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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Electronic Shooting Ear Plugs

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quadcopter reviewsBest Electronic Shooting Ear Plugs

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How to Choose the Best Electronic Ear Plugs for Shooting

While hunting or going to the shooting range are great ways to spend your free time, it’s really important to make sure you have the proper protective gear. Don’t overlook how essential having the best electronic ear plugs for shooting is! We researched different styles and brands to put together these shooting ear protection reviews. Before we get started, let’s take a look at some of the features you need to know about before you start shopping.

Best Electronic Ear Plugs for Shooting

Size: Most of these headphones are sized for adults. Some have really cool ear tips that easily adjust to fit a variety of ears while other include multiple sized tips for you to use to get the perfect fit.

Best Electronic Shooting Ear Plugs

Weight: Obviously, you don’t want a heavy pair of ear plugs. They should be as lightweight and comfortable as possible so you are more likely to leave them in. If they’re comfortable enough, you might even forget you’re wearing them.

How to Choose the Best Electronic Ear Plugs for Shooting

Accessories Included: Accessories? For ear plugs? Yes! Believe it or not, you can find a lot of goodies that come along with some of these products. Everything from travel and storage cases to cleaning tools to lanyards.

Best Electronic Shooting Ear Plugs

Noise Reduction Rating: Noise reduction rating, or NRR, tells you just how effective a pair of ear plugs are against different noise levels. The higher the number, the more protection they offer. Note: for indoor shooting, try for an NRR of at least 28.

Best Electronic Ear Plugs for Shooting

Batteries Required: Some of these required batteries to work effectively. The good news is, most of the ones that require batteries actually include them when you buy so that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Product Intro Icon

Color: What color your earplugs are has absolutely no effect on how well they work. But getting a different color can come in handy. Plus, it gives you a way to stand out. Some of these ear plugs come in yellow, blue, and even pink!

Top 10 Products

Now that we know a little more about the key features for these ear plugs, let’s get going right into our reviews. Here’s how it works. The top 2 items on our list are the top and budget picks. If you’re short on time, this is a great place to start! After that, stick around for the rest of the great products we found to get a bigger picture of what’s out there. Are you ready? Great! Let’s jump right in.

Etymotic Gunsport PRO Ear Plugs

Top Pick
This offering from Etymotic Gunsport PRO earplugs are not only our pick for the best electronic ear plugs, they’re also the best ear protection for indoor shooting ranges. One of the best things about this pair of earplugs is that you can amplify certain sounds up to 5 times while still protecting your ears from harmful blasts. They basically adapt to the situation so you don’t miss conversation and ambient noises but they still block out everything they need to protect your ears. In fact, what makes them great both in the field or at an indoor range because of how adaptive they are. They come with some great accessories, too: eartips, filter removal tool, additional filters, a neck cord, protective case, and even batteries.
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SureFire Sonic Defenders Ear Plugs

Budget Pick
Our next pick is the SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders, hands down the best electronic hearing protection for the money. One of the great things about these is the design of the stem. If you have larger ears, these are a good choice. The triple-flange design lets this pair fit a variety of people. Even though these are our budget pick, that doesn’t mean that they offer less protection. In fact, they provide an NRR of 24 which is comparable to much more expensive options. Safe sounds easily pass through the ear plugs but there are filter caps included if you want to block out lower-level noise for extra protection. One more thing, these ear plugs are really comfortable, too. They’re made of soft polymer that will stay comfortable all day.
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DUBS Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

These Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs from DUBS block out damaging noises while still allowing you to hear what’s going on around you. The overall volume is reduced but the sound quality is still preserved. In fact, this pair is in the running for the best electronic hearing protection for hunting primarily for that reason. It’s really important that you can hear everything going on around you when you’re hunting. This gives you a better feel for the environment which helps find prey easier and stay safe. These earplugs are comfortable, too, thanks to the form-fitting design. They also come with a storage case so it’s easy for you to throw them in your pack or pocket and carry them with you until it’s time to wear them.
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SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra

