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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Half Helmets

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How to Choose the Best Half Helmet

Are you tired of a full helmet that obscures your face and makes it difficult to experience the road? You may want a half helmet instead. They are still backed by the Department of Transportation, and a lot of them provide comfort and a low profile. We’ve researched and reviewed a selection of gear in our half helmet buying guide to help you shop for one! Take a look at some of the things you should know before you start!

Best Half Helmets

Color: You are going to want to look cool on your bike. Half helmets are classically black, but many also come in many color options or have awesome paint jobs. Black is still the most common color among half helmets.

Best Half Helmets

Sun Visor: Most helmets come with sun visors. Some are attached, some snap on, and there are even some that retract. This will help keep the sun out of your eyes and keep your ride smooth even on the brightest days.

How to Choose the Best Half Helmet

Size Range: Some helmets have a fixed size, while most others offer a range of sizes. You need to know the measurements of your head before you settle on a helmet to purchase in order to maintain a comfortable, safe fit.

Best Half Helmets

Adjustable Strap: You’re going to want a helmet with an adjustable strap. You want one that’s going to sit on your head the right way and won’t fall off, and an adjustable strap will help you get the perfect fit.

Best Half Helmets

Washable Padding: It’s a good idea to get a half helmet with removable padding so that you can wash the dust out after long rides. Keep your helmet fresh and smelling new with padding you can take out and clean!

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Finish: Helmets are usually either matte or glossy. The finish doesn’t affect the performance at all, and it’s purely personal preference! Choose a helmet that’s unique to your style so you can look stylish while you ride!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, we can show you the products! These helmets give you a low profile while still providing the padding it takes to be compliant with standards of the DOT. If you’re in a hurry to get back on the road, check out our top pick and budget pick. They’ll show you what’s out there. You’re sure to find the best half shell helmet to meet your needs if you finish the list!

TORC T55 Half Helmet

Top Pick
Our top pick is from TORC. The T55 is flat black and has a flag graphic running along the side. It’s very stylish and looks really cool! There’s padding all along the inside, including cheek pads along the sides of the helmet. There are two different outer shell sizes to scale to the inner size. These run between extra small and extra, extra large. The padding inside can be removed and thrown in the laundry to keep your helmet looking new! If you’re unsure about what size you are, there is a handy sizing chart available so you get the perfect fit for your head. It’s the best low profile half helmet, as the padding doesn’t lift it too far off your head. The integrated sun visor looks amazing and helps keep the sun out of your eyes. It doesn’t get much better than this, and that’s why we think this is one of the best half helmets for sale.
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VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet

Budget Pick
VCAN’s Cruiser provides great style at an affordable price! It’s got a glossy finish to keep you looking good, as well as plush interior padding that can be removed and washed. The straps are nylon; they are comfortable and adjustable via a D-ring that can secure to a single size. This helmet is made to exceed the standards that the Department of Transportation set for half-helmets. This is easily the best cheap half helmet we found in our research. It gives you all the features of a more expensive version for so much less! The shell is a thermoplastic that keeps your head from getting too hot on the road, while still giving you quality protection. This is just one of about 15 designs and sizes that VCAN makes for half helmets, so you’re sure to find something for you in their line! It comes with a visor that can be removed to accommodate your own favorite sunglasses!
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Fuel Helmets Half Helmet

This helmet is lightweight, low profile, and comes with a stylish flat black finish! It comes in four different sizes to accommodate whatever size your head is. There’s a visor included that screws onto the front of the helmet and can be taken off and on at will. The visor is color matched so it looks flawless! This low profile half helmet is the smallest allowed by the Department of Transportation, so if you really don’t like big helmets, this is the one for you. There is a comfortable mesh located on the forehead of the helmet to allow air to circulate and keep your head from getting too sweaty, as well as evaporating what moisture there is. You won’t miss anything with this design, because you’ll be able to hear without trouble. The inside padding is washable just in case! Fuel Helmets is a company of riders, so you know you’re getting the best product!
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Skid Lid Original Helmet

Skid Lid’s half helmet is a minimalist’s dream! It’s the cleanest design on any of the helmets we reviewed. It has enough padding to keep the Department of Transportation happy while still being stylish and giving you the least amount of bad hair you can get from a helmet. The shell is made of thermoplastic, which keeps your head from overheating too badly, and the D-ring on the strap keeps it in just the right position. This is the flat black version of the helmet, but it also comes in white, chrome, and a glossy black, so you can have the minimal design you want in whatever color suits you the best! This fits a head with an intermediate oval shape, so be sure to check the shape of your head to get the right fit for you! This can make all the difference in helmets. We think this is pretty close to the best half shell motorcycle helmet!
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Core Cruiser Half Helmet

