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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Epoxy & Wooden Paddle Boards

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quadcopter reviewsEpoxy & Wooden Paddle Boards

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How to Pick Your SUP Paddle Board

Want a sweet wood stand-up paddle board for your next beach trip? Stand-up paddleboards, also known as SUPs, are a great way to get around on the water. We researched and reviewed, trying to figure out our favorite epoxy and wood SUPs. After days of work, we finally narrowed it down to our favorite, top ten hard top paddle board. Here are some of the important things we took a look at while we were making up our list; these six stats will help you to find the best SUP for your day out on the water.

Best Epoxy Wooden Paddle Boards

Material: What is the SUP made of? Some hard boards can be wooden paddle boards, but some are made of epoxy or foam. Most boards, however, are made up of a combo.

Epoxy & Wooden Paddle Boards

Length: How long is your board going to be? Length can greatly affect how easy the board is to ride. The longer the board, the easier it will be to keep your balance,

How to Pick Your SUP Paddle Board

Width: How wide is your board? Width, like length, can affect how easy the board is to ride. We suggest that the newer the rider, the wider the board should be.

Epoxy & Wooden Paddle Boards

Thickness: The thickness of the board is important too! Extra inches of thickness in a paddleboard can add weight and volume to your board, making it more stable and easier to ride.

Best Epoxy Wooden Paddle Boards

Weight: The weight of the board is important for stabilization as well. While extra weight can make it more secure, you don’t want to make your board too heavy to carry.

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Warranty: Warranties are designed to help protect consumers from faulty products. They usually cover manufacturing defects in your SUP. They are measured in years.

Top 10 Products

And we’re ready for our top rated stand-up paddle boards! Our top ten favorites will all be listed along with a few reasons why we love them so much. If you’re in a hurry, just check out our Top Pick (which will be in the number one slot) and our top Budget Pick (which will hold our number two slot). Now, let’s get to those hard top SUP reviews!

ISLE Versa Epoxy

Top Pick
Want one of the best paddle boards for beginners? We’re pretty sure we’ve found everything you’ll ever want in the ISLE Versa! This epoxy board is hard top and durable, ready for almost anything that you are. It’s a big 125 inches by 32 inches, giving the new user a great width and length to help keep them stable and centered. Built for small waves and gentle waters, this board is strong, lightweight, and doesn’t require a pump or any inflating. It comes with everything a new rider needs to get started too, including an adjustable paddle and a carbon-shafted and nylon-bladed fin. The Versa is perfect for SUP yoga, stand-up fishing, or just cruising the waters for a relaxing day. It’s easy to carry, easy to ride, and even easier to love!
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ISLE Classic SUP

Budget Pick
What a perfect family board! The ISLE Classic SUP is a great all-around board for anyone in the family, no matter their level. It’s a large board that helps support wobbly newcomers and those who want a little more stability in their ride. It’s a great paddle board for both fishing and yoga. ISLE is one of those paddle board companies that really seems to be all about their products. It’s hard not to see the loving craftsmanship they put into this board (and at a great price too!). The EPS-foam body is heavy-duty, but the polyethylene top coating makes the surface cushiony and smooth to help prevent injuries. This board is available in two sizes; the first is a 9’6” board, and the second is a 10’8” board (we picked the longer one, of course).
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Rave Stand-Up Paddle Board

Want a partly wooden stand-up paddle board? The Rave Touring Stand-Up Paddle Board is a sweet paddle board that features wooden stringers. The core is foam, which is carefully wrapped in many layers of fiberglass to help keep the board lightweight while still making it durable. It weighs in at 36 pounds. The board is pretty long at 150 inches (12.5 feet). It’s 30.5 inches wide and is 5.5 inches thick. This massive surface area helps to create better balance and stability for a smooth ride. But the extra length will help lend this board a little extra speed. The Rave is best suited for intermediate paddlers who want to balance stable performance with a little extra get-up-and-go. And, this board is great for cruising on choppier waters, too.
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Liquid Shredder SUP

The Liquid Shredder is a unique board filled with all sorts of high-tech parts. The center of this paddle board is EPS foam reducing weight without losing too much durability. This is covered with layers of nearly impenetrable fiberglass. The deck is made of super soft EPE foam for a soft top and a nice feel under your feet. Wooden stringers help to add stiffness without upping the weight. It measures 132 inches long, 30.5 inches wide, and 4.75 inches thick. This lightweight board will be a little less stable and a little faster than some of the other boards on this list, but it's great for intermediate or first-time paddlers that want a little bit of a rush. Not to mention how it looks! This sweet blue retro board is simple and beautiful with its darker blue, designer racing strips. What a perfect board!
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California Board Company SUP

