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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Exogenous Ketone Powders

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How to Choose the Best Exogenous Ketone Powder

If you’re looking for a supplement to help you out with your keto diet, look no further. We’ve got you covered! Exogenous ketones are externally-produced ketones that, when introduced in large servings, help nudge your body into a ketogenic state. In our ketone powder buying guide, we’ve compiled the best exogenous ketones for you to peruse and only the best! Before we get started, here are some things you should know before you start shopping.

Best Exogenous Ketone Powders

Flavor: The flavor of these ketone powders is important because ketones are naturally bitter. Any one of the refreshing flavors on this list will get rid of that bitter taste and make it a pleasant experience to drink your ketones.

Best Exogenous Ketone Powders

Gluten Free: It is important for people with gluten intolerance, or else just a desire to keep gluten out of their diet, that their products remain gluten free. It’s a relatively new development that gluten might not be good for you.

How to Choose the Best Exogenous Ketone Powder

Caffeine: Most of the powders on this list are caffeine-free, so instead of a stimulant and jittery energy boosts, you get more consistent, the slow-burning energy that runs off of your stored fat and the healthy fat it provides.

Best Exogenous Ketone Powders

Vegan: Vegan products are entirely plant-based. They contain nothing that was engineered artificially, so everything in a vegan-friendly product will be completely naturally grown and manufactured. There is no dairy or other non-plant content either, and that’s healthy!

Best Exogenous Ketone Powders

Package Size: This refers to how much you get. With some of these powders you only get a few servings, so make sure you know how much you’re getting versus how much a single serving is, for repurchasing time!

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Paleo Friendly: Some of these powders are also friendly for the Paleo diet. This means that they contain no wheat or processed foods because the objective of the paleo diet is to eat like our ancestors would have.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know everything there is to know about exogenous ketones, we can get to the products! Each of these ketone powder reviews was hand-selected from the best of the best, so that you’re only getting the powders that work, quickly and efficiently! Check out our top pick and budget pick first, before taking a look at the rest of our list. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect exogenous ketone powder for you!

Keto Drive Exogenous Powder

Top Pick
Our pick for the best exogenous ketones supplement is this powder from Keto Drive. One of the most important things about these powder mixes is their flavor. This one is a delicious black cherry flavor that isn’t too strong but still manages to delight your taste buds. This powder is full of BHB and caffeine, which gets you into ketosis and helps you perform at your absolute best regardless. It helps increase your blood ketone levels, as well as being a booster for your mental and physical performance. Get through your day with the fortitude to push through! There are no carbs and no sugar, so you can be confident that you’ll stay on your keto diet. It mixes easily with any sort of cold beverage, so it is great for water at the gym! You can also mix it in with a shake in the morning for energy that will burn all day long.
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Giant Keto Ketone Supplement

Budget Pick
This keto diet powder by Giant Keto contains a unique list of ingredients that aren’t found in any other supplement. This includes a higher dose of BHB salts (which they boast is supposed to help you reach ketosis in under an hour). This ingredient is critical to any keto supplement, and it’s found here in record high doses. One of the most appealing parts of this powder is the flavor. Ketones are usually really bitter, but not with this powder – it wraps them up in a pleasant Raspberry Lemonade flavor that you’ll enjoy! What we love most about this product is the open label. In the nutrition information, you’ll find how much of each essential ingredient is included, as well as the others as well! It’s great for a nutritional supplement to have that level of transparency. And if you slip off your diet, it’s the perfect powder mix to get you back on track!
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Zenwise Keto Life BHB

This ketone powder by Zenwise is the perfect mixture to get you back on track with your keto diet, or keep you where you need to be! It’s got a complex mixed in called goBHB, which is a special BHB-salt blend that will allow you to reach ketosis without fasting. It also gives you a boost of energy without the caffeine or jitters afterward! It is also a boost to your mental clarity and allows you to focus so much more acutely on whatever it is that you need to get done! It’s great for fitness goals as well as diet ones. The flavor is a refreshing raspberry lemonade taste that will chase away the bitter ketone notes, leaving you with a drink additive that you can enjoy! Reach your best potential in your mind and body gives you a much better chance of success, and this powder will definitely help you to get there!
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Sports Research Keto Plus

This Sports Research product is one of the best exogenous ketone powders on our list because it contains both MCT, the fuel that makes MCT oil such an effective choice for keto, and BHB. Together, you’re going to have so much energy you won’t know what to do with it! Because of the MCT oil, it will help you fuel your workout or get a great start to your day, but it will also reduce hunger so you aren’t snacking or overeating, either. It helps your body learn to burn fats, and also improves mental function and helps you achieve ketosis and stay there with fasting. It works well in water, but you can also add it to shakes or other cold beverages. The Cherry Limeade flavor is refreshing, and if that isn’t your style, it also comes in fruit punch, green apple, raspberry lemonade, and watermelon flavors. They all taste great and help you out!
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Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones

Perfect Keto has long been known for making some of the best ketone powder for sale, and this product is no different. It has no carbohydrates and runs purely on fat – both your stored body fat and what it provides as a drink mix. The result is more stable energy that burns for longer and helps your keto diet goals along. This powder, in particular, is unique on our list because it comes in the chocolate sea salt flavor, which is a delicious alternative to all of the more common fruity flavors. It dissolves extremely easily, and you can mix it in with your coffee, shakes, or just water. There are no sugars or other additives, such as binders, either. Get the pure powder that you need without any of the extra stuff you don’t! It also helps you feel more full and fulfilled, rather than being hungry all the time. We love this popular powder mix!
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Kiss My Keto Exogenous Supplement

This exogenous ketone powder by Kiss My Keto is an excellent source of all of the BHB ketones that you need! It also has calcium in the mix, as well as needful minerals like magnesium, zinc, and potassium. It’s a full dietary supplement as well as a keto helper! And the best part is, there is no sugar or carbs at all, and it’s also free of caffeine. The energy boost that you get from this powder will be completely natural, with no jitters coming afterward. You can use it to get back to ketosis after a cheat day or as a pre workout, but you can also take it to help overcome the symptoms of the keto flu! Break through the brain fog and be able to function at your very best. Use your stored body fat for fuel rather than sugar or carbs! Plus, it comes in great-tasting lemon lime flavor! What more could you want?
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Sheer Ketones BHB Supplement

Sheer Ketones makes this great BHB Supplement that will provide you with all the externally-produced ketones that you could want. It rapidly raises the ketone level in your blood to help you get to ketosis and stay there, so you have continuous energy and fat-burning capabilities. Get that workout knocked out in no time! It’s free from all carbs, sugars, and even artificial flavors – everything in it is natural! It’s even vegan and paleo-diet friendly, so you know it’s only made with good, plant-based natural ingredients. This Blackberry Lemonade-flavored powder mixes with anything that you happen to be drinking for a delicious taste and great results. It’s pure and wonderful for getting to where you need to be – whether for the first time or after a day off from your diet. We love how rewarding this powder makes your workouts and how much energy it gives you. We’re sure that you’re going to love this supplement as well!
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Preferred Elements Keyto Ketones

If you’re looking to get to ketosis fast, stay there, or avoid the symptoms of the keto flu, this Keyto powder by Preferred Elements is your new best friend! It contains a compound that mixes essential BHB ketones with vitamin B12 so that it’s more effective and better for you. The label is completely transparent and gives you a blow-by-blow of all of the ingredients that are included in the powder mixture so that you know exactly what you’re getting. There are no fillers, sugar, or carbs, as it should be. It’s also non-GMO certified! Get hours of natural energy to help with your workouts or to kick-start your day! Mix it with any cold beverage to get the best results that you can with this fast-acting formula. The raspberry lemonade flavor is refreshing and not bitter like other powders might be! Raise your blood ketone levels immediately with this great supplement powder mixture.
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Ignite Keto Ketones Supplement

If getting into that perfect ketogenic state is a struggle for you, this powder can help! It works to help get you into ketosis rapidly, as it provides you with instant externally-produced ketones that will get your body chemistry started off on the right foot. It also helps to support the keto diet habits that you already have and eliminate the effects of the dreaded keto flu. It doesn’t get much better than that! It’s a great-tasting source of BHB ketones to help get you energized and ready to get through the day – or just your work out. There are no fillers or artificial flavors – it’s pure and functional, with helpful ingredients only. It mixes into both hot and cold beverages and dissolves easily to give you a smooth experience and boost to the flavor. You know it works when they offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Get what you need and enjoy it at the same time!
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Keto Fast Exogenous Ketones

This Keto Fast supplement powder provides you with all the exogenous ketones that you need to help kick your day off right. It works fast – just about as fast as your morning cup of coffee for giving you the energy and mental focus to get through your day without the slump that comes afterward. Extend your ketogenic state, and get back to it quickly after falling off of your diet. It’s even great for the paleo diet, as it contains no wheat products. It also helps to curb your appetite so that you aren’t hungry all the time while increasing your metabolism to help your workout and diet gain effectiveness. Use it in your water or shake to get a burst of clean energy that doesn’t give you any jitters afterward. We love how quickly this supplement works to help you get to ketosis, and how much energy it gives you with just a single natural scoop.
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