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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Drill Press

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How to Choose the Best Drill Press

Using a handheld drill works fine for quick, simple projects, but if you want to start drilling into metal, making furniture, and other more complex precision tasks, a drill press is a must! We’ve researched and reviewed a number of best-selling drill presses to help you choose your new workshop workhorse. But before you skip down to the reviews, here are some drill press features to consider.

Best Drill Press

Horsepower: Horsepower is one of the factors of how powerful the drill press is and can restrict the materials you can work with.

Best Drill Press

Motor: Amperage is another factor that goes into the power of the drill press, an important issue with dense materials.

How to Choose the Best Drill Press

Size: What size drill press is it? The drill press size affects the types and sizes of projects you can use it for.

Best Drill Press

Speeds: Speed is what gives you control over your drilling results in different materials, so more is usually better.

Best Drill Press

Accessories: What does it come with? We also mention bonus features like laser sights and work lights where applicable.

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Warranty: The warranty is often an indicator of the quality and customer service you’ll get from the product manufacturer.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for in the best drill press for your needs, let’s drill down into some reviews! The top pick and budget pick offer some of the best bang for your buck, but keep reading to explore all of the options out there. Let’s get crafty!

SKIL 10-inch Drill Press

Top Pick
The SKIL 10-inch Drill Press is our pick for the overall best drill press for the money, offering a great balance of features, warranty, and price. It has a ½’’ keyed chuck and included chuck key. Use the five-speed adjustment to go from 570 RPM to 3,050 RPM. You can adjust the work table up to 45 degrees left or right, and the adjustable depth stop helps you make accurate measurements and get great drilling results. The laser X2 two-beam laser helps you perfectly line up your drill surface with the bit for high precision. The three-year warranty gives you the peace of mind you want with higher levels of use, like for large-scale projects and crafting furniture. You can use the larger diameter bits that work well for woodworking. The amazing price and built-in features make this an all-around awesome tool for your home workshop and hobby projects.
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Dremel Rotary Drill Press

Budget Pick
Our pick for the best cheap drill press is the Dremel Rotary Drill Press, a three-in-one tool that’s a low-tech, low-price alternative to the typical drill press. It can be used as an articulating drill press, tool holder, and flex shaft holder, making it a great multi-tasker for your crafty DIY workshop. It’s also available in a keyless chuck version. The drill can be adjusted in 15-degree increments up to 90 degrees horizontal, and the tool holder keeps tools held horizontally for a variety of tasks like polishing or grinding metal. As a flex shaft tool stand, you can adjust it from 16’’ up to 29’’. If your workshop is truly pressed for space, this is probably the best small drill press to maximize the area you have. You also have space in the crow’s nest for onboard storage of drill bits, wrenches, and more. This rotary drill press comes with a low price topped off with a one-year warranty!
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WEN 4210 Drill Press

The WEN 4210 Drill Press is a great choice for the best drill press for woodworking and other activities. It has spindle travel of up to 2.5’’, a work light, and a laser sight that make it ideal for precision work with wood, metals, and other materials. It comes with a ½’’ keyed chuck and the tools you’ll need for assembly, too. Use the five-speed adjustment to move from 600 RPM to 3,100 RPM. This solid, stationary work table has rack and pinion height adjustment with beveling up to 45 degrees left or right. The locking linear depth stop is easy to read--no eye-strain when you’re working for long periods! The laser sight is a great tool to have for precision since you can aim exactly where you want the bit to make contact. Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty. The homeowners and DIY-ers will love the WEN 4210 and its rich combination of features!
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WEN 4208 Drill Press

The WEN4208 stationary tabletop drill press is one of our favorites among the best table top drill press options. It comes with a ½’’ keyed chuck and has onboard key storage to help make it easy to get started every time. The drill press can be adjusted to five different speeds from 740 up to 3,140 RPM, and the spindle travels up to 2’’ in one movement. The locking linear depth stop measures make it easy to repeat the same motion over and over. The worktable measures 6.5’’ square and is height-adjustable with beveling up to 45 degrees left or right. Pre-drilled holes in the base allow you to mount this drill press on a bench or table. It’s a great drill press for woodworking, metals, and plastics. One of the best woodworking drill press options around, households and lovers of the DIY life will get a ton of enjoyment out of the WEN 4208!
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WEN Variable Speed

