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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

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How to Choose the Best Double Edge Razor Blade

Choosing the best double edge razor blades can make all the difference in your daily shaving routine! A high-quality razor blade will give you a close shave without cuts, nicks, or needless irritation. We did the research to find 10 of the best-rated double edge razor blades on the market, so you can find the right one for you! Before we get into the reviews, here are a few things to look at before choosing a new set of blades.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Fits Any Razor: All of the blades we reviewed are considered “standard” size and fit all types of handles. They tend to fit best if the blade and handle are the same brand, so consider checking out brands that match your handle first.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Stainless Steel: All of the double edge blades we reviewed are made of stainless steel, which is the worldwide standard for razor blades. However, we will let you know if they have special coatings, like platinum, that provide added strength and comfort.

How to Choose the Best Double Edge Razor Blade

Blades: We noted how many blades come in each order. You can stock up on a few blades at a time, or grab a pack of 100+ that will last you for a long time – all while sticking to your budget!

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Origin: The best double edge blades are made all over the world! If you would prefer to support your own country’s economy, or you prefer razor blades from a specific country, we have plenty of options for you to choose from!

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Size: The edge-to-edge width of a razor may affect the type of shave you get. A longer width is better for shaving longer hair and beards, but a shorter width is best for shorter hair or a closer, more “aggressive” shave.

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Case: In addition to noting the number of blades you’ll get, we also let you know how each set is packaged. Some come in a convenient case that holds all the blades, while others come in blister packs or individually packaged.

Top 10 Products

Okay, now that you know what kind of blades you’ll need, let’s get into some double edge razor blade reviews! Our razor blade buying guide has 10 different versions that come from all over the world. You should have no problem finding a set of razor blades to suit your needs and budget! If you don’t have time to read about all 10, that’s okay! Read about our Top Pick and Budget Pick now, and then come back for more!

Feather Double Edge Blades

Top Pick
Our pick for the best double edge razor blades goes to this super-sharp set of double edge blades from Japan! Feather has been making high quality shaving blades since 1932 in the same area where traditional swords were made. The platinum coated, stainless steel blades are extremely sharp, which is great for any kind of shaver. They are great at both cutting through thick beards and getting a truly close shave. Since they are a universal size, they will also fit in any double edge safety razor you may already have. This set of 50 blades comes in 10 smaller packs of 5 blades each, with each blade being individually wrapped in wax paper for extra protection from nicks and dings during transport. If you are looking for the best double edge razor blades for sensitive skin, definitely check out a set of extra sharp blades like these to give you a close shave without excess dragging, nicks, or irritation!
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Astra Platinum Razor Blades

Budget Pick
Next up is our pick for the best cheap razor blades! These blades from Astra are made in Russia but are currently owned by Proctor & Gamble. This means they can distribute these high quality and inexpensive blades all over the world! We like that this set of 100 blades is both inexpensive and perfect for those new to using a safety razor. The blades are really sharp, which is best for those with sensitive skin or who are still learning to use their razor. The safest shaving blade is the sharpest! We also like that these blades are built to last – you can easily get a week’s worth of shaving out of one before having to replace it! You can pop one of these into just about any double edge safety razor and get a great shave. If you are new to safety razors, or you just want an inexpensive set, you can try these without breaking your budget!
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Personna Double Edge Razor Blades

If you like supporting American-made products, definitely check out this set of 100 blades from Personna! They have been making shaving equipment since 1875, and are said to be the first company to sell safety razors in the United States. This set of 100 blades is glide-coated to provide extra sharpness and reduce drag and irritation. They are made to fit in most double edge safety razors and are made to last for several shaves before replacing them. We also like that these come in one box, with each blade individually wrapped. This is perfect for packing extra blades while you travel, or for throwing in your camping gear! Instead of taking a bulky case with a bunch of blades you won’t use, simply pack a couple with your shaving kit and you’re set! For a man or woman on the go, these are a great option to toss in your bag and take with you on your next adventure!
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Derby Double Edge Blades

The Turkish company Derby has been the sole producer of razor blades in the country since 1940 and is well known around the world for making high quality double edge safety razor blades. Their stainless steel blades are coated in chromium, ceramic, platinum, tungsten, and polymer to provide a close and safe shave. The blades are the widest set we reviewed, which means they will work beautifully to shave down thick stubble or long beards without irritation. The set of 100 blades comes packaged in 20 individual cases of 5 blades each. We like this because it keeps the blades clean and sanitary while they sit in your bathroom cabinet. It’s also easy to toss a packet into your travel kit without extra bulk. The cases are also perfect for storing and disposing of old blades safely! If you need a trusty blade to cut through your thick beard, definitely give this set of double edge safety razors a try!
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Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades

