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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Electric Longboards & Skateboards

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quadcopter reviewsBest Electric Longboards & Skateboards

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How to Choose Your Electric Longboards

Electric longboards and skateboards are a great way to get around and are crazy fun to use, too. Every time you go out on an electric longboard, it transforms your ride into an adventure. But selecting the right product can be tricky. It’s lucky then that we’re here, isn’t it? ;) Why? We’ve done the research for you. Below are the ten best electric longboards for sale. But before you ride off, here are the specs you need to know when shopping.

Best Electric Longboards and Skateboards

Types: Electric boards come in two types: longboards and skateboards. They both basically work the same with the main difference being electric longboards are longer, wider, and are geared towards cruising while electric skateboards are shorter, less wide, and are geared for tricks.

Best Electric Longboards & Skateboards

Power: This is the measure of how strong the electric longboard motor is. As a rule, the higher the wattage of the motor the more powerful the output. Something worth noting if you live somewhere with a lot of hills.

How to Choose Your Electric Longboards

Speed: It’s the measure of the top speed of an electric longboard or skateboard. Some boards have multiple settings for speed, so you can control how fast you want to go. Top speed will vary depending on the road conditions and the weight of the rider.

Best Electric Longboards & Skateboards

Range: This is the measure of how far an electric longboard or skateboard can go on a single charge of the batteries. This will change depending on the batteries you use, but this gives an approximation based on the standard battery for the board at full charge.

Best Electric Longboards and Skateboards

Dimensions: How long, how wide, and how tall the board is. An electric longboard will usually be longer and wider. Depending on the wheels it can also be taller. Electric skateboards are shorter and less wide. Longboards and skateboards will be shaped differently too.

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Warranty: All electric longboard and skateboard manufacturers offer warranties on their products. Warranties will only cover defects in construction or on the materials used. If such defects appear, they will repair or replace your board. If you wreck your board trying an awesome trick, it won’t be covered.

Top 10 Products

All right, time for the electric longboard reviews. We made this list as comprehensive as we can so you can find a product that fits your lifestyle and budget. We’ve even included the best electronic skateboards on the list, in case you want to try one. In a hurry? Check out the really good Top Pick and Budget Pick. Let’s do this!

Buffalo F Electric Skateboard

Top Pick
If you are looking for an electric longboard that goes fast, then look no further than the Buffalo F Electric Skateboard. It can go up to almost 25 miles an hour. That is fast. But don’t worry, if you’re not into speed the Buffalo F has two other riding modes that you can select: a Cruising Mode if you just want a leisurely ride of a little over 12 miles an hour, and a Beginner Mode so you can practice when you are just starting out at a sedate 11 miles an hour. It is powered by two 1200W motors that give you all that go and also gives you the ability to go uphill like they were just flat surfaces. Its batteries, when fully charged, can give you a range of over 15 miles before it needs recharging. Made from multiple layers of bamboo and fiberglass, the Buffalo F Electric Skateboard is light, durable, and tough and can carry over 250 pounds with no worries.
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Acton Blink Lite

Budget Pick
The Acton Blink Lite may well be the lightest and most portable electric skateboard out in the market. Weighing a little less than eight pounds, the Blink Lite is something you can carry around as much as it can carry you. But that doesn’t mean that it has lightweight features. No sir. Its motor gives you enough oomph to get you about ten miles an hour. Not that fast, but it’s better than walking and less tiring than running or jogging. Its batteries can get you up to five miles on a single charge. The regenerative braking function also lets you conserve that charge. As an added bonus, the Blink Lite also has some neat features that other electric boards lack. It has integrated LED lights to help you see at night as well let other people on the road see you. There is also an app that you can download that integrates with your board so you can keep track of the distance you traveled.
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Atom B.36 Electric Longboard

With two 1800W motors, the Atom B.36 Electric Longboard is a beast power-wise. With all that torque under your feet, no hill or incline is unconquerable. Even with all that power, acceleration is still smooth as well as the braking due to its superior software technology that controls it. The battery gives you more than reasonable mileage, and the built-in battery indicator makes sure that you know how far you can still go. Not that it’s a total loss if you ever do run out of charge, you won’t get stuck anywhere. Just pick the Atom B.36 up by its carrying handle and get on a bus. Speed-wise the B.36 can achieve up to 18 miles an hour. With two speed modes to choose from, you can go slower if you don’t want to move that fast. Bottom line: it’s perfect if you are just starting out and still learning how to ride electric longboards.
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Boosted Electric Skateboard

Ever since the Boosted Electric Skateboard came out, it has been redefining the urban transportation as we know it. Ride it to work or school or anywhere you want to go. Never be beholden to public transit again. It’s way better than a car since you can ignore traffic altogether. And when you are in a place where it’s not appropriate to use, just pick it up and carry it. The Boosted Electric Skateboard has a 2000W motor connected to a belt drive system that converts it to more torque. That means it can go uphill with relative ease. With a top speed of 22 miles an hour and a range of 12 miles on the extended battery, it’s perfect for those short commutes. Speaking of speed: it has four ride modes, the slowest of which goes at a safe ten miles an hour. The Bluetooth-enabled hand remote is very responsive, providing smooth acceleration and fast braking.
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BLITZART Huracane E-Skateboard

