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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Golf Push Carts

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How to Choose the Best Golf Push Cart

If you don’t feel like renting a golf cart, we have an alternative that will help you get more exercise and you won’t even have to carry your clubs with you for 18 holes. Consider getting one of the best golf push carts that we reviewed! You might already have the best golf bag for push cart, why not take advantage of it? Before we get to our golf push cart reviews, let’s take a look at some of the key features.

Best Golf Push Carts

Seat - A seat is great in the summer if you need a place to sit while you’re hot and waiting for your turn to tee off. We picked one great cart with a seat if you’re looking for one.

Best Golf Push Carts

Cupholder - A cupholder is a great feature to have on a push cart, especially if you play a lot in hot weather. You’ll find one on most of the carts we reviewed with only a few exceptions.

How to Choose the Best Golf Push Cart

Foldable - All of these carts are foldable. They have to be or you wouldn’t really be able to take them to the golf course in your trunk. Some get quite compact and collapse at the press of a button.

Best Golf Push Carts

Wheels - These vary between 2 and 4 wheels. It really boils down to personal preference. Generally, though, more wheels means the cart is a little easier to control, especially in bad weather. You just get a little bit better traction.

Best Golf Push Carts

Size - The size measurement we included (when it was available) is how big the cart is when it’s folded. We figured you’d need to know this to see if you have room for it in your trunk.

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Weight - Remember you’re going to be lifting this into and out of your car. And pushing it all-around the golf course with your clubs. What we’re getting at is, get one that’s light enough for you to be comfortable.

Top 10 Products

Now that we’ve covered our brief golf push cart buying guide, let’s keep moving right into our golf push cart reviews. If you’re in a hurry, make sure you check out our top and budget picks first. They’re the first 2 items on our list and are the perfect way to see what’s out there. Keep reading if you can, all of our items are great. Now, let’s move right into our top ten products. FORE!!!

CaddyTek SuperLite Cart

Top Pick
The CaddyTek SuperLite Golf Push Cart is our top pick for best golf push cart. There’s just so much to love about it. First of all, it’s really lightweight so it’s easy to transport. It has 3 wheels. The 2 in the back are 11 inches and the front one is 8 inches. They’re maintenance free and are easy to push because they roll really smoothly and have good traction on a variety of terrains. Just strap on your bag and you’ll easily get from the front to the back 9 without having to lug your clubs along. When you’re done, it folds up nicely, too. Plus, it has an umbrella holder in case of bad weather. Oh, and a mesh net and a beverage holder are included.
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Jef World Of Golf Cart

Budget Pick
Our pick for best push cart for the money is the Jef World of Golf Steel Cart. This is a really basic, lightweight cart that gives you exactly what you need to get your golf bag easily around the course without having too many bells and whistles. We really like how easily it folds up. It gets pretty compact which makes it a cinch to store. That’s not all. It has a waterproof scorecard holder so you won’t lose track of who’s winning, even if you get rained on. The bottom is contoured so it can fit bags of all different sizes. If you’re looking for something that will get you through a season or want to give a push cart a try, this is a good one to try.
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Clicgear Golf Push Cart

The Clicgear Golf Push Cart is our next pick and it’s a nice cart that comes fully loaded. For one thing, it folds up easily and is really easy to store and transport. This one has a really awesome console with room for just about everything you need to take with you out on the course. It will hold golf balls, pencils, and tee holders. There’s more. You also get a cup holder and an umbrella mount plus addition accessory tabs where you can add more Clicgear products. You can do some great adjustments with this one, too, to make it a perfect fit. The front alignment, handle, and bag saddle are all adjustable. One more thing: the airless tires are maintenance free. They also have decent tread on them and can handle various terrains easily.
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Bag Boy Quad Golf Cart

