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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

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How to Choose a Halogen Headlight Bulb

Are your headlight bulbs getting a little dim? Do you want to be able to see more at night? It sounds like you need to switch to halogen bulbs! We’ve put together a list of things you need to know before you go in our halogen headlight bulb buying guide! Don’t settle for not being able to see when you really need to. After, check out the products we recommend for switching from factory bulbs!

Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Wattage: The number of watts a bulb is rated for determines how bright it will be. It also determines which cars it will fit because some cars are only wired to receive certain wattage for headlights to avoid damage.

Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Pieces: Does the bulb come in a single pack or a two-pack? Headlights need to be replaced in pairs because they get dimmer over time. Bulbs that come two at a time save you money and are a better value.

How to Choose a Halogen Headlight Bulb

DOT Compliant: The Department of Transportation sets standards for the types and brightness levels of a bulb. This is to protect other drivers on the road from being blinded by your headlights. Bulbs that meet this won’t get you a ticket.

Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Voltage: This is another determining factor for which cars can take certain bulbs. The standard is 12 volts; anything over that may require your car to be rewired. Otherwise, the electrical system might melt or even stop working entirely.

Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Size: Some cars have bigger headlight casings. Even if a bulb will go into a car mechanically, it might just be too large to go into the headlight. Check your headlight casings to see if the bulb will fit.

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Warranty: If the bulb you buy fails to work due to a manufacturing error, you’re going to want a warranty. Most companies will refund or replace defective units without much hassle. Be protected and ease your mind with a warranty.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’re looking for, check out our halogen headlight bulb reviews! We’ve researched a selection of bulbs to bring you our recommended list of products. When you’re ready to make the switch to brighter bulbs, check out our top pick and budget pick first. They’ll give you a pretty good idea of what’s available. But make sure to stay until the end of our list, because all of these bulbs are pretty amazing.

Phillips 9006 Headlight bulb

Top Pick
Philips is one of the most trusted names in electric devices of any kind. These are easily the best white halogen headlight bulbs for that reason. They are the 9006 style, so make sure that they are going to fit in your car before you buy them. 9006 is the universal style of headlight bulb. This is a 2-pack for a really good price, to save you money and allow you to replace both bulbs at the same time. They are DOT compliant so you won’t get in trouble on the road. They have a longer light-beam projection and provide about 30% better visibility at night so you can see even on those black country roads. Some will say that Philips is the only brand that makes these bulbs, and the other brands are simply rebranded versions. That’s why Philips is our top pick for halogen headlight bulbs. You can’t go wrong getting them directly from the source.
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SYLVANIA 9006 Headlight Bulb

Budget Pick
Sylvania is another top name for bulbs and other electric accessories. This is a 1-pack alternative to save you money if you want to replace just one of your headlights. The light from these bulbs does not increase glare, which will help you see better and help keep other drivers from being blinded at night. Sylvania boasts that these bulbs are long-lasting, and should last the entire year after you replace them. They are easy to install, as they are a direct replacement bulb. Just plug them into your headlight socket and you’re ready to start seeing better! They are DOT Compliant so you won’t get pulled over for your lights being too bright. All of these features combined make these the best cheap halogen bulbs on our list and on the market right now! You just can’t go wrong with a name like Sylvania!
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HELLA Halogen Bulb

HELLA tests their halogen bulbs to stand up to rigorous driving – and frequent use. If you take long drives at night, these are the bulbs for you! They won’t wear out so quickly, and you won’t have to replace them more often than a year at the very least. They are a pure white halogen bulb that is definitely brighter than most stock lamps, or factory headlights. These are also very useful for auxiliary lighting! These are pretty amazing white halogen headlight bulbs. They come in a pack of one in case you only want to replace one at a time. They are one of the larger sized halogen bulbs so they will work great for larger headlights. And at only 55 watts, you don’t have to worry about needing special wiring for your car. These project a huge field of vision at night, so you can see like the sun is out at any time!
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AGPTEK 9007 Halogen Bulb

These AGPTEK bulbs are the 9007 style, so they fit a different range of cars than some of the others on our list. In fact, their small design makes them perfect for motorcycles as well! If you want to have fun riding your motorcycle on the back roads at night, there’s no better companion than these super-bright headlights. They give off about 1350 lumens, so they’re nearly as bright as the sun! These white halogen bulbs give off a 5000-Kelvin color temperature, to rival natural outdoor light in the middle of the afternoon. Even better, they filaments inside are on a completely different level! These amazing bulbs also give off 65 watts of light – and we think that’s pretty amazing! Don’t get stuck not being able to see in the dark, and replace your factory or stock bulbs with these ultra-bright ones! There are even two in the pack so you can replace both your headlights!
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CIPA EVO Halogen Bulb

