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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Filter Water Bottles

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How to Choose the Best Filter Water Bottle

If you carry water around with you then you probably already have a water bottle of some type, but does yours have a filter in it? Depending on the type of water that you put in your bottle a filter might be an important addition to your water system and could definitely help you get healthier. It’s especially important if you’re going out into the wilderness or if you’re heading out somewhere in another country. The best water bottle with filter for international travel or the best water filter bottle for hiking might be really important, as are each of these features.

Best Filter Water Bottles

Capacity: How much water does the bottle hold? This is going to be important in deciding just which one works for your needs. If you drink a lot of water you don’t want to be stopping too frequently to fill it up, after all.

Best Filter Water Bottles

BPA Free: this is an important way for you to get healthier and to make sure that your family is safe. Watching out for BPA free products means avoiding some of the chemicals that may be in other options and could get you sick.

How to Choose the Best Filter Water Bottle

Color: The color of your water bottle probably won’t affect anything but how well you like it. You want something you’re going to enjoy using and showing off after all. So get a color that’s going to fit your own personal preference.

Best Filter Water Bottles

Dishwasher Safe: When you come home from that hiking trip or international travel are you going to need to wash out the bottle by hand or can you just throw it in the dishwasher? This is all about personal preference.

Best Filter Water Bottles

Dimensions: You want something large enough to hold the water you’ll need but not so large that it’s going to be a hassle trying to carry it around. Knowing the dimensions before you start could definitely be a big deal.

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Material: What is the bottle made of? Is it plastic? Stainless Steel? Something else? This is going to be personal preference but it’s also about longevity and overall quality of the bottle too. So make sure you at least look.

Top 10 Products

Who hasn’t seen hundreds of different water bottles at just about any store you walk into? They have colorful ones, clear ones, ones with pictures and teams on them. But finding the best water filter water bottle may not be quite as easy. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and found some of the top options to get you started. That way you’ll have the best filtered water bottle out there.

GRAY Ultralight Filter Bottle

Top Pick
Available in 3 different colors, this is our best carbon filter water bottle that goes with you anywhere. It’s actually great for traveling around the world, heading outdoors for hiking or backpacking and even just wandering around town and gives you plenty of versatility for what you want to take. That’s because this bottle, available in orange, blue or black, has an easy fill canister and then provides an inner press and purifier cartridge. That way the water is clean enough that you can draw from anywhere and still feel comfortable drinking from it. There’s no difficult process to drink your water either because you don’t need batteries, bulbs or even squeezing for the bottle. You get great water in just 15 seconds by simply pressing one simple button. It then gets rid of nearly 100% of viruses and disease-causing bacteria as well as protozoan cysts, particulates, chemicals, and heavy metals.
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Brita Filter Water Bottle

Budget Pick
This company definitely knows water filters and that’s why this might be the best portable water filter bottle, especially for the price. It’s entirely BPA free and has hard sides that make it more durable when you’re traveling. The slightly opaque design also means that you can see the water inside and you can even see the filter too. It’s actually gray in color with options for Americana, camo, persimmon, pink and a patterned blue so you can get something you’ll really like. All you have to do is fill up this bottle and you’ll be able to get rid of even chlorine and odors. There are a carrying loop and a flip open straw that make it easier to drink out of this bottle even when you’re moving, and at 23.7 ounces it’s larger than many of the other options out there. Sized to fit in most cup holders it’s even dishwasher safe and keeps you keep hydrated.
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LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

This could be the best water bottle filter for international travel because it’s super convenient and easy to use. The 2-stage filter is housed in a BPA free water bottle and removes bacteria and protozoa from any kind of water, even lakes, and streams. It uses activated carbon to get rid of aftertaste and it doesn’t require chemicals or parasites in order to do it. At 23 ounces, this is definitely a great choice to take with you wherever you go so you can make sure you always have clean drinking water available. There are several color options available here from blue, green and gray to pink, purple and even a special edition version from the Red Cross. Made with a silicone mouthpiece for even better hygiene and quality, the whole bottle is durable and long lasting.
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Sawyer Water Bottle Filter

