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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Diamond Bangles

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How to Choose the Best Diamond Bangle

Do you want to expand your jewelry collection in a simple, elegant way? Get a diamond bangle! They are delicate bracelets set in diamonds that bring a new level to just about any outfit. It’s great for all occasions and most of them match anything! Let our diamond bangle buying guide help you choose one that works for you! But first, let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before you start shopping.

Best Diamond Bangles

Carats: This refers to the weight of the stones in the bangle. Since most bangles only have small diamonds, a smaller weight should not be indicative of quality for the most part. That rests with the gold content.

Best Diamond Bangles

Shape: This refers to the shape of the diamonds in the bangle. Most of the time these are going to be standard round diamonds. Very rarely there are oval diamonds set into the bangles as well.

How to Choose the Best Diamond Bangle

Setting Metal: What is the majority of the bangle made of? What type of gold is it? Popular varieties are rose gold, which has a pink-ish finish, white gold, and the standard yellow gold. Choose the one you like the best!

Best Diamond Bangles

Stone Type: Are the stones real diamonds, or are they simulated or created? Real diamonds, of course, cost more, though simulated stones are often so closely matched that you can hardly tell. And it’ll save you money!

Best Diamond Bangles

Bracelet Size: This usually refers to the size of the bracelet. Since wrist sizes aren’t really unique like ring sizes, you’ll have to choose a bracelet that will best fit the size of your wrist without sliding over your hand.

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Warranty: Most bangles come with at least a thirty-day warranty, which states that if there is something wrong with the bracelet you can return it or have it fixed within that period. This usually only covers normal wear, though.

Top 10 Products

So now that you know what you’re looking at, we can start to show you the pieces! We’ve compiled this list through researching a huge selection of bracelets. These are the very best diamond bangle reviews! If you’re short on time, check out our top pick and budget pick. The rest of our list is full of gorgeous pieces that you just won’t want to miss! So don’t skip them! Let’s get started finding your perfect piece!

Finecraft Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Top Pick
This beautiful bangle is made of 14 karats yellow gold. It has a hinged hook closure, and it latches on one side of the diamond set. We love the minimalist, beautiful design on this piece. There are two larger diamonds in the center that still fit within the band, and the stones slowly get smaller as they radiate outward. All of this is set in a beautifully-crafted strip of gold and stones that looks as though it is hinged on either side to the rest of the bangle. The diamonds weigh a total of 0.2 carats because they are still very small. It will go well with any outfit, as it’s petite and only measures about 6 and ¾ inches. We love that they chose to decorate the closure with these beautiful diamonds, as it gives this bracelet a unique design element. It’s perfectly designed to catch the eye and hold the attention of just about anyone!
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Jewel Exclusive Diamond Bangle

Budget Pick
This sterling silver bracelet by Jewel Exclusive is simply beautiful! It’s an elegant silver bracelet with three round diamonds nestled in the two arcing ends of the bracelet. This style is called ‘bypass’, and the effect is something beautiful! It’s definitely timeless – it looks like something that an aristocrat would have worn a hundred years ago, and it would still be completely in style today. The bangle itself is seven and a half inches in length, which means that it’s a tidy little bracelet that will fit on most regular-sized wrists without falling off your hand. It’s packaged in the perfect gift box to give you an edge when presenting it to someone! We love that the bracelet itself is made of sterling silver because it’s a durable metal that won’t turn your skin if you have sensitivities to other materials. The box with tongue clasp makes sure that it stays on your wrist, right where you need it!
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Vir Jewels Tanzanite & Diamond Bangle

This diamond bangle from Vir Jewels is absolutely gorgeous! Instead of having a center stone, it’s ringed all the way around with tiny round diamonds and beautiful oval tanzanites. The blue and silver contrast is absolutely amazing and will make anyone who catches a glimpse of this bracelet do a double-take! All of the stones are natural and embedded in rhodium-plated brass. The tanzanites are heat-treated so that you get a range of blues and violets that are permanent alterations. However, this does not affect quality. This is one of the most beautiful diamond bangles that we had a chance to research. We love the color combination and the way that the stones go all the way around instead of having a central focal point. It’s a delicate bracelet that would go with a variety of different outfits and fits just perfectly on normal sized wrists. Stand out from the crowd with this beautifully-crafted piece of jewelry.
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ICE CARATS Diamond Bangle

This diamond bangle from ICE CARATS is simple but still amazingly elegant. It’s made of a plethora of tiny diamonds set into a solid 14 karat white gold band. These diamonds are in different shapes and layouts, to create the appearance of vines and leaves twining along the primary face of the bangle. It’s completely hypoallergenic and nickel free, so unless you have a gold sensitivity, your wrist won’t turn and this product won’t change colors. Each sale is wrapped in gift packaging to allow you to give it the way that you want to whoever it is who will love it. We just love the unique design of this bangle; it’s beautiful and all of the tiny diamonds will catch and reflect the light beautifully. Remember that each of the diamonds on the face of this bangle is completely natural, genuine stones. Even though the carat count is low, it is very worth the price!
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Jewel Exclusive Hinged Bangle

