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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Embroidery Machines

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How to Choose Your Embroidery Machine

If you’re looking for best embroidery machines for sale, your search is over! We’ve done the research for you and picked the top ten products below. Before we get to the embroidery sewing machine reviews, here is what to look for when shopping.

Best Embroidery Machine Reviews

Field Size: This determines just how big your embroidery can be. It is usually measured by the size of the hoop that comes with the home embroidery machine. Some have more than one while others can use multi hoops for even bigger designs.

Best Embroidery Machines

Designs: Most embroidery machines come with built-in designs. Others even have the option to add more by downloading more online designs and then uploading them to the machine using a USB drive. Still, others connect directly to a computer to get more designs.

How to Choose Your Embroidery Machine

Fonts: Another use for embroidery machines it to personalize clothes and other fabrics by having them monogrammed. Most come with more than one font that you can use so you can give your clothes that unique personalized touch.

Best Embroidery Machines

LCD Screen: The LCD screen will, depending on the embroidery machine’s model, let you see what the design you chose looks like, or in the case of touch screens, also control your machine. Not all embroidery machines come with LCD screens though.

Best Embroidery Machine Reviews

Dimensions: Not all embroidery machines are made the same. Some are bigger than others. Others are small enough to carry around in a carry case. Others come with a trolley. The size may be a factor especially if your craft space is limited.

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Warranties: Embroidery machines will come with a warranty, but not all components of the machine have the same warranty terms. Consult your warranty card or owner’s manual as to what parts are covered and how long they are covered.

Top 10 Products

From the tapestry of dozens of embroidery machines, we have cut the best ones and sewn them together into this list of embroidery machine reviews. We included a diverse line-up to make sure that you will find the right fit for you. If you’re in a hurry, look at our Top Pick and Budget Pick. Happy embroidering!

Brother PE770

Top Pick
If you are looking for a feature-packed, user-friendly, embroidery machine, then look no further than this embroidery machine review of the Brother PE770 embroidery only machine. For starters, you cannot go wrong with having 136 built-in designs and six built-in fonts in the machine itself. And if that’s not enough the PE770 has the ability to get more designs. It can do this via an embroidery card slot which takes Brother embroidery cards, which you can get separately. You can also use a USB drive to import more designs that you can get online and transfer onto the PE770’s built-in memory. What’s more, you have the option to edit existing designs to your preference. Other things of note are the large embroidery area so you can spend more time embroidering and less time re-hooping, and the intuitive, easy to navigate, LCD touchscreen display that not only controls the PE770 but also allows you to edit and see the design before you start embroidering.
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Brother SE400

Budget Pick
It can sew. It can embroider. It can quilt. The Brother SW400 does all this and more. It has 70 built-in embroidery designs and the ability to get more online by connecting the SW400 to a computer via USB cable. It has five lettering fonts that you can use for monogramming. It also has 67 built-in stitches that you can use for sewing. Do you want more features? How about an easy-to-use LCD touch screen display which lets you choose, edit, and control the embroidery design you choose. You can also watch tutorials via said screen. That’s not enough? It comes with a ton of accessories from the four by four-inch embroidery hoop to a number of accessory feet. It even comes with an accessory bag which holds tools, extra bobbins, extra spools, a scissor and even a soft cover. What more can you ask for?
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Brother PE525

The Brother PE525 is an embroidery-only machine that has a lot to offer. While there are only 70 embroidery designs initially on the machine, you can always import more to its built-in memory by connecting the PE525 to a computer via USB cable. It uses the standard .pes design, and you can get designs online via a number of sites. Aside from embroidery, it can also do letterings and monogramming and comes with five pre-loaded fonts. All the PE525 functions can be accessed via the LCD touchscreen display. The LCD is backlit for easier visibility. Its other features include an automatic needle threader function, perfect for those with not so perfect eyesight; an auto thread trimmer; a brightly lit work area; and a quick set bobbin system. Lastly, all Brother PE525 embroidery-only machines come with a 25-year limited warranty and free lifetime online tech support.
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Singer Futura XL-400

If you like large embroidery designs, then the Singer Futura XL-400 is for you. This sewing/embroidery machine comes with a ten inch by six-inch embroidery hoop which already gives it a large embroidery area. However, with the XL-400’s multi-hooping capability you can almost double the embroidery area. It comes loaded with 125 embroidery designs and five lettering fonts. It has no LCD screen, but the XL-400 connects to your computer via a USB cable. With its included software, you can access your machine’s abilities through your computer. When connected to the computer you can use downloaded designs, edit existing designs, and view what the design would look like before actually embroidering it. You can also use the XL-400 as a sewing machine and has 30 popular sewing stitches built in. What’s great about the Singer Futura XL-400 is you get high-end performance but at a lesser cost thanks to it its PC connectivity.
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Brother LB-6800PRW

