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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Hip Hop Gold Chains

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How to Choose the Best Hip Hop Gold Chain

Hip hop gold chains are so hot right now. They make a statement about the wearer that says that you’re from the streets, but you have excellent taste. Even cheap hip hop jewelry can look fantastic. To help you find the best hip hop gold chains, we researched a variety of new and best selling products. The result is the top ten hip hop chain reviews below. Now: Before we get started, here’s what you need to know when shopping.

Best Hip Hop Gold Chains

Metal: We wanted to find the best for every budget, so you will see both gold-plated and solid gold hip hop chains for sale below. We will let you know how your ideal chain was constructed before you click “Purchase.”

Best Hip Hop Gold Chains

Length: A chain around 16 or 18 inches will fall right around the neck. We feature chains as long as 36-40 inches, too, which drop down toward the belly button. Hip hop jewelry can be customized to suit your style.

How to Choose the Best Hip Hop Gold Chain

Chain Width: Our hip hop chain buying guide includes the width, in millimeters, of every chain we’ve found for you. They tend to be on the thicker side for men, and a little thinner for the ladies. We’ve got wide and thin!

Best Hip Hop Gold Chains

Pendant: Gold hip hop chains sometimes include pendants, or they fit pendants of your own. Whichever statement you're looking to make, we will help to get you there by letting you know if this accessory is included in your chain.

Best Hip Hop Gold Chains

Clasp: There are some standard necklace clasps, the ones you see most often: Lobster claw clasps, box clasps, and spring rings, to name a few. We took the time to figure out which one is used in all top ten chains.

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Metal Weight: Maybe you want your chain to look heavier than it actually is – or you truly want it to have a little heft. Either way, it’s smart to know how much it weighs in grams before you purchase it.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know how to choose the best hip hop chains for cheap and the fanciest ones on the market, let’s get right to the reviews. Here’s the deal: If you’re in a hurry, take a look at the top pick and the budget pick. Both are fantastic products and are two of the best chains we found. Right below, you’ll find every runner-up in our hip hop chain reviews. If you’re looking for the best chains, let’s go!

Lifetime Jewelry Cuban Chain

Top Pick
The look and feel of solid gold in a thick chain can be yours, and at a price you won’t believe. Hip hop bling chains can be notoriously expensive, but the Lifetime Jewelry Cuban Link Chain will loop around your neck and make you look like a baller at a fraction of the price. It's also well-constructed and designed to last. What are we talking about? The Lifetime Jewelry Chain has a core of semi-precious bronze metal. Over that, the jeweler places 20 micro-inches of pure 24-karat gold. The result is a chain that will not tarnish or rust. Despite the pure gold appearance, it will not bend or break easily. All people will see around your neck will be 36 inches of solid gold style. The necklace fastens at the back with a lobster claw clasp. It measures 9 millimeters in width, and it’s comprised of individual Cuban links, crafted by skilled artisans. This bling can be yours!
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Hip Hop Miami Necklace

Budget Pick
Hip hop diamond chains can retail for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. When they are custom made, they can cost even more! We don’t all have that kind of cash lying around. If you’re down with the look, but not with the cost, you have to check out our budget pick. The L & L Nation Hip Hop Miami Necklace is straight out of a music video. These are Cuban links, and each one is embedded with a dozen or so clear gems to mimic the look of the most iced-out chain. For the highly economic price, you get a piece of costume jewelry that looks exactly like the real thing. The Miami Necklace weighs about 85 grams. It fastens in the back with a box clasp and stretches 30 inches long. On most men, this chain will hit below the breastbone. It is 15 millimeters wide, a thick, masculine look for the most discerning of gentlemen.
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NYUK Dollar Hip Hop Chain

Mens hip hop chains have a lot of different appearances. No two necklaces are alike – and that's a good thing because you can find the one that says something special about you. You can also find something truly outspoken, like the NYUK Dollar Hip Hop Chain. Whether you’re serious about this necklace, or you need it for a costume, it’s extremely affordable. It features a chain measuring over 31 inches in length. This will hit as low as mid-chest on some men, and just above for bigger guys. At its base, you will find a one-of-a-kind pendant attached. It is in the shape of a dollar sign, with gems studded from top to bottom. The whole thing shines like the sun, thanks to its bright gold color. It is made of a strong zinc alloy. It will not easily fade, and it won’t provoke any serious skin allergies either. It fastens at the back with a lobster claw clasp.
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Bling Culture Herringbone Chain

We are huge fans of the look of a herringbone chain, so we had to include the Bling Culture Herringbone Chain in our top ten. If you've never seen it before, these tightly interwoven links lay flat against each other and create an even surface that shimmers like a snack across your collar. It is very attractive, and very sexy. It's also a hot look within hip-hop culture, so you should pick yours up as long as they are available! The Bling Culture Chain measures 30 inches long, and it is 12 millimeters wide. While women can certainly sport this necklace, it was designed for men. It fastens in the back with a lobster claw clasp, one of the most popular options for wearing jewelry securely. The metal itself is 24-karat gold, laid over a core of semi-precious metal. The Bling Culture uses a thick layer of real gold to make this chain resistant to scratches, and to tarnishing.
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Fashion 21 Initial Pendant

