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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Grow Tent Kits

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How to Pick Your Grow Tent

Making your own DIY homemade grow tent is pretty difficult while buying a complete indoor grow tent setup that’s ready to be put together in a few minutes is about… let’s see… six jillion times easier. If that sounds good, read on. Because that’s what this review is all about! Modern grow tents are high-quality and make your plant growing setup more efficient than ever with reflective interiors and lots of vents and ports for easy cable and duct management. To help you find the perfect product, we’ve researched the top grow tents on the market as well as some lesser-known “diamonds in the rough.” The result is the grow tent reviews below. Before we jump in, here’s what you need to know when buying.

Best Grow Tent Kits

Dimensions: Measured in feet, this spec shows you the size of the tent. Tents range from as small as 2x2 feet to 4x8 feet or more. Your requirements are unique, so pick the tent size that makes the most sense for you.

Best Grow Tent Kits

Light-Proof: This shows you how well the tent prevents light leaks from getting in. They are the pinhole sizes holes that you want to prevent. Indoor grow tents with high light-proofing are better, so look for a high rating.

How to Pick Your Grow Tent

Reflection: Also shown as a percentage, this spec describes how reflective the interior of the growing tent is thanks to materials like Mylar. Higher is better. This helps conserve energy for traditional and hydro setups.

Best Grow Tent Kits

Metal Frame: An indoor grow tent with a full metal frame will be solidly built and able to withstand heavy hanging LED lamps and plenty of use. We’ll let you know if the frame is metal or some other material.

Best Grow Tent Kits

Tear Proof: Another spec that indicates a tent’s durability, being tear-proof or tear resistant means you don’t have to tiptoe around your indoor grow tent. We also list specific fabric materials where available.

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Heavy-Duty Zippers: Nobody wants a flimsy grow tent, and a broken zipper can really ruin any grower’s day. So we made sure to mark whether each grow tent has heavy-duty zippers designed to stand the test of time or not.

Top 10 Products

At the top of our review list are our recommended top pick and budget pick, if you want to make a quick decision. But we also checked other products from top grow tent brands like Gorilla so it might be worthwhile to compare them all.

Apollo Grow Tent

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best grow tent measures 4x4 with a roomy 6.6-foot height. A Mylar interior and tough canvas exterior are double-stitched over a metal frame with heavy-duty zippers. A removable Mylar floor tray makes it easy to clean up accidental spills. You can hang 75 pounds from the frame, so you can easily set up grow light panels and fan equipment without worrying about overloading your grow tent kit. Two filter straps are included as well to help you hang everything up. Six eight-inch duct ports are located on the sides and top of the tent, plus two three-inch electrical cord ports located on one of the walls. The ports have drawstrings to adjust for smaller ducts and cords without leaking light. It has vents as well. This tent does not have a ground level door or viewing window like some of the other tents on our list, but it has a great design and excellent price. Use it as a hydroponic tent or set up a few dirt plots in there and watch your plants grow! It’s a perfect tent choice if you’re looking for a convenient, all-in-one solution.
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Valuebox Small Grow Tent

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is a star among cheap grow tents. This 2x2 grow tent kit has a height of 4 feet for growing tall plants or stacking shelves of plants and light systems. It has two double-layered extract socks measuring six inches each for duct work, plus two cable socks and three passive outside vents. It’s also available in 3x3 and 4x4 dimensions as well. This indoor grow tent setup uses tear proof 600D material with a Mylar interior over metal poles, plus a great tool-less click connector system. Privacy flaps cover the heavy duty zippers, and you can peek in on your plant babies through the viewing window. If you choose to make use of the vents, they are designed to decrease light leakage by reflecting light back into the tent and at the ground. For cheap hydroponics or other indoor growing adventures, the Valuebox grow tent is a great choice. It even has a removable Mylar tray to make cleaning up inevitable spills less of a headache. You can suspend up to 44 pounds (20 kg) from the frame. You’ll notice as you read that this is lower than some of the other tent options, but it should be enough for small to medium operations that require a simple 2x2 tent.
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Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4x4

