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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses

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quadcopter reviewsBest Expandable Garden Hoses

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How to Choose the Best Expandable Garden Hose

Whether you’re the type of person with a green thumb or not, having a garden hose in your yard is definitely going to make things easier for you. But not everyone wants a hose that covers their entire yard or needs a lot of space near the house, which is why you want the best expandable garden hose. With this expandable garden hose buying guide, you’ll be able to check out the many different options for the hose, what you should be looking for and a whole lot more. That way, you can make sure you have what your yard needs without taking up too much of anything else.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses

Unexpanded Length: When you don’t expand the hose all the way out how much room is it going to take up? That way you can plan for storage while you’re not using it and make sure that it’s going to be out of the way.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses

Expanded Length: When you do expand the hose all the way how much room is it going to take up? You need to make sure it’s going to reach everywhere you need it to when you need it or it’s not much help to you.

How to Choose the Best Expandable Garden Hose

Color: Okay, so this isn’t too big of a deal when it comes to use (though black will get hotter) but it is going to be a personal preference. It’s going to help you get what you’re really looking for from the hose that sits in your yard.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses

Brass Fittings: These are going to impact the overall quality and durability of the hose. Not all hoses use brass fittings and some use other materials that just aren’t quite as good. You want to know what you’re getting.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses

Weight: You may not be able to leave your hose out all the time or maybe you need the ability to move it from the front to the backyard. Knowing how much it weighs makes things a whole lot easier for you to get the job done.

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Warranty: How long of a warranty do you have to make sure the product is good? You never want to jump into something without knowing that you’re getting quality, after all, and a warranty is a good way to figure that out.

Top 10 Products

When it comes down to it there are plenty of expandable garden hoses out there. That’s why we’ve done a lot of the research for you, to find some of the best options and put together the best expandable garden hose reviews so you can check out the best and cut out all the rest.

Hospaip Expandable Water Hose

Top Pick
The Hospaip Water Hose is one of the best rated expandable garden hose options. It is 50 ft. long when fully expanded and provides you with a spray nozzle that offers 8 different functions. You’ll be able to accomplish just about any task you need in your yard or driveway with the options here. The hose itself is flexible and uses solid brass fittings that are designed to last a long time, maintain durability and stay lightweight. Extremely sturdy, the fabric cover of the hose is made with 3750D polyester so it can easily withstand anything that may happen outside of your home. Not only that but the spray nozzle is made with zinc alloy and a slip resistant handle that makes it stronger and easy to use as well. When you’re done using it the hose itself will decrease to only 17 ft., the size that you can store it at. It’s capable of providing water pressure between 3 and 12 bars and can withstand temperatures between 41 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Joey’s Garden Expandable Hose

Budget Pick
This hose is our budget pick but it definitely has some good features. First off, it gives you 50 ft. of hose when it’s fully expanded and it also comes with a spray nozzle that lets you get plenty of different styles to your water spraying. The nozzle gives you 8 different choices for how to get your water and the brass connectors and fittings are designed to keep it firmly attached with no leaks. They’re also made not to leak, rust or tear any of the hose lines. The hose itself is made to never tangle, twist or kink while you need it and expands on its own while you turn it on. You’ll get between 4 bars and 8 bars of water pressure with this hose but you’re not going to need to worry about the weight of it because it’s only 3 lbs. to carry around. It even comes with a hanger to mount it or a carry sack for taking it wherever you need it as it’s the best cheap expandable hose.
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GrowGreen Garden Hose

If you’re looking for a hose that will give you a lot of distance then this is a great option for you. It actually expands out to 100 ft., which is going to be more than enough for most tasks around your yard. Made to refrain from tangling or kinking it shrinks down to only 33 ft. when it’s not in use and can get there in a very short amount of time when you turn off the water. If you need to take it with you anywhere it even comes with a bag to make the process a whole lot easier. There’s a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer if there’s ever a problem with the hose. It is one of the best expandable garden hose with brass fittings that you need to connect your favorite sprayer. You’ll be able to get it out and get going in no time without concern for rusting or damage because it’s made with high quality polyester and latex and PVC.
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GLOUE Magic Hose

Expandable up to 100 ft. this garden hose is quite lightweight and made with durable latex that can easily expand and resist high water pressure. Coated in a polyester fabric that’s strong enough to expand and contract over 5000 times without damage, this system comes with the brass fittings you need and sealing rings as well, to keep it from leaking or aging wear. For anyone that has problems with the hose itself, there’s a satisfaction guarantee for 2 months from the purchase date so you can get your money back. If you need to take it with you anywhere there is a sack included that you can easily carry it around in or easily store it in a garage or back room somewhere to get it out of the way. It’s designed to work for either a US or European spigot so you can trust that it’s going to work no matter where you are or what you need. It’s the strongest expandable garden hose around.
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Adoric Life Expandable Hose

