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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Fuel System Cleaners

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How to Choose Your Fuel System Cleaner

Periodic maintenance of your vehicle or other equipment with a fuel system cleaner can help improve its performance and prevent annoying maintenance issues down the road. But what’s the best fuel injector cleaner for the job? We’ve compiled a list of the best options around in our fuel injector cleaner review to help you out! First, check out these handy specs to consider when buying a fuel system cleaner.

Best Fuel System Cleaners

All Vehicle Types - Can the cleaner be used in anything that goes? From trucks to sedans to lawn mowers, we’ll let you know!

Best Fuel System Cleaners

Engine - Cleaners are usually designed for diesel or gas engines, but some can be used for both. Don’t get the wrong one!

How to Choose Your Fuel System Cleaner

High Combustible Engines (HCE) - If you have charged-up machine, chances are you have more build-up to deal with and may need a stronger cleaner.

Best Fuel System Cleaners

Fuel Economy - Built-up crud can hurt your fuel economy, and most fuel system cleaners can help improve it with the power of clean.

Best Fuel System Cleaners

Volume - How much product are you getting? Compare that with how many gallons it can treat to see how concentrated it is.

Product Intro Icon

Gallons Treated - How many gallons can you treat with one bottle? If you have a big rig or large machine, you’ll want a lot of treatment!

Top 10 Products

Now that you’re fueled up and ready to go, let’s check out the reviews! The top pick and budget pick summarize the top options we found in our fuel injector cleaner comparison. But read our picks if you have a diesel engine or are looking for other features. Let’s go!

BG Cleaner Pack

Top Pick
This pack of BG 44K fuel injector cleaner comes with a funnel to make adding the mix to your gas tank mess-free. This highly recommended and top rated fuel injector cleaner uses a combination of different detergents to scrub your fuel system clean of carbon deposits and gunk. Especially when ethanol-gasoline fuels tend to leave excess carbon behind and attract water, a fuel system cleaner like BG 44K is a great way to maintain your fuel system. BG 44K also contains conditioning ingredients to help prevent corrosion and keep important areas like the upper cylinder well-lubricated and running nicely. One 11-ounce bottle treats up to 20 gallons of fuel, which is enough for most automobile gas systems. A fuel injector cleaner can improve fuel economy by reducing buildup that’s causing your engine to run less efficiently. This bargain bundle gives you enough to treat larger engines or cheer up your lawn equipment and motorboat as well as your car!
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Marvel Mystery Oil

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for the best fuel injector cleaner with a high value, Marvel Mystery Oil has multiple uses for regular car maintenance that make it a true workhorse product! It reduces and prevents build-up in both gas and diesel engines as well as lubricating the entire fuel system. On top of that, you can also add Marvel Mystery Oil to your synthetic, blended, or traditional engine oil with each oil change. Replace one quart of your five-quart oil change with Marvel Mystery Oil to provide the same fuel system cleaning and conditioning benefits to your oil! It also helps with cold-weather starting by reducing oil thickening at lower temperatures. It’s available in 16-ounce and one-gallon bottles as well as 32-ounce bottles. Add four ounces per ten gallons at every fill-up for best results. You can also use it with your lawn equipment and marine equipment as well for top-to-bottom maintenance!
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Chevron Concentrate Cleaner

Odds are good that when you ask a mechanic or car hobbiest their opinion on what is the best fuel injector cleaner, they’ll shout: Chevron! Use it every 3,000 miles or with every oil change to improve vehicle performance or as needed for seasonal equipment like motorboats. The Chevron cleaners contain a high concentration of PEA, which is known for its ability to dissolve tough carbon deposits. The result? Better cold start performance and fuel stability, plus improved fuel economy. It’s also available in 20-ounce bottles for vehicles with larger gas tanks. It can breathe new life into older high-mileage vehicles or become a part of your regular maintenance to keep your car running smoothly and happily. It can also work well for bringing seasonal equipment and vehicles out of “hibernation” after long periods of disuse. It’s a quality product, and the best news is, you can buy it in bulk!
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STP Cleaner

The STP 78577 Super-Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner gets some of the best fuel injector cleaner reviews while having a super low price! Designed to be used every oil change, or every 4,000 miles, one 5.25-ounce bottle can treat up to 21 gallons of gas. It uses a mix of detergents but doesn’t have the super-effective PEA detergent like some fuel cleaners. However, that doesn’t stop it from “WOW”-ing the people who try it! If you’re dealing with an engine that’s “sat” for a while and most likely has a buildup of gunk and carbon deposits, the STP 78577 Cleaner can cut through it in one treatment (although some people like to use two). A dirty fuel system is pretty much inevitable after thousands of miles of driving, and can cause issues like rough idling, less responsive acceleration, and lower mileage. The STP 78577 cleaner is a cheap way to clean it up!
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Red Line Cleaner

The Red Line SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner comes highly recommended as one of the best fuel injector cleaner options on the market. It contains PEA and a mix of high-temp and low-temp detergents in a concentrated blend to clean out your fuel system top to bottom, destroying carbon deposits and gumming for better fuel economy and overall performance. If your vehicle is dealing with some serious buildup, run an entire bottle of the Red Line SI-1 through the tank. You can maintain a clean, residue-free engine by regularly adding small doses to the tank as you fill up. One bottle can treat up to 100 gallons if you choose the mix-a-little option! You can also use one bottle every 3,000-5,000 miles, or about once every oil change. The high concentration of PEA and other detergents thoroughly clean your fuel system and a synthetic upper cylinder lubricant as well.
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Gumout High Mileage Cleaner

Looking for a good fuel injector cleaner for your high-mileage vehicle? Designed for cars with high mileage (over 75,000 miles), the Gumout Regane High MIleage Fuel System Cleaner contains PEA to cut through carbon deposits throughout your fuel system that is especially common with ethanol-gasoline fuel mixes. This Gumout fuel system cleaner also adds conditioners to help prevent future carbon build-up, ethanol and water corrosion, and also reduce friction and wear on the upper cylinder. It can also be used in turbocharged and supercharged vehicles, although performance vehicles tend to experience greater carbon buildup that is hard to cut through with fuel injector cleaners. For your average car and especially cars with high mileage, this fuel injector cleaner can help restore performance and improve fuel economy for a better driving experience. Just add the bottle to a nearly empty tank, fill up, and drive! It can be used every 3,000 miles to maintain your fuel system.
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3M Injector Cleaner

Dirty fuel injectors can create issues like stalling, hesitation, misfiring, lack of power, and poor fuel economy--all due to carbon buildup. The 3M Injector Cleaner helps to clean gums, resins, and other deposits from your auto fuel injectors to improve your idle response and restore fuel economy. The recommended “dose” is one ounce per gallon--just pour it into your tank, fill up, and the cleaner will get to work! This can be especially helpful with ethanol-gas mixes and lower octane fuels. A dirty injector or catalytic converter can set off the Check Engine light when the fix is actually pretty simple! The 3M Injector Cleaner also works for yard equipment like snowblowers and lawn mowers, and is a great addition to yearly or twice-yearly maintenance. It’s also easy to pour into your gas tank with a no-mess bottle and long neck.
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Gold Eagle Injector Cleaner

The Gold Eagle 104+ Fuel Injector Pro is made for gasoline engines, specifically traditional and GDI engine types. This fuel additive is designed to remove carbon deposits from the lines, injectors, and entire fuel system. GDI engines are especially prone to carbon deposits, so you can see some serious performance improvements with carbon-removing fuel additives. Improved fuel economy and handling can be the result! This fuel system cleaner also contains octane boosters that can bump up your performance as well. The recommended use is to run two treatments of this cleaner back to back in order to loosen and thoroughly clean out carbon deposits. Give your older vehicle a boost or use it with yard equipment that seems to be flagging! It’s an inexpensive option to help perk up and maintain your gasoline direct injection vehicle, especially if you’ve been noticing reduced engine power for no other obvious reason.
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FPPF Diesel Injector Cleaner

The FPPF 90100 Diesel Treatment is a concentrated formula that can treat up to 240 gallons of fuel, all packed into an eight-ounce bottle! Although designed specifically for diesel engines, this strong choice for the best diesel fuel injector cleaner can also be used for some gasoline engines if diluted further. This fuel system cleaner disperses water and cleans the injector system, reducing waxing, gelling, gum, and varnish issues. It reduces cylinder wall abrasion and contains a combustion catalyst as well as fuel stabilizers to help improve your fuel economy and driving experience. If you deal with snow and cold weather, a fuel system cleaner that helps control icing is a great weapon to add to your arsenal to prevent gelled fuel! It’s recommended for common rail injection systems. It’s especially ideal for older diesel engines that struggle to use low-sulfur diesel fuel efficiently. If you have large vehicle tanks and need a little boost during the cold months, this option from FPPF has rave reviews!
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Hot Shot Clean and Boost

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean & Boost is a top fuel injector cleaner for any diesel engine. This fuel system cleaner combines fuel stability features with a concentrated cetane improver for better combustibility and, as a result, better driving performance. The Clean & Boost cleans out the tank, lines, and injectors and removes free water. It also lubricates the fuel pump and injectors and adds a rust and corrosion-inhibiting coating to the tank and lines as well. By stabilizing the fuel and improving the cetane content, it helps to improve fuel economy and keep maintenance to a minimum. One quart of the Hot Shot Diesel Extreme Clean & Boost treats 75 gallons of fuel, and should be used every six months to a year. This type of cleaner and cetane improver can help boost miles per gallon, keep fuel injectors going strong, and even improve idling!
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