Love the Gorilla grow tent features but need a low-price option? This Gorilla grow tent with 4x4 dimensions is from their “Lite” line, which lacks the IR blocking roof featured in other Gorilla tent models. 210D canvas and big heavy duty zippers cover a solid metal interlocking frame. It has one doorway and wraparound zippers as well as viewing windows so you can check on your plants from any angle. It has six big 10-inch double-layered cinching duct ports and two ports for electrical cords, as well as a tool pouch and spill tray. As is, this indoor grow tent sets up to be about 6.5 feet tall, but Gorilla tents also offer height extensions for their tents that would boost it to over 7.5 feet tall. The height of this tent makes it comfortable for most people to work in even with a few grow lights hanging around. Basically, the Gorilla guys thought of everything. You can also get small grow tent options from the Gorilla Lite line, measuring 2x2.5 feet or 2x4 feet. Or go big and get the 8x8 foot tent if you want to go epic. We won’t stop you.
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Vivosun Grow Tent

The Vivosun grow tent kit has 600D thick, double-stitched canvas over a Mylar interior and a metal frame with tool-free connectors. This is a great indoor or hydroponic grow tent for people who need a lot of ports: five eight-inch ports (one of them in the ceiling), two four-inch ports, plus a 12-inch port for ducts with dual ventilation socks. Combined with the included carbon filter belts, you can hook up all of your relevant devices to control the humidity, light, air, and heat in your tent ecosystem! The metal frame can handle loads up to 110 pounds, so it’s ready to hold up several grow lights or other add-ons. There’s also an observation window so you can look in on your plants without disturbing the environment you’ve perfected for them. Shhh, they’re sleeping... Besides that, these complete grow tents come with removable floor trays and a tool bag. Standing at a height of almost seven feet, most people can maneuver inside the tent comfortably without stooping over too much. This tent is solidly built, very light-proof, and designed to offer a high-tech indoor gardening system that only requires a few extra pieces of equipment.
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Lighthouse Hydro Grow Tent

This Lighthouse grow tent is tough: heavy duty zippers overlayed with canvas, a powder-coated steel frame, and double-stitched 900D canvas exterior with a tear-proof Mylar interior, all made to be non-toxic with no off-gassing. The 5x5 grow tent isn’t the only option - you can also get tents measuring 2.5x1.5 feet, 2.6x2.6 feet, 8x4 feet, and three height variations of 4x2 feet. The 5x5 Lighthouse tent is a comfortable 7 feet tall and a perfect fit for hydroponic equipment. These grow tent packages also come with hangers for your grow lights and removable Mylar spill floors. You also get plenty of ports: four eight-inch ports on top of the tent and two four-inch ports on the bottom, all double-layered with drawstring closures. The ports have Velcro closures for when they aren’t in use, too. Air intake vents, a viewing window, and a full-sized door complete the offering. Although the tent only has ports on its top and bottom, not the sides, it can handle a range of setups. Wow! Lots of nice specs here. This large grow tent is a great choice for bigger growing setups - if you laugh at the idea of a small grow tent, you’re in the right place.
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Eco-Worthy Hydroponics Tent

This Eco-Worthy Hydroponics Tent is available in 2.6x2.6 and 4x4 sizes as well as this 8x4 size. With 6.6 feet of height, the tent has some vertical room for maneuvering combined with its large floor space. The Diamond Mylar interior is 100% reflective, covered by a 210D oxford cloth exterior. The frame is made of metal painted white, with four poles crossing the ceiling for hanging lights and fans. These grow tent kits also include a removable Mylar mat with Velcro attachments for easy cleanup-on-aisle-three moments. The four air vents can be closed off with Velcro covers, and the vents use high-density mesh to keep out insects without compromising airflow. Included filter straps can help you string a filter across the ceiling to the two high ports, and two low ports can be used for electrical cords. If you’re looking for grow tents for sale that have plenty of vents and are relatively lightweight, the Eco-Worthy tent is a good choice. It is not the most heavy-duty tent, so avoid lots of hanging items, but otherwise can give you a lot of room to work with for a great price.
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Urban Farmer Indoor Tent

