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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Gold Rings for Men

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How to Choose the Best Men's Gold Rings

Are you looking for the perfect ring to compliment your jewelry collection? Alternatively, are you looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? We’ve got you covered! Our gold ring buying guide is full of beautiful pieces that your loved one will go crazy for! Some even have gemstones! Before we get started, let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before you start shopping for the perfect gold ring!

Best Gold Rings for Men

Karats: This refers to the purity of the gold. The closer to 24 karats that the gold is rated, the more ‘pure’ that it is, meaning it contains fewer alloys. The least pure is 10-karat gold, and the closest is 18-karat.

Best Gold Rings for Men

Gemstones: Does this ring have stones in it? Rings with stones will shine more, but they will also be more expensive – depending on whether the stone is natural or simulated. The purity of the gold also affects the price of the piece.

How to Choose the Best Men's Gold Rings

Gold Color: There are three different colors that these rings can come in, including yellow, which is classic gold. The other options are white gold, which looks like silver, as well as rose gold, which is a pink tinted gold.

Best Gold Rings for Men

Weight: This is how much the ring weighs. Rings that weigh more are often worth more because weight reflects on the purity of the gold and gemstones that are present in the piece of jewelry. Of course, heavier rings are bigger.

Best Gold Rings for Men

Size Range: This is the range of sizes that you can order the ring in. Local jewelers can resize these rings without harming how they look within a size or half-size. Any other range will distort the ring.

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Warranty: Most companies offer replacement or refund if the ring becomes damaged during ‘normal wear’ during the warranty period. Longer warranties guarantee protection for a longer amount of time, and it’s a nice feature to have with your ring.

Top 10 Products

So that’s what you should be aware of when you start to shop. Below, we’ve put together ten of the greatest gold ring reviews that we found during our research. We only want to recommend the very best to you! Look at our top pick and budget pick first in order to give you an idea of what’s available. Then check out the rest of our list to find your perfect new jewelry piece!

Qgold Gold Diamond Onyx Ring

Top Pick
Our top pick is the Qgold Gold Diamond Onyx Ring. This beautiful ring is cast wonderfully in solid 14-karat yellow gold. The face of the ring features a large, polished onyx stone. Embedded in the center of the onyx is a cluster of white diamonds, 4 of them to be exact. All stones in this ring are natural and come out to a total of 0.024 carats. It’s beautiful and unique! This ring is a size 10, though it is, of course, able to be resized by any local jeweler. It’s polished to a fine finish that sparkles beautifully in the light! It comes in a gift box that makes it perfect to present to that special person in your life. This ring is large and will definitely make a statement! It’s definitely one of the best gold rings that we found during our research! We love how big and dramatic this ring looks!
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Oxford Ivy White Gold Band

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is extremely simple and beautiful. This traditional band is cast in beautiful 14-carat white gold, and it sparkles and shimmers due to the beautiful polished finish. The ring is 4mm wide and extremely classic – it’s the traditional men’s wedding ring that anyone will be able to recognize. You can get the ring in sizes 7 through an incredible 12 and a half, as well as many half-sizes along the way. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion for men who like to keep things simple, but still incredibly beautiful and elegant. As far as affordable gold rings for men go, it’s a shining example of what makes white gold alternatives so desirable. Because it is white gold, it also won’t turn your skin and the color of the band will never fade away. We are sure that whoever you are giving it to will absolutely adore this beautiful, traditional band! It’s a perfect wedding ring!
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Nugget Rings The Knight Gold Ring

This Nugget Ring is absolutely unique and beautiful! You’ll always feel like a million bucks with this particular men's ring design in gold. This particular ring is called The Knight, and for good reason! It’s made of a solid gold nugget in stunning 10-karat yellow gold. It’s handset and hand-polished so that the finish lasts for a long time. It’s shiny enough to appeal to your style while maintaining a rugged, masculine look that you are going to love wearing around. It even comes with gift packaging, in case you want to give this to a special someone. And with sizes ranging from 4.5 to an amazing size 16, you can find the absolute perfect fit no matter what size you wear! Our favorite thing about this ring is an amazing quality. It even weighs an astonishing 3.8 grams, further confirming that it is a genuine golden nugget. We just love the way this ring looks and feels!
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LANDA JEWEL Wedding Ring

This wedding ring from the Landa Jewel company is simple and gorgeous! It’s a delicate, beautiful rose gold band, though it is also available in white gold and yellow gold. No matter what color or tint you choose, they are made of solid 14-karat gold. It’s stamped right on the ring for quality assurance. It’s polished to a mirror finish that will make you absolutely in awe of this ring when you open it up. It comes in a gift box so that whoever you give it to will get the same type of initial reaction. We love that this ring is handmade! It adds a nice tough. This gold ring for men has a comfort fit, where the metal is rounded on the inside so that it feels more comfortable on your finger. You can’t beat how comfortable it is! This simple band is still stunningly gorgeous and will make you happy for a long time.
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Rylos Diamond & Onyx Ring

