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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Golf Tees

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How to Choose the Best Golf Tee

So you’re in the market for a new brand of golf tee, but you don’t know exactly what you want. We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together this golf tee buying guide by researching and reviewing a huge selection of different tees and weighing the benefit of each. Now we can pass that knowledge onto you! But first, let’s look at what you need to know before you start shopping for a specific type of golf tee!

Best Golf Tees

Material: What the tee is made of. Most are wood, but there are some that are plastic or made of bio-composite materials. Some tees are even made of metal to make them harder to break!

Best Golf Tees

Pieces: How many tees come in the package? It’s important to know just how many you need to buy so that you don’t run out. More durable tees will only come 3-6 in a package most of the time.

How to Choose the Best Golf Tee

Color: Green tees are harder to find in the grass, so if that’s an issue for you, don’t buy green ones! There are a variety of colors, including white and neon options, so pick the color you’ll like!

Best Golf Tees

Length: This is how long the tee is. It’s important for different types of clubs because they have different lengths and swinging motions. You need the tee that’s going to do okay with your club.

Best Golf Tees

Made in USA: It’s important to some golfers to know where their tees are made. It’s important to us too! The tees that are made in the USA give you a sense of patriotism, so we’ve made a note for you.

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Painted: Sometimes the paint on certain tees will leave marks on your clubs. So if you’re using a club that’s susceptible to that, you want to avoid painted tees altogether. We’ve got you covered here too!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, we can get to our golf tee reviews! We’ve looked at all the best tees to show you the great drives you could have if you switched! Got another round to get back to? Check out our top pick and budget pick before you go. When you come back, browse the rest of our list for some really awesome tees that you’re sure to love! You could vastly improve your game!

Zero Friction Golf Tees

Top Pick
Zero Friction is a huge name in golf accessories, especially tees! These tees have three prongs on the top, to reduce the contact area between the ball and the tee. This allows the ball to be hit easier, fly straight, and go a longer distance. To get the best results, point one prong towards your target and let it fly! These zero friction golf tees were rated the #1 performance tee on the PGA circuit back in 2005, and they haven’t stopped being amazing! There are eight color options you can choose, including red and bright blue, as well as a white color that’s easy to find in the grass. When the tees won’t break, this is invaluable! Make sure that you’re loading the ball after the tee is already in the ground – that makes these tees work so much better! We love all the color options and the technology behind these tees, which makes them our top pick.
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Pride Golf Tee

Budget Pick
These Pride Golf Tees are made of solid hardwood, making them less likely to break if you hit too low on the tee. They come in either a 50-count or 100-count bag, so you always have the number of tees you need with you! These are rated for maximum performance and made in the United States, so you can be a patriot on the field! They are painted to a high gloss finish, so they look great! They come in a variety of bright colors, green, pink, red and orange among them, as well as natural wood and black. They even sell tees in mixed colors if you’d prefer to have all different colors. It’s a surprise! Even though these are painted, they will not leave marks on your clubs. How awesome is that? These are the best cheap golf tees we looked at!
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4 Yards More Golf Tee

These 4 Yards More golf tees are amazingly complex and deceptively simple! The tips of these tees are a flexible plastic material that allows for better contact and actually bends with a hit from the club. You’re less likely to break them, and that’s why they come only 4 pieces to a pack! There’s less resistance on your shot, so the ball will travel farther. It’s just physics! These are built to last over 100 drives, so you won’t have to carry a pocket full of tees ever again! And what’s better? There’s a height gauge on the tee. The key to consistent drives is consistent height, so you will always know where to place the tee for your best distance. That’s pretty awesome! And speaking of distance, 4 Yards More has tested these tees in the field to improve the distance your ball will go. That’s pretty amazing, in our opinion! These golf tees are sure to improve your game!
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Callaway Performance Tee

Callaway is a well-known name in sports accessories, and these plastic tees certainly stand up to those expectations! The 6-pronged head and contoured cup on the top of the tee reduce friction on the ball and shoot it straighter to avoid side spinning. This allows for more accuracy as well as more distance. There are impact ribs on the rest of the tee so it stays solid and strong even for your best swings. They just will not break as often, and you will not go through them as fast as some of the lighter duty tees. They come in bright neon colors like pinks and blues to help you see them in the grass, but they also come in white if that is what you prefer. We love the unique design and strength of these tees! The six prongs on the head are revolutionary. Point one prong towards your destination for the best results.
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Price Professional Tee System