The Urban Farmer Indoor 3x3 Grow Tent is also available in 3x1.6, 4x2, 4x4, 4.75x4.75, and 8x4 sizes. It has a six-foot clearance, which might be a bit cramped for taller people, so keep that in mind if you hate being stooped over when you’re trying to work. The reflective Mylar interior features air vents with Velcro-fastened covers and a variety of ports! The heavy duty lining is designed to keep odors in and insects and other unwanted critters out, so you don’t have to worry about your living space smelling like dirt and fertilizer. The tent has two 8-inch ports on the ceiling, four 6-inch ports located on two of the walls, and two three-inch ports located on one wall. The ports are “double-socked” and have drawstring closures to prevent light from leaking out. You can hang lights and fans from the ceiling “beams,” and it’s all pretty easy to set up, although this tent is not as sturdy as some of the other options we’ve reviewed. It is lightweight and has a waterproof floor, but lacks some of the “extras” seen in other grow tents, like tool bags and a full-size door.
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Gorilla Grow Tent GGT55

Gorilla grow tent packages have risen up among growing tents in part due to their infrared blocking roof design, which keeps the surface of your grow tent cool even with hot LED lamps blazing underneath. They also feature height-adjusting options to bring your tent to eight feet or taller. As is, the 5x5 Gorilla grow tent has an almost seven-foot height, but you get a free 12-inch height extension kit included with this grow tent package. The tent material is ultra-thick 1680D, which is anywhere from three to nine times denser than other grow tent materials. The metal frame is also incredibly durable and can handle up to 300 pounds being suspended from its ceiling beams! The extra-large, ten-inch, double cinching ducting ports are positioned perfectly and ideal for pro indoor gardeners. The tall doors give you full access to all sides of the tent. You also get the classic reflective Mylar interior, plus huge zippers, plus a built-in tool pouch and flood pool floor tray. Nice! Basically, this is one of those grow tents that’s been extensively tested and made by people who know what indoor grow setups need. If you can afford a Gorilla tent, it’s an amazing choice for people serious about growing indoors.
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This iPower 4x8 grow tent is also available in 2.3x2.3, 3x1, 3x3, 4x2.3, 4x4, and 5x5 sizes. The 4x8 growing tent has a 6.6-foot height, giving you some clearance for hanging grow lamps and fans as needed. It can handle 90 pounds hanging from its ceiling beams - not as heavy as some other tent options, but enough for most basic operations that require a couple of lamps and maybe a fan or two. The exterior is made of 5mm three-ply Vinyl with a Mylar interior over a metal frame with push-lock connecting corners. Large zippers and double-stitching are used on the two large doors and two smaller “window” entries to give you wide access to your tent interior. It has a basic setup of two large ports and two small ports with drawstring closures, and four vents that can be covered with thick Velcro covers. This is a basic tent despite its size so it may not be the best choice for indoor plant growers with more extensive and complex setups - stick to the simple stuff with the iPower tent. If you’re a beginner, we recommend grabbing a smaller, cheaper tent to start with and building up from there.
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Sun Hut Blackout 100 Tent

This Sun Hut grow tent has almost seven feet of height clearance to keep you relatively comfortable as you tend to your beloved plants. It’s also available in 2x2, 2.6x2.6, 3x3, 3.3x3.3, 3.9x2, 5x5, 8x4, 8x8, and 10x10 - phew! So it has a range of sizes for different levels of indoor plant systems. It’s made of 210D canvas material with Mylar interior and removable Mylar floor liner for cleaning up spills. The metal frame is made of galvanized steel poles that fit into polypropylene connectors. Polypropylene is a strong plastic, but if you want an all-metal frame, you may prefer a different tent. This growing tent also has four drawstring dual-sock ports, situated from across from each other on opposite walls to make installing ducts easy. You also get clear viewing windows and two large doorways, too. If you want a tent that covers all of the bases but isn’t covered with ports, you may like this option from Sun Hut. It has an intuitive but simple design and a strong frame. This is a great choice for a higher-end grow tent with a relatively small size if you want to upgrade your growing conditions.
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