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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Down Sleeping Bags

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How to Choose the Best Down Sleeping Bag

A down sleeping bag is one of your best and most constant companion on a backcountry hike or backpacking trip. It will keep you warm, comfortable, and give you a great night’s rest after a long day on your feet. If you’re having trouble deciding, we’ve put together this down sleeping bag buying guide to help you out! Before we look at the bags, let’s check out some of the things you need to know when you start shopping.

Best Down Sleeping Bags

Water Resistant: A water-resistant bag is going to keep you dry in the humidity, any sudden rainstorms, and it’s great insurance in case your tent isn’t the greatest. The idea is to keep water mostly outside of the sleeping compartment.

Best Down Sleeping Bags

Color Options: This is the number of different colors the sleeping bags come in. Sometimes certain colors are cheaper depending on the popularity, but outside of that, it’s mostly a personal preference which color you’re going to want to get.

How to Choose the Best Down Sleeping Bag

Temperature Rating: How low can the temperature go before this bag stops being able to keep you comfortable? This has to do with the loft of the bag. A higher temperature rating won’t be comfortable in warm weather, keep that in mind.

Best Down Sleeping Bags

Seasons: How many seasons can you use this bag for? This doesn’t refer to usage time. If a bag has a 40-degree rating, it’s probably only good for two seasons: spring and summer. A 0-rating bag is only good for winter.

Best Down Sleeping Bags

Size: The dimensions of the bag when unrolled are important when you think about your tent and how the sleeping bag is going to fit. Most bags have a short, regular, and long option so you can get a perfect size.

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Fill Power: Fill power is a measure of how much air can be trapped by the down in the bag. A higher fill power means more air can be trapped, which in turn means that you have more insulation.

Top 10 Products

With that information tucked in your belt, we are more than ready to take off on a shopping adventure! We have chosen popular and effective sleeping bags from a variety of products so that you know you’re seeing the best of the best, and none of the rest! These sleeping bags are comfy and aim to keep you warm and cozy on the coldest of nights. Let’s get to our down sleeping bag reviews!

Outdoor Vitals Down Sleeping Bag

Top Pick
Our choice for the best sleeping bag for sale is this bag by Outdoor Vitals. What really sticks out about this bag is the temperature rating. It is safely and comfortably rated for 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This, combined with an 800+ fill power means that this bag is going to be your favorite companion on cold nights in the backcountry. It’s also super lightweight, which is important when you’re carrying all of your gear. It comes in at just under three pounds, which is amazing for how effective it is. The higher fill power allows it to be compressed further, meaning that you will likely be able to get it into a smaller space in your backpack than other sleeping bags. The baffle design allows you to control the warmest parts of your bag – great for chronically cold, tired feet! That’s less space and less weight on your back, as well as comfort in cold conditions!
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AEGISMAX Down Sleeping Bag

Budget Pick
Our choice for the best cheap sleeping bag is this AEGISMAX 3-season bag. It’s comparable to some more expensive bags at a fraction of the price! These bags have an 800 fill power rating, which means that it’s going to trap your body heat and keep it a lot more effectively. It’s a huge return value! You will be able to use this bag comfortably from early fall to the late spring without being uncomfortable at all, but it is not recommended for use during the summer due to the heat retained. It’s lightweight as well, making your backpacking adventures more comfortable even when it’s stashed away in your bag because it weighs so much less than some other bags on the market right now. The 20D Nylon on the outer shell of the bag is rip-proof and sturdy while still being breathable enough to make sleeping comfortable. Get two of them and zip them together for maximum comfort!
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Hyke & Byke Down Sleeping Bag

This bag by Hyke & Byke is one of the best budget down sleeping bags we’ve seen in our research. Camping gear tends to get expensive because of the technology behind making something warm, comfortable, and as lightweight as possible. But Hyke & Byke are delivering a quality product for less! The filling is duck down in a 550 fill power, which will make it ideal for people who are warmer sleepers. The outer shell is waterproof, so even if it’s raining outside it won’t be wet inside your bag. It’s just over three pounds, which is amazingly light for a mummy-style sleeping bag that completely wraps you up. It’s the perfect bag for use during the Spring, light winters, and during the fall. The sleeping compartment is big enough even for extra blankets, and we love that! What’s even better is that it comes with the stuff sack to keep it compressed and small in your backpack.
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Kelty Cosmic Sleeping Bag

