trying to attract their attention. These look a lot more natural. They would work well in frequently fished areas.The shape of their bill and the way it is pointed will lend them a much tighter wobbler. Strike King is known for making the KVD model crankbait – this is the same design but tweaked a little bit so that they stay closer to the surface of the water. But regardless, this bait still dives down to three feet below. With dual treble hooks and a well-painted design, it’s worth trying one of the many color varieties out. We are sure that they will work for you!
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Storm Arashi Crankbait

Storm Arashi has made a state-of-the-art product that has yet to be patented. Their design tunes itself so that it’s constantly in motion without the angler having to yank on the line. The lip on this bait is so incredibly thin that it can cut through the water quickly, creating a darting effect. It might be thin, but that doesn’t take away from how strong it is. The fish aren’t going to be able to break this thing on the first try! The hooks don’t hang like in many other baits – instead, they are close to the wooden body of the lure to ensure that any fish that goes after them will get hooked and stay that way. These hooks are mean! We liked the unique designs of these lures and hope to see more like them. Perhaps Storm Arashi is onto something! In the meantime, there are 2 different color compositions to help you target the fish you want!
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