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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Generators for RVs

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quadcopter reviewsBest Generators for RVs

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How to Choose the Best Generator for RVs

You’re ready to embark on your next adventure, but you need to find the right power source, so you can enjoy the benefits of modern living on the road. We had our experts research and review countless options to bring you a comprehensive list of the top ten best generators for RVs. We used careful consideration to choose the right models to suit a variety of generator needs, so you’re sure to find something on our list. Before you start shopping, here are a few specifications to keep in mind.

Best Generators for RVs

Watts: Make sure you choose a generator with the correct wattage to power all of your electronic needs. Check this spec for the details, so you don’t end up short changed.

Best Generators for RVs

Fuel Capacity: You’ll want to know how large the tank is on each model. Each option has a tank somewhere in the vicinity of a gallon, more or less. Look here for specifics.

How to Choose the Best Generator for RVs

Run Time: To find out how long each generator can go before needing to refuel, check here. We’ll give you the most accurate information available, so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Best Generators for RVs

Size: Size matters, especially if you have limited space. We’ve recorded the dimensions for each generator in this specification, so you know what you’re getting and how large (or small) it is.

Best Generators for RVs

Weight: Whether you need something portable or you’re okay with a heavy unit, you want to make sure you end up with the most practical generator. Check here for the details.

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Warranty: We like being covered by a warranty when we make an investment and we’re betting you do, too. We’ll tell you here how long the warranty lasts for each model on our list.

Top 10 Products

Now that you have a good idea of what to look for, you’re ready to dive into our RV generator buying guide. Every option on our list is a quality, durable product backed by professional manufacturing and equipped with convenient features. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first, but don’t overlook the other eight if you have the time! Ready? Let’s get shopping!

Champion 75537i Generator

Top Pick
We searched high and low for the best RV generator and our pick is the Champion. Equipped with plenty of convenient features to keep your vehicle running smoothly, the Champion is an excellent choice for anyone looking for backup power. It features a wireless remote start via a key fob that works from eighty feet away, as well as an electric start with a three position ignition switch. A battery is included and a 1.5 gallon fuel tank runs on gas. The quick touch panel lets you access all of your power in one spot for simple and easy operation. Ideal as a clean power source for sensitive electronics, this unit comes RV-ready. It performs quietly, making it perfect for tailgating or backup power in the house and goes for up to eight hours at a time! Complete with a three-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support from the manufacturer, Champion has all the right features to keep things going.
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WEN 56200i Generator

Budget Pick
Landing the list as our budget pick, the WEN portable generator features extremely quiet operation that is comparable to the level of noise generated by a normal conversation. Boasting rave reviews, this fan favorite could easily be considered the best inverter generator for RV travel and living. Quiet serenity, durable quality, and an affordable price make this unit a winner in our book! Perfect for campgrounds, tailgating, RV life, and backup power at the home, it produces clean energy. You can feel safe powering sensitive electronics, including smartphones and televisions, with this unit. It’s rated as EPA III and CARB compliant, with an OHV engine that produces 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts. It even features an eco mode on its convenient control panel! The entire panel is self-explanatory and easy to use. Comparatively light when it comes to generators, you won’t struggle to move this portable unit from site to site, which is an added bonus to its affordability and quality!
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Honda EU2000I Generator

You’re on the hunt for the best portable RV generator, so you’ll probably welcome known and trusted brands, like Honda. The Honda model that makes our list is a portable generator powerhouse. It runs for more than eight hours at a time on one gallon of gas. This generator’s super quiet operation makes it the ideal companion for anyone looking for backup power for their home, RV, or tailgating. Even better, it is gentle and won’t harm electronics like televisions, refrigerators, and coffee pots. At just over 45 pounds, it’s easy to carry, allowing you to move it around and bring power wherever you need it, without a struggle. The Honda’s convenient features and professional quality keep it up to par with its brand name. When you need a source of power to count on, Honda is always a safe bet. The generator also comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty, so you’ll be covered in the event of an issue.
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Paxcess Portable Generator

Extremely light at just over three pounds, easy to use, and efficient, the Paxcess is a mini 100-watt generator that is perfect for small appliances and electronics, making it a great choice if you’re looking for the best portable generator for RV camping. Power your tablets, smartphones, laptops, fans, and television, or keep your lights up and running. Also great for a CPAP machine, especially in conjunction with a DC-DC converter, this mini power supply is certainly stronger than it looks! Although it isn’t compatible with large appliances, it is the ideal unit to bring camping or tailgating or to keep in the house for extra backup for small devices. And get this: you can charge it through an electrical outlet, in your car, or even via a solar panel! It is a high-capacity lithium power pack that is gas-free and operates silently, so if you are looking for the ultimate in quiet power, look no further. An LED display is easy to use and features DC, AC, and UPS output and input functions. And it’s equipped with various safety features, including voltage and temperature controls!
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Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart

Next up is the Briggs & Stratton, a 2200-watt inverter generator with parallel capabilities! That’s right: a parallel connector port allows you to hook up two units at once for more power! Featuring a one gallon fuel tank for up to eight hours of continuous operation, you’ll enjoy this model’s ability to charge everything from small electronics to the bigger stuff around the house. It is safe for use with laptops, television and game systems, making it a top pick for the best portable generator for RV life, especially if you have a family who loves their electronics! Quiet and fuel efficient, its 111 cc OHV engine operates at a low volume, making it no louder than the typical conversation. The Briggs & Stratton is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport with two handles that make it simple to carry with one or two people. Make your next adventure or project complete with this portable, convenient generator!
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Buffalo Tools Sportsman Generator

Looking for the right onboard RV generator? You’ll need something quiet, clean, and stable, as well as lightweight and easy to carry. The Buffalo Tools generator fits the bill! Delivering clean power that will safely charge electronic devices, such as computers, laptops, tablets, televisions, and more, this little powerhouse is a great addition to your RV supplies. You’ll love tailgating, camping, and scouting like never before because you’ll be able to bring all of your electronics with you! It’s also a nice model to have in the home for backup power. The Buffalo runs for more than six hours at a time on a 0.55 gallon fuel tank on unleaded gasoline. You’ll enjoy quiet operation and low maintenance with this convenient little generator. If you’re searching for a unit that packs a punch (safely) at your electronics and won’t leave you in the dark on your next camping or hiking trip, you found it!
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Champion Dual Fuel RV Generator

Boasting a whopping 3800 watts, the Champion Dual Fuel generator lives up to its name! This powerful unit runs on both gasoline and propane, so take your pick! The unit includes a propane hose and an additional battery and internal charger that charges the battery as the generator runs. Travel-ready, the Champion is a great generator for RV air conditioner needs, as it can power and start a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner with ease. The push-button electric start makes this model simple to use. Wherever you need backup power, the Champion is ready to deliver. Even better, it is safe for sensitive devices, such as smartphones and tablets, so you can enjoy complete charging and power capabilities with a single unit. Cold Start technology makes this beast perfect for harsh weather conditions. Don’t get stuck in an emergency situation, or leave home in your RV, without this powerhouse!
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Coleman CG3500i Generator

Powerful, safe, and quiet, the Coleman generator is capable of putting out 3500 watts of energy! Equipped with an economy switch that optimizes engine speed according to power demand, you won’t waste energy or fuel. That’s great for maximizing power and saving money-- two things we love, and we bet you do, too! Built-in overload protection, a low-oil indicator, and automatic engine shut-off work to keep you safe from overheating and dangerous defects, making this unit perfect for camping, RV adventures, trailers, tailgating, and as a backup power supply in the home. With a run time of more than three hours on a full tank of gasoline at 100 percent load, you’ll enjoy the easy operation and convenience of this model. And here’s the best part: it features extra quiet operation, with a noise level of just 63Db at 23 feet. If you’re searching for the best quiet RV generator, you found it. Make the Coleman your choice today and start enjoying the benefits of quality and durability.
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Atima AY2000i Generator

You want the power? You got it! The Atima portable generator is built tough and strong with a genuine Yamaha engine. Experience high performance power and low maintenance for years of continual heavy use. Keep your RV, television, kitchen appliances, air conditioner, garage door, microwave, refrigerator and more running smoothly with this super strong model. It’s also safe for use with sensitive electronics, making it an all-encompassing source of power. Strong enough to withstand a heavy load and cover an extended variety of electronics, we think the Atima is a great choice if you’re searching for the best generator for 50 amp RV needs. The heavy-duty industrial design includes an aluminum alloy body and ergonomic details. The best part is the Atima is easy to operate with a simple, self-explanatory control panel. Once it’s running, virtually anyone will be able how to figure out how to keep it going. Power up your next excursion or project with this elite generator!
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CAT INV2000 Generator

Completing our list of generator for RV reviews, is the CAT, a heavy-duty powerhouse equipped with convenient durability and mobility. The Cat delivers 1800 watts of long-lasting power for your electronics. It’s ideal for tools, making it the perfect companion at construction sites. OSHA compliant for professional work-site use, the CAT also performs well in extreme temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about storing or using it when the weather acts up. A single start and stop switch and integrated choke make it simple to operate, even for a novice user. And it features the manufacturer’s custom, drip-free oil funnel that makes maintenance quick and eliminates messy situations. Two USB connections, a DC output, and two 120V outlets make this model super versatile and perfect for almost all of your electronic and backup power needs. Best of all, it comes with a three year warranty. Packed with all the best features to keep your space running smoothly, the CAT generator is a trustworthy option that won’t disappoint.
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