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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Forehead Thermometers

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How to Pick a Great Thermometer

The days of trying to convince a toddler to hold a thermometer under his tongue for a few minutes are finally over! Forehead thermometers are a fast and easy way to take accurate temperatures. We took on the task of finding the best forehead thermometer by researching and reviewing bestselling options from all over the place. What we ended up with: a top ten list to help you handle the next bug your kiddo brings home! Take a look at the following features to look for in a forehead thermometer to help you choose.

Best Forehead Thermometers

Type: We focused on infrared temporal thermometers since they’re fast and accurate--ideal as a child thermometer or infant thermometer. Double check when buying.

Best Forehead Thermometers

Touchless: These thermometers are all no-contact. You hold them just above the skin to take a reading, so it’s more hygienic.

How to Pick a Great Thermometer

Units: The options in our forehead thermometer reviews can be switched between showing readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Best Forehead Thermometers

Size: Too big, too small, or just right? Find the perfect size of forehead thermometer by paying attention to the dimensions.

Best Forehead Thermometers

Weight: Want a thermometer that feels solid in your hand or one that won’t weigh you down? Check out our weight listing in each review.

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Warranty: We like to include the warranty wherever possible to give you an idea of how long the manufacturer “protects” their product.

Top 10 Products

So now you’re familiar with a few of the specs we’ve included with each thermometer review, and it’s time to take a look at the best forehead thermometers. The first two reviews are probably the most important if you’re in a hurry: our overall top pick and budget pick, if you need to make a decision fast! It’s time to move on from the armpit and under-the-tongue thermometers, to bigger and better things!

Withings Smart Thermometer

Top Pick
Our pick for the overall best thermometer for newborn babies and beyond is the Withings Thermo smart thermometer. People at different stages of life tend to have different normal temperatures. This smart thermometer uses a connected Withings Thermo act to let you know if a temperature is within normal range based on the person’s age. The thermometer syncs with the app automatically so you can keep records within easy reach and assign up to eight different user profiles to track! Basically? This is the thermometer of the future. We thought it was one of the best baby thermometer options out there since you don’t have to remember the normal temperature range for infants and kids--the app does it for you! It makes a great baby shower gift or as an addition to your own household. We have a weakness for biometrics and tracking data over time… is it showing?
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iProven Ear Thermometer

Budget Pick
So you need a cheap forehead thermometer? We’ve got you covered. With two AAA batteries included, this infrared touchless thermometer doesn’t limit you to taking forehead temperatures, either. You can also take eardrum temperatures--also without needing to touch the skin. This method is a little faster than forehead scans, too. The thermometer also stores the last 20 readings it’s taken so you can keep an eye on a fever. It alerts you with a beep when it’s finished taking a reading, and also has a fever alarm that makes the green backlit screen flash red if it senses a high temperature! You can take readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The backlit screen is helpful when taking temperatures at night--no more sneaking out into the hallway or bathroom to actually see the reading! Whether you’re taking care of sick little ones or adults, this thermometer makes it a lot easier.
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Innovo Forehead Thermometer

Another thermometer with dual reading options, the Innovo forehead thermometer can also take touchless eardrum readings. With two AAA batteries included, you can get started right away! Taking a reading in the dark just got easier thanks to the backlit display. The green display flashes a red fever alarm to alert you to a high temperature reading. Switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius and back again (just to mess with people) with a few button presses. The thermometer also stores the last 20 readings so you can track temperature variations over time. The memory combined with the touchless design make this a great thermometer for kids and families. You don’t have to try to get a squirmy toddler to hold a thermometer in his armpit for five minutes… just do a quick scan with this infrared thermometer, and you’re done! PS: remember that eardrum temperature readings are recommended for children one year and older for the best accuracy.
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GG Forehead Thermometer

Don’t want to limit yourself to taking body temperatures? This thermometer from Generation Guard includes modes for taking temperatures of objects and rooms as well as body temperatures. Exciting, right? This is a great feature for parents, since you can see how warm a bottle of milk or formula is, or double-check that the bathwater is the right temperature without getting your hand wet. Two AAA batteries are included so you can get right into taking all of the temperatures you can find. That’s not all: has a beeping thermometer ever woken someone up? This thermometer has a silent mode, so it won’t beep after it’s finished taking a temperature. Don’t disturb naptime! A memory feature lets you look at the thermometer’s last 20 readings to track changes over time. Once everyone’s starting to get better, you can store the thermometer away in the included soft carrying case… until next time.
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EZ Temp Thermometer

