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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best High Traction Basketball Shoes

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quadcopter reviewsBest High Traction Basketball Shoes

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How to Choose the Best High Traction Basketball Shoes

You want to get off the bench to the paint in style! That's why it's time to consider the best traction basketball shoes available. The best low top basketball shoes and the best high tops are here. We researched a variety of new and best selling products to help you find the best deals on basketball shoes. The result is the top ten high traction basketball shoes reviews below. Now: Before we get started, here’s what you need to know when shopping.

Best High Traction Basketball Shoes

Material: What kind of shoe are you looking for? Do you prefer the appearance of leather? Perhaps you want something with a little more shine or a different texture. Whichever material you like, they're all represented here on our list.

Best High Traction Basketball Shoes

Rubber Sole: The sole is where the best rated basketball shoes get their much-needed traction. Rubber soles hold to the floor well and don't skid easily. Rubber soles are the most popular option for the best new basketball shoes.

How to Choose the Best High Traction Basketball Shoes

Type: When you see the “Type” category, that refers to age and gender selections for each of our top ten pairs of shoes. To benefit you, we picked the best affordable basketball shoes for kids, men, and women.

Best High Traction Basketball Shoes

Made In: The basketball shoes you admire at the store are either made in the USA or imported. If the location of each shoe manufacturing plant matters to you, no problem! We will let you know where they were made.

Best High Traction Basketball Shoes

Weight: The best low basketball shoes and the best high-tops all fit a little differently, and they all have different heft. Do you want something light, or should we offer you something for any season? Check the weight of each shoe here.

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Height: Basketball shoes can be classified into three different height categories. There are high-tops, mid, and low-height kicks. If you know for a fact that you want low shoes, for example, they are easier to find with our guidance system.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know how to choose the best Jordan basketball shoes and all of the other name-brand greats, let’s get right to the reviews. Here’s the deal: If you’re in a hurry, take a look at the top pick and the budget pick. Both are fantastic products and are among the very best shoes we found. Right below, you’ll find all the runner-ups in our sneaker reviews. If you’re looking for the best basketball shoes for playing, they’re here!

Adidas Performance Basketball Shoe

Top Pick
Explosions are only really a good thing when you’re talking about them in connection with basketball. A player with explosive power can move quickly and get up impossibly high, very quickly. It can leave an audience in awe. How do you develop those kinds of talents? By working with basketball shoes that have really good traction. If they can help you stay centered and pivot, you will be free to move around and get to where you need to go. Our top pick is the Adidas Performance Basketball Shoe. You just can’t beat their reputation on and off the court. These are high-top shoes for men. They are available in a dozen color combinations including red, maroon, mineral green, and neon green. Every guy will be able to find the perfect fit and the ideal color. The Adidas shoes come in a massive range of sizes, too, from 4 to 17 in US Men’s! It’s time to play some ball.
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Nike Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is a classic choice: The Nike Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes. A true baller will recognize these high-top shoes immediately. They come in well over a dozen color combinations, so you can choose the pair that matches your team. Nike is a recognizable brand all around for shoes, but the Hyperdunks are in a league of their own. They are truly lightweight, weighing under a pound per shoe. The textiles used to create them are all specially designed for traction and maneuvering in tight spaces. The soles are made from rubber, so they will hold well even on a slick basketball court. Special Zoom Air manufacturing in the heel and forefoot help your shoes to respond immediately to "commands" coming from above. The men's Hyperdunks come in sizes from 7 to 14 U.S. Flywire cables are interwoven with the laces to get a customized fit. Super-soft midsole cushioning stays buoyant through months of use. Stay fly with these Hyperdunks!
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Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

Prepare to be stunned by the Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes. Under Armour has built a reputation around the creation of clothing and gear designed to optimize athletic performance. So, if you are looking for the best basketball shoes with solid tread, here they are. Let’s begin by explaining how Under Armour creates the best possible support for your feet. They do it with the ClutchFit technology, which mimics a second skin. This is backed up by the 3D molded tongue, which also works to protect both the foot and the ankle. A full-length sock liner provides comfort and keeps that foot from sliding around inside the shoe. Here’s the scoop: We know you’re wondering about the sole, too. It’s made from rubber, and it is transformed by a multi-directional herringbone imprint. Point your feet where they need to go, and Under Armour will show you the way every time. These shoes are made for men, and they weigh about 4.5 pounds.
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Champion Rematch Basketball Shoe

It’s true that oftentimes, a good shoe for an athlete is an expensive investment. You can, however, get a great shoe without breaking the bank. If you need proof, then take a look at the Champion Rematch Basketball Shoe. This shoe retails for half to a third of some of the other popular options for basketball players. Despite that, it holds its own on the court. This is a mid-height basketball shoe, with sizes from 6 to 15 available. That means it works for both teenage boys and adult men. It comes in two colors, black with red and white accents, and white with black and blue accents. Both will look slick zooming through the middle of a game. There is mesh lining included inside, so these shoes will work to wick sweat away from hardworking feet. The padded insole creates a cushioned pad. Finally, the skid-resistant sole won’t leave marks as it delivers great traction for your moves.
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Adidas Light Em Up Basketball Shoes

