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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Crossbow Arrow Bolts

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quadcopter reviewsBest Crossbow Arrow Bolts

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How to Pick Great Arrow Bolts

So you spent a lot of time picking out the perfect crossbow. You’re ready to go, but something’s missing. The bolts! You’ll need to best crossbow bolts for your amazing new purchase, we get it! To help you find them, we’ve done a ton of research. Below are the top 10 best crossbow bolts for sale. Before we jump to the reviews, here’s a few things to look for when shopping.

Best Crossbow Arrow Bolts

Length: Crossbow bolts fall in the 16-inch to 22-inch range. Anything smaller is a mini bolt. Many crossbows require a certain length of crossbow arrows, so make sure you are investing in the right size!

Best Crossbow Arrow Bolts

Shaft Material: The material that makes up the shaft is usually aluminum, carbon, or a combination of the two. These are the most common since they are really lightweight and still last a very long time.

How to Pick Great Arrow Bolts

Amount: How many arrows are you getting in a bundle? Whether you are looking for high-quality bolts in small amounts or if you want just as many as you can get for the best price, we’ll have a few of both on this list.

Best Crossbow Arrow Bolts

Crossbow Compatible: Will these arrows or bolts be compatible with most crossbows? While the bolts might be too long or short for some bows, or might weigh too much or too little, the bolts should fit most of the bows you come across.

Best Crossbow Arrow Bolts

Archery Compatible: Can these bolts or arrows be used with regular compound or recurve bows? Most bolts are designed pretty specifically for either one or the other. But you can look here if you are wanting an arrow you can use for both.

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Weight: How much a bolt weighs can have an impact on your shot. Crossbows have a specific weight they require to be able to shoot with accuracy. They will have those weights listed, so make sure to check the required weight.

Top 10 Products

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time for the reviews! We’ve hand-picked ten of our favorite crossbow bolts. If you’re short on time, take a look at the top pick and budget pick. Hint: They’re both awesome! Now, let’s get to those reviews.

ANTSIR Carbon Crossbow Arrow

Top Pick
Looking for the best crossbow arrows for hunting? The ANTSIR Carbon Crossbow Arrow are 20-inch carbon arrows that come 12 in a pack. They are rated up to 350 feet per second so they can fire fast and true in almost any crossbow you own. They have a half moon shaped nock which helps prevent string jumping. They have heavy duty metal field tips that are ready for target practice and are matched with 125-grain broadhead tips. These arrows are heavy-duty and provide maximum penetration with each shot. We love these arrows for how true and straight they fly, but also for how well they seem to be put together. So if you’re ready to take some crossbows out for target practice or hunting, don’t forget to pick up a pack of ANTSIR Carbon Crossbow Arrow to go along with you.
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Speed Track Crossbow Bolt

Budget Pick
Looking to refill your mini crossbow on the cheap? The Speed Track Crossbow Bolts are our Budget Pick for the best crossbow bolts for the money. The plastic shafts are light and quick, providing all of the speed you need for your pistol crossbow. They are PVC, which is tough and resists splitting or shattering on impact. These bolts are such a great deal! They come in a pack of 60, in a mix of electric yellow and black. The tips are metal, strong, and incredibly sharp. They are accurate enough for small game hunting if you wish. Although the bright colors may suggest otherwise, these are definitely not toys! Keep in mind that these cannot be used in full-size crossbows or regular bows.
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M.A.K Hunting Carbon Arrow

The M.A.K Hunting Carbon Arrows are compatible with crossbows and archery. These carbon-bodied arrows are some of the best arrows we’ve come across (and in some of the best colors!). The black and blue shaft comes fitted with an aluminum screw-in inset for the 125-grain tips. The 4-inch vanes are blue and white, and the nock is a curved half-moon shape to help prevent the arrow slipping from the string. They are produced in China, so shipping takes a little bit longer than they would from inside of the US. However, they are well worth the wait. While these arrows are not bad for hunting, they are best for target practice. So if you love shooting but don’t usually hunt, these are the perfect arrows for you and your crossbow!
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ACE Aluminum Pistol Arrows

