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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Face Cleansers for Oily Skin

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quadcopter reviewsBest Face Cleansers for Oily Skin

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How to Choose the Best Face Cleanser for Oily Skin

People with oily skin can’t always use the same products for their faces as other skin types can. They often don’t work in the same way, and that’s okay! We’ve put together this face cleanser buying guide to help you decide which is best for your skin. Before we get started looking at cleansers, let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before you start shopping for your next skin care product.

Best Face Cleansers for Oily Skin

Type: There are a few different forms that cleansers can come in. A scrub is usually gritty and good at getting pores cleaned out, while creams moisturize and foaming washes are more aggressive at cleaning your skin.

Best Face Cleansers for Oily Skin

Antibacterial: You want a face cleanser that’s going to kill all the bacteria that causes acne and other skin problems. It’s going that extra mile to keep your skin feeling and looking the best that it can.

How to Choose the Best Face Cleanser for Oily Skin

Exfoliating: Exfoliating uses a mixture that gets rid of dead skin cells on the surface, allowing you to feel fresher and smoother. It also can be used as an effective anti-aging formula to keep wrinkles from appearing.

Best Face Cleansers for Oily Skin

Organic: Organic products are made completely from natural sources, meaning that they are not over-processed or filled with chemicals that might harm or irritate your skin. Also great for natural lifestyles!

Best Face Cleansers for Oily Skin

Volume: This is a measure of how much product you’re getting, usually in ounces. You will want to know how often you will have to repurchase the product to calculate the value that you are getting with each product.

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Fragrance Free: Some fragrances can do more harm than good, especially in soaps and for people with different skin types. If that’s something that bothers your skin, make sure the cleanser that you’re buying is free of fragrance.

Top 10 Products

That’s everything that you should know about face cleansers and specifically ones for oily skin. Now that you’re ready to start shopping, we can get to our face cleanser reviews! We searched far and wide to bring you only the best face cleanser reviews. Check out our top pick and budget pick if you’re in a hurry, but the rest of our list is full of some amazing cleansers as well. Find your new skin care routine!

Christina Moss Naturals Cleanser

Top Pick
Our choice for one of the best face cleansers for sale is this Naturals cleanser by Christina Moss. It contains absolutely no chemicals, including parabens, sulfates, or fragrances, so your sensitive skin will be happy to be washed in this solution! This also means that it’s great for all skin types, and the lack of most additives makes it hypoallergenic. They boast that the 4-ounces you get in this tube are comparable to any other brand’s 8-ounce tube because it’s super concentrated in order to make it more effective. It is, however, organic and made with completely natural ingredients! It’s good for six months after you purchase, and they say that if you use this cleanser once a day it will definitely last that long because you’re using less of it to get the same results. Keep your skin moisturized without promoting the production of extra oil! Your oily skin (or any other skin type) will thank you!
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Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

Budget Pick
The best cheap face cleanser we found during our research is this charcoal cleanser by Biore. Biore is a well-known beauty company that has been making a name for themselves for years with the pore strips everyone loves. This charcoal cleanser does much the same thing, lifting impurities right out of your pores and then rinsing them clean. It tingles a little to let you know that it’s working – that’s the feeling of your pores being purified! It’s boosted with natural charcoal to help it better clean your skin – up to twice as well as a basic cleanser, apparently. It’s great for oily skin because it lifts all of the bacterial and oil off of your skin and washes it away. Your skin is clean and everything rises to the surface, creating a much deeper cleaning experience that will leave you with no doubt that it works! Your pores are going to love you after using this cleanser!
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InstaNatural Vitamin C Cleanser

InstaNatural makes this natural face cleanser for oily skin that is powerful and effective! It’s made with organic products such as aloe, working alongside the antioxidant Vitamin C in order to leave your skin clean, free of bacteria, and moisturized perfectly. It’s great for all skin types and works to help reduce the appearance of pores, as well as minimizing breakouts and blemishes. It exfoliates to get rid of the dead skin cells you don’t want hanging around, fade sun spots and deal with discoloration and damage in a way that will make you feel really good about it! The formula is deep-penetrating using oils and moisturizers that smell great without using any artificial fragrance that might irritate your skin. We love that it helps to brighten your skin with hydration while still getting rid of pesky oils that make your skin break out! We love all the benefits to this effective, natural cleansing wash!
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CeraVe Foaming Cleanser

