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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Curling Irons For Fine Hair

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quadcopter reviewsBest Curling Irons For Fine Hair

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How To Choose The Best Curling Iron

Fine hair is both a blessing and a curse. Most of the time, fine hair is silky, smooth, and responds to heat well. However, there’s the issue of not enough volume and tangles-oh the tangles! Sometimes with fine hair, it takes some finagling to make it look good at best. If you are reading this, most likely you are looking to read a curling iron buying guide. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some characteristics to look for in the top-rated curling irons

Best Curling Irons For Fine Hair

Material: The material of the curling iron is important when it comes to your fine hair. You can choose from ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, chrome, gold, and metal steam. The metal steam ones are the best for thin hair that won’t hold a curl.

Best Curling Irons For Fine Hair

Barrel Size: The size of the barrel will determine how big or small your curls are. You can get a ?”. ¾”, ¼”, 1”, 1 ½”, and a 2”. Each one of these is going to give you a different kind of curl. Some are going to be thick and tousled, while others are tight and bouncy.

How To Choose The Best Curling Iron

Highest Heat: If you’re a professional looking for a good curling iron, then you are probably looking for one that goes up to 400 degrees. If you are using it at home, avoid this and stick to between 300-340 degrees as the highest heat setting.

Best Curling Irons For Fine Hair

Auto Shut-Off: Uh oh, you left the curling iron on again next to the flammable can of hairspray and left the house. It might not do anything, but better to be safe than sorry. A curling iron with an auto shut-off is ideal for these situations.

Best Curling Irons For Fine Hair

Heat Settings: Curling irons that have adjustable settings are best since you will want to go as low as 175 degrees for your fine hair. You can also stay between 300-340 degrees if you need to. However, you should never exceed 400 degrees as it can cause damage.

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Warranty: The warranty is the manufacturer's way of saying “We got you covered”. This is their way of giving back if their product is faulty. They will usually offer a short warranty for products like these, but if you can find one with a lifetime warranty, grab it!

Top 10 Products

Your hair is important and we get that. This is why we have compiled 10 of the best curling irons for fine hair. Each one of these is different and will offer you a different curl, texture, and much more. Keep in mind the details above and if you are looking for a quick solution, check out our budget pick. If you want to read the whole list, then read the best curling iron for fine hair reviews.

Xtava 5 in 1 Curling Iron

Top Pick
It’s easy to see why this particular item is our top pick. The Xtava is actually five curling irons in one. This lets you choose your hairstyle for the day and the best part is that you don’t have to buy a separate curling iron for each style. With this pack, you get a 1.25”, 1”, ¾”, 0.7”-1”, and 0.3”-¾”. Each barrel is made from ceramic tourmaline, which is one of the most popular and safest to use. They maintain a consistent temperature and release negative ions to smooth your hair’s cuticle. With this iron, you will also get precise temperatures, protection, and simplified curling. No matter which barrel you choose, you will get quick hear technology with a digital setting of between 250-410F. There is no cool tip on these irons, so keep fingers out of the way. Overall, this definitely tops the list of the best curling irons for fine hair.
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Infiniti Pro Curling Iron

Budget Pick
The Infiniti Pro is the best ceramic curling iron for fine hair that you can get if you are on a budget. Its 1” barrel provides your thin hair with long-lasting and silky curls that are defined for up to 24-hours, even on the most humid of days. This iron has nano technology that eliminates hot spots and reduces static and frizz. You already have a tough time with your hair as it is, you don’t need more issues to worry about! As for the temperature, you can go as high as 400 degrees, but that is a recommended heat setting for professionals. If you do use it, do it with caution. You can control the heat with the five settings by clicking the little black button. When you’re done you can shut if off manually or let it go off on its own if you forget. This is a good curling iron for short fine hair and all other types alike.
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Revlon Curling Iron

Revlon is a name that most women know and trust. Their ceramic curling iron is no exception. It features a 1 -inch diameter for larger curls and waves for all types of hair including your fine hair. The iron heats up in just sixty seconds, which is great if you are in a hurry. It also recovers quickly to maintain a consistent temperature the whole time you are using it for even-looking curls. For your convenience, the barrel is a full four -inches long and has a cool tip for your safety. There’s also a stand that flips out so that you can lay it down without the barrel touching anything. Here’s the best part about this ceramic curling iron. It has 20 settings! That’s an amazing amount for such a decently priced curling iron. This may be the best curling iron for fine straight hair, you’ll have to keep reading to find out.
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Anjou Curling Iron