This band by Jewel Exclusive features a rotation of long, oval diamonds and small round ones set into sterling silver frames across the face of the band. The total weight of the gems in this bracelet is about 0.5 carats, while the sterling silver that makes up the band is solid and durable. It’s 7.25 inches in length, so it will fit most wrist quite comfortably. The design is quite beautiful, as well as being simplistic and elegant. It’s the perfect classic bracelet to go with just about any outfit. It’s a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection. The clasp is a hinge that snaps shut and keeps the bangle on your wrist, right where you want it. The fact that it’s made of silver and white diamonds makes it match with nearly anything else that you choose to wear with it. The 57 stones in the surface of this bangle will sparkle beautifully in the light!
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AFFY Diamond Bangle Bracelet

This AFFY Diamond Bangle is absolutely beautiful. The front area of the bangle is made of a solid wall of small round diamonds, a total of 3 carats worth. This real diamond jewelry piece is sure to blow the lucky giftee away! The rest of the bracelet is gorgeous 14 karats rose gold plating over sterling silver. We love how beautiful the diamonds are all over the front of this piece. With just the right amount of sunlight, you could really dazzle someone! Each of the stones has an amazing clarity and quality. For how small they are, there definitely has to be some quality craftsmanship behind this bracelet. If rose gold isn’t your style, you can get white gold or yellow gold plated as well. It’s absolutely fabulous and great as a gift for any occasion, to your wife, partner, or mother. They are all sure to love this intricate, high-quality piece of work.
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Palm Beach Jewelry Bangle

This bangle is timelessly beautiful! Palm Beach makes this brass bracelet that is plated in full 18 karats yellow gold. There are two rows down the front side of this bracelet, each containing an astounding 36 round diamonds. The result is a bangle that sparkles and shines beautifully. You’ll never want to take this thing off! It’s always good time to wear this bracelet, and it’s always going to match whatever you choose to put it with. On the other side of the bangle is a latticework design in gold that really pulls this bracelet together. It latches with a box-style tongue and safety latch that will keep it from unlatching on its own. Keep it exactly where you want and need it without any hassle. We love this simple design because it’s full of subtle touches that help to bring it together and make it a wonderful accessory. No matter the occasion, it’s the perfect bangle!
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Loved Luxuries Diamond Cuff

This diamond cuff bangle is unique on our list because it doesn’t have a clasp or a latch to keep it closed. In fact, it doesn’t actually close at all! Either end of the bracelet stops on a large white gold ball, and they are set to close enough together that it should never fall off of your wrist. As far as gold and diamond jewelry goes, it’s a perfect example of what makes this combination so desirable. The white gold weaves together in a latticework pattern on the back of the band, while the front is solid and sparkling. The face of the bracelet contains a string of genuine, sparkling diamonds that weight a total of 0.22 carats combined. The result is a beautiful, sparkling piece that will make all of your friends envious. The white gold that the bracelet is made of is 14 karat gold, and it shines beautifully! We’re sure that you’re gonna love this piece!
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Diamond2Deal Bangle

This Diamond2Deal Bangle is classical, beautiful, and the all-around perfect diamond accessory. There are a double-row of beautiful white diamonds, with a combined weight of about 1 carat total. That’s a lot of small diamonds! Each of them is round and set into this beautiful 14 karats white gold piece. The backside is a collection of latticework wrought in this beautiful metal, serving to offset the shiny qualities of the face beautifully. The diamonds don’t stretch all the way around the band, but about halfway – until the latch on one side, which is a hinged latch that makes sure that your diamond bracelet stays exactly where you need it to be. These stones are clear and beautiful and will shine beautifully no matter when or where you wear them. This bangle even comes with a gift box to allow you to give it to that special person in your life! We love the classic design!
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Jewels By Lux Diamond Bangle

One of the best parts of shopping for diamond bangles is observing all of the different, beautiful styles that are on offer. This bracelet by Jewels by Lux is a perfect example of something that is unique in the context of this list, and beautiful for it! This bracelet is slim, a simple, understated design made of beautiful rose gold. There are six small white diamonds embedded in the band, going all the way around at perfect intervals. The diamonds are set in circles of rose gold, which really highlight them. The diamonds are round, and altogether the six of them weight about 0.25 carats. This is a beautiful bangle for evening wear or everyday wear. It’s small and delicate while still making a major statement! The stones are genuine diamonds that haven’t been treated or colored. It’s just an all-around gorgeous bangle, with the gold contrasting beautifully with the stones! Among gold bracelets, this one is impressive!
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