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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Gun Lubes

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How to Choose Your Gun Lubes

Looking for a gun lube to protect your favorite firearms? Keeping your guns lubed and clean is important to the longevity and usefulness of your weapons. So we did a little digging to come up with a top ten list of the very best of all of the gun lubes we could find. This list has the very best gun oils and greases that we could find, making sure that no matter what you are firing, it is protected. We used a few basic criteria to pick our favs, and here is a list of them.

Best Gun Lubes

Flammable - Flammable gun oils and greases can be potentially dangerous and should be stored with care. Non-flammable gun oils are less volatile and much safer for you.

Best Gun Lubes

Odorless - Does this lube have a distinct scent? Do you want something with a nice scent or odorless? Check out this stat, and we’ll let you know what it smells like in the description.

How to Choose Your Gun Lubes

Non-Toxic - Non-toxic gun lubes are safe if they come in contact with your skin. There are some you don’t want to get on yourself and you should wear gloves when handling them.

Best Gun Lubes

USDA-Approved - Want to know if the gun lube is USDA approved or not? Check out this icon; we’ll let you know which lubes have approval and which do not.

Best Gun Lubes

Weight - How much does the can or bottle of gun lube weigh? If your collection of firearms is big, you’ll need a big jar. We’ll let you know how many sizes each product comes in, too.

Product Intro Icon

Dimensions - How big is the bottle? This is important for storage. So make sure the bottle isn’t too big for your shelf, cabinet, or wherever you plan to keep it.

Top 10 Products

Almost there! Our top ten is not put into any particular order (we love them all!) with the exception of two. The first and second positions hold two very special gun lubes; the first is our Top Pick and the second is our Budget Pick. So if you are in a hurry, you can just check out those top two selections. Now, we’re ready! Let’s get to those gun lube reviews!

FrogLube CLP Liquid

Top Pick
If you’re looking for the best gun grease ever, we’re pretty sure we’ve found it.Our top pick is the FrogLube CLP Liquid. FrogLube is non-toxic and biodegradable. It’s all about protection. Not only does it protect the environment by been green, but it also prevents rust, carbon, and grit build up on your gun. It contains no petroleum, no oil, and no wax. The four-ounce bottle should keep your gun lubed and protected for a long time, even if you clean your gun regularly. And that isn’t even the best part! This stuff is USDA approved and contains only food safe ingredients, so it’s safe for your hands. There’s nothing hazardous at all! And to top it all off, the FrogLube has a pleasant, minty scent that doesn’t stink. We love this stuff, and we’re pretty sure that you’re going to love it too!
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Hornady One Shot Lube

Budget Pick
Why is Hornady One Shot Lube our Budget Pick? It’s not just because it’s an inexpensive option for lubing your gun, but also because it’s a great spray! This 5-ounce is long lasting, effective, and can be used without contaminating powders or primers. The Hornady One Shot Lube doesn’t contain any petroleum, Teflon, or synthetic silicone. This is a high-pressure dry film is the perfect lube for your shot case. The DynaGlide Plus technology in this can makes for very slick and makes it perfect for protecting your collection. And best of all, you need very little of it to do what needs done; this means there’s no greasy clean up necessary. Just a spray and you’re on your way! All this on a budget too!
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Slip2000 Weapons Grease

Want a grease that’s perfect for all of your weapons? The Slip2000 Weapons Grease is designed to reduce friction on all of the moving parts in your guns, cutting down on the amount of wear and tear. This amazing grease stays wet up to five times longer than other kinds, and it doesn’t burn off like petroleum. This stuff is safe for nearly all of the parts of your guns, including metal, wood, and even plastic. It fights back against carbon, copper, lead, plastic, or other dirt that can build up on your weapon while in use. That means clean up is a breeze! It also protects against corrosion too! And you can use it on nearly any kind of weapon you own, including rifles, machine guns, hand guns, and more.
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RWS Chamber Lube

Need something for an airgun? The RWS Chamber Lube is our favorite pick for airgun lube! The bottle is only a half of ounce, but a little goes a long way with it. It is a silicone oil designed to be safe for nearly any air gun. So if you want to add life and longevity to your airguns, this is the right lube for you. It includes an applicator for ease of use; the applicator needle is about three inches long to make it easy as pie to apply. All you need is a drop or so every 1000 shots, and your gun will be ready for hours more fun. And the best part is that this lube won’t cost you an arm and leg, either!
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Advanced Weapons Gun Oil