Iced out jewelry is so much fun when it is personalized. It also makes a wonderful present for the guy or girl in your life. That’s why we made sure to send along this Fashion 21 Initial Pendant. It is actually 26 different pendants, for every single letter of the alphabet. You can choose from either a gold tone or a silver tone. At this price, you can purchase one of each! From A to Z, the Initial Pendant is a delightful way to tell someone you care or celebrate a milestone. The is Cuban links, measuring 24 inches long. It is 3 millimeters wide, which is perfect for both men and women. It fastens with a lobster claw clasp in the back, so it will hold firm around your neck. This costume jewelry comes with the letter pendant of your choice. It is fully covered with glittering gems, and it has a crown sitting on top of the letter.
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Bling Cartel Cuban Chain

What is a hip-hop necklace? It is a larger-than-life fashion choice, that shouts out loud about your love of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It makes you stand out in a crowd. It is also definitely not subtle! That’s why our reviewers knew the Bling Cartel Cuban Chain had to be part of our collection. It is colored with a yellow gold tone, laid over alloy metal. On the surface of the links are sandblasted stones, and the effect is nearly blinding. This big, dazzling hip hop chain weighs a whopping 250 grams. It is very thick, measuring 20 millimeters in width. It measures 30 inches long. On most men, it will hit around mid to upper chest. It fastens in the back with a smart box clasp. There are very few hip hop chains out there that look this good and are still so affordable. Wear it the next time you’re out at the club!
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Basketball Rim Pendant Chain Set

Run the court with the ultimate bling from Metaltree98. This Basketball Rim Pendant Chain Set is an ode to a love of the sport, and a love of very shiny things. The necklace itself is a Miami Cuban chain, measuring 24 inches long. The links are tightly knotted together to create a slinky effect. The chain is 5 millimeters wide. It fastens in the back with a lobster claw clasp. Then there is the most important part, the pendant. It is effortlessly cool, a basketball hovering just over a basketball hoop. The hoop is 24-karat gold tone with a row of gems on the rim. The basketball is covered in gems as well. The pendant measures 40 by 30 millimeters. The price is right, and you will appreciate how real this necklace looks around the neck of your loved one. It makes an awesome gift for the athlete in your family. It weighs just over 22 grams in total.
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Niv’s Bling Cuban Link Chain

Getting iced out and dressed up for a night on the town doesn’t mean your jewelry has to weigh you down. Some of the most classically-designed chains look awesome without giving you back and neck problems. This is one of them: Niv’s Bling Cuban Link Chain. It’s icy hot! A classic Italian Cuban curb link chain is taken and morphed into something with a little more of an edge. In total, there are 700 cubic zirconia stones on this chain. They are placed in pave settings on each and every link. The metal itself is semi-precious brass laid over with the highest quality 18-karat gold. The chain we liked best comes in a 30-inch length, so it sits comfortably on a man’s upper chest. It measures 13 millimeters in width, which is nice and solid. It fastens in the back with an open box clasp. At around 200 grams, you will want to wear this necklace every single day.
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L&L Nation Hip Hop Chain

Get ready for a necklace that looks like an art piece around your neck – the L&L Nation Hip Hop Chain. This chain is both modern and art-deco, with individual links that curl into themselves on a wide gold chain, also known as a Rolex chain. Rolex chains are hugely popular, especially with African American athletes and musicians. The necklace measures 12 millimeters wide. It will look crisp and clean around your neck or the neck of the man you love. It makes an awesome gift for the holidays, a birthday or another special occasion. It closes in the back with a lobster claw clasp. With its bright gold tone, friends and family will be asking you how you were able to afford such nice ice. It measures 30 inches long, so it will hit mid-chest on most men. There are many other options out there, but they cost more money and they aren’t constructed with this much attention to detail.
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Riveting Miami Cuban Link

Real gold hip hop jewelry gets you compliment after compliment when you pair it with some fly kicks and your hottest outfit. If you need real gold and want everyone chasing after you, asking where you got that chain, it’s time to go for the Riveting Miami Cuban Link from Riveting Jewelry. This is the real deal, thick 14-karat gold plated over semi-precious metal. The chain is coated with a protective anti-tarnish coat to help you avoid damage. If that wasn’t great enough, the company will fix or replace it for free. They also do hassle-free returns and exchanges. You can relax about making this small investment in return for a smokin’ new look. Bottom line: At 24 inches long and 11 millimeters wide, the Riveting Chain is exactly what you need to refresh your wardrobe. It fastens in the back with a strong box clasp, so it won’t go flying off anywhere. Give it to someone you love!
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