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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

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quadcopter reviewsBest Crossfit Jump Ropes

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How to Choose the Best Crossfit Jump Rope

The best Crossfit jump rope can really help you crank up your workout. But how do you know which one to choose? Well, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the right jump rope for you. We researched the top-sellers and best brands to put together these Crossfit jump rope reviews for you. But, before we jump into it, let’s take a look at the features you need to know about before you start shopping.

Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

Length: The lengths of these ropes vary slightly but they’re all generally around 10 feet long. You might be thinking that seems like a little too much rope but, in most cases, you won’t use all of it.

Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

Adjustable: And why won’t you use the whole length of the rope? Because they’re all adjustable. Some have simple screws to change the length while others require you to snip some of the cable off to get it just right.

How to Choose the Best Crossfit Jump Rope

Steel Bearings: Some of these are equipped with a steel bearing system. This means that there are some bearings inside the handles that allow the rope to rotate more freely, giving you a smoother, faster experience.

Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

Bag Included: Having a carrying bag isn’t going to make you love your jump rope much more than you already do. But it really comes in handy as a place to store all the little bits when you’re not using it.

Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

Pieces: This number typically includes the rope cable or wire, 2 handles, and a handful of screws and caps to finish the rope after making size adjustments. Screws, etc come in sets so we counted each set as 1 piece.

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Weight: All of these ropes are ultra-lightweight. Some are so light that you almost won’t believe it, weighing less than 3 ounces. And what’s the heaviest? 7.2 ounces. That’s right. The heaviest is still under half a pound.

Top 10 Products

Now that we’ve gone over our Crossfit jump rope buying guide, it’s time to get into our product reviews. Here’s the deal: if you’re running short on time, make sure you start right at the beginning. You’ll find out top and budget picks in the first 2 spots. That’s a great way to start because it shows you the range that you’ll find. Keep reading if you can! These are all great products. Now, let’s jump to it!

Survival & Cross Jump Rope

Top Pick
One of the best jump ropes for Crossfit is the Survival & Cross Jump Rope. This is a thin, lightweight jump rope that doesn’t need much room to use. That’s perfect because you can use it just about anywhere. It’s fully adjustable so it can fit anyone at any height. All you have to do it adjust the 2 sliding screws and collars to get the handles at the right length then you’re ready to go. You can leave the cable as is so more than one person can adjust it for their preference. Or, if you want to keep it to yourself, just cut the excess cable off and you have a custom jump rope made just for you. This is the perfect tool to help you get your cardio in anywhere.
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Master of Muscle Jump Rope

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is the Master of Muscle Jump Rope. The wire cable and 90 degree fast spin handle make sure you can get those fast spins you need to really crank up your workout. Another great thing about it is it won’t kink or twist or bend because the wire this is made of is much more durable than leather or plastic. Not only is the jump rope really lightweight, it also comes with a carrying bag so it’s really easy to take with you wherever you go. Carry it in your backpack, work bag, or suitcase so you’ll never miss a workout. That’s not all, it’s also easily adjustable to fit people of any height. Just use the adjustable screws and move it to the right length for you.
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WOD Nation Jump Rope

The best Crossfit speed rope is one of the most important pieces of exercise equipment and the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is one of the best. It has a 4 bearing system that keeps it moving swiftly and smoothly. There are 2 bearings in the handle and the tips that all work together to hold the steel cable. This jump rope can swivel independently of the handle so it won’t be as affected by your hand position or swing. That’s one of the things that makes this the best jump rope for Crossfit beginners. But don’t worry, experienced Crossfitters will love this one, too, because it’s fast and allows you to recover easily from any inaccuracies. You can easily adjust this one with a cable cutter and it comes with a spare cable.
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FitSkaud Crossfit Jump Rope

Something we love about the FitSkaud Crossfit Jump Rope is that it’s so easy to adjust, even kids can do it. The extra-large screws are easy to handle and make it super easy to change the length. This jump rope is really lightweight and durable. The handles are extra - long at 6 inches, made out of aluminum, and covered with a foam grip. It really feels great to hold onto while you’re working out. The cable is made of steel and to help extend its life and protect it from damage, it’s covered in a PCV sleeve. The ball bearing system helps your jump rope rotate smoothly and quickly, slicing through the air. Believe it or not, it also comes with a spare cable. One more thing, a carry bag is included for ease when traveling.
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Mysuntown Jump Rope

