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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Headlamps for Hunting

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quadcopter reviewsBest Headlamps for Hunting

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How to Pick Your Hunting Headlamp

If you’ve ever been caught out in the tree stand after dark or like the excitement of night hunting, a headlamp can make the experience a lot easier. We researched and reviewed some of the top headlamps around to help you up your game so you can take down more game! But before jumping down to our reviews, take a look at the specs listed below to get an idea of what to look for in a headlamp for hunting.

Best Headlamps for Hunting

Brightness: Measured in Lumens, brightness is a big deal! For reference, a 40W incandescent bulb puts out 450 Lumens.

Best Headlamps for Hunting

Battery Life: The brighter the headlamp is, the shorter the battery life--but that can still mean 6+ hours of run time!

 How to Pick Your Hunting Headlamp

Rechargeable: Some headlamps have rechargeable batteries with cable chargers, while others use replaceable batteries.

Best Headlamps for Hunting

Waterproof: When it starts to rain or you need to wade through the water, you want a headlamp that can handle water!

Best Headlamps for Hunting

Weight: No one likes a headlamp that slides down your forehead, so we focused on finding lightweight options.

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Warranty: The amount of time a manufacturer warranty lasts is a good indicator of the product’s overall quality.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know how to choose the best hunting headlamp, let’s get into some reviews! If you’re in a hurry, our top pick and budget pick are the must-read options. But if you’ve got the time, we recommend comparing the other great headlamp options we found to find the best one for you! Don’t let the dark slow you down!

InnoGear LED Headlamp

Top Pick
The InnoGear 5,000 Lumen LED Headlamp is our pick for the best headlamp for hunting! You can set the bright XM-L2 T6 lights to high, medium, or low beams as well as strobing for visibility. A green safety light on the back of the headlamp provides additional nighttime visibility ideal for nocturnal runners and bikers. The headlamp features two bands to wrap around and over your head, so you can also wear it on a helmet or hat comfortably. The lamp can be tilted 90 degrees to illuminate the path ahead or something nearby. Use it for hiking, camping, and more as well as for hunting! Two rechargeable batteries are included, plus a USB charger, car charger, and wall charger. Besides being a great value, it also makes charging on the go a snap! The secure fit, super-bright LED lighting, and good build quality make this our favorite hunting headlamp by far.
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Luxolite LED Headlamp

Budget Pick
The best hunting headlamp with a low price is, in our humble opinion, the Luxolite LED Headlamp. Choose from black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, white, or yellow strap options. The mix of red and white LEDs provide a ton of lighting options. The white lights include high, medium, low, and flashing “SOS” in Morse code, plus a steady red light or strobing red light for nighttime visibility. Select white or red light with the two push buttons--no need to cycle through with one button to find the setting you want! The headlamp also has IPX6 waterproofing to handle jets of water--you can take it fishing or on a rainy hike without fear. The lamp can be adjusted 45 degrees depending on your needs. The headlamp lasts 30 hours on the high white light setting with three AAA batteries, and up to 120 hours on the low setting.
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Boruit Red Light Headlamp

The Boruit Red Light Headlamp is our pick for the best headlamp for fishing thanks to its bright red light setting. You can also set the XML-T6 LED white light to high or low beam settings for up to 3,000 Lumens of brightness! The XR-E R2 red lights are ideal for night fishing and not disturbing fish and other animals. You can adjust the headlamp a full 180 degrees--90 degrees up and 90 degrees down. The rechargeable batteries need 6-8 hours to fully recharge. To help you with that, there are three charger options included with the headlamp: a car charger, wall charger, and USB charging cable. You can charge on the go whenever it’s convenient! This adjustable headlamp has two bands to go around and over your head for a secure fit that works well for wearing with a helmet or hat.
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Streamlight BuckMasters Headlamp

The Streamlight BuckMasters Headlamp is one of the best headlamps for hunting! The lamp beam can reach up to 413 feet on its highest setting. The lamp has a combination of bright white C4 LEDs and green LEDs. The high and low white LED settings let you scan the area near and far, while the green LEDs can also be set high or low for night vision or making you visible to others. The headlamp runs on three AAA batteries and has a low battery alert light to let you know when it’s time for a charge! The headlamp has an elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap for wearing over hats or helmets. An IPX4 water-resistance rating means the headlamp can hold up to splashes and light rain. The lamp head can be set to multiple angles as far as 90 degrees. You can take this headlamp from work to the hunt!
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Ousili Super Bright Headlamp

The Ousili Super Bright Headlamp lives up to its name with 6,000 Lumens of brightness! Three T6 LEDs provide a powerful beam of light that can reach up to 300 feet in total darkness. The lamp portion can be adjusted 90 degrees and you can focus the center light for a broader or narrower beam. The headlamp has two bands to go around and over your head, so you can fit it over your helmet or hat securely. The light settings are high, medium, low, and flashing. Compared to headlights with lower Lumen ratings, this one has a shorter battery life, but that’s the tradeoff you get for crazy-bright lights! It weighs 10 ounces compared to the other super-bright headlamp we found, which weighs 15 ounces and produces 5,000 Lumens. If you’re exploring dark corners, chase the shadows away with this high-Lumen headlamp!
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Olidear LED Headlamp Torch

If you’re looking for one of the brightest headlamps around, you’ve found it! This LED headlamp from Olidear features a powerful T6 LED spotlight with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The high beam setting provides light up to 2,600 feet out for 6-8 hours straight, while the low setting lasts 20 hours. You can also adjust the lighting angle 90 degrees for full flexibility. And it’s waterproof, too! (But don’t take it diving!) If you want an ultra-bright LED headlamp for high visibility in dark environments, this headlamp won’t let you down. The only tradeoff for that super high Lumen level is a heavier headlamp, but it can be worth it if you want brightness above all else. The lamp also has a top head strap as well as one that goes around your head, so you can wear it securely on a hat or helmet as well as directly on your head.
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NyteBright LED Head Flashlight

The NyteBright LED Head Flashlight is a lightweight but powerful headlamp with brightness output of up to 160 Lumens. It has some useful settings for the outdoor adventurer and hunter, such as a blinking flash that will spell out “SOS” in morse code. Other light settings include high, medium, and low steady lights, a flashing light, a steady red light, and flashing red light. The beam can reach as far as 110 meters (that’s almost 361 feet)! It has an IPX6 waterproofing rating compared to the more common IPX5 rating, so it can withstand a deluge of water without flinching. You can adjust the lamp 45 degrees from straight out to down depending on what you’re doing. It also comes with the three AAA batteries you need to start using it right away! We liked the multiple light settings that came with this headlamp, including the steady red light for seeking out nocturnal animals!
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Lighting EVER LED Headlamp

The Lighting EVER LED Headlamp has an IP44 rating for water-resistance and dust-resistance, plus four lighting modes. The headlamp has two bands, one over the top of the head and one around the head for a sturdy, secure fit. This design lets you wear it over a hat or helmet. You can adjust the lamp down 90 degrees for a full range of visibility. The lighting modes include high, medium, and low lights as well as flashing red lights. If you want nocturnal lighting, the flashing red light may not work well for seeking out night critters. This isn’t the brightest headlamp on our list at a max output of 70 Lumens, so if you want a blinding sun strapped to your head, you may prefer a different headlamp! For hunting in the dusk or evening, or making quick adjustments to your firearm or other equipment in low light situations, this headlamp is a great choice.
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Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

The Foxelli Headlamp is available in black, khaki green, pink, yellow, or gray with some great features! It has a max brightness of 165 Lumens with a 50 meter maximum beam length. The settings include high, medium, and low light output, or red light for nighttime expeditions. You can tilt the lamp 45 degrees down so you can keep an eye on the terrain under your feet. The headlamp is powered by three AAA batteries with a battery life of 45 hours! The lamp has an IPX5 water resistant rating, so it can handle splashes and sprays of water from any angle. The red beam is a great asset for hunting since it won’t disturb nocturnal animals. The elastic headband is adjustable for a comfortable and secure fit. The light settings are also handy to have for camping, hiking, and making repairs. You’ll have a ton of light in any situation!
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Shining Camping LED Headlamp

The Shining Buddy LED Headlamp comes in white and orange, black, black and orange, or white and green. The lamp can swivel down 45 degrees and is powered by three replaceable AAA batteries that provide over 12 hours of light. Change the settings between high beam, low beam, red beam, and flashing red for different visibility needs. The non-slip adjustable strap fits adults as well as kids if you want to take a youngster on the hunt with you. Although not waterproof, the headlamp is water- and shock-resistant with an IPX5 rating to hold up to poor weather. It’s also ultra-lightweight at just 2.6 ounces, so it’s comfortable to wear and stays in place. The red light is ideal for nocturnal hunting adventures since it won’t disturb any animals that are out and about. The LED bulb lasts 100,000 hours for longterm use throughout the hunting season and beyond!
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