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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

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How to Pick Your Dehumidifier

Firearms do best in relatively dry storage conditions. In fact, high humidity levels may cause metal to rust and corrode, shortening the lifespan of your gun collection. We researched new and best-selling gun safe dehumidifier products to help you keep your firearms in perfect condition! But before you take a look at our reviews, the list of specs below will help you understand more about what goes into the perfect gun safe dehumidifier.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Type: The main dehumidifier types are silica gel canisters and electric dehumidifiers that require recharging or a plug.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Coverage: The best gun safe dehumidifier for you depends on how big your safe is and how big the humidity problem is.

How to Pick Your Dehumidifier

Wireless: Wired (corded) dehumidifiers don’t require recharging, but may be more difficult to install. Wireless ones are easy.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Size: If you don’t have a lot of room to spare, compare the sizes of our dehumidifier picks to get one that’s compact!

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Weight: Don’t overburden your shelving with a heavy dehumidifier. Weight can also be important if you want to mount a dehumidifier.

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Warranty: A manufacturer may say their product will last a certain number of years, but a warranty really backs that up!

Top 10 Products

Did you read over our specs list? Fantastic! Now let’s get into some safe dehumidifier reviews. Our top pick and budget pick are the overall best dehumidifier and the best budget dehumidifier we found during our review process. Stick to those if you’re in a hurry! But there are also eight very good runner-ups to look at if you want to compare a range of dehumidifiers. Let’s get started!

GoldenRod Dehumidifier

Top Pick
The best gun safe dehumidifier for a long-term humidity solution is the GoldenRod, our top pick. This rod-style safe dehumidifier slightly heats and maintains the temperature of your gun safe to keep moisture at bay. No reheating or recharging required--just an outlet. The 12’’ GoldenRod covers 100 cubic feet, the 18’’ covesters 200 cubic feet, the 24’’ covers 300 cubic feet, and the 36’’ covers 500 cubic feet. That’s impressive! You can cover larger safes and other areas with just one tool. Each rod has a six-foot cord and includes mounting brackets and a plug attachment. Install the rod, run the cord out to the outlet, and cut off excess cord before attaching the plug for a perfect fit. The GoldenRods come with lifetime warranties, too! A rod dehumidifier involves a little work up-front to install, but it’s smooth sailing after that, and can give you peace of mind that your guns are safe in their safe!
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Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier

Budget Pick
The Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier become our favorite budget safe dehumidifier with a great value. This non-toxic, child-safe and pet-safe dehumidifier absorbs moisture from areas as large as 10x10’, with a total coverage area of 333 cubic feet. Just put it on a shelf or on the floor in your gun safe and it will start soaking up moisture! A small “indicator window” will turn from orange to green when the dehumidifier needs to be plugged in to dry out. To recharge the unit, plug it into an outlet for 8-10 hours. It lasts anywhere from 3-8 weeks at a time, depending on humidity levels, and works up to 10 years! The unit absorbs 8-10 ounces of moisture in one go and works well for a range of humidity issues. Here’s the thing: what really sold us on this dehumidifier was the five-year warranty. Now THAT’S a deal we like to see!
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SafeNDry Gun Safe Dehumidifier

The SafeNDry Gun Safe dehumidifier holds silica gel that helps to soak up moisture in the air, keeping it away from your guns and ammunition! It can dehumidify up to 60 cubic feet in an enclosed space to keep relative humidity below 30%. When the silica gel beads turn from dark blue to pink, that means they’re saturated and it’s time to dry them out in the oven. You can reuse this dehumidifier indefinitely! It works best for enclosed spaces with mild to moderate humidity issues. For basements and other areas with persistent humidity issues, a corded system that doesn’t need to be reset or charged may work best. In the proper setting, these silica gel canisters can last months or a year without needing to be recharged! It’s ideal for small safes and areas with basic humidity issues. This 450-gram canister doesn’t need batteries or electricity to keep your gun safe’s humidity low.
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Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod

The LOCKDOWN dehumidifier rod comes in 12’’ and 18’’ sizes with a 70’’ cord. The 12’’ rod can handle up to 100 cubic feet, while the 18’’ rod is good for up to 200 cubic feet. These low-wattage rods help to eliminate humidity by slightly increasing the temperature of the air inside of your safe. The rods come with mounting brackets and a separate plug. When you install the rod, you can run the cord to the nearest outlet and cut it to your desired length before installing the plug attachment. No extra cord getting tangled up and dusty in the corner! For a long-lasting humidity solution, these corded dehumidifying rods keep a consistent dry atmosphere in your gun safe. You don’t need to check on them like you do with silica gel and other dehumidifier types. As long as the power is on, the rod is working!
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Stack-On SPAD-1500 Cordless