The EZ Temp forehead thermometer can be used to take touchless temperature readings from the ear or the forehead. You don’t have to wonder if you’re doing it right, because the thermometer will beep to alert you when it’s done taking a reading. You can use the ear reading setting on children over one year old for fast, accurate readings. The built-in fever alarm warns you of a higher-than-normal temperature. The thermometer also records and stores its last 20 readings so you can track temperature trends over time. You can do all of this with two buttons and two AAA batteries! This thermometer may not be a good option for taking naptime temperatures from light sleepers, since you can’t turn off the beeping alerts. Households can take readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit, since the thermometer can display readings in either metric. Overall, this is a great little thermometer to have on your side.
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iLifePlus Forehead Thermometer

This thermometer takes you beyond everyday body temperatures with settings for taking the surface temperatures of objects. New parents may like to use Surface Mode to take readings of a milk bottle or check the room temperature. Another great feature for parents: this thermometer usually lets you know when it’s finished reading by beeping, but you can mute the thermometer too. If you have a light sleeper, this feature makes taking temperatures at night or during naptime a lot less hazardous! Bonus: the backlit screen is easy to see in the dark. The touchless design keeps the thermometer from spreading germs around between readings--and we all know how germy little kids can be! If you want a thermometer that can store readings, you may want to look at one of the others on our list. The iLifePlus thermometer can’t store temperature readings to look at later, but other than that it’s a great touchless forehead thermometer with a great price!
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Preve Infrared Thermometer

In an ideal world, you’ll go months at a time between dealing with illnesses in your household. The Preve infrared thermometer comes with a hard storage case for keeping the thermometer tucked away during times of peace and good health. But when the latest bug hits, you’ll be ready! This thermometer comes with two AA batteries and a “mute” feature. The mute feature turns off the alert beep and fever alarm for checking on young ones during sleepy time without waking them. The thermometer’s backlit screen turns orange when it reads a low fever and red when it reads a high fever. But don’t confine yourself to body temps: you can change the settings to take room temperature and surface temperature, too! It stores the last 32 readings for you to look back on and reference as needed. The backlit screen, color-coded fever alarm, and mute setting are all great allies to have with you when dealing with an illness.
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Remedies Temporal Thermometer

Need glasses or a stiff cup of coffee before you can start reading? The Remedies temporal thermometer can read temperatures aloud in English. Once you wake up, you can turn that feature off and carry on as usual. The thermometer also has a fever alarm. The display is normally green, but it turns orange when it reads a low fever or red when it reads a high fever. This can help you quickly check on the progress of a fever at a glance! If you want to look back and see if a fever is rising or falling, you can look back on up to 32 recorded temperatures. Besides taking body temps, the thermometer also has settings for reading surface temperatures and room temperatures. New parents can check on the bathwater without getting their hands wet! This thermometer is ideal for all-around use and covering every base.
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QQCute Simplife Dual

A touchless thermometer with multiple reading modes? Say no more! The QQCute thermometer can be used to take body temperature readings from the forehead or the ear. You can also switch it to object mode to take room temperatures and surface temperatures. Running on two AAA batteries, the thermometer keeps its last 20 readings stored in its memory so you can keep track of trends over time. A fever alarm makes the backlit green LED screen flash red when the thermometer reads a high temperature. Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with the press of a button, too. Taking eardrum temperatures is fast and accurate for children over one year old, making it a great tool for families with little ones! The object and room temperature features are useful for parents and households anywhere if you like home tools that can multitask.
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KYG Baby Thermometer

Looking for the best baby thermometer? The KYG Baby Thermometer uses two AAA batteries to give you peace of mind. Its touchless infrared design can be used as a forehead thermometer or ear thermometer. A fever alarm causes the thermometer to blink and the backlit screen to turn red when it reads a high temperature. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit depending on your needs, too. The thermometer keeps a log of the last 20 readings so you can keep an eye on someone’s temperature over time. The backlit screen is easy to see day or night, and the no-contact design won’t disturb fussy babies or sleeping kids. Touchless thermometers are ultra-hygienic, so you won’t transfer germs from one person to the other if you’re taking multiple temperatures. A soft carrying bag is included for storing the thermometer away safely once everyone’s better!
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