Expandable up to 50 ft., this hose comes with the brass fittings you need to get it set up and ready as well as a 9 function spray nozzle. You’ll be able to adjust it to get just the type of spray you need for different tasks around your yard. The hose itself shrinks down to only 17 ft. when it’s not being used and can work under 4-8 bar water pressure without any cracking, leaking or other damage. It’s encased in a polyester knitted material that keeps it from twisting or kinking and also ensures that it’s durable for any weather. If you need a place to store it you can use the included hanging hook to put it up either on the side of your house or in your garage or you can simply use the included sack that will help you carry it with you if you ever need to travel. It even comes with a 1 year warranty that says you are getting a good quality product.
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GenLed Garden Hose

This expandable garden hose actually expands up to 75 ft. and provides a triple layer latex core to make sure that it’s durable and capable of withstanding high levels of water pressure. The hose itself is lightweight, making it easier to move around your house or even to store or transport as needed. It even comes with its own carry sack so you can store it and always know where it is. The rubber washers inside mean that it’s not going to leak and the fabric coating keeps the interior protected and ensures it won’t tangle or twist up during use. Brass connectors are included to ensure a secure fit between the hose and your accessories and ensures there’s no rusting or other damage over time. There’s even a 1 yr. warranty with the hose itself that says it’s going to last and continue to do a good job for a long time. You can use your own sprayer nozzle with this hose.
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KLAREN Garden Hose

With this hose, you’re getting one of the best expandable garden hose options as a heavy duty option that is made with 3 layers of latex and coated in high strength polyester. It has a self-locking connector that keeps it secure and protected even when it’s not expanded and shrinks down to only 16 ft. when not in use. It’s up to 50 ft. when you are using it but will shrink itself back down when you turn off the water pressure. When you need it out of the way you can easily store it away in the included bag and transport it or put it in the garage or storage shed. You’ll get an 18 month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, so you know you’re getting a quality product. Not only that but you get an 8 pattern sprayer that will help you accomplish just about any of your tasks. Everything you need to get started is included right in the box from day 1.
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Kevri Expanding Hose

The Kevri Hose is made never to twist or kink, like the other options we have here. It’s also designed to have a longer life expectancy of up to 35% more than a standard hose. There’s a full money back guarantee if you try it out and decide that you don’t like it and a 60 day warranty to go along with it. You’ll get the brass fittings you need to connect it and the hose itself expands 3x it’s stored size, going from 17 ft. up to 50 ft. in no time at all, with just the standard pressure from your outdoor faucet. Lightweight and flexible, it can easily be stored anywhere you want or even transported because of the weight. It has a double layer latex core that allows it to expand easily and a polyester coating over the exterior that keeps it protected from the elements. Not only that but it shrinks back down quickly as soon as you stop the water pressure.
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Ohuhu Expandable Hose

This 50 ft. hose comes with everything you’re going to need to get started including the brass fittings and nozzle to accomplish your tasks. The 8 pattern nozzle comes with a textured and non-slip grip that makes it easier to use and the brass fittings are made to never rust or leak. The hose itself is made to never twist or kink but to remain flexible and easy for you to use or to store when you’re not using it. The entire system is even FDA approved with no lead and 100% natural latex for the interior hose. The 5000 denier woven fabric exterior protects the hose itself from the elements and other damage, including friction and wear both between the coating and the ground and the coating and the hose inside. It’s lightweight to make it easier to carry and gives you up to 50 ft. for your tasks.
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Crenova Expandable Hose

This hose expands up to 50 ft. so you can reach just about anywhere in your yard with ease. Capable of operating under water pressure up to 15 bars, it doesn’t kink or twist but it does contract immediately after the water shuts off. There are brass connectors included to keep the hose itself leak free and to ensure it’s compatible with just about any nozzle you could want. Made with no toxins or harmful materials, it comes with a 1 yr. warranty that says you’re getting something durable that you can count on. When you’re using it you’ll have no problem with the flexibility and when you’re done you can easily roll it back up so it’s out of the way. If you need a better way to store it you can simply attach the included hook to your wall (anywhere you like) and hang it up for ease. It’s one of the best expandable hoses for sale.
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