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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Hair Toners

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How to Choose the Best Hair Toner

Finding the best hair toner can really take your hair to the next level. It’s hard to keep blonde and even come brown shades from taking on a warm, brassy look. Whether you need a hair toner for blonde highlights or something to help your freshly bleached platinum stay cool, we have a toner for you. We researched some of the top-selling and best-rated brands to help you find the right product for your hair. First, let’s look at some key features.

Best Hair Toners

Type: These products are either shampoos, masks, dyes, or conditioners. They each work a little differently and some are much harsher than others. For example, dyes are much harsher than shampoos. You should choose depending on the care your hair needs.

Best Hair Toners

Hair Color: While most of these are for blonde hair, we did find one great option for brunettes. Blond hair is so fair, it’s really hard to keep it the right shade. That’s why there are so many products available for blondes.

How to Choose the Best Hair Toner

Paraben Free: Parabens have been used since the 1950s to prevent bacterial growth in beauty products. More recently, a study was done the indicated that prolonged exposure can cause some health problems. So, some brands have eliminated parabens completely.

Best Hair Toners

Ammonia Free: Some of our picks are ammonia free, some are not. Ammonia free products are a little gentler than those that with ammonia but may not be as effective on stubborn hair. Use what works best for you.

Best Hair Toners

Money Back Guarantee: There are a handful of these products that come with a money back guarantee but most don’t. It’s hard to promise that a product will work on all hair. Some brands do, though, which is pretty impressive!

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Package Size: Package sizes vary quite a bit, but you have to keep in mind that every type of toner is different. For example, a bottle of shampoo is going to have more volume than a toner mask.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for when you’re trying to find the best hair toner for sale, let’s get to our reviews. We put our top and budget picks right at the top. It’s the best place to start if you’re in a hurry to see the range that’s available. The rest of the products in our hair toner buying guide are great, too, so stick around if you can. Okay, let’s get to it.

Pravana Purple Toning Masque

Top Pick
Our top pick is the Pravana Purple Toning Masque, the best professional hair toner we found in our research. All you have to do is apply it to your hair once or twice a week and you’ll notice a huge difference. In fact, it will leave your hair looking like you got it treated at the salon. Because it’s a mask, it goes on thick and provides a lot of deep, penetrating coverage. To help keep your hair strong, it uses coconut oil for conditioning. It uses a special dual violet dye system and brighteners that will counter and yellow or brassy tones in your blonde hair after only a few uses. Plus, the deep penetrating conditioners can help counteract any damage caused by bleaching or using heated styling products.
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Wella Color Charm Toner

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for cheap hair toner that actually works, look no further than our budget pick, Wella Color Charm Toner. This is a mask that is best applied with a dye brush if you have long hair but you can easily use gloves with shorter hair and get enough coverage. It removes the brassy, yellow tones and leaves you with a blonde that’s more platinum or beige. It has a slight purple hue to it when you apply it but that’s exactly what you want! The purple neutralizes the unwanted warm tones you’re sometimes left with after bleaching. The results are fade-resistant and last a long time. How long? For most hair, you only need to use it once a month. And get this: it even helps with gray coverage.
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Winsome & Wisdom Blonde Moment Toner

Another great shampoo that works as a hair toner for bleached hair is Winsome & Wisdom Blonde Moment Toner. It’s a purple shampoo that contains natural extracts that not only clean, they also help deposit color and stop fading. If you have brassy tones in your hair or if it’s a warmer blonde than you were hoping for, this shampoo can help balance it. Plus, it’s safe for colored and chemically treated hair and can help with any grays. That’s not all, it’s also paraben free and provides some UV protection so your results won’t be as affected when you spend time out in the sun. All you have to do is wet your hair and use it like you would regular shampoo. Repeat daily until you achieve the results that you want.
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Schwarzkopf Blond Me Toning

