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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Horizontal Band Saws

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How to Choose a Horizontal Band Saw

You’re here to find a great