Another awesome choice for best electronic ear protection is this pair from SureFire. The EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra protect you from damaging sounds without interfering with your ability to hear normal conversations and sound happening around you. In fact, you can even insert an included filter to give you additional protection to block out lower level noises if you want to. These ear plugs are made of hypoallergenic polymer that’s soft and durable. Plus, the memory foam tips help give you long-lasting comfort. You don’t have to worry about them coming out of place, either, thanks to the patented EarLock retention rings. One more thing: the low profile design that makes them easy to use with a phone or headset. Plus, you can wear them under a helmet and still be comfortable.
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Safariland In-Ear Plugs

Safariland In-Ear Impulse Hearing Protection has a noise reduction rating of 33 dB and a minimum continuous protection of 13 db. What does that mean? You’re continuously being protected from both high and low pitches that can cause trouble. But here’s the best part: you can still hear conversations and normal ambient sounds. That’s important because it means you can avoid the loud, damaging noises and still be aware of what’s going on around you. The piezo filter is really phenomenal and can even take care of sudden bursts of loud noises. That’s not all. They’re made of soft, durable material so you can wear them for long stretches of time. To make them really convenience, they come with a case that can attach right to your keychain. Plus, there are no batteries required.
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Walker's Razor Silencer Earbud

For some of the best ear protection for shooting, you have to check out the Walker’s Razor Silencer Earbuds. For starters, it comes with a lot of goodies. What do we mean by that? Get this. It comes with 3 different sizes of silicone and foam earbuds, 3 different sizing fins, 4 batteries, a carrying case, and a removable lanyard. Each earbud has independent volume control, too. Because it blocks out what you don’t want to hear and enhances what you do, these are pretty impressive. Believe it or not, they have omnidirectional microphones to help pick up sound and full dynamic range speakers to help it sound amazing. All that plus they still have a compact design and various fins and buds for the perfect fit.
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Westone DefendEar Digital Ear Plugs

For electronic ear plugs that are ideal for outdoor activities like shooting ranges, hunting, or tactical practice, you have to take a look at the Westone DefendEar Digital ear plugs. It gives you hearing protection of 30 dB and even has 3 different amplification levels if you need them. The wind noise reduction comes in really handy when you’re spending most of your day outside, too. Plus, the low-level noises are enhanced so that you can still have a conversation and hear game as you hunt. The low-profile design has a universal-fit that’s comfortable enough to wear all day. Here’s something else we really liked: the accessories. In addition to the ear buds, you also get ear tips, cleaning tools, a zip storage pouch, and batteries.
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ISOtunes PRO Bluetooth Ear Plugs

One of the reasons we think that the ISOtunes PRO Bluetooth ear plugs are some of the best hearing protection for shooting ranges is because they’re OSHA compliant. What does that mean? They’re effective enough to use in the workplace around heavy metal and machinery for long shifts. They’ll be equally as effective during hours at the shooting range. What’s really cool about this one is it’s compatible with all Bluetooth devices so you can actually listen to music, take phone calls, or stream other audio. We really like that you can recharge the batteries simply by using a USB cord. These have a great fit, too. The wires conform to your ear so they’re nice and stable plus the foam eartips are heat activated so they fit just right.
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SureFire EP5 Sonic Defenders Ear Plugs

There’s a lot to love about the SureFire EP5 Sonic Defenders. One of the best things about them is how comfortable they are. The triple-flanged stems are designed to fit a range of different ears sizes. Plus, they’re soft and comfortable so you can wear them for long periods of time. If you want to wear them with a hat, helmet, or muffs, the low-profile design lets you do just that. They’ll block out the loud, dangerous noises that could potentially damage your hearing while allowing you to hear conversations and ambient sounds around you. They come in 3 different sizes, too, if you were looking for something with a better fit. You can get small, medium, or large. And keep in mind, they each have the triple-flanged system for the best fit possible.
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Westone Universal Fit Ear Plugs

If you’re looking for simple ear plugs that don’t require batteries, the Westone Universal Fit ear plugs are a good option for you. There were actually designed for use in music venues to filter out the damaging noise levels while making sure the music sounds good. That’s why they’re great for shooting, they’ll block out the damaging noises but keep the rest of the world around you sounding great. They’re really comfortable, too. The environmentally-friendly materials are soft and flexible so you can wear them for hours at a time. They’re also ventilated to air can pass through, a great feature to have if you’re hunting outside in hot weather. You’ll get 2 different sets of ear tips, large and medium, so you can get the perfect fit.
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