Schwarzkopf Blond Me Toning is the best hair toner for blonde hair. It’s not a shampoo but is meant to be used on pre-lightened or really blonde hair to add different effects. Of course, it’s great for neutralizing warm tones but it’s also a versatile product that can be used with the entire Blond Me line. You can mix it with hi-lighting, lifting, and white blending creams or even use it to get a pastel effect. You apply it to your hair after bleaching, leave it on for about 10 minutes, and then rinse. The results are great and you can repeat as needed. This toner is called Ice. It’s a light gray/blue that will tone as well as add some color depending on how often you use it.
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Osensia Hair Toner

The best hair toner for orange hair is Osensia Hair Toner. This is a great choice for blondes but works well with gray, silver, or highlighted hair, too. The bright purple color helps counter warm, brassy shades to take your hair to a whole new level. It’s gentler than other purple shampoos and won’t strip your hair. Plus, they add Marula Oil to help moisturize, condition, and protect. If your hair is color treated and you use a lot of heated styling tools, this is a great shampoo for you. There’s no parabens, silicones, or alcohols in it, either. Another great thing about it is it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with it the first time you use it, Osensia will refund your money or replace the product.
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Paul Mitchell The Color Ultra Toner

For good hair toners, you can trust Paul Mitchell. It’s a trusted name when it comes to hair products and this ultra-color toner is no exception. This is a little different than what we’ve reviewed so far because this product is actually a dye. It’s a low ammonia permanent hair color that lightens or darkens your current shade. When you put it on, don’t be alarmed if your hair takes on a purple hue. That actually means it’s working. It should fade after shampooing and leave your blonde hair without brassiness or red or orange undertones. One of the best things about this is that it’s permanent so you don’t have to repeat it very often. Use it after every time you bleach or on your natural color every 6 weeks or so.
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Blond Brilliance Toner

Next up in our hair toner reviews is Blond Brilliance Toner. This is an ammonia free, permanent toner that will help you get rid of any brassy or orange tones in your blonde hair. Because it’s permanent, you don’t need to repeat it as often as you would a shampoo or mask. It’s full of natural, nourishing things for your hair, like Acai and papaya extract and mango and coconut oil. That’s not all, there are also wheat proteins that will moisturize and condition your hair. Bleaching and processing can really cause a lot of damage but this toner will help to soften and smooth your look while also getting you the color you were hoping for. It takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on your hair color and the result you want.
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Brilliant Silver White Hair Toner

If you’re looking for an effective blue hair toner for orange hair, you have to check out Brilliant Silver White Hair Toner. Not only will it help remove orange, yellow, and brassy tones, it also adds softness and shine. This is a temporary toner that you apply after bleaching. It’s water based so it won’t add more damage and will wash out after about 5 shampoos. Then, just re-apply to continue getting the results you’re looking for. A word of warning, this is a really concentrated toner. You only need a few drops and you’ll see results. Plus, it gives you immediate results. It works great on all hair types, whether you’re gray, bleached blond, or have heavy highlights. This is a PETA certified product that’s cruelty free and vegan.
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Color Mask Toning Conditioner

If you have brown hair that’s taken on a red or brassy hue, Color Mask Toning Conditioner is a hair toner for red hair correction. It has intense pigments that are meant to tone down unwanted orange, red, and brassy tones in dark brown to black hair. To help repair and treat hair damaged from chemical treatments and styling products, it contains pro-vitamin B5 and keratin derivatives. Your hair will look like it did right after you left the salon: soft, smooth, and manageable, only without the warm undertones you don’t want. This is a conditioner that can be used weekly or more depending on the result you want. Just comb it through after washing, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse, and you’re done!
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TIGI Bed Head Toning Shampoo

TIGI Bed Head Toning Shampoo is a wash-in hair toner that you can use as often as you want. Because it’s not quite as harsh as a mask, you can use it every day, a few times a week, or even monthly. Leave it on anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes depending on the kind of results you’re looking for. This cleanses and conditions your hair but you can use it with a separate conditioner without affecting the results. The purple pigment neutralizes brassy tones and takes away the warm tones that you might not want in light blonde hair. It also helps keep frizz, static, and flyaways under control. This shampoo leaves your hair looking shiny and smooth. Plus, it will feel soft and be a lot more manageable.
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