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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Electronic Pest Control Devices

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quadcopter reviewsElectronic Pest Control Devices

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How to Pick Your Pest Control Device

An ultrasonic pest control device is ideal for repelling pests and can work as part of a multi-pronged approach to pest control. If you’ve been looking for the best electronic pest control devices, look no further! An accurate pest control device is right around the corner with our research and reviews of best-selling electronic pest repellers. Before getting into our reviews, take a look at the list of specs we kept track of to help you find the best device for your needs.

Best Electronic Pest Control Devices

Pieces: More is better! For full-house coverage, we recommend getting at least enough units to install one in each room.

Electronic Pest Control Devices

Night Light: A night light provides an extra repellent effect as well as being extra-useful for lighting dark hallways and bathrooms.

How to Pick Your Pest Control Device

Insects: Ultrasonic devices discourage insects like spiders and mosquitoes from settling down in your home or apartment.

Electronic Pest Control Devices

Rodents: Most ultrasonic devices repel rodents as well as insects, such as mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, and so on.

Best Electronic Pest Control Devices

Size: Our favorite plug-in pest control devices were small and unintrusive so they blend right in with your home.

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Warranty: How long does the manufacturer back up their product? The warranty can give you peace of mind and shows quality.

Top 10 Products

Now, let’s get into our pest control device reviews! At the top of our list are our top pick and budget pick, but feel free to look into our eight “honourable mentions” to fully compare your options. We’ve made finding automatic 24 hour pest control easy. Let’s make some bugs unhappy!

Swtroom Ultrasonic

Top Pick
The Swtroom Ultrasonic is our top pick for the best electronic pest repeller! The package comes with six units to provide effective coverage throughout your home. Each unit covers 120-150 square meters with variable ultrasonic frequencies--that’s over 1,200 square feet! Putting one unit in each room ensures there’s no place where the unwanted rodents and bugs can get comfortable. The units also have night lights that can be switched on and off. These provide an additional repelling effect as well as being handy in dark hallways and other areas! The units work 24-7 and show results after a few weeks of being plugged in. With six units you can also put multiple units in large areas to ensure the best coverage even with issues like walls and furniture. We loved the Swtroom for non-intrusive and inexpensive pest control! It’s a silent and inexpensive option for your peace of mind.
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I-pure Pest Repellent

Budget Pick
The I-Pure Pest Repellent repels rodents and insects with a radius of up to 120 square meters (about 1,200 square feet). The unit has a night light that can be switched on and off. The repeller uses both electromagnetic and ultrasonic methods of repelling pests. Electromagnetic pulses sent through the existing wiring in your house are supposed to keep pests from getting too comfortable in your walls--although studies haven’t shown this to be an effective method. Variable ultrasonic frequencies discourage pests from moving in. You can switch between these types of pest control depending on your needs. The device also has a 90-day money back guarantee, which is more than enough time to see results! The unit has a low price and an impressive radius, so it works well for a garage, attic, and other large spaces. You may want multiple devices for whole-house coverage.
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Pest Soldier Ultrasonic Repeller

This Pest Soldier repeller set comes with four units to place in multiple rooms of your home where they can most effectively repel pests. They work on both insects and rodents by emitting variable ultrasonic waves from 20-55 kHz. The upgraded unit is more powerful than previous ones for improved performance throughout the home. They have a large effective radius of over 1,000 square feet each, so you can ensure you’re getting a ton of coverage with each unit! It doesn’t have the sleekest looks, but it has a low price that can make up for that! They are small, discrete devices that also work as night lights, too. Some repellents come with one unit, but you can get great value out of multi-unit products. They can cover a large area of your home to keep pests out while maintaining your peace of mind.
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PestZilla Pest Control Device

The PestZilla combines electromagnetic and ultrasonic pest repellent mechanisms to keep bugs and rodents out of your home. Electromagnetic pest control uses existing wiring in the wall to send out small pulses of electricity to drive out pests. Although some people swear by this type of repellent, studies as of 2017 haven’t found evidence that it helps. The unit also uses variable frequencies of ultrasonic waves to keep pests on their toes and ready to move out! One unit covers 5,000 square feet, which is quite powerful, but using one unit for the whole house probably won’t cut it. These pest repellers work best when used in each room of the house. They can also be used in attics, garages, and other areas to discourage pests from taking up residence there. You can also use the built-in night light as another way to repel pests and help you see your way around at night!
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Pest Soldier Pest Control

