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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Football Cleats

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How to Choose the Best Football Cleats

If you’re going to be participating in football or if your child is you want to make sure that you have the right gear. With the right gear, you’ll be able to enjoy the game and you’ll be able to get even better. But you may not know just where to start. By taking a look at the best football cleats you’re going to have the ability to find just what you need and what you should be looking for, a whole lot easier. Just make sure you’re giving this buying guide a chance before you get too far along.

Best Football Cleats

Age: Are the cleats built to be used by adults or children? You want to know the difference because the sizes are definitely going to be much different if you’re looking at something for a child instead. Make sure you’re getting your sizing right.

Best Football Cleats

Type: Are they low cleats or are they high top versions? You may have a personal preference or if you’re competing you may have a requirement for one or the other depending on who you play for. It’s important to get all the information before you buy.

How to Choose the Best Football Cleats

Color Options: This is another area where it’s mostly personal preference but the league or group you play with may have a different idea about what you need to be wearing. It’s possible that there will be specific rules about colors for different teams or leagues.

Best Football Cleats

Upper Material: What are the cleats actually made with? This is going to affect the quality and the longevity of the cleats that you select so find out if they’re made with mesh, synthetic materials or something else entirely so you’re prepared.

Best Football Cleats

Rubber Sole: Are there soles on the shoes and if they are what material are they really? Do you need rubber soles? That’s going to be up to you and your league, but you’re at least going to want to know if you have them or not, right?

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Lace-Up Closure: Do the shoes lace up the front or do they attach in some other way? Do you want them to lace-up or do something else? Once again, this is going to be a combination of personal preference and rules related to the league that you play for.

Top 10 Products

There are plenty of football cleats out there and choosing the right pair is going to depend on a lot of different features. Make sure you know, however, that while some things are open to your personal preference, you’ll want to check with your league before you buy anything. That way you’ll be able to buy just one pair of the best football cleats ever and then continue to play, without having to buy something else to follow the rules.

NIKE Vapor Shark 2 Cleat

Top Pick
These football cleats are designed for adult users and feature a low-top style. Available in a total of 11 different colors they also have sizes from 6 ½ all the way up to 13, including some half sizes and wide sizes, making them the best football cleats for wide feet. That means you shouldn’t have a problem getting a pair of cleats that are going to fit you just right for the next game. Designed with a synthetic upper material and phylon midsole, you’ll have plenty of cushioning that moves the way you do. Even better, the cleats actually use Nike Fast Flex technology to help you move even faster. The lace-up design of these cleats means that you get the fit exactly the way you want and the little bit of neon on the bottom (along with the characteristic swoosh) give you the right amount of style at the same time, no matter what color you choose. These cleats are designed to be comfortable and the best lightweight football cleats.
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DREAM PAIRS Football Cleats

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is still a great choice for any kids that are looking to get into football and give you plenty of the same options that you’ll get with adult cleats or even more expensive children’s cleats. These best youth football cleats for speed have a synthetic upper made with a premium DP combination that gives you even more durability. More than that, they have cushioned insoles that make it easier for your little one to run up and down the field as long as they want. They’re lightweight and made to be soft as well as comfortable. Rubber molded with rotation traction for the cleats themselves, these shoes also have a synthetic sole and manmade materials throughout. You get just the right grip and control on soft fields and you’ll have a cushioned collar that provides support as well as additional comfort. They’re available in 10 different colors and 10 different sizes to get just the right combination of fit and style.
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Under Armour Highlight M.C.

These high top football cleats are made by a company that’s well known for outdoor and sports gear and are the best football cleats. They come in 7 different color options and have several different size options as well, which include half sizes so you can get the best fit possible. The UA ClutchFit upper is designed to give you just the right fit around the foot so it holds just like a second skin and gives you plenty of support. The material is lightweight and has a 3D molded tongue that forms directly to your feet and makes sure you feel your best while you play. The 4D foam footbed also helps you get a perfect fit because as you wear the shoe it starts to form directly to your foot and makes sure your feet won’t slip and the shoe itself won’t cause pressure in the wrong places. These lace-up shoes are great for any adult that wants to get out there and play.
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Adidas Freak X Carbon Shoe

Designed for adults by another company well-known in outdoor and sports gear, these best football cleats for speed are designed for men and feature the characteristic look and style of adidas. They come in sizes from 6 ½ up to 16 so you can get a great fit, including half sizes, plus they have a synthetic sole with a breathable leather and textile upper. That way you can feel comfortable while you’re running across the field. Made so you can get the ideal comfort and fit just by stepping into these elastic shoes, they’re complete with foam lining and an EVA cushioned midsole. That helps you get just the right fit all the way around your foot and also makes sure you get the right type of grip on just about any surface. You’ll get more speed and more strength as well as the perfect grip to help you stop anywhere and any way that you want because of the traction control.
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DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats

These men’s cleats come in a range of different bright, fun colors and they’re inexpensive as well as some of the best football cleats for running backs. They’re made with a synthetic sole as well as a man made, premium DP upper. The rubber molded cleats are a great benefit when it comes to getting the ideal amount of traction. That means you can stop whenever you need to, no matter what kind of surface you’re running on. On top of that, you get the ideal amount of cushioning through the insole and the entire thing is lightweight and comfortable no matter how long you’re wearing them. Available in several different sizes from 6 ½ to 10 1/2, these cleats also have a padded collar that increases the level of support as well as comfort. The tongue also folds over to make sure the laces are completely secure and flat so you can run and get all the movement that you need while playing that next game.
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Under Armour UA RM Jr. Cleats

Made for youth, these best high top football cleats are designed to give you even more support throughout the foot as well as up over the ankle. They are made by a company that’s well known in outdoor and sports gear and they come in several different color options so you can get a great design that you can feel happy about. They’re made with synthetic materials and have a mesh lining that helps to get the breathability you need. After all, you want to make sure your feet don’t get too overheated while you’re running around throughout the day. The molded tongue gives you a more comfortable fit as well, making sure that you have an ideal design and a strong method of protecting the entire foot while you run. Durable and capable of just about anything, these cleats are going to help your little one have a great game with the best football cleats for kids.
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ALEADER Boy’s Cleats

Available in several different colors, these children’s cleats are the best football cleats for wide receiver. They’re available in several sizes, for little kids and big kids. On top of that, they’re made with a fabric and synthetic mix, including ultra-soft leather to give additional comfort and softness. There’s even fabric knitting to give you a sleek and effective look and a high top collar that gives even more support around the ankle. The strong cleats and sole are designed to give you great control on the grass, whether it’s wet or dry, so you can trust the traction to do just what you need. The molded design and cushioning means that it fits ideally for anyone as you continue to wear them. You’ll have great agility and every time you connect with the ball it will feel like you have the perfect amount of control. These super unique shoes are definitely going to be a great benefit for any player.
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NIKE Kids Vapor Shark 2 Cleats

This pair of children’s cleats is made by a company you definitely know for outdoor and sports related gear, making them some of the best youth football cleats. They’re available in several different sizes, from 1 all the way up to 13, including half sizes. On top of that, you’re going to have no problem finding a great color and design that fits your own personal style. They’re made with synthetic materials and a rubber sole to give you the ideal control while you’re running and playing the game. There’s also a breathable fabric lining to make them comfortable on the inside and outside. The full-length Phylon midsole actually gives you the cushioning that you need and there’s a molded foam insole that forms directly to your foot. The lace-up closure down the front makes it a snug fit and the padding through the tongue and collar make it even more comfortable for extended wear.
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WETIKE Kids Football Cleats

These high-top cleats come in several different colors and have a super unique and sleek design at the same time. Great for artificial grass because of the design of the cleats, these shoes have the ideal amount of grip and feel as you’re running to make them our best cleats for turf football. They’re also lace-up, to provide just the right tightness around your foot and they come in several sizes to get the ideal fit. The knit upper is completely seamless and the entire shoe is lightweight and has a 3D speed rib design to give you more control. On top of that is the microfiber upper over the foot. There’s an antimicrobial top lining that keeps you from getting odor and bacteria through the footbed or anywhere else. Plus you get grip all the way across the base of the foot, making sure you’re going to have the ideal amount of strength while also relieving the excess pressure through your foot in these best youth football cleats.
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NIKE Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Cleats

Our final option is another of the best men’s football cleats, from a company that definitely knows about outdoor gear and sports gear. It has a high top design, with a lace-up front. The lace-up portion means that you’ll be able to tighten it down exactly the way you want and the synthetic and mesh skin gives you a lightweight aspect that’s also flexible and breathable. Available in 35 different colors you’re going to have absolutely no problem finding something that you are going to love. Designed for adults, it has a carbon fiber plate that offers 14 cleats for ideal traction, speed and a whole lot more. This shoe actually has no tongue, which means there’s nothing to get bunched up or in the way for your comfort. Even the bootie is made with 1 piece, making it a whole lot easier to cling to your foot and give you the glove-like fit that you’re looking for.
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