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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Fun Card Games for Adults

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quadcopter reviewsBest Fun Card Games for Adults

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How to Pick Your Adult Card Game

There are lots (and we mean lots) of adult card games out there. Most aren’t that great, but a few hilarious and fun games really stand out. How do you pick them? Well, this buying guide will show you the best ones, but there are a few things to keep your eye on when you make your purchase. That includes how many people you want to play with, what age is appropriate, and if they are bulky or meant to be taken with you when traveling. Pretty simple stuff, so let’s get right into it.

Best Fun Card Games for Adults

Number of Players: Each of these fun games can be played with multiple people, but take a look at this spec if you have a larger group. Play with your friends, family, co-workers, or total strangers - the more, the merrier. Either way, these card games are fantastic ice-breakers to use at parties or any other occasion.

Best Fun Card Games for Adults

Number of Cards: Most people do not care about this, but for some, it makes a difference: The number of cards for each game varies depending on the complexity and design of the gameplay. If you are in the camp of people who do not mind having fewer or more cards and simply want to have fun, you can skip this.

How to Pick Your Adult Card Game

Recommended Age: All of the games featured here are meant for adults, so why is there a recommended age? Well, that is up to the manufacturer – we are simply the messenger here and wanted to include it for your convenience. Keep an eye on this if you plan to play with the entire family or plan to give these as a gift.

Best Fun Card Games for Adults

Travel Size: Some of these card games for adults featured here are more portable than others. Some are table games for adults and come with more pieces, while others come in a small package. If you plan to take your game with you on game nights, vacations, or a trip to Mars, this information comes in handy.

Best Fun Card Games for Adults

Weight: If you are planning to take all your games as a carry on for long airplane rides, want to stuff them into a backpack for vacations, or need to meet NASA weight requirements for a journey to Mars, knowing the weight of your games can come in handy. To help you not get kicked off before rocket launch, we have included the weight of each game.

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Adult Content: Lock the doors and hide your babies! Some of these card games are for adults, and that means dark humor, strong language, and everything else that’s really fun and exciting, right? So while we would not recommend them as stocking stuffers for little Jimmy, they are kickass for grown-ups with a sense of humor.

Top 10 Products

Here’s the deal: All the adult card games featured here are awesome. They are super popular and bestselling for a reason. In short, you cannot go wrong with any of them, and one probably should try several, especially because they are really affordable. Have fun!

Cards Against Humanity

Top Pick
Unless you are just coming out of a nuclear fallout shelter that you sealed by mistake, you know Cards Against Humanity. It is one of the most popular card games ever created. It is marketed by its creators as “A party game for horrible people, ” and once you play, you will understand why. We loved the dark humor and clever design which causes anybody to laugh again and again. It is a new take on a question and answer type of game. Someone lays down a card that asks a question, and the other players answer it with a card from his or her hand. The dark humor comes from the way that players choose to answer, which can be absolutely crazy, fun, offensive, and absurd. Yup, this game is awesome! In fact, it is nearly impossible not to be a jerk while playing. That is why this is one of the best table games for adults. Plus, the cardboard box is America’s bestselling gerbil coffin…
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Exploding Kittens

Budget Pick
Exploding Kittens is new, wildly popular, and epic. This game will surely tickle your funny bone whether you like cats or not. If you like explosions and laser beams, even better! You may even find a goat somewhere in the mix. This game for adults and kids is highly strategic, yet not offensive to most people. Exploding Kittens is kind of a fun (and safe) version of Russian Roulette where players draw cards in fast-paced action until someone finds an Exploding Cat card, in which case that player dies and is out of the game unless he or she has a Defuse card. These can take the shape of a laser pointer, a belly rub, or catnip. All the cards are used carefully to avoid being exploded by a cat. Sounds action-packed, right? Yup, it is fast and super fun. Try it!
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Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid

In Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid, you and your friends will have a blast finding out crazy stories and deeply shameful aspects about each other. The basis of this fun card game for adults is finding personality traits and trying to make fun of your friends. It is just like real life! Each card has a disgraceful trait on it, and whoever collects seven cards first loses. The creators of the game confess that this game is not for everyone. However, if you can keep a strong will and feel proud and uninhibited about who you are, you will love this game.
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Disturbed Friends

The box for Disturbed Friends distinctly confesses that “This game should be banned,” which means this party game is a must-play for anybody with a sense of humor. The cards have multiple-choice questions on them that are read out loud. Players then choose which answer they think their friends would choose, and the answers are often sexual, unethical, and outright horrible. This is a card game for adults that is meant to expose your darker self and have fun with it. If you love the edgy humor, you will have a blast accusing your friends of all kinds of terrible things.
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Rick and Morty Total Rickall

Fans of the popular animated television show will love Rick and Morty Total Rickall, which features characters from an episode of the show with the same name. But even if you have not seen the episode or any of the show, you can still have a hilarious time playing and enjoying the nutty characters. The premise is that there are hilarious alien parasites masquerading as family members and close friends. These parasites have inserted themselves into the memories of the real family members, and you have to find them! It is up to the player to figure out which of the many eccentric characters that appear on the cards are real and which ones are monsters that must be exterminated. Choose wisely!
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Watch Ya’ Mouth

No, we are not being rude to you, it is the name of this game. Watch Ya’ Mouth requires players to wear “cheek retractors” that slightly stretch your mouth, fully exposing your teeth and making it difficult to pronounce words, which is where the gameplay starts. We are serious - it is crazy and fun, but luckily not painful. Here’s how it works. The wearer speaks a phrase on a card, and the other players try to interpret what is being said. This is one of the most fun card games for adults if you are down to make a fool of yourself! You can also play it with kids, though an all-adult round turns hilarious pretty quickly.
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Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is a fast-paced point collecting game that’s unique and a ton of fun. You get points by creating combinations of crazy sushi dishes. Collect cards to make interesting combinations or collect full sets. You can even increase your points by using condiments like wasabi and soy sauce. If you like visual strategic games, you will love this one. Our tip: Grab some real sake and sushi, call your friends, and have an awesome night.
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Spot It

Spot It is a popular game where players match symbols between two cards. In this best-selling card game for adults, the playing cards are circular, and each one has several symbols on it. Each symbol only matches with one other card, and there are a total of fifty symbols. It sounds complicated but is actually really straightforward. In fact, you get a lot of value here because there are five mini-games in the rulebook to keep you playing over and over again with the same set of cards. All 55 cards are packed into a small tin, making this game very travel-friendly, too.
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5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule will bring your goofy side out as you are timed at a strict five seconds to list answers that fit a topic on a card. This is not only a game for adults, but it becomes a great choice when you play with grown-up friends and are having fun. The timer makes a silly sound and may cause you to lose focus, but that is part of the game. You never know what comes out of your mouth when you have so little time to prepare.
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Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is definitely one of the best card games for adults and a true classic. This fun take on a popular party game from your teenage years contains explicit material that is sure to entertain you and your friends. This is a game that plays off of the players past experiences, which may be embarrassing, awkward, hilarious, or downright regretful. But in terms of the game, your regrets earn you points! A player will have to lay down a Red Rule Card, and other players must answer with a Blue Play Card. These blue cards represent something you may be guilty of, but if you are not, it must be discarded. The person to collect ten blue cards wins. It is simple, it is fun, it is wildly popular. In this game, the winners are always the guilty ones.
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