The Price Professional Tee System is pretty amazing! They have other color options besides the white-blue one, but they all come in two colors. Want to know why? We’re glad you asked. The color bar on these tees indicates how deep you need to set the tee for drivers that are over 360cc. If you follow this rule every time, you will have consistently better drives due to the perfect position of the tee. The 100% hardwood construction means they are less likely to break. They are stronger and more durable. It’s so easy to identify where you should be placing your tees with this product, and it will improve your game so much! It especially encourages a shallow approach, so even your shallower swings will up your game! They have color-bar tees for every type of club, so it’s not just drivers that get special treatment. Try them out!
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VersaGolf Bamboo Golf Tees

These VersaGolf tees stand out on our list as wooden golf tees, because they aren’t made with the traditional hardwood material. Instead, these are made with bamboo. It is known to be stronger than hardwood by up to 7 times, and they are definitely more lightweight! The natural, unpainted color won’t rub off on your club face by any means, which is definitely a bonus. But they want to compensate you for tees that do, so it comes with a club cleaning brush to get all of the paint and grass clippings off of your expensive tools! It is a great price for bulk tees, so you might as well stockpile them while you have the chance, right? The bamboo construction is unique and allows for just a little more strength if that’s all you need! These could even compete with plastic for some of the most durable tees we could find that aren’t metal.
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AckBrands Measure Tees

This is another tee that aims to give you some consistency to your drives. These tees have lines marked about every ¼ inch with lines and measurements, so you can get your perfect tee height every time. This way, you can precisely control the height of your tee, allowing for a better trajectory as well as distance. It’ll maximize your effectiveness for sure! The great part about the different lines is that the perfect height changes with each person and each different club. You won’t have to buy a specific tee for each type of club you have! That feature alone makes these some of the best golf tees for sale right now, as they give you the best height control you’ll be able to get without buying specifically different tees. If you want your drives to be more consistent, and your distances to be as great as they can be, these are definitely the tees that you need!
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Martini Step Up Tees

The Martini Step Up tee is definitely unique on our list! They have an awesome design where the top of the tee is like a martini glass which gives you an easier time putting the ball on the tee. They are virtually unbreakable, because they are made with a durable, flexible plastic that allows them to bend instead of breaking. They come in white, but also in bright red, orange, and yellow so you can find them easily after your drive. The bottom of the ‘martini glass’ design gives you a consistent placement in the ground, so your ball is always at the same height – and always goes the same distance, straight and perfect. We think it’s cute that they look like martini glasses, but it’s awesome that there’s a purpose to that too. These really are unbreakable golf tees – they are going to last you a long time if you give them a try!
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NUOLUX Golf Tees

NUOLUX makes another really unique golf tee in this model. They are all different colors, all bright so that you can find them after you hit them. They are also multiple colors, which we think is awesome! You won’t need a new one each time you hit the ball due to the durable plastic design, with a rubber top that keeps the ball in place really well. It’s super hard to break these tees! The wider opening on the top makes it a little easier to tee up the ball, which makes them the best golf tees for beginners on our list. They are lightweight enough that when you have to carry extras it won’t be a problem at all. The double-colored design of these makes it really nice, as you’re almost always going to be able to pick them out among the grass no matter where they land. And they’re so bright and vivid!
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Alumi-Tee Golf Tees

The last product on our list is metal golf tees. They are made of aluminum, so they are almost impossible to break! They have a higher ball placement and a larger diameter to make placing the ball on the tee easier. The only club that this tee isn’t recommended for is irons. They’re extremely tough, especially for people who are strong and like to hit too low or too high, with enough force to break other tees. We are really impressed with the durability of these tees. Plus, the aluminum makes them really easy to find in the grass because they sparkle. This is why gold golf tees are so appealing to people in professional circuits – the sun will naturally shine off the finish, making sure that you (almost) never lose them. With only three to a pack, people obviously have a harder time losing and breaking them. We think that is pretty amazing!
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