This ring is incredible! It’s a large, perfectly-formed ring in stunning 14-karat yellow gold, and you can get it in white as well if you prefer that. The face is large and square and features a huge black onyx stone that is styled with a gold insert and a diamond right in the middle. It’s a beautifully-crafted ring that will definitely make a statement. You can also get a different stone color for the diamond if you choose! That’s pretty amazing! The total weight of the stones is 0.02 carats. This ring is simply gorgeous! You can get other types of stones in both the diamond slot and the onyx slot – which we think is a pretty amazing value. Get the ring that you want at no additional cost! The diamonds are single-cut and conflict-free, so you can wear it with a clear conscious. The total weight of this ring, stones and all, is about 7 grams. That’s heavy!
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Diamond2Deal Gold Nugget Ring

Here’s another gold nugget ring on our list. This one is smaller, more delicate, and a perfect alternative to the gold wave ring that is so popular right now! It’s elegantly crafted and presented in a beautiful gift box for the perfect presentation as a gift! It’s made of high-quality 14-karat yellow gold. It will look and feel great, no matter if you’re getting it for a special someone as a gift or as a present to yourself! The metal weighs a total of 2.35 grams. It’s 8mm wide at the face and tapers off to 3 mm, a great design choice that means it’s thinner on the inside of your hand. The gold on this band is beautifully polished, and you’ll love how much it shines when you wear it! There are places on the face that are flat gold, and the places between have an authentic nugget texture. We just love the way this ring looks!
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Vir Jewels Diamond Gold Ring

This beautiful ring from Vir Jewels is large and tasteful. It’s made of solid 10-karat yellow gold, with five different diamond “panels” across the face. Each of these panels has about 36 small, square-cut diamonds embedded in it, and they are layered in such a way as to create a beautiful design. The weight of the diamond is about 0.20 carats. They are beautiful, natural stones that will bring a sparkle and shine to this ring. The weight of the exquisitely-crafted metal in this ring is 3 grams. It’s a full 9mm wide at the face and tapers off to a smaller size at the back. It definitely sets the mark high for affordable gold rings – especially with the high concentration of diamonds; it’s a great price for such a ring. It even comes with a gift box so you can easily present it to the person that you bought it for. We love the classic design of the diamonds!
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Luxurman Pave Set Diamond Ring

This Luxurman Pave Set has a beautiful, bulky design that will wow just about anyone! This guy’s diamond ring is made of solid 10-karat white gold, and it also comes in yellow gold if that’s more your style. Whatever you prefer, this ring is sure to dazzle you! It comes with a gift box so you can be sure to make whoever you’re giving it to happy! On the square front panel is a huge array of diamonds – a full 0.5 carat of them! They decorate this ring so thoroughly that it’s huge! The design is very masculine and will look great on your finger. It’s incredibly classic and immeasurably stunning! It’s a great gold diamond ring for men, and it weighs a total of 7 grams! This makes it heavy and remarkably substantial. The gold shines and the diamonds sparkle, and together that makes a beautiful piece that your loved one is sure to appreciate!
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Sonia Jewels Comfort Fit Band

This beautifully simple ring by Sonia Jewels definitely deserved a spot on our list! It’s made of solid 10-karat yellow gold. It’s polished to a gorgeous mirror finish that will dazzle you! The gold purity has been authenticated, and it is stamped as well as presented with a certificate that proves it is exactly how much it is worth. That’s pretty amazing! It comes with a gorgeous ring box so it’s easy to present and for your loved one to appreciate. It’s crafted by the best, for the best! It’s a comfort fit band, which means that the metal on the inside of the band is curved so it fits a bit away from your finger, and it’s more comfortable to wear as well. It’ll feel great when you have it on! This yellow gold band comes in sizes ranging from 5.5 to 13 and most half-sizes in between, and weighs an impressive 2 grams.
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Tommaso Design Tourmaline Ring

This gold ring for men is unique on our list for both the design and the stone that’s present in it! This beautiful 10-karat yellow gold ring is set with a large, beautiful pink tourmaline stone directly in the center, as well as triangular diamonds on either side. This creates a beautifully unique design that your loved one will be proud to wear! The tourmaline is simulated, but that doesn’t detract from its beauty at all. It’s the simulated birthstone for October, which is perfect for someone born during this month! It’s cut like an emerald for added class, with round diamonds on either side. It’s available in sizes all the way from 6 to 13, so it will fit even the largest hands! The lifetime warranty definitely makes this ring a great purchase and will ease your mind. We just love the design of this ring, and we are sure that you or your loved one will as well!
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