Advanced Weapons Gun Oil is designed to keep guns lubed and clean. This oil is made in the USA. It’s is designed to never solidify and gum up while protecting your guns from dirt and grim. Since it helps to prevent build up, it will speed up cleaning time on your weapons by up to 50%. This lube can be used on just about any metal moving parts in your guns, but it can also be used for fishing reels and other moving metal parts. It comes with a needle to make sure it’s easy to use and easy to get the oil where you want it. And the thick oil doesn’t run; it will stay where you put it and not drip all over. That helps to fight waste and also makes for cleaner applications.
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Breakthrough Purity Oil

The Breakthrough Purity Oil is an awesome gun oil for all of your weapons. It comes in a variety of sizes so you can get what you need. We looked at the 2-ounce bottle, but it also comes in 0.4 ounces, 6 ounces, and gallon sizes. This stuff is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and has almost no odor at all. This helps to make use easier and safer. And it’s not only useful for guns, but can also be used for knives, fishing reels, and even bows. Breakthrough is a great company with a ton of great products and this one is no exception. With the Purity Oil, you’ll get “extreme pressure” for easy application, and you’ll get complete protection for your weapons too. So if you want to stop corrosion in its tracks, prevent rust, and help to keep down wear and tear, Breakthrough is here to help.
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Steel Shield Weapon Shield

Want a weapon lube that cleans and protects? Steel Shield Weapon Shield is a superior product that has some awesome stats. Specially formulated for “Shooting sports, military, and law enforcement,” this lube is high on our list of favorite gun oils. It reduces friction to help stop wear where moving parts touch. It protects against corrosion, heat, dirt, and build up. The Steel Shield Weapon Shield also cleans, removing dirt, grime, lead, and anything else that might be sticking around on your favorite firearms. And one of the best things about this? It’s all made in the USA, so you know you are supporting local economies. It comes in a variety of sizes too! So if you want to increase the life and the accuracy of your weapons, check out Steel Shield Weapon Shield lubricant.
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Need some deep cleaning? PROTEXALL Safari Charlie Gun Lube is an easy-to-use product that does it all. With Safari Charlie you can deep clean your rifles, handguns, and other weaponry. Once it’s clean, this lube protects too! It repels water, dirt, dust, the build up of lead, skin oils, and other residues. And there’s no residue, so there’s nothing for dirt to stick to. It also lubricants to protect metal from friction; the reduction of friction helps your It’s made in the USA, too. Although this one isn’t odorless, it has a pleasant scent that doesn’t overpower you. It’s also a really great price for the amount of product you get in each can. It’s 11 ounces of pure, gun cleaning awesomeness. We’re pretty sure you’re going to love it just as much as we do.
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Grizzly Grease Gun Lubricant

The Grizzly Grease Gun Lubricant claims to be the “toughest and most aggressive gun-cleaning product” on the market. Is it true? We think so! This stuff cleans, protects, and lubricates all in one. It can remove years of build up and dirt, giving you a clean, lubed surface. This helps to reduce friction between the moving parts of your gun, making it less likely to wear, expanding its life, and improving accuracy. It also helps prevents jams. This lube is MIL-SPEC, which means it can weather very low temperatures and very high temperatures, so you can bring it along on all of your adventures without any worries. And it’s safe too! Non-toxic and USDA certified, this protects not only your gun but also you from harsh fumes and gross chemicals. So if you are looking for something aggressive yet safe, check out Grizzly Grease Gun Lubricant!
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Breakthrough Born Grease

And last but not at all least, the Breakthrough Born Grease! Water and steam resistant, this stuff sticks around to protect your guns for a long time. It’s perfect for your entire collection, including handguns, rifles, fishing reels, knives, bows, and more. It’s completely synthetic material but doesn’t have a stinky chemical odor. In fact, it has almost no odor at all. It won’t stain your stuff either. It’s super safe to use because it’s non-toxic and not flammable. Made in the USA, Breakthrough Born Grease is safe to keep and use in extreme cold or extreme heat. So you can take it all the way on your hunting excursion in the desert or ice fishing in the Arctic. If you want a great addition to your tackle box or rifle case, then check out the Breakthrough Born Grease; we love it, and we’re pretty sure you will too!
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