This water bottle may look simple but it actually has one of the best water bottle filter system options out there. It’s made in the USA and carries 34 ounces of water at a time, so you’re not going to get dehydrated with this. It even has a hollow fiber membrane filter that is 0.1 Micron and gets rid of bacteria, protozoa and more. Complete with a high flow rate to give you better access to your water, 2 drinking straws, and a backwash syringe, it’s actually great for going absolutely anywhere you want to go. Take it out camping or keep it in a bag for your emergency preparedness. You’ll be able to fill this bottle directly from streams and lakes and feel confident that you’re getting high-quality water each time you take a drink. That’s because it reduces contaminants below the EPA standards for safe water.
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Brita Sport Water Bottles

Brita is a company well known for water filters and they bring us possibly the best water bottle filter for travel. This set of 2 water bottles with their own separate filters is a great option for couples that are heading out on the go. You get one blue and one orange bottle (or you can buy them separately) and you get high quality filters. They’re soft-sided and completely BPA free, which makes them safer for your entire family to use. Even better, 1 single filter is able to replace up to 300 standard water bottles. Dishwasher safe so they’re easier to clean, these bottles also have an easy sip spout and a simple to use carry loop as well. You can squeeze the plastic bottle easily to get the water out and you can feel comfortable that you’re going to have a great taste to it as well.
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Purewell Water Filter Bottle

This 2-stage filtering system is going to get you prepared for whatever might happen while you’re in the wilderness. It has an integrated filter straw and the bottle is made with a non-toxic plastic that contains no BPA. At 22 ounces you’re getting plenty of space and you’ll have a strap that attaches with a carabiner to keep your water close at hand all the time. This bottle filters down to 0.01 microns and gets rid of nearly all bacteria, heavy metal ions, chlorine and organic contaminants. Included with this bottle is even a paracord bracelet with a fire starter so you’re really prepared to head out into the wilderness. With a shelf life of up to 5 years, this system is great for anywhere and anything you want to do.
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Bobble Classic Water Bottle

This clear water bottle is definitely going to compete with any water filter bottle you might find. It’s clear all the way around so you can always see what’s happening inside and it’s completely BPA free but made with a durable plastic. The cap is easy to use as a carry handle and it’s soft to the touch, plus it holds the carbon filter that gives you clean and clear water. The lavender color is great but it’s also available in black, lime, magenta, navy blue, neon pink, orange, sky blue and lime green so you can get your pick of the perfect color. The bottle is made in the USA and gets rid of tastes and odors from chlorine that you’ll find in your regular tap water. This 18.5 ounce bottle is great for helping you cut down on plastic waste in your home.
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Thermos Tritan Water Bottle

This clear bottle is inexpensive and features blue accents on the inside that let you know just where the filter is working. It’s NSF/ANSI 53 certified and can help reduce aesthetic chlorine, atrazine, particulate class V contaminants and chloramine. It does all of this with a gravity-fed filtration method that forces all contaminants through the filter. The open spout gives it a good amount of flow without the need for squeezing and the bottle is hygienic, locking with just one click. Available in blue, pink, smoke or stainless steel, this bottle has a carry loop integrated into the top and has simple, one-handed operation so you can use it even while you’re moving. It’s 22 ounces in total size so you can easily carry the water you’re going to need.
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Refresh2go Filtered Water Bottle

This vacuum insulated bottle is made with stainless steel and really filters anything you put into it. It’s 32 ounces, so you can easily hold enough water for your next trip and it comes in black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, silver and a breast cancer awareness version. You’ll get a single bottle with 2 straws and a filter so you can filter water or just sip on anything you want with this bottle. You’ll be able to keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 6 while you use this bottle too. The powder coat means that it’s designed not to sweat and it’s designed to avoid leaks as well. Not only that but it gets rid of chlorine taste and the odor, lasting for as much as 40 gallons or 300 standard water bottles.
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KOR Nava Filter Water Bottle

This water filter sports bottle is designed to give you a clear view of exactly what’s inside. With accents in a range of different colors including black with blue, red and onyx or gray with pink there’s also a white and blue option. That way you can get a great design that you’ll like. It’s made from a polyester that’s completely BPA free and uses a carbon activated filter that’s actually made from pure coconut shell. There’s easy flow technology in the spout that means you don’t need to bite or squeeze to get the water to come out. Plus it has a perfect fit mouthpiece to make drinking even more comfortable. There’s a cap included that protects the spout while you’re not drinking so you can keep it free of dirt, bugs and anything else. You’ll get a starter filter and a filter straw included with your bottle so you can make sure you’re hydrated and safe.
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