If foam is more your thing, the California Board Company SUP is made from almost all high-density EPS foam. The core is waterproof and ready to rock. The board is a little shorter than most of the others we’ve seen on this list at just 108 inches. It’s 30 inches wide and 5 inches deep. The California Board Company SUP comes in at 21 pounds, keeping the weight low without losing too much stability. The bottom of the board has a tri-fin system, and it is coated with a super slick polyethylene. For stiffness, this board has laminated wood stringers, too. It comes with a sweet SUP paddle that’s adjustable from 63 inches up to 83 inches. This killer board also comes with a heavy-duty neoprene padded ankle leash to keep it close. But the coolest part of this board really has to be about how amazing it looks! What a beautiful paddle board to share in your adventures!
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Rave Sports Flight

The Rave Sports Flight is a great board made from a mix of materials. It has a foam core, wrapped in a mix of epoxy and fiberglass for a sturdy, high-density feel without the high-density weight. At only 24 pounds, the Rave is fairly lightweight and up for almost anything. It measures a big 132 by 31 by 4.5 inches, giving you the room and stability you need to stay up and keep moving. This board can handle riders that weigh up to 200 pounds (or more for more experienced riders. This board is great for anyone wanting a soft top for comfortable feet no matter how long your ride is. It’s big enough to be comfortable for first-time riders without leaving out more experienced paddlers. And it comes with a sweet, hide-away handle for easy carrying that won’t get in the way.
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Scott Burke Paddle Board

What an amazing design this board has! The Scott Burke Paddle Board really stand out in a crowd with its wood peeking through and the swirling blue waves to either side. This board is made from heat-laminated EPS core. It’s high-density and 100% waterproof to protect your board. The wood is laminated and molded in, then coated with waterproof resin to give you the look of wood while still protecting it. This board can support people up to 300 pounds, and it is a great board for any skill level. It weighs 27 pounds, and it measures 126 by 31 by 5 inches. And that isn’t all! This board comes with a removable seat and paddle holder for full relaxation. Also, the paddle is convertible on the go into a kayak paddle, so you can sit and row if your legs tire. It’s a great design that adds versatility to your paddle board!
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RAVE Sports Lake Cruiser

Here’s that name Rave again! Rave is one of those paddle board brands that is passionate about great boards. And this one is no exception. Like the other Rave paddle boards, the RAVE Sports Lake Cruiser is a mix of mediums; it has a foam core and an epoxy and glass mix outside for lightweight durability. It measures 11’6” by 31 by 4.5 inches and weighs in at 29 pounds. The rider limit for this board is 200 pounds, but that can be stretched for experienced riders. We love it for its hard rail and shallow keep that add speed without sacrificing all the smoothness we want from a SUP. The RAVE Sports Lake Cruiser gives us everything we want in a board without having to sacrifice anything. And that’s hard not to love!
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SUP ATX Journey Plus

The SUP ATX Journey Plus is a great board no matter where you want to paddle. Its sturdy weight and wide setup make to smooth enough for flat water, small waves or even surf. The EPS foam core also has vacuum-sealed bamboo sandwich construction to lighten the load. On the outside is an epoxy resin and fiberglass construction that makes this board very durable and long-lasting. On our board, we also have tie-down points for anything you want to carry with you and a lockable handle that won’t get in your way. The ATX is 138 inches long and 32 inches wide, making it big enough for great stability. It offers a fun ride without limits. We love it, and if you try it, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too!
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Three Brothers Jason Ryan

And last but not least, a wooden paddleboard! This guy is handmade and carved, making it unique. These special boards are all lovingly crafted by the Three Brothers; some people call them the Cadillacs of SUPs. And it’s really hard to argue with that once you see one of these beauties. The wood is beautifully sealed, giving it a rich, honey glow that wood deserves. The no-slip area for your feet is large, giving you room to move and you please while in motion. It’s 35 pounds of amazing wooden heaven that really reminds you of what a paddle board can be, and how long they can last. These boards are meant to be around forever and, with a little care and consideration, we’re pretty sure they will be.
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