The Core Cruiser Half Helmet is unique because it comes in a beautiful wine color. It’s an extremely low profile helm that’s made to be smaller than the traditional DOT fit while still maintaining those standards. The interior is made of brushed nylon for your comfort as well, so you will actually be willing to put this helmet on! The shell is a thermoplastic alloy to stay lightweight and comfortable, and it’s painted with automotive-grade paint with an added clear coat. You won’t scratch this paint job up! We love it! The visor comes with the helmet and has the popular three-snap design; this makes it removable if you have a visor you prefer or any other accessory you want to add. There are so many 3 Snap system accessories you can get to add to this helmet, it’s crazy. The design of this helmet is really cool too! Core gets points for both design and utility here!
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Outlaw T70 Half Helmet

The Outlaw T70 comes in as the best half helmet for sale right now (or one of them at least). The DOT standards have been exceeded here, with the polycarbonate shell that is unique on our list. The visor is a button snap model, so it can be removed or replaced at will. That’s a level of customizability that we can get behind! The lining is comfortable, light material that is extremely shock absorbent to ease your mind. It’s also thin, so you get the lowest profile you can get while still being legal. It’s a lightweight helmet that maximizes comfort, and it comes in six sizes. Not sure which to get? There’s a sizing chart available when you order to make sure that you’re getting the right fit every time. You can’t beat it, and we can’t emphasize it enough: if you like comfortable, low profile helmets that fit right, this is the one for you!
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V2 USA EAGLE, Half Helmet

First, the V2 USA Eagle helmet is the coolest-looking helmet on our list. It comes painted with a graphic that makes it look as though an eagle is slicing through the helmet. It’s the perfect complement to your other amazing biking gear! There are five sizes available here, with EPS impact foam on the inside of each of them. Even the most safety-conscious biker will love this helmet! The sun visor is removable like all the best ones are. This helmet, however, is reinforced with extra-strong carbon fiber to give it the durability you need. The strap is adjustable with a heavy-duty D-ring, and it even buttons into place so there’s no chance that it’s going to slip while you’re on the road. A really cool feature? It comes with a helmet bag to protect it when you aren’t using it. All of these combined makes this one of the best half shell motorcycle helmets we looked at.
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LS2 SC3 Half Helmet

The LS2 helmet is remarkably customizable, with 8 available color and finish combinations. It also comes in six different sizes, and has the 3 Snap system across the forehead, so you can attach any 3 Snap accessory that you want! And the sun visor does not compromise this system, as it slides down without using the snaps. That’s pretty cool! The fiberglass shell is durable and low profile, so you can avoid the ‘mushroom’ look when you are riding. One of the really cool features of this helmet is the zip-off neck skirt. If you want to ride when it is cold or windy, you can attach the neck skirt to keep your skin warm and keep you comfortable! The utility and comfort that was put into making this product make it one of the best half helmets we found. Especially if you’re planning on biking in the colder weather, the quality of this helmet cannot be beaten!
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ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet

ILM makes a pretty unique half helmet here. It has a bunch of features to keep any biker happy! First, it comes in a glossy finish that looks really nice, and there are four available sizes to choose from. There are vents at the top of the head area so that you stay cool and don’t sweat as much when you’re on the road. For the right fit, use the sizing chart they provide. The adjustable strap has a quick-release buckle so it’s super easy to take this helmet off and adjust it right when you put it back on again. The best part? The sun visor is retractable. With so many size variations, it’s the perfect women’s half helmet with retractable shield. We think that’s a pretty amazing feature! There’s no chance of losing your visor when it just retracts back into the helmet when you aren’t using it, or when you want to use your favorite sunglasses.
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MMG Vader Street Helmet

The MMG Vader Street is one of the best motorcycle half helmets on our list. What’s the fuss about? It keeps your ears and neck uncovered while still providing the face protection of a full helmet. If you’re looking to make the transition to a half helmet but aren’t sure about the lack of facial coverage, this is the helmet for you! The ‘muzzle’ is all adjustable, and it comes with a nylon chin strap that you can adjust to fit your face. The shell is a thermoplastic resin for protection and a reduced weight. It’s comfortable and unique, and will keep you cool on long rides through the desert! The breathable design makes it useful for riding in all conditions – the face protection is ideal for cold conditions as well! We love the bold design of this helmet and we’re sure that you will too! One thing is for sure – you won’t see many others like it!
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