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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus

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quadcopter reviewsBest Dog Food for Shih Tzus

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How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus

The Shih Tzu is an adorable toy breed dog with ancient roots, with one theory stating that the breed originated in China as the “Lion Dog” in 800 BC. Today, the Shih Tzu is an incredibly popular small breed dog with many loyal owners who want nothing but the best for their favorite canine! If you’re one of those owners, you’re in the right place: we’ve researched and reviewed a range of dog foods that can best address your Shih Tzu’s nutritional needs. Let’s start out with these specs to consider when comparing different dog foods!

Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus

Food Type - Dry, wet, and raw dog foods all have different benefits and drawbacks to consider, so we list the food type with each review.

Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus

Dog Age - Some dog foods are suitable for puppies, adults, and seniors, while others focus on the needs of a specific life stage.

How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus

Package Size - The package size helps you compare value across brands, or to start small if you’re trying out a new food!

Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus

Dehydrated - Dehydrated dog food is a variation of the holistic raw dog food trend. If it’s dehydrated, we’ll let you know.

Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus

Main Protein - Does your Shih Tzu turn up their nose at chicken? Are they allergic to beef? Pay attention to the main protein source!

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Made In - We selected dog foods made in the USA, since they are subject to strict quality controls and regulations.

Top 10 Products

It’s time to find the perfect kibble! Our top pick and budget pick are the winning contenders for the best dog food for Shih Tzu dogs, but we know that one size doesn’t fit all. If you’re looking for certain features, we have eight other dog food reviews below that might be the perfect choice!

Purina Shredded Blend Food

Top Pick
A value-sized 34-pound bag of Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Adult Shredded Blend for small breeds is a high-value and highly nutritious choice for your pup. Our choice for the best dog food for Shih Tzus contains a mix of tender shredded pieces and crunchy kibble pieces to help keep a picky dog happy with their food. Finding a food for Shih Tzu dogs means considering the breed’s “fussy” nature when it comes to what they eat. Chicken provides the main protein source, while vitamins and minerals support whole-body health. Keep your Shih Tzu’s long, gorgeous coat soft with vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids. Prebiotic fiber helps keep their digestive system happy, too. This Purina small breed dog food offers a great value with a great flavor and kibble design for picky dogs. If your dog has a sensitivity or allergy to grains or soy, we’ve included a number of grain-free dog food options on our list for you to consider!
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Whole Earth Small Breed Recipe

Budget Pick
Are you looking for the best food for Shih Tzu dogs that won’t break the bank? You don’t have to compromise on quality with Whole Earth Farms natural dog food! Made in the USA with no ingredients from China, this natural and grain-free dog food for small breeds is a great choice for your Shih Tzu. Despite its low price, this dog food is free from wheat, corn, soy, animal by-products, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. Wow! This recipe provides protein sourced primarily from chicken with turkey as a secondary source. Ingredients like potatoes, alfalfa meal, sweet potatoes, and salmon oil provide carbohydrates, fats, and fiber. Vitamin and mineral supplements as well as probiotics provide total nutrition while going easy on digestion! This formula supports coat, skin, and nail health, so your Shih Tzu will look as good as they feel.
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Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition

One of the cool features of Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition Shih Tzu dog food for adult dogs is the specialized kibble shape that’s easy to pick up and helps reduce dental plaque and tartar formation. Since the Shih Tzu breed tends to have a short muzzle, typical kibble shapes can be difficult to grasp and chew, and small breeds tend to require more dental care than larger breeds. When your Shih Tzu has a long, beautiful coat, you want a dog food that provides the nutrition to support that coat and the skin underneath--which the Royal Canin kibble does, too! Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, plus biotin, vitamin A, and more, contribute to hydrated skin and soft hair. This dog food formula is also designed to reduce stool volume and odor--which any pet owner can appreciate! The tasty aroma and flavors can also encourage picky dogs to chow down.
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Nutro Ultra Small Breed

The Nutro Ultra Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food comes in 4-pound or 15-pound bags packed with superfoods and delicious natural ingredients. With proteins from chicken, chicken meal, lamb meal, and salmon meal, your dog will receive high-quality protein from a range of sources. If you’re a superfood fan, you’ll love the inclusion of nutrient-dense and healthful foods like coconut, chia, and kale. And it’s all formulated without animal by-products, by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial colors and flavors. Whole grains from rice and oatmeal provide a source of carbohydrates without using corn, wheat, or soy, which are common food allergens for dogs. This highly nutritious dog food provides a ton of vitamins and minerals to address all of a dog’s nutritional needs, and it’s all formulated for the high metabolism of small breeds. It’s a great choice for your Shih Tzu!
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Blue Wilderness High Protein Food