These CIPA Evo halogen headlight bulbs are unique on our list because they’re blue! The slight blue tint is far superior to a white or yellowish light for visibility. CIPA boasts that these bulbs are the bluest halogens on the market today, and we’d have to agree! The 10,000-Kelvin color temperature will let you see for a huge distance in front of your car, and they’re DOT compliant so they won’t blind other drivers at the same time. Though these are only rated for 65 or 75 watts, they give off about 90 watts of light without overheating due to the special blend of gasses in the bulb. And the best part? They’re rated for over 800 hours of light. And you only have to plug them in to get them to work! It doesn’t get much better! They promote safe heat levels, which means both the bulbs and your car will last longer!
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Wagner Lightning Halogen Bulb

Wagner’s Halogen Bulbs rival our top pick for the quality of their output. 65 watts of pure white light makes it so much easier to see even if it’s only slightly dark. They’re DOT compliant so you won’t run the risk of getting pulled over for them. On top of this, they’re tiny – perfect for cars with smaller headlight housing. But what makes them the best halogen light bulbs? They are resistant to shock and vibration. These bulbs will last a long time, even if you live on an unpaved road. The light they give off is not the least bit yellowish, so you’re seeing clearly for a great distance! They have a high HIR rating at a great price. If you’re looking to try out halogen bulbs, these are great quality and won’t break your bank! You can’t go wrong with Wagner’s high-quality output. Buy two to replace both lights!
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DunGu H7 Halogen Bulb

These DunGu bulbs are pretty amazing. The company has done everything it can to make these bulbs resistant to dust, water, and vibration – this increases the lifespan of the bulb and means you won’t have to buy them as often! Even if you live on an unpaved road or in dusty or wet environments, these will continue to work for you! You can insert and replace your current bulbs – there’s no modification needed to make these work. Paired with a 5000 k light temperature? It’s a pretty good deal, all considered. And they’re not just halogen bulbs for cars – you can use them in your boat, motorcycle, ATV, or any other device that uses headlights. We love the versatility! The glass is UV quality so they won’t degrade with use or exposure to sunlight. These even come in a two-pack so you can replace both headlights at the same time! You can’t afford not to try these out!
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CandlePower Headlight Bulb

CandlePower makes some amazing halogen light bulbs for cars! They work on other devices as well. For a fraction of the price, you get a bulb that’s going to last twice as long, easily. So many reviews have said that this is the only halogen bulb that hasn’t burned out after a year of use. That’s why we put it on our list! You can expect a higher quality with CandlePower. They are small enough to fit in a variety of headlight casings. We love the quality of these bulbs, and that’s why we recommended them. Even with rigorous use, they won’t burn out in just a few months. You can’t go wrong trying these bulbs, even if you’re already sold on the concept. These are easily the longest-lasting halogen light bulbs for cars. A one-year warranty means that in the rare case that they stop working sooner than expected, you’re covered!
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SYLVANIA 9007 Halogen Bulb

Sylvania is back again, this time with their 9007-style bulbs. This package of one bulb is an excellent price – and from a name, you can count on for durability and quality! Sylvania makes all sorts of bulbs and other household lighting options, but these bulbs take the cake. They are easy to install, as you only need to remove your current bulbs and place these in their place. Even after 6 months, these bulbs will still be going strong! They meet DOT standards, so while you will be able to see a long distance in front of your car, you won’t be pulled over for headlights that are too bright. They are still street-legal, even with their incredible brightness. The 9007-style fits a range of vehicles, so there is a Sylvania bulb no matter what car you drive. These are a good candidate for the best halogen headlight bulbs for sale. They are risk-free with the warranty!
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MarineLED Car Bulbs

MarineLED makes these low-beam headlight bulbs. These plug-and-go bulbs have a distinct and beautiful amber glow, so you can see far ahead of your car without other drivers being distracted by the light from your headlights. This amber look is more traditional than some of the other halogen bulbs on our list. They come in a set of two so it’s easy to replace both headlights at the same time. They go a long way towards increasing view distance and visibility in the dark or in rainy or foggy situations. You can’t beat the distance these bulbs give you! On top of that, you these won’t compromise the integrity of your wiring, so you’re free to use them without modifying the wiring in your car! These are some of the best halogen bulbs on the market for the features they give you, and at such good prices as well! We are confident that you’re going to love them!
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