If you are on the hunt for the top double edge razor blades for coarse hair, these blades from Merkur are a great place to start! Merkur has been making shaving blades, handles, and accessories in Germany since 1906. They are a well-trusted brand around the world, and well worth the extra investment. These blades are truly a luxury experience, with a platinum coating that reduces irritation and drag. They also last well over 10 shaves without losing any sharpness or needing to be replaced. These are also standard size blades, so you can easily slip them onto an inexpensive safety razor handle and get the same close shave as if you had a more expensive kit! These are some of the sharpest double edge razor blades out there, making them perfect for coarse or unruly facial hair. They give you a close shave without pulling or dragging your hair, which means less irritation and repeated runs over your face!
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Wilkinson Sword Razor Blades

Next up in our search for top rated double edge razor blades is this set of 100 blades from German maker Wilkinson Sword. This company, originally founded in the U.K. in 1891, was one of the first makers of stainless steel razor blades. Their blades are known for being sharp, yet long lasting, thanks to a triple coating of chromium, ceramic, and PTFE. They are corrosion-resistant and will fit in any double edge safety razor handle. These come in a set of 20 cases with 5 blades each, packed individually in wax paper to protect them from dings. The small cases are also a great way to store and toss out old blades, which is great. Their fine edge allows you to get a super close shave without worrying about the blade pulling or tugging at your hair. If you want to support a classic brand that’s been making high quality blades for over 100 years, check out Wilkinson Sword!
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Shark Double Edge Razor Blades

If you like using the Wilkinson Sword blades, you may also really enjoy these inexpensive double edge blades from Shark. Why? While the Shark Company has been making razors for the Middle East since 1930, they were at one time partners with Wilkinson Sword! These blades are not as sharp as some other brands we reviewed, which makes them perfect for beginners who still need to work on their technique. You can get a decent shave without the fear of cuts or nicks while you’re learning! We also like these if you are known to shave in a hurry, but don’t want scrapes and scratches! We also like that these blades come double-wrapped in paper. You can feel good knowing each blade is protected from dings and imperfections that can happen when blades bump into each other during shipping. We think these are some of the best razor blades for sale, especially for beginners – and at a great price too!
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Dorco ST300 Razor Blades

Dorco is a popular brand of safety razors because they are inexpensive, high quality, and perfect for all levels of shavers! Founded in South Korea in 1955, they are still the leading producer of shaving products all over Asia! This pack of 100 blades comes individually packaged in paper for added protection, and they are stored in boxes of 10 blades each for easy storage. The blades are sharp enough to cut through thick and wiry facial hair. However, they aren’t so sharp that a beginner could easily pick one up without much trouble. The platinum and PTFE coating reduces friction, making these great for people with sensitive skin or uneven skin texture. The narrower width on the blades is great for getting a super close shave, especially if you’re only shaving off your daily stubble or a thin beard. If you are looking for a great all-around safety razor blade without spending a lot, consider giving these a try!
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Gillette 7 O’clock Razor Blades

Of course, no razor blade buying guide would be complete without looking at one of the most popular brands on the planet – Gillette! A Boston-based company that has been making safety razors since 1903, they are known for making shaving equipment both effective and affordable for everyone. Their safety razor blades haven’t changed much since then, which is why they are still so popular. These blades fit easily into any type of safety razor handle you have, which is always a plus! We also like that these blades are super sharp, giving you a close shave without added irritation. This set of 100 blades is packaged in 20 tucks with 5 blades each, so you can easily stock up your bathroom, camping knapsack, and travel kit so you are never without a trusty shave! Are you already a fan of Gillette’s other razors, and want to try a safety razor? Then check out their blades for a clean, crisp shave!
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Treet Platinum Razor Blades

Our final safety razor blade comes to us from the company Treet. They have been making razor blades in Pakistan since 1977, and pride themselves on creating high quality blades at a reasonable price. Their Treet Platinum blades are inexpensive enough for just about anyone to try. We also like that the platinum coating reduces friction and adds extra durability. This means you will get a close shave and your blades will last longer. They come packaged in 20 cases with 5 blades each, which keep the blades safe and sanitary until you are ready to use them. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to razor burn, these blades are great because they don’t tug at the hair or skin. They are also sharp enough that you won’t have to do too many passes over your skin to get a close shave. Oh, and we couldn’t resist the colorful, vintage packaging that would look great on your countertop!
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