What sets the good basketball players aside from the rest? Aside from their obvious talent, they also bring along accessories that accelerate their game. One of the things every baller needs by their side is the best possible pair of basketball shoes. What are we talking about? Adidas Performance Light Em Up 2 Basketball Shoes. Available in shades of white, gray, black, and blue, these high-top sneakers will outperform the rest. They also look super fresh and keep a firm grip on your feet even after they've been broken in. These imported sneakers start with the classic rubber sole for excellent traction. Then, a super-comfortable lining is added, along with engineered BOUNCE cushioning. The upper is made of mesh to let air in and out. Light Em Up are shoes for men, with sizes from 5.5 to 14.5. Each pair weighs about 3 pounds. Enhance your speed and agility with the best basketball shoes on the market from Adidas.
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Jordan True Flight Shoe

You want a good basketball shoe, but you also want to draw attention to those fly kicks. It helps to select something that stands out in a crowd. Of course, that brings us to the ultimate option in sports technology and fashion, the Jordan True Flight Basketball Shoe. Admire the colorways and unusual shades, like the “golden harvest” amber and the matte charcoal grey. The Bordeaux also truly stands apart. All of the colors on these signature sneakers come crafted in genuine leather. The men’s True Flight shoes also have a cushioned midsole for bounce. The sole is rubber, with markings for perfect traction. Still not convinced? Just picture Michael Jordan in the air, flying toward the hoop and dunking with one hand. He’s got the True Flight shoes on. He’s also smiling, and winning the game, all at the same time. Emulate greatness by getting yourself a pair of these men’s sneakers! Pick from sizes between 9 and 13.
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Under Armour Jet Basketball Shoe

One thing is for sure: While you may not be able to talk in scientific terms about what makes a basketball shoe the greatest, you still know it when you see it. Our reviewers knew it when they saw the Under Armour Jet Basketball Shoe. We also loved it because it provides an exceptional selection for the younger basketball players. This shoe comes in kid’s sizes from 3.5 to 7. There are lots of bright color combos to pick from. They will bring it every single day, just like your boy does on the court. They’re not just good for basketball, they are good shoes overall. The Jet Basketball Shoes have perforations and a mesh tongue for ventilation. The sock liner has an antimicrobial top cloth to keep a stink from settling in. Then there is the sole, made from 100% rubber. It is embedded with a herringbone pattern that gives killer traction and control. Try out these mid-height shoes today!
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Fila Torranado Basketball Shoe

Is basketball season here, or are you looking ahead to more time at the gym or playing with your friends? For enthusiasts, it is a year-round sport, so there is never a bad time to pick up a new pair of shoes. Have you considered the Fila Torranado Basketball Shoe? Let’s face it, there’s a shoe out there for absolutely everyone. Any kind of player can find a thousand different pairs that will work well enough during a game. So why try out this model from Fila? First of all, this shiny, well-constructed shoe is made of leather. Leather is a material that holds well in the upper of a mid-level shoe, and it protects for feet and ankles. Choose from colors like neon yellow and black, gray and black, blue and black, and black and red. The soles are made of rubber. You’ve got excellent traction for cutting, and lots of bounce. Pick from sizes between 6.5 and 14.
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ANTA Light Basketball Shoe

The ANTA Light Basketball Shoe is simply too cool for school. They are also an excellent value for the male b-ball player. Available in black and white, red and white, or clean white, they come in sizes ranging from 7 to 13. This is a mid-height shoe. ANTA is pretty new to the game overall, but they are a company focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our reviewers like both their mission and the look of these sneakers. They are a blend of synthetic materials, leather, and mesh. The sole is rubber with a pattern that provides superior traction. Mesh is built into the upper and the front of the shoe, and then there are cooling micro-perforations throughout. That means bacteria and smells of sweat won't be able to gain a foothold, so to speak, inside your sneakers. Both the collar and the tongue are padded, and there is extra cushioning in the midsole. Give ANTA a test run soon!
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Nike Kyrie Basketball Sneakers

If your need to be cool is just as strong as your need to win your next basketball game, you're probably going to pick up a pair of these Nike Kyrie Basketball Sneakers. They are the ultimate in lightweight, comfortable shoes with great traction. They have some interesting colorways you won't see anywhere else, including an all-aqua model, a black, blue and purple model with orange accents, and the crispest, white-hot shoes on the market. Did we mention the Kyrie comes in both kids and men's sizes? That's right, we are talking extra small to 10-12 in kid's sizes, and then 8 to 15 in men's. The average men’s pair weighs just under 3 pounds. One of the most important aspects of this shoe is the herringbone pattern on the rubber soles. That’s what snags the MVP title for us. You’ll put up the numbers to reflect your good taste in shoes when you invest in the Nike Kyrie Sneakers.
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