Here’s a second set of amazing mini crossbow bolts for your pistol crossbow. These are aluminum instead of plastic, and designed to be fired with 50-pound or 80-pound crossbows. They are more expensive than the plastic versions, but not so expensive you feel bad if you lose or break one. They are 6 ¼ inches in length, which should fit any mini crossbow. Although these bolts aren’t great for hunting, they are awesome for target practice and fun. However, they are very sharp and can still do some serious damage, so these are not toys! The tips are not bladed; they are a target point, but they are still sharp. And they are tough enough to keep using for many practices to come.
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Misayar Carbon Crossbow Bolt

Are you in need of some of the best crossbow bolts for hunting? If you’re looking for something that will help with downing big game rather than just for target practice, check out the 12-pack of Misayar Carbon Crossbow Bolts. They are very brightly colored, making them much easier to find than some of the others once they have been fired. They are black with white and electric yellow fletching. The points are heavy 125-grain field point that can be switched out for bladed or broadhead points. But that isn’t even the best part; no the best part is the construction of the shaft! The shafts are constructed from wrapped carbon with weighted spines, made with strength, performance, and durability in mind. They hold up even to heavy use, keeping their shape and fletching intact.
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Viare Field Point Arrow

Viare Field Point Arrows are built with the long haul in mind. They feature lightweight, strong carbon shafts, ready for nearly anything you can put them through. The 125-grain tips are field points, but can be replaced with any 125-grain broadhead. The half-moon shaped nocks are unfortunately not replaceable, but they serve very well as is. The shape helps to alleviate jumping the string. These arrows are awesome for target practice, but we found them a little weak for hunting. But they are great training arrows for anyone who is new to their crossbow, or an excellent practice arrow for the seasoned pro. These field arrows are well-constructed with attractive 4-inch fletching in brilliant orange and green, making them a little easier to find after a shot. One last thing, the Viare arrows are also inexpensive! And who doesn’t love a great deal?
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Last Punch Aluminum Arrows

Want one of the best metal bolts for hunting? These bolts may be little, but they pack a big punch. They work best if used with 150-pound draw weight crossbows and are not suited for archery. They are inexpensive. The field tips can be removed and replaced with 100- or 125-grain broadheads. These are almost entirely made from aluminum, which is known for being lightweight. They fly straight, fast, and accurately. If you’re looking for little 14 inch bolts for your crossbow, these are the best we could find. They are surprisingly durable; however, they are not designed to be shot into hard targets. Be sure to keep your targets soft, like small game or even soda cans. But they are still awesome bolts, and we’re pretty sure you’ll like them just as much as we do!
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Speed Track Red Bolts

If you want a very mini crossbow bolt, the Speed Track Red Bolts are as tiny as they come. These 4-inch bolts are not messing around; they bring sharp, accurate power to your pistol crossbow. The shaft and tip are machined from a single piece of aluminum. The tip is tucked and glued into the single piece PVC plastic fletching and shaft combination. The single piece method makes these bolts stronger, even if the tips cannot be switched out. These bolts are a brilliant, fire engine red which makes them easy to spot if you lose one. And check this out: you get twenty of them for one low price. What a steal!
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BladesUSA CB-1MD Bolts

Looking for a really sharp aluminum mini bolt? BladesUSA has some of the most durable mini crossbow bolts with the CB-1MD Bolts. The bottom of the shaft and the fletching is all one piece, and the tip and bottom half of the shaft are very firmly attached. With fewer removable pieces, the bolt is stronger and more durable. We kind of miss being able to add our own tips, but that disappointment was promptly forgotten when we saw how quick, nimble, and sharp these little guys were. The bolts are in designer black and gold, which make them a little difficult to spot at a distance. But they make for amazing target practice and can take down small game if your aim is true. So if you are looking something cheap and cool for your mini crossbow, make sure to look up BladesUSA CB-1MD Bolts!
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GPP Hunting Arrow

Like many of the other quality arrows on this list, the GPP Hunting Arrows are great for both crossbow and archery practice and hunting. They are finely fletched with blue and white 4-inch vanes. The screw-in arrow tips are field tips but can be switched out for any 125-grain broadhead or bladed head for hunting. The shaft is made from sturdy and light carbon, as are all of the arrows on this list (and for good reason; we love our carbon arrows!). Since they are being shipped from China, a little bending of the vanes in inevitable in shipping, but that was fixed with a quick heat up from a hair dryer. Once the vanes were straight, the arrows will fly straight and true.
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