This mild face cleanser for oily skin is made by CeraVE, which has been an esteemed company in skin care for a long time. This formula is made with three essential ceramides – these are lipids, or fats, that keep cells bound together. This helps to eliminate the production of wrinkles and keeps your skin feeling and looking youthful! They also help remove excess oils without damaging the skin, which is true of some other harsher chemical cleansers. It helps to calm your skin, reduce inflammation, and repair the natural moisture that your skin has – and keep it in the balance as well, so your skin does not get extremely oily. This foaming gel is a gentle face cleanser for oily skin and normal skin as well because it’s non-drying and non-irritating and free of any sort of fragrance! Quickly rinse off any excess makeup, dirt or oil that’s settled into your pores and face the day refreshed!
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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier is another well-known name in the beauty industry, as they make great skin care products! This Micellar water is no different. It’s a different kind of cleanser, however – instead of being a cream, or a gel, it is clear water that you simply apply to the skin without rinsing. It helps to refresh your skin and also give you a matte-style look that you don’t have to rub off in order for it to be effective. It won’t irritate your face, as there are no harsh chemicals in it. It’s lightly scented but still aims to gently work on your skin. This is a good face cleanser for oily skin just because it’s different – and you might find the results you need in something you’ve never tried before. It’s free of silicones, parabens, and sulfates – the health of your skin is the first thing Garnier wants to ensure! We love this unique micellar cleansing water.
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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleanser

La Roche-Posay makes this foaming gel cleanser that works well to help you maintain a healthy pH balance for your skin. Just keeping that balance going will make your skin feel that much cleaner and clearer! There is no oil in this cleanser, and no soap either – it’s just got zinc, natural cleansers, and a nice refreshing texture. There’s no alcohol so your skin won’t become irritated after using it. We love this natural, dermatologist-backed formula that will help to refresh, moisturize, and clean your skin. You’ll love the feeling of having clean pores and wonderfully glowing skin that is perfectly balanced to make you feel your best. To get the best results, they recommend you use it daily. And you won’t have to worry about that shiny look that comes after washing, because this wash doesn’t leave your face shiny. It won’t detract from your natural beauty, and it’s great to treat acne-prone and sensitive skin!
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Skinfood Egg White Cleanser

This foaming cream by Skinfood is the best natural face cleanser for oily skin – or at least one of them! The main ingredient in this cleanser is egg whites, which have proven on their own to help tighten pores and draw out impurities. This formula is perfect for sensitive skin or oily skin and will help to remove the oil and dead skin cells that clog your pores, as well as removing and reducing the appearance of blackheads. It is a great face cleanser for oily skin especially because it removes large amounts of oil. It doesn’t smell like eggs, which is pretty amazing if you ask us! The chemicals in egg whites help stimulate the growth of collagen, cells which help to fill in wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming. It will also help your anti-aging routine! It also improves your skin’s elasticity and makes your skin more resilient. Who doesn’t want that?
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Era Organics Face Cleanser

This is one of the best natural face cleansers for oily skin, presented by Era Organics. While the cleanser isn’t organic overall, it is mostly organic and definitely made with all-natural ingredients. It’s full of great stuff like tea tree oil, goldenseal, aloe vera, St John’s wort and basically all the good things that clear your skin and calm it as well. It can also help prevent you from falling prey to conditions like rosacea or chronic dry skin! It’s cruelty-free, as well as being chemical-free, paraben free, and free of any artificial perfumes! No matter what type of skin or skin condition you have, you’re going to love this cleanser. It will help fight all of the breakouts and blackheads that you don’t want on your skin, and it moisturizes while at once balancing oils and reducing the irritation that your skin might be carrying. It doesn’t get much better than this, and we’re sure you’ll love it!
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Safe House Naturals Wash

This wash by Safe House comes in as a top face cleanser for oily skin because it’s also made with activated charcoal. This is not a common thing on this list, so it bears being included. It’s also Vegan and completely organic, as well as being approved by PETA for being cruelty-free. The essential oils it’s also made with help to fight acne and reduce the oil on your skin, as well as helping to heal scars and wrinkles. It’s a great product with tons of benefits, including the use of activated charcoal to pull impurities and toxins out of your skin. Bentonite clay, another active ingredient, has the same outcome. All this while organic aloe vera works to soothe and renew your skin, and coconut oil helps with its antibacterial properties. It’s the real deal all the way around, and all of its ingredients are of the highest quality. You’re going to love it!
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Kaiame Natural Facial Cleanser

And finally, we come to another of the best face cleansers for oily skin. This anti-aging formula helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helps keep them from forming altogether, which is a great feature to add to a face wash. It takes out a whole extra step! It’s also antioxidant-rich, helping to protect your skin from being stressed out and producing collagen to make it firmer and brighter. Though it’s great for oily skin, it’s also excellent for use on all other skin types, even acne-prone or combination skin. It soothes to take away redness and inflammation at the cause and helps to prevent blemishes from forming. It’s the total package for keeping your skin radiant and happy! The best part is that it moisturizes and exfoliates without clogging your pore or irritating your skin, taking away all the dead skin cells and leaving aloe very behind to boost moisture absorption. It’s great!
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