Searching for an electric longboard that’s reliable but won’t break the bank? Then the BLITZART Huracane E-Skateboard is the one you are looking for. The Huracane is built tough, tough enough to carry a 300-pound man. The deck is made from eight layers of maple wood and has a layer of bamboo on top and at the bottom making it sturdy but pliant. To ensure that the rider doesn’t fall off, the board is of a concave shape. Add to that all the grip tape that has been applied to ensure traction. The 320W brushless hub motor can give you a brisk 17 miles an hour and, fully charged, the battery has enough juice to get you as far as 15 miles away. If your battery goes dead while on the road, you can just pick the Huracane up by its handle and carry it. At 13 pounds, it’s really not that heavy. What’s more: the BLITZART Huracane comes fully assembled so no need to put it together yourself.
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Atom H.4 Electric Skateboard

The Atom H.4 Electric Skateboard is the baby of the Atom electric board line. It is the smallest in the line and the most budget-friendly. So, if you’re thinking about giving an electric skateboard to someone a bit young, maybe a tween or an early teen, as a gift, then this is a prime candidate. Its 400W hub motor can gain you a top speed of ten miles an hour. Not very fast, but for someone young or a beginner, that speed is just perfect. But that doesn’t mean that the H.4 is just for beginners. If you are someone who likes to do tricks on a skateboard, then you should consider the Atom H.4 Electric Skateboard. Its kick-tail shaped deck and low weight make it ideal for such activities. Other features include a battery indicator, so you know exactly how much juice you have left, and an ergonomic and very responsive remote control that’s lightweight and comfortable to hold.
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HAITRAL Motorized Skateboard

Used to be, skateboarding was just considered a sport or something to do for kicks. Nowadays though, with the advent of the electric skateboard, skateboards have now become a viable means of transport. Enter the HAITRAL Motorized Skateboard. This electric longboard can get you where you are going. With its 150W brushless hub motor, you can achieve up to more than 15 miles an hour. You can cover 13 miles on a fully charged battery. On a fully charged battery, the Motorized Skateboard can run for over 100 minutes. And as an added feature: it shuts itself off after 10 minutes of not being in use to conserve battery. It also has a safety feature that other electric longboards of the same class do not have: the HAITRAL Motorized Skateboard makes a beeping noise when its battery is low, the voltage is very low or very high, or when you are going too fast. Its rider weight limit is around 200 pounds.
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Maxfind Dual Motor Skateboard

The Maxfind Dual Motor Skateboard sure do look pretty. With its eight-ply maple deck and bright orange PU wheels, it makes you happy just to look at it. Sure, it has two 500W motors, giving it the power to climb uphill with little to no problem. Yes, it has a top speed of 17 miles an hour. Granted that’s for optimal conditions and could be slower, depending on the type of road and the weight of the rider. Of course, with a fully charged battery, it can reach up to 10 miles before the battery runs out. Again, under optimal conditions. Your range may vary. It has a rechargeable remote control, so you never need to buy extra batteries for it. But compared to its overall look and appeal, all those other features are just icing on the cake. We have to admit, very delicious icing though. If you are reading this electric longboard review to see which one is the prettiest, then this is it.
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Atom B.10 Electric Skateboard

If you get all the best qualities of all the electric skateboards available today and combine them all into one board, you may well end up with something like the Atom B.10 Electric Skateboard. Attributes like being compact, being light, and having a low center of gravity are represented on the B.10. Its kick-tail design gives you an option to do tricks with this. And the convenient carrying handle makes it the perfect ride for when you commute. Powered by a 1000W motor and connected to a belt drive system, the B.10 can generate lots of torque. Pretty handy when going uphill. With a full battery, you can go 6.2 miles before needing to recharge. To help you squeeze out more juice from the batteries, the B.10 has a regenerative braking system so every time you use the brake or you stop, it recharges the battery just a little bit more. And the best part: it won’t break the bank to get.
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Genesis Tomahawk Electric Skateboard

To all of you who wish to go the distance, consider the Genesis Tomahawk Electric Skateboard. And by “going the distance” I mean how far the Tomahawk can travel on one full charge of the battery. The Tomahawk can go 20 miles on one charge. That is a long way, possibly farther than any of the other electric longboards can go on a single charge. It can go pretty fast too with a 20-miles-an-hour top speed. It’s also no slouch in the power department. The Tomahawk generates enough torque to go up a 20-degree incline. And it can do all this while carrying a 264-pound rider which is the maximum load capacity for this electric longboard. How does it do it? Maybe it’s magic or maybe just state-of-the-art technology. The bottom line is, if you want to go far, then you might as well do it on a Genesis Tomahawk Electric Skateboard.
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