The Pest Soldier produces ultrasonic frequencies ranging from 20 to 55 kHz to keep pests from making a home within your home. This one-piece unit has a 200 square meter radius, or 2,152 square feet. Although this radius is impressive, keep in mind that ultrasonic devices are limited by walls, furniture, and other solid surfaces. So this pest control unit is a good option for covering a large room or open space, like a garage or attic, but we wouldn’t recommend using one unit to cover an entire house. The device has a built-in night light as well, so it can pull double-duty in the dark! It repels both rodents and insects. If you want ultrasonic repellant power throughout your home, you can experiment with this one unit or try out one of the multi-unit packages we’ve reviewed. This repellant may be a good option for an outdoor area, like for keeping rodents from nesting in your grill!
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Eliminator Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The Eliminator ultrasonic pest repeller uses multiple ultrasonic frequencies to repel pests. This package includes four repellers that each cover up to 350 square feet of open space, or 1,400 square feet total! The units repel rodents and insects and feature a soft blue LED night light that can be turned on or off with a switch on the unit. An ultrasonic device is one of the best pest control solutions for mild annoyances like fruit flies in the kitchen or a squirrel trying to move into your attic! You can also use this four-pack in tandem with other forms of pest control to ensure you’re making your home totally inhospitable to pests! People have also used them in areas like campers or garages, too. With four units, you can get total coverage of a large area or install them in multiple rooms to repel pests!
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Naviers Plug-In Pest Repeller

The Naviers Plug-In Pest Repeller is a six-piece set that can cover up to 6,200 square feet! That’s about 1,000 square feet per unit when used in open spaces. Each repeller emits ultrasonic frequencies switching from 22-65 KHz to repel pests. The idea behind these variable frequencies is to keep pests from getting used to the sound and deciding not to leave! For absolute pest control that provides maximum coverage, these plug-in ultrasonic pest controllers offer a lot of bang for your buck. The large coverage area of this repellant makes them a good choice for handling garage or basement pests, or put one in each room of your home as a preventative measure. LED night lights on each unit make them easy to spot, day or night. You won’t forget where you put it! For best results, units should be plugged in at least 11’’ above the floor and allowed to do their magic for a few weeks.
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EcoBugBye Natural Pest Control

Each of the four plug-in units included with the EcoBugBye pest repeller set covers up to 300 square feet with ultrasonic waves. Cast a wide net with up to 1200 square feet of total coverage for your home! These pest control units broadcast variable ultrasonic frequencies from 22 KHz to 65 KHz to repel pests and keep them from adjusting to the uncomfortable noise. The manufacturer recommends plugging in the units 31-47’’ above the floor for the best results. Although you should start seeing results within a few weeks, the people at EcoBugBye offer a refund within 60 days if you don’t see improvement! Each unit also has an LED night light. For large rooms or rooms with lots of furniture, you may need to use multiple units to get the best coverage. Overall, this advanced pest control option is inexpensive with a great value!
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Hoont Pest Control Device

The Hoont Pest Control Device comes in a four-pack of plug-in electronic pest control devices. Each unit covers 350 square feet for a total of 1400 square feet. This isn’t the highest coverage so it may not be a whole-house solution, but could work well for a basement or garage with a few more rodents or insects than you’re comfortable with! Each unit has an LED night light that can be turned on and off with a switch on the side of the device. This pest control product switches between multiple ultrasonic frequencies to keep unwanted critters from adapting to the discomfort. Being able to switch off the night light is a handy feature if you need to keep a device in a bedroom or other area where darkness is preferred! The variable ultrasonic frequencies are another feature we liked for a long-term solution to mild pest control issues.
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Kpest Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The KPest Ultrasonic Pest Repeller package comes with six plug-in ultrasonic devices about the size of your average night light. Each device can cover 800-1,200 square feet for a total of up to 7,200 square feet. Since this type of pest repellent is most effective in open spaces (walls and other structures can weaken the ultrasonic signal), being able to place one or more per room will help provide the most complete pest control. These devices repel rodents and insects, and work well for mild annoyances like that squirrel trying to move into your attic! Each repeller also has an LED night light that makes them easy to spot. The manufacturer notes that you’ll see results in 3-4 weeks, although many people see improvements in a week. These devices come with a lifetime guarantee as well to give you peace of mind!
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