The WEN Variable Speed stationary drill press features a 5-amp, ? HP induction motor and a built-in laser sight and work light. You also get a table roller extension, chuck key, and the tools you’ll need to put it together. The worktable uses rack and pinion height adjustment with beveling up to 45 degrees. It has infinitely variable speed from 580 up to 3,200 RPMs and a digital LED speed display. The spindle travels up to 3.125’’ in one movement and has a locking linear depth stop that’s easy to read. The ?’’ keyed chuck fits larger bits for larger project applications. The precision laser lets you target exactly where the bit will contact the surface, and the work light provides extra visibility for detail work. This 12’’ drill press has a lot of the features you’ll find in more expensive machines, but at a smaller price and a convenient compact size for DIY-ers and hobbyists.
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Delta 18-inch Drill Press

If you’re looking for best benchtop drill press for professional or heavy-duty use, the Delta 18’’ benchtop drill press is an amazing combination of compact design and power. It has an oversized work table that makes it easier for you to handle larger projects and surfaces. It has a full 6’’ quill stroke that can handle deeper drilling applications than more basic machines. The built-in fully adjustable TwinLaser sight helps you precisely adjust the bit’s point of contact. The depth stop and depth scale design allow you to zero the scale and repeat the same drill type easily. It comes with a long five-year warranty for guaranteed quality. It has a ?’’ key chuck capacity for larger bits, too. So if you want a top-of-the-line professional-grade drill press that’s one of the top choices for the best drill press for metal, this option from Delta is hard to beat!
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Genesis Drill Press

The Genesis Benchtop Drill Press features a ?’’ chuck and chuck key that can handle larger bits than average. The battery-powered integrated work light provides extra light for fine details and focused projects. The table can rotate up to 360 degrees and rotates 45 degrees for total flexibility, no matter what you’re working on. The table height adjustment is rack-and-pinion, so it’s easy and quick to use. This is a small, basic drill press with a compact table and overall size. It should work well for basic household projects. It can drill holes up to 2’’ deep in one pass. It also comes with a travel handle and has a cast-iron base for extra stability. The built-in LED work light is powered by two AA batteries. The two-year warranty is the cherry on top for this compact bench drill press that’s perfect for hobbyists and DIY-ers.
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Craftsman Bench Drill Press

This 10’’ bench drill press from Craftsman has a 6-amp 0.5 horsepower motor for powerful, long-lasting, and smooth operation that’s perfect for household projects. You can quickly change the spindle speed thanks to the quick belt tension and release. The speed can be set from 620 RPM all the way up to 3,100 RPM. The rack and pinion style table elevation system helps you to adjust the table height quickly and easily. The ½’’ keyed chuck can be used to sand drums with up to a ½’’ shank. The stroke length lets you drill about 2.5’’ deep in one pass. Bonus: it comes with a Laser Trac sighting mechanism that’s battery-powered! If you’re looking for a small drill press for projects in and around your home, this option from Craftsman should fit the bill! On top of all that, it has a low price and a great build.
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MicroLux Drill Press

The MicroLux Variable Speed Drill Press gives you a versatile drill press in a compact package. Fine-tune the speed using a dial and adjust the torque as well depending on the material being drilled. It has a 6.5x10.8’’ base size and a precision three-jaw chuck with up to .25’’ chuck capacity and a key. The depth control also has a positive stop in place. The Digital Depthfinder has a re-zero function and can be switched between displaying in inches or millimeters. The drive system features a two-step pulley design with a 150W variable-speed motor. Plus, it’s super-tough with a cast metal housing and an accurate, long-lasting ball bearing spindle. It can drill all types of metals and plastics thanks to the high-torque motor and variable speed settings. You get a ton of features in a compact, solid piece of equipment made to excel at precise detail work!
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HICO Bench Top Drill Press

The HICO 10’’ bench top drill press is a strong contender for the best bench drill press for people looking for a convenient, practical drill press for their workshop. The nine-speed belt-driven spindle has a 2.5’’ spindle travel rate with RPMs from 230-2,450. The depth gauge and adjustable locking stop positions. It has a safety switch to avoid accidental starting. The cast iron worktable measures 8x7.5’’. The drill press is height-adjustable and bevels up to 45 degrees to the left and right. You can combine it with a 4’’ or 5’’ vise from HICO for extra stability. It can cut through a variety of materials like wood, plastic, and more. It comes with everything you need to assemble it plus a ½’’ chuck key. Keep it simple with this easy to adjust bench top drill press that combines a low price with great quality and customer service!
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