The Mysuntown Jump Rope is up next. It’s easily the best jump rope for Crossfit double unders that we found in our research. This is a really durable rope that’s made of steel wire wrapped in a PVC sleeve for extra durability. We love that you can get it in 2 different handle lengths. The black handles are 6.5 inches long and the red are 4.6 inches long. The rope length is adjustable to any length, all you have to do is use the large screws and adjust it to your height. It’s ultra-lightweight and comes with a convenient carry bag so it’s really easy to take this rope with you just about anywhere. It will easily fit into your gym bag, briefcase, or suitcase without taking up too much space or adding much weight.
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Synergee Speed Jump Rope

When you’re looking for a speed jump rope Crossfit appropriate and comes with an awesome warranty, you have to take a look at the Synergee Speed Jump Rope. This is another great choice for doing double unders and it’s just right for working on coordination and speed. This rope is really lightweight. In fact, it only weighs 3 ounces! This one comes with a lot of bonuses, too. What do we mean? In addition to the ergonomic grip handles, multiple sets of end caps and stoppers, and rope twist ties, you also get not 1 but 2 rope cables. And get this, they offer what they call a “better than your money back” guarantee. If there’s a problem with your rope, they’ll give you your money back and give you a new one for free.
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Ballistyx Jump Rope

The Ballistyx Jump Rope is next in our top Crossfit jump ropes. One of the reasons we liked it so much is because it rotates super fast. The multi-ball bearing system inside the handles keeps the cable moving smoothly and quickly. The cable itself is coated with PVC for extra protection so this one will last a while. The cable length is fully adjustable and works with people all the way up to 6’6” tall. Another awesome thing about this rope is that there aren’t any screws needed to make length adjustments. It’s a really easy system and, best of all, you don’t have to worry about losing anymore screws or anything coming loose. The handles are pretty great, too. They’re ergonomically designed with non-slip handles so your grip stays strong, even during long, sweaty workouts.
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PROCIRCLE Speed Jump Rope

The PROCIRCLE Speed Jump Rope is an awesome jump rope. The handles are a generous 5.5 inches long. They’re tapered and padded to help you get a good grip throughout your whole workout. Another great feature of this rope is the swivel design. The 360-degree ball bearing rotation mechanism makes this a responsive, flexible rope that’s really powerful. It’s even great for mastering double unders. The coated wire is durable and it’s easy to get the right Crossfit jump rope length. All you have to do it adjust the screws to get the rope just the right size for you. This rope also comes with a spare screw kit which is really nice just in case something goes missing. You even get a carry bag to keep everything together between gym visits.
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Fnova Jump Rope

There’s a lot to love about the Fnova Jump Rope. At 7.2 ounces, it’s by no means heavy, but it does have a little more weight to it than some of the other jump ropes on our list. If ultra-lightweight jump ropes aren’t your style, this one is a really great choice. Another cool thing is this one comes with a normal cable and a slightly thicker one. You really get a lot of opportunity to fine tune this one to your tastes. And that includes the length, it’s so easy to adjust this one to a length that suits an adult or child. There’s more. The 6-inch handles are extra long with comfortable foam grips that feel great in your hand. Plus, it moves super smooth, too, thanks to the dual ball bearing design.
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When you look at the ELITE SURGE Jump Rope, you can tell that they put a lot of thought into the design. It just looked sleek and modern and there’s a good reason for that - it is! Take the handles for example. They’re made of machine-cut anodized aluminum. That’s not all, there are also 2 ball bearing inside that let the rope turn smoothly so it rotates much faster. How fast? Get this: it can actually spin 7 times a second. That’s pretty impressive! Instead of having a PVC coating, this speed cable is coated with nylon and will last almost twice as long. While there is only 1 cable included, the handles are designed in a way that you can swap it out for larger, heavier cables depending on the kind of training you’re doing.
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