When you get the Brother LB-6800PRW, you are getting your money’s worth. The PRW in its name stands for “Project Runway” and this is an official Project Runway product by Brother. As an embroidery machine, it has 70 built-in designs with an option to add more via USB memory stick. You can download designs online and transfer them on the LB-6800. No need for additional software. Since it is also a sewing machine, it comes with 67 sewing stitches built into the machine. With its LCD touchscreen, you can choose which stitch and even modify it. Other features include the Automatic Needle Threader, the Quick Set Bobbin System, and the one-touch Start/Stop button. When you purchase this particular model, you also get a ton of extras. It comes with its own Project Runway Rolling Luggage to transport it around. What’s great: It also comes with the Grand Slam Embroidery Package which includes threads, a 15,000 Embroidery design CD, and much more.
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Brother SE1800 Kit

If you are looking for a versatile sewing and embroidery machine, then you are looking for the Brother SE1800. This machine boasts of 136 built-in embroidery designs and six built-in lettering fonts. Not to mention that you can add more designs via its USB Flash Drive Port. Its five-inch by seven-inch embroidery field is quite spacious, but it also comes with a five inch by 12-inch multi-position hoop that allows you to create larger embroideries without the need of rehooping. As a sewing machine, it’s no slouch either with 184 sewing stitches and a My Custom Stitch Feature so you can create your own stitch pattern. As is, you can already start embroidering, but this product comes with so much more. Aside from a hard carrying case and other usual accessories such as accessory feet, bobbins and such, this particular product comes with a Grand Slam Embroidery Package that adds a lot more stuff, including a CD with 15,000 embroidery designs.
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Singer 9960 Quantum

As far as sewing machines go, the Singer 9960 Quantum is one of the best. It is also a beast of a sewing machine. It has 600 built-in sewing patterns and five alphanumeric fonts that you can choose from. What’s more, you can edit the patterns via the control panel and LCD screen. Its other features include quick and easy threading, automatic stitch length and width, and automatic thread cutter. It has an Electronic Auto Pilot so you can sew without the foot control. It also comes with an extension table—very useful when working on very large projects—a number of presser feet including an all-purpose foot, a buttonhole foot, and an embroidery foot, just to name a few. Furthermore, various accessories such as needles, bobbins, foot control, and much more are also provided. While the Singer 9960 Quantum has no built-in embroidery designs nor does it have a quilting area it does come with an embroidery foot so you can use it to embroider freestyle.
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Brother cs6000i

Portable, user-friendly, and good value for money, all apt descriptions for the Brother cs6000i. This sewing machine shines when used for quilting although it does other sewing chores well also. While it only has 60 built-in sewing stitches, the included ones are well-chosen and very useful especially for those just starting out. Designed to be simple to use, it comes with an LCD screen so you can know which stitch you are using. It has adjustable sewing speed so you can have better control of your sewing. Among its accessories are an extension table—very useful when quilting—several accessory feet, tools, and other necessary items. While not primarily designed for embroidery, and as such there is no embroidery area, built-in embroidery designs, nor even fonts, the cs6000i does come with 20 decorative stitch patterns that you can use to decorate, stylize, or personalize any garment. It also comes with a monogramming foot if you wish to try manual monogramming.
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Singer EM200 Superb

The Singer EM200 Superb is one embroidery-only machine that lives up to its name. It comes with 200 embroidery designs and six alphabet options. It comes with an extra-large embroidery area so you can make large designs, as well as a second hoop that is only four by four inches just so you have options. All of the EM200 Superb functions can be accessed through its LCD touch screen. It comes with a USB embroidery stick which you can use to download other designs using the complimentary downloadable software. It also comes with the usual embroidery machine accessories such as bobbins, needles, tools, cleaning implements, and the like. But what differentiates this product from others, aside from the solid Singer construction and excellent design, is that it comes with online lessons called the Online Owner’s Class. There you can learn how to use your machine to its fullest potential. And what’s more: the online class is free.
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Singer SE300 Legacy

The Singer SE300 Legacy is everything you hope for in a sewing and embroidering machine. It comes with 200 designs and, with the USB Stick Embroidery Design Transfer, you can get more by downloading them through a computer. It can do six alphanumeric fonts, so you have choices when doing lettering. It comes with two embroidery hoops: one is the big hoop for large projects, and the other is a four by four-inch hoop for those embroideries that are less grandiose. Aside from the hoops, it also comes with ten different presser feet that just snaps on. As a sewing machine, it has 250 built-in stitches that you can choose from. The SE300 Legacy’s functions can be accessed from its LCD touch screen. All settings for sewing and embroidering can be adjusted from there. As an added bonus: this product also comes with free online lessons called the Singer Owner’s Class. There you can learn how to fully use your new machine and get you embroidering or sewing faster.
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