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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Electric Dart Boards

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How to Pick Your Electric Dart Board

Are you hooked on darts? Then you’ve probably considered setting up an electronic dart board to practice and play on with friends. We researched new and best-selling electronic dartboards to help you find the best one for your game night or weekly competitions! Here’s what to look for when shopping.

Best Electric Dart Boards

Target Area: 15.5 inches is regulation size, but for a family game room or casual play, it’s not a requirement.

Best Electric Dart Boards

Players: Need to accommodate a crowd? See how many people can play at once with this spec!

How to Pick Your Electric Dart Board

Games: Dart experts may prefer a wide variety of games, but 20 is enough for most people and families.

Best Electric Dart Boards

Size: The overall size of the dartboard affects how nice it looks on your wall, especially if space is limited!

Best Electric Dart Boards

Weight: You may want a dartboard that feels solid or one that’s easy to take with you anywhere.

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Warranty: The warranty can be a good indicator of quality since it’s basically an insurance policy!

Top 10 Products

After checking out our tips above, you’re probably ready to move on to the good stuff! Take a look at our top pick and budget pick if you’re in a rush to quickly find the best dartboard. If you want to consider all of your options, read our other eight reviews for the runner-ups that we couldn’t turn down. Get ready for some great games ahead!

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Top Pick
The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 made it to the top of our list with its tournament-quality specs! First, it has a regulation 15.5’’ target area so you can play and practice accurately. The dartboard comes with 39 games with 179 variations, including seven variations of the popular Cricket game! These games allow you to play with up to eight players. The jumbo LED score display shows up to four players’ scores at a time, and you can also learn more about your gameplay with the Cricket Pro 800’s average point-per-dart calculation at the end of each player’s round. If you get a kick out of dartboards with hecklers, you can set the Cricket Pro 800’s electronic heckler to three different levels, or turn it off entirely. You can play alone, too! Combined with the one-year warranty, this electronic dartboard is an all-around great pick for people who love darts.
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Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard

Budget Pick
The Viper 777 is our pick for the best electronic dart board with a low price and tons of features. It has a regulation-sized 15.5’’ target face that you can use for accurate practice for tournaments, leagues, and other contests. It comes with 43 games and 320 options and a bright LCD display. The voice option can be set to speak in English or Spanish as well. It can be powered by three AA batteries for a super-portable dartboard, or invest in an external power supply adapter if you want the dartboard to be a permanent fixture on your game room wall. The thermal resin segments and ultra-thin spider help you to top your old scores with fewer bounce-outs. The dartboard comes with six soft-tip starter darts and mounting hardware. For the best cheap electronic dartboard with features for pros and dedicated players, we love the Viper 777!
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Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

The Fat Cat 727 has a 13’’ target face and a catch ring for missed darts. The 18 included games and 96 different options are sure to entertain friends and family! The set uses four AA batteries, so it’s a good option for a portable electronic dartboard. Take it camping or to a party for everyone to enjoy. The dartboard comes with six soft-tip darts to get you started. Play games like count-up and several variations of cricket to practice for dartboard competitions or to enjoy family game night. This is a great starter electronic dartboard with simple controls and plenty of fun opportunities! If you’re looking for a cheap electronic dartboard for casual play with friends and family, the Fat Cat 727 works well for entertaining. Its portability makes it super convenient and easy to store away when it’s not in use, so it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture like other dartboards.
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Viper Neptune Dartboard

Are you looking for a tough electronic dartboard for accurate tournament practice? The Viper Neptune dartboard has a regulation-sized 15.5’’ target face and professional build in a cabinet design. The LCD display keeps track of your score for your and lets you choose from 57 games with 307 options for playing with up to 16 people! You can also play against the computer with five difficulty levels. The dartboard comes with six soft-tip darts, mounting hardware, and a power adapter for powering the display and scoring. The thin spider segments and commercial-grade, durable playing surface help you to get the most out of your skills for a high score. Try specialty games like Minnesota and Spanish cricket or stick to the classics available on quick-key shortcuts: 301, cricket, and count-up. If you play in leagues or want to be your local bar’s dartboard champion, this dartboard can help you hone your skills!
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Viper 800 Soft Tip Dartboard