The SPAD-1500 Rechargeable Dehumidifier is a rechargeable dehumidifier made to pull moisture from up to 100 cubic feet of air. This small, compact dehumidifier runs for 4-6 weeks on a single charge. A small indicator window on the top of the dehumidifier lets you know the moisture content of the absorbent material inside. The pellets start out blue and gradually turn pink--and when you see pink, it’s time to recharge the dehumidifier! Plug it into a standard outlet in an area where it can release the absorbed moisture, such as in a garage or ventilated bathroom. It needs to recharge overnight, for about 8-10 hours, and then it’s ready to go again for another month! This type of dehumidifier doesn’t need to be monitored while it dries out, and makes keeping your guns in tip-top shape easy as pie. For a large safe, you may need a few of these to keep it at a good humidity!
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Cannon Safe SGD57 Silica Gel

The Cannon Safe SGD57 Silica Gel protects up to 57 cubic feet with a perforated steel canister filled with 750 grams of silica gel. This gel is non-toxic and free of cobalt (II) chloride, which is considered hazardous to humans. The indicator cap filled with silica gel turns pink when it reaches a high moisture content, which can take months or up to a year depending on the humidity levels. Once the canister has reached peak absorption levels, pop the container in the oven for a few hours to dry it out and start the process over again. You can buy a couple to cover a larger area or to make switch-outs easier. The silica gel absorbs moisture in the air to prevent it from condensing on your firearms and other materials. This ultra-low-tech, no-hassle desiccant helps to keep your guns and ammo in good shape while they aren’t in use!
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Lockdown Silica Gel

The Lockdown Silica Gel comes in a vented aluminum can filled with silica gel. The gel absorbs moisture from the air from an area up to 57 cubic feet. This works well for smaller safes and storage areas. The 750-gram can has a “window cap” filled with the silica gel, which will change color as the gel absorbs more moisture. These can last for a long time in your average 24- or 48-gun safe. We’re talking 6-12 months or more! Once the silica gel is full of moisture, pop the canister into the oven without the lid and it will dry out in no time. They have a low price, so it’s easy to buy extra to fully dry out your safe or for use in other areas with condensation or humidity issues. Keep your firearms in good shape without needing to constantly check on your dehumidifier! A simple battery-free, cord-free desiccant is an easy way to maintain your gun safe.
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Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier

The Pro Breeze PB-04 rechargeable dehumidifier is a compact dehumidifying package for your gun safe! It can maintain the humidity and absorb moisture from areas up to 333 cubic feet, so it’s ideal for a gun safe or cabinet. It absorbs up to 5 ounces of moisture for about 20-30 days. An indicator window shows the gel inside, which will turn from dark green to orange as the product soaks up more and more moisture. When it has reached full capacity, plug it into an outlet to “recharge” for 8-10 hours, then you’re ready to start over again! While plugged in, a small heating element inside the device helps to diffuse the moisture from the silica gel. If you regularly check on and make use of your gun collection, the month-to-month coverage of this compact dehumidifier is an easy way to keep humidity low without needing to recharge with an oven!
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Dry-Packs Silica Gel

The Dry-Packs Silica Gel Dehumidifier is an easy, electricity-free way of keeping firearms from being affected by damp air. The aluminum canister contains 750 grams of silica gel material that turns from orange to dark green when the gel has absorbed moisture to about 60% of its capacity. The indicator beads can be set up in a clear “pocket” on the lid as an easy way to check whether it’s time to change out the dehumidifier and dry it out. The silica gel is formulated to be free of cobalt (II) chloride, a common color-changing indicator in silica dehumidifiers which has been linked to cancer in humans. When you’re starting to see green when you check on your dehumidifier, just pop the canister into the oven to reactivate them! If your ideal gun safe dehumidifier doesn’t require batteries or an outlet to work, this basic canister works well! You can also combine it with other dehumidifier methods as a backup in the case of a power outage.
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Barska 150G Dehumidifier

The Barska 150G dehumidifier is basically a “pillow” packed with silica gel that changes color as it absorbs more and more humidity. Compared to canisters, however, it has one big advantage: you can microwave it instead of heating it in the oven! “Recharging” the dehumidifier pillow so it can start soaking up moisture again takes about four minutes in a 600W microwave, versus a couple of hours for oven-baked canisters. The dehumidifier’s packet cover turns from blue to pink as it gets close to being saturated. The change covers the entire pillow cover, not just a small indicator area. Barska also makes safes, so they know what they’re talking about. Even contained dehumidifiers that recharge when plugged into an electrical socket can’t beat this pillow’s fast recharge time! No worries about spills, either. If you don’t want to constantly check on your dehumidifier or forget about it while it’s recharging, this option recharges fast!
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