The Blue Wilderness brand is designed to appeal to your dog’s wild ancestors--and though your Shih Tzu may seem very little like the wolves in their ancestry, they can still appreciate a kibble packed with high-quality proteins! The Chicken Healthy Weight Small Breed variety includes deboned chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal--no animal by-products like beaks. Mixed in with the kibble are “Life Source bits” packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Other ingredients in the kibble include sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries, cranberries, and more. These provide antioxidants and complex carbohydrates, all in a formula free of corn, wheat, soy, and artificial colors and flavors. Prebiotics and probiotics in addition to the other supplements help to keep digestion running smoothly. If your Shih Tzu companion has a grain intolerance or other stomach insensitivities, a holistic natural dog food can be one way to work with those issues.
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Iams Proactive Health Food

Iams Proactive Health Dry Food for small and toy breeds is a great dog food for Shih Tzu nutritional needs. Fiber sourced from beet pulp and natural prebiotics help to support healthy digestion, omega-6 fatty acids help keep their coat shiny and their skin hydrated, and that’s just a few of the vitamins and minerals involved! Chicken, chicken by-product meal, and eggs provide a ton of protein. This small kibble has no soy or wheat, using corn meal and sorghum as carbohydrate sources instead. So it’s a great choice for dogs with sensitivities to soy or wheat. Beet pulp provides fiber to encourage good digestion, while chicken fat and fish oils help to keep their coat and skin healthy. If you’re looking for a great value dog food that will meet the nutritional needs of your Shih Tzu, Iams Proactive Health is a solid choice.
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Natural Balance Original

Looking for Shih Tzu puppy food that can take your little bundle of fur into adulthood? Natural Balance Original Whole Body Health dog food in small breed bites is suitable for puppies and adults. This recipe features chicken, chicken meal, and duck meal along with multiple types of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to give your dog all of the nutrition they need from nose to tail. With no artificial colors or flavors, you can be sure your dog is getting a quality dog food that tastes amazing, naturally. Natural Balance does nine safety tests on every batch of dog food or treats that they make, and share the results on their website--which is a nice touch for people who are worried about recall scares. With tons of proteins and key nutrients, the Natural Balance Original recipe is like a vitamin supplement and tasty meal rolled into one!
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Halo Spot’s Natural Dry Food

The Halo Spot’s Natural Dry Dog Food comes in 4-10 pound packages full of great ingredients. Halo Spot’s avoids factory farming and “meat meals” or by-products, using only whole meats for the main protein sources. Their Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe features whole chicken with chicken liver, salmon oil, and a range of fruits and vegetables. A Turkey, Duck, & Pheasant recipe is also available. Ingredients like blueberries, peas, and zucchini combine with supplements of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals to provide total nutrition suited to the needs of small breeds. Plus, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Dogs with grain sensitivities will like the grain-free ingredients list, too. If you’re looking for holistic grain-free Shih Tzu food that your furry best friend will love, this dry dog food for adult dogs will help to keep your pup happy and healthy!
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Purina Bella Natural Bites

Purina dog food has always been a top source for dog food with a great value, and the Purina Bella Natural Bites are designed to pamper your Shih Tzu with deliciousness! Proteins and fats are sourced from chicken and beef, with sweet potatoes and spinach mixed in as well. The kibble features a mix of crunchy bits and tender meaty chunks, creating an interesting texture that will keep your dog’s tail wagging and their nose in their food bowl! Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants support your dog’s immune system, joints, and more. It’s also available in a turkey and chicken flavor. The 12-pound bag option should last a while, too. If your Shih Tzu is sensitive to grains or soy, this may not be the best option since it contains both. But for most small breed dogs, this dry dog food provides a great taste with great nutritional value!
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Wellness Core Small Breed

The Wellness CORE Small Breed dog food contains deboned turkey, turkey meal, and chicken as the main protein sources in a grain-free formulation. If you want to avoid corn, soy, wheat, and meat by-products when choosing a dog food, this dry dog food is ideal for feeding premium ingredients in a dry kibble recipe. Other ingredients like salmon oil, fruits, and vegetables and fortifying antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals ensure your pup is getting the total nutrition they need. It’s like a daily vitamin supplement made to support their immune system, joints, and coat is built into their kibble! Made in the USA, the Wellness CORE brand avoids fillers, artificial flavors, and artificial colors, making them a great choice for natural dry dog food. The small breed recipe is available in 4- and 12-pound bags, so you can experiment with a small bag or go whole-hog!
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