The Viper 800 soft-tip electronic dartboard is available with a laser line or with the dartboard alone. This is one of the best electronic dart boards for serious players thanks to the durable design and regulation-sized 15.5’’ target face! The large, bright LCD scoring display gives you a ton of info, and can even score Minnesota and Spanish Cricket. It comes with 57 games total and 307 options, including five levels of solo play against the computer. You can play with up to 16 players! A thin spider and thermal resin segments result in a durable playing surface with minimal bounce-outs. You can store two sets of darts and extra dart points right on the board, too. Make your local bar’s dartboard jealous with this full-featured pro electronic dartboard! It runs on an AC adapter, so you don’t have to constantly replace batteries.
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Franklin Sports FS1500

The FS1500 is a soft-tip 13.5’’ electronic dartboard with an LCD display that talks and makes sound effects. Perfect for kids, families, and casual players! This electronic dartboard will also heckle you as you choose from 21 games with 65 variations. It’s battery-operated with three AAA batteries, so it’s easy to take anywhere and play anywhere! The set comes with six soft-tip darts and six replacement tips. For an inexpensive electronic dartboard experiment, you can’t go wrong with the Franklin Sports FS1500! Set it up easily in the living room or take it camping. Play with up to four players and hone your skills with a basic electronic dartboard. If you want to play a few games with friends and family or other casual players, this dartboard should meet your needs. Pro players who want accurate practice may prefer a regulation dartboard or a cabinet-style dartboard.
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Arachnid Crickettmaxx Bullshooter

This cabinet electronic dartboard includes a cricket X/O display on one of the cabinet doors as well as dart storage. You can choose from 34 games and 183 level variations, including solo play and heckler feature. The LCD display under the main dartboard can track the scores of up to eight players or up to four two-person teams. The LED display for cricket on the side cabinet door can keep track of up to 16 players or up to eight two-person teams. This dartboard comes with an AC adapter--it doesn’t take batteries. Combined with the cabinet feature with cricket and dart storage, this is a great home dartboard that brings the style of a bar dartboard to your game room! Two sets of darts are included to get you started, too. Use it for a family or adult game room. People who love to play cricket will love having a dartboard that lets them do it at home!
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Fat Cat Cabinet Dartboard

The Fat Cat Cabinet Dartboard closes up for neat storage while not in use. This plug-in dartboard comes with 38 built-in games and 167 scoring options with up to 8 players! Itching for a game but don’t have anyone around? You can play against the computer at five different skill levels! The cabinet doors have built-in slots for storing up to four sets of darts (and you get six darts included to get you started). The concave segment holes help prevent bounce-outs, while a thin spider design increases playing surface area. An LCD screen and 11 buttons help you change settings and gameplay. The cabinet has a faux cherry wood finish and gives you storage options all in one place. The 13’’ target area isn’t quite regulation size but should work well for practice and casual games! Families and casual players will appreciate the dart storage area and a variety of game options!
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Hathaway Magnum Dartboard

The Hathaway Magnum dartboard can be plugged in or battery-powered for portability. Take this lightweight dartboard anywhere along with four AA batteries to play darts wherever you want! Use corded power for convenience, or plug in some batteries, so you don’t have to deal with wires! The electronic scoring system has a LED display with a push-button control panel. Play with up to eight players with 90 options overall and 20 games. There’s also a “bounce-out” button in case you don’t want to score a dart that pops out of the board. But that’s not all: the Hathaway Magnum board features concave segment holes to help prevent bounce-outs in the first place! The Hathaway Magnum dartboard works well as a practice dartboard or as a way to entertain guests and family. This electronic dartboard set also includes two sets of soft-tip darts to get you started.
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Fat Cat Rigel Dartboard

Powered by an included AC adaptor, the Fat Cat Rigel soft-tip dartboard features a 13’’ target face with a tournament spider combined with a LED display with XO cricket. The dartboard comes pre-loaded with 32 games, and you can choose from 305 scoring options too! It can keep track of scores automatically while you play with up to eight players. The set comes with two sets of three plastic darts and 30 spare tips. Add a little friendly competition to family game night, a man cave, or bedroom with this soft-tip dartboard! It offers a solid combination of value and features. Play games like cricket, 301, and count-up with the included darts, or use your own. You can also turn the sound off for some one-on-one practice time. As a practice board to improve your game on nights out, or for playing with friends and family, the Fat Cat Rigel offers plenty of cool features at a low price!
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