The Anjou curling iron is ideal for all hairstyles and types. It is another curling iron that is made with a ceramic coating, which remember, is the most common and safest. This bad boy can heat up to 410 degrees in only 60 seconds for quick curling when you need it the most. There are multiple heat settings that allow you to curl your hair at a temperature of between 200-400 degrees. The construction of it allows for smooth operation without pulling your hair like some other models might. The power cord is 40% longer than others and is rotatable, great for curling and multitasking around the bathroom. The wand tip is insulated to avoid scalding and the product comes with a heat-resistant glove to avoid burning your delicate hands. It will automatically turn itself off after 30-minutes for safety. If you don’t think that this is the best curling iron for fine hair for you, then scroll down for more.
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SURPENT Hair Curling Iron

The SURPENT hair curling iron is the best curling iron for long fine hair and medium fine hair. The SURPENT is made with a ceramic coating that heats evenly for beautiful and flawless curls all around your head. It also protects moisture, oil, and cuticle of the hair from stripping. This iron can go all the way up to 430 degrees. This might be too high for beginners, so use it with caution. There are five heat settings that you can change with just the push of a button. This is convenient for those who may need a quick temperature change. There’s a 60-minute auto shut-off for safety and a double voltage feature. This is convenient for trips worldwide. If anything should happen to your SURPENT, it is covered by a 1-year warranty. It will be replaced or repaired at no cost to you. Do you think this is the best curling iron for fine thin hair? If not, there’s more!
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Remington Ceramic Curling Iron

Remington is another familiar name that almost every woman has heard of or had one of their products. They are known for creating long-lasting products at a price that you can afford. And for this price, it could be the best curling iron for fine hair for you. It features a 350-degree maximum heat with a 30-second heat up, which is great for beginners or those who may have heat sensitive hair. It also has 30 different heat settings so that you can choose the one that is best for your hairstyle and type. After a certain amount of time, the iron will shut itself off for your safety and convenience. This 1 ½” barrel will give you big bouncy curls that may last all day to keep you looking your best.
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BESTOPE Curling Iron

The BESTOPE curling iron is made with a ceramic tourmaline coating that makes the barrel last longer, feel smoother, and provides you with heat that evenly curls your hair for less damage. This curling iron heats up quickly in 60-seconds all the way to 430-degrees with five different settings for quick changing. For fine hair like yours, the recommended best temperature would be 285-320 degrees. If color treated, it is recommended to keep it at 355-395 degrees. There is a 60-minute auto shut-off for your safety in case you accidentally leave it on. The 1.25-inch barrel will give you looping curls for short hair or curls that are natural and soft for medium to long hair. The tip of the barrel is anti-scald insulated for safety and the whole unit has a stand on it that allows you to prop it up without the barrel actually touching anything. This is a great curling iron with a one year warranty. It’s considered to be the best curling iron for long thick hair as well as fine.
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SwanMyst Curling Iron

The SwanMyst The curling iron has a 1 ¼ -inch thick barrel for long-lasting bouncy curls that you can be proud of. This iron is designed to give your salon quality styles from the comfort of your own home. The ceramic technology within it is 3x more than the norm. This iron releases millions of negative ions that help reduce static and moisture, leaving you with big silky curls that shine brighter than the sun (not really but you get our point). You can get professional results with the 430 degree salon heat in only thirty seconds. There are 19 precise heat settings that you can choose from. Whether your hair is fine, coarse, or thick, it can do the trick. This extra long barrel makes it ideal for longer fine hair. The safety features that come with this unit are pretty great as well. There’s an auto shut-off and an insulated tip to ensure that you never get burned.
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Ouiast Curling Iron

The Ouiast curling iron is one of the best curling iron for short fine hair whereas the other was best for longer hair. The Ouiast has the ceramic barrel that allows you to safely curl your hair without the worry of damage being done to it. The negative ions that are released help keep static, moisture, and damage away from those silky curls that the iron gives you. With this iron, you will be able to achieve shiny curls that you can be proud of thanks to the 430-degree professional salon heat. It heats up in only 30-seconds and there are 19 settings that you can choose from in a jiff. No matter what hairstyle you have or what hair type, you can have gorgeous curls in a matter of minutes and here’s the kicker-there is an insulated tip at the end of the iron for your safety.
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WEILIANTE Hair Curling Wand

If you’re looking for the best curling wand for fine hair, you may have found it. The WEILIANTE hair curling wand is suitable for both long and medium-length hair. Ladies, you can finally have those beautiful and bouncy curls that you have always been dreaming of. The ceramic technology allows the iron to reach 410-degrees in only 30-seconds. There are multiple heat settings that allow you to change the heat from 200 all the way to the max 410-degrees The construction lets you curl your hair with smooth operation to avoid pulling the hair. There is a 360 degree rotatable power cord that can stretch up to 2.5 meters, which is 40% longer than similar irons. At the end of the wand is an insulated tip for safe curling. With this product, you get a 30-day free to try and a 2-year guarantee policy. We think that this is a great curling wand for those who want beautiful curls with their fine hair.
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