Kelty is one of the most popular names in outdoor gear, from tents to backpacks and sleep systems. Their Cosmic sleeping bag is absolutely no different than the other products they make. It’s rated down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, taking into account both the polyester lining, ripstop polyester outside layer, and 550 fill power DriDown. You’ll have plenty of ‘loft’ to return your body heat. Kelty’s specific DriDown filling stays drier than regular goose or duck down, and will dry faster when you wash it. It will also dry without clumping, which is essential for continued comfort in down products. They’ve even gone so far as to make sure that the zippers won’t snag, so you’ll have an easy time getting into your bag. It’s the lightest on our list yet, at just 2 pounds, 9 ounces. This high-performing bag will keep you warm in all of the cold and wet conditions you may encounter on your trips!
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Trekr Outdoor Down Sleeping Bag

Trekr Outdoors makes this cheap down sleeping bag, so you can get comfortable on a budget! The first thing that really stood out to us about this bag is the fact that it comes with both a bag and a camping pillow. This pillow is self-inflating and allows you that extra level of comfort! It also comes with the stuff sack for compression in your backpack, so it won’t take up all of the room you need for other stuff. Together, the pillow and sleeping bag run a total of 4.2 pounds, which is still pretty light for both. It’s easy to take with you and will keep you warm in three seasons – with the added benefit of being able to zip two sleeping bags together. If you hike or backpack with a partner, it’s the perfect system to keep both of you warm and cozy by sharing body heat. The YKK zipper won’t break on you, either!
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Anyoo Down Sleeping Bag

This Anyoo Down backpacking sleeping bag comes in an amazing 8 colors to choose from, and the color is the only thing that’s different! The shell is made of tough 20D ripstop polyester, while the inside has an 800 fill power rating to keep you nice and comfortable through the nights in three different seasons. You’re going to deserve the nice rest after spending all day hiking! The shell is completely waterproof so you won’t get any rain or other moisture inside while you’re trying to sleep. You can spot-clean your sleeping bag or dry it on low heat in the washing machine and lay it flat when it’s out of the dryer. Make sure it’s completely dry before stuffing it away again. It’s a durable, comfortable bag that will definitely keep you warm! What makes this bag awesome is the lifetime warranty. You can get a refund or a full replacement at any time for any reason.
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Kymit Down Sleeping Bag

This Kymit down sleeping bag is simply amazing! It’s rated for 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can rest assured that you will be comfortable for three whole seasons. The 650 fill power of duck down gives it a nice loft that is nice and breathable while still retaining your body heat and keeping you toasty and warm. It’s also a great lightweight down sleeping bag, coming in at only 2.75 pounds, comparable to some of the top names on our list. It’s made of tough fabric that is still light enough not to put your back out while you’re on the trail. You can expand the chest area to give you more room to move, and the baffles are flexible enough that you can get comfortable. There’s a stash pocket on the inside to keep smaller items at hand, which we think is a really cool feature! Along with the overstuffed foot box, even the coldest nights will be comfortable.
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Naturehike Sleeping Bag

Naturehike’s bag is unique on our list because is probably the most ultralight down sleeping bag that we found in our research. The entire bag comes in at just 1.28 pounds, which is simply incredible! It’s a two-season bag, which means that it will be comfortable during the spring and fall, but extreme temperatures won’t allow you to sleep easily. Still, for all of your hiking needs in nicer temperatures, this bag will do just fine. The 800 fill power gives you a greater return, and the bag itself is lined with comfortable 15D nylon that you’ll love to slide into. In warmer temperatures, you can unzip the bag and use it as a blanket, which will keep you cooler on the warmer night as well. You can join two of them together to make a secure two-person bag for you and your partner, which is a neat feature! You won’t find a more comfortable lightweight sleeping bag!
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Nemo Disco Sleeping Bag

One of the best down sleeping bags on our list is the last one, by Nemo. This Disco bag is great for three seasons because it’s rated down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can be warm and comfortable even on chilly nights. There’s no denying that your backpacking experience improves when you have a sleep system that facilitates a great night’s rest. What’s unique about this bag is the spoon shape that gives you extra room at the elbow and knees. If you’re a side sleeper, rejoice! Your sleeping bag has finally arrived. There’s also a blanket fold near your face to cuddle with that also regulates the temperature. It’s a comfortable, cozy sleeping bag with a level of comfort you aren’t used to finding in outdoor products. And on top of it all, it only weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces! It’s breathable and will keep you warm and dry from head to toe!
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Paria Thermodown Sleeping Bag

Paria makes this Thermodown bag, which we consider one of the tops down sleeping bags on the market right now. It’s incredibly warm, rated down to a full 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Even on the coldest of nights in the wilderness, this bag will return your body heat instead of letting it get away. You can unzip it completely and use it as a quilt on warmer nights. The amazing 700 fill power means that it lofts really well, and makes it lighter – only two pounds and three ounces. You won’t mind carrying this bag around in your backpack! We love that it comes with sleeping pad straps to allow you to secure it to the other part of your sleep system. You no longer have to worry about slipping off your pad in the middle of the night! It’s also versatile – why have a quilt and a bag when you can have both at once?
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