One of the reasons that the Bad Boy Quad XL Golf Cart is our best 4 wheel golf push cart is because it’s an all-around product. But we really love the number of color options available. There are 10 different color combinations in all so you’ll be able to find one that suits your taste. That said, there are plenty of other great things about this product. The handle has a one-step height adjustment and will accommodate you whether you’re on the tall or short side. Plus, the accessory bag is huge and the console can hold a lot of stuff, too. There’s a place for your mobile device, scorecard, and beverage plus a ball marker within easy reach. One more thing, it can accommodate stand or cart bags.
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Spin It Golf Push Cart

We really liked the Spin It Golf Products Push Golf Cart. It’s super convenient because it easily folds up for travel and storage. All you have to do is push a button and the cart easily folds up. It’s actually one of the fastest on the market The aluminum frame keeps this one lightweight while also being durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of covering the front and back 9 on a regular basis. That’s not all. You also get a scorecard holder and beverage holder as well as a nice storage compartment for anything else you need. Oh, and an umbrella holder to protect you and your clubs in bad weather. The tires are airless and low maintenance, too, which adds to the convenience.
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Tangkula Swivel Golf Cart

If you’ve been waiting for the best golf push cart with seat, you’ve found it. The Tangkula Swivel Push Golf Cart is one of the lightest frames we researched. That’s not all. It’s also really durable thanks to its sturdy steel frame. One thing we really liked about it is the foot brakes. They make it really easy to stay safe and position the cart just where you need it. This one also folds down easily for storage and transport. There’s more. The umbrella holder makes it easy to keep both you and your clubs dry if there’s bad weather. There’s a scorecard holder, too. And get this: it has a seat. This comes in really handy on those hot days when you’re waiting for your turn to tee off.
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Paragon Push Golf Cart

There are a lot of things we like about this best golf pull cart from Paragon. The wide aluminum tubing is lightweight and durable plus it keeps the cart really stable on different terrain. That’s not all. The large 12-inch wheels have all terrain low maintenance tires that help you get from the green to the fairway smoothly and quickly. The push handle is adjustable so you can find just the right height and position for you. There’s an umbrella holder and beverage holder, too. That means you’re protected in wet weather and won’t stay thirsty when it’s hot out. Get this: it even comes with a free cooler bag. We were pretty excited about that because it means you’ll have a cold drink to keep in the cupholder.
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Sun Mountain Golf Cart

The Sun Mountain Speed Golf Cart is up next and it’s a really great, solid choice. There’s a lot to love here so let’s get right to it. It’s designed to work with not only cart bags but stand bags, too, thanks to the upper bag bracket that can be easily adjusted for either kind. We really like the console tray because it has a lot of storage space. There’s a spot for a cell phone, a padded valuables tray, and a place to put your scorecard. It’s really easy to adjust, too. Folding and unfolding are really simple and you can adjust the handle height so you’re comfortable when using it. Get this: there’s an adjustable drink holder. Oh, and it will hold an umbrella whether it’s open or closed.
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AW Push Pull Golf Cart

The AW Push Pull Golf Cart is the lightest cart in our reviews. Listen to this: it only weighs 9.1 pounds. It folds and unfolds easily, too, so it is truly really easy to transport. It barely requires any effort at all to get this cart in and out of your car. There’s some cool little storage on here, too. Like what you ask? There’s a place for a pen, 4 tees, 2 golf balls, and even an umbrella mount. Plus, there’s a mesh basket where you can place other things you’ll need while you play a round. There’s even a scoring device where you can track 2 players with scores from 0 to 9. That’s not all. This one is even equipped for stand bags thanks to the upper bracket.
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CBEC Freestyle Golf Push Cart

Looking for something high tech? Then you have to check out this CBEC Freestyle Golf Push Cart. For one thing, it’s really easy to maneuver around and the braking system is phenomenal. Get this: it’s designed to help you keep a neutral posture as you push it, which eliminates any aches and pains that you could experience in your back and shoulders from being hunched over. That’s not all. The low center of gravity of the frame keeps the weight of your bag even distributed making it much easier to push. The brake lever is right on the handlebar and easy to operate. Plus, there’s a semi-braking position that can help you control the speed if you’re going downhill. One more thing. The wheels are made in one piece that keeps them in perfect alignment.
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