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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmers

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How to Choose Your Gas Hedge Trimmer

Landscaping and lawncare can be incredibly rewarding with the right tools. If you’re looking for a powerful and portable tool to sculpt your topiaries into perfect shape, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a gas hedge trimmer review list to help you choose the best option for you. But first, take a look at our list of specs to consider when buying a gas hedge trimmer.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmers

Blade Length - On average, a trimmer’s blade length is 18-21’’, which works well for most home lawn care applications.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmers

Engine Power - A higher displacement means more power, but 21cc is enough for most home tasks and even commercial use.

How to Choose Your Gas Hedge Trimmer

Adjustable Angle - Some trimmers allow you to adjust the cutter head to more easily cut at at different angles and distances.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmers

Weight - Usually, more powerful trimmers are heavier, but many 21cc trimmers are lightweight and effective.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmers

Dimensions - Hedge trimmers range from compact options to long reach trimmers, so the trimmer’s size is important.

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Warranty - Warranties for gas hedge trimmers max out at five years on average. A longer warranty means better quality!

Top 10 Products

Ready to get into the best gas hedge trimmer reviews? So are we! Our list covers a range of gas powered trimmers, including pole-saw types for reaching tall places. The top pick and budget pick summarize our overall favorites, but keep reading if you want to fully compare and contrast your options to find the perfect fit!

Chikura Hedge Trimmer

Top Pick
Looking for a gas hedge trimmer with a comfortable backpack design? The Chikura 10-in-1 might be for you. This gas hedge trimmer is a great choice for commercial applications due to its heavy-duty 52cc two-stroke engine--which is more than double the size of the average gas hedge trimmer engine! This hedge trimmer is really much more than that thanks to the included attachments for cutting grass, weed-wacking, and more. It also has a pole saw attachment for cutting down hard-to-reach branches or trimming tall hedges. The chain is automatically lubricated, and the lubrication can be adjusted. You can also adjust the cutting angle of the hedge trimmer attachment for horizontal and vertical cutting. This all-in-one lawn tool gives you the ability to trim and mow as well as prune trees and shrubs! If you love the idea of this hedge trimmer but don’t quite need a 10-in-1, check out our review of the Chikura 6-in-1 further down on our list!
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Remington Pole Saw

Budget Pick
If you’ve been paging through gas hedge trimmer reviews for a long reach pole saw trimmer, check out the Remington RM2599! The 8’’ bar and chain features an auto oiler and low-kickback design for ease of use. The seven-foot extension pole has a 26’’ section with toolless removal/attachment if you need to trim things at a shorter distance. If you dread pull starting, the Remington RM2599 pole saw has QuickStart technology to make the process faster and easier! Topping it all off is a 25cc two-cycle engine, so you can tackle thick hedges and annoying branches without flinching. You can also combine the Remington RM2599 engine with a variety of other attachments, so you can use it as a blower, edger, and more all with one engine! When you need to trim tall hedges or hard-to-reach branches, a sturdy pole saw is a great tool to have on your side.
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Husqvarna Dual Action Trimmer

The Husqvarna 122HD60 Dual Action Trimmer is a lightweight gas trimmer with a handy 23’’ blade, perfect for trimming small to large hedges. Starting it up is made easier with the carburetor air purge system and Smart Start engine. It’s perfect for people who want the portability and flexibility of a gas-powered trimmer but aren’t comfortable with too much mechanical stuff. Adjust the rear handle position to make it easier to cut horizontally and vertically. The anti-vibration dampeners help keep you fatigue-free for longer periods of time, so you can get more work done! It works quickly and is a great choice for homeowners thanks to its compact size and easy-to-use design. It’s also on the lighter end of the spectrum, so it’s easy to maneuver. For a similar lightweight gas powered trimmer with a shorter blade length, check out our review of the Husqvarna 122HD45!
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Tanaka 92-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Our top pick and best long reach hedge trimmer review is the Tanaka TCH27EPAP, a pole saw trimmer that extends up to 7.7 feet! Bonus: the seven-year consumer warranty is above-and-beyond the average industry standard--thanks, Tanaka! The double-sided 21.6’’ cutting blades work quickly, and you can adjust the blade angle thanks to the articulating cutter head for trimming precisely and comfortably just about anywhere. The powerful 26.9cc two-stroke low-emission engine meets emission standards, but is still easy to maintain and use. It’s also a cinch to start up and to make adjustments. Especially if you need to make a lot of hard-to-reach cuts or to make cuts from a distance, this long reach hedge trimmer is a solid choice! It has an above-average engine power compared to the more average 21cc engines, but is still lightweight. You can easily prune and trim trees, tall hedges, and more--no ladder required!
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Tanaka 2-Cycle Hedge Trimmer

The Tanaka TCH22ECP2 is one of the best rated gas hedge trimmers for a few good reasons. First off, check out that XL 30’’ blade length! This gives you a long, sweeping reach, plus the ability to cut branches up to .75’’ thick. The three-face dual reciprocating blades cut quickly and efficiently for a commercial-grade experience. The seven-year consumer warranty is at the head of the industry, compared to most warranties that max out at five years. This trimmer is easy to start thanks to an S-Start for lower required pull-force and a purge bulb. And during operation, a four-point spring-mounted anti-vibration system makes it easier to operate for long periods of time with less fatigue. The forward-facing exhaust won’t singe your hedges, and the noise level holds at around 89dB to keep your lawn grooming from disturbing the neighbors! You can also adjust the rear handle to five different positions for comfortable operation no matter what angle you’re cutting at.
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Echo Hedge Trimmer

The Echo HC-152 gas hedge trimmer is a strong contender for the best gas hedge trimmer for home use thanks to its safety features and overall design. The 21.2cc two-stroke engine is powerful enough to handle most home trimming jobs combined with the 20’’ double-reciprocating blades. The commercial-level air filtration system comes with a toolless air filter cover to make accessing the air filter easy. The large, ergonomic front and rear handles give you superior control over your cuts as well as keeping you comfortable, plus the rigid support bar makes precision cuts easier to make. The front handle features a safety guard, and a throttle lock-out keeps you from accidentally engaging the throttle. The fuel tank has a transparent window so you can keep an eye on your supply. If you’re relatively comfortable with gas-powered tools, this hedge trimmer should be easy to use and maintain while you maintain your hedges!
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Poulan Pro Trimmer Combo

The Poulan Pro Trimmer Combo PR25PS pole saw combines spring-assisted Effortless Pull Startin, Air Purge air-removal, and SureFire fuel delivery for a quick and easy startup. The stop switch automatically returns to the ON position to make your next startup easy, too! The 25cc, two-stroke engine can handle a variety of hedge trimming tasks, and the pole design adds a three-foot extension for a maximum reach of 12 feet! This is one of the best pole hedge trimmer options for people dealing with tall hedges. A shoulder strap is included to ensure your comfort during use. If you want a multi-purpose hedge trimmer, the Poulan Pro PR25PS can be used with optional click-in attachments. There are six tool-less attachment options (sold separately) that you can choose from to add versatility to your gas hedge trimmer! The shaft detaches via a toolless coupler, so the trimmer is easy to store away and transport as needed.
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Redmax Hedge Trimmer

The Redmax CHT220L hedge trimmer features a double-sided 24’’ cutter bar for a long reach and plenty of handling flexibility. Although you can’t adjust the blade angle, the rear handle can be switched between three different positions depending on the angle you need to trim at for your comfort. This trimmer also has a built-in safety bar to protect your legs. It’s one of the best best gas powered hedge trimmer options for people looking for a long reach to handle tall or thick hedges. The Redmax CHT220L is a good option for people who need a longer pole hedge trimmer that isn’t too heavy and starts up easily. It also has high-carbon steel blades that reduce the need for sharpening on top of being a convenient extra-long length. If you’re looking for a gas hedge trimmer that’s lightweight and long-reach, take a look at the Redmax CHT220L!
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Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer

If you want the portable convenience of a gas powered hedge trimmer but prefer the easy operation and low weight of electric options, the Husqvarna 122HD45 might be your dream come true! It’s a very lightweight gas hedge trimmer with an easy-to-use spring-assist Smart Start engine design with Air Purge to remove air from the carburetor and fuel system. The 18’’ blade with double-sided edges can make quick work of small to larger hedges. Vibration dampeners and a low-noise engine make this gas-powered trimmer even easier to use! You won’t feel like you’re being rattled to pieces, which helps prevent fatigue if you’ve let your hedges run wild for too long. Another nice feature is the exhaust channel, which faces towards the blade rather than towards you! The two-year warranty is a solid indicator of quality as well. If you value lightweight and low-noise designs, you’ll love this trimmer!
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Chikura 7 in 1 Trimmer

The Chikura 7-in-1 Trimmer is a multi-use two-stroke hedge trimmer with several included attachments for all of your lawn care needs. The 52cc displacement provides solid engine power for heavy-duty jobs, and the 1.2L fuel tank capacity gives you portability and cordless flexibility. The chain features an inertia safety brake with manual backup, an automatic and adjustable lubrication system, and easy chain tensioning. The attachments include a grass blade, a nylon line trimmer, and, of course, the pole chainsaw/pruner. Use the grass blade attachment as a heavy-duty weedwacker, then the nylon trimmer attachment for touch-ups and detail work around trees and other obstacles. Chikura hedge trimmers show up in many gas powered hedge trimmer reviews as solid products with a great value. If you’re looking for an all-in-one lawn tool powerhouse and the best commercial gas hedge trimmer, you can get a lot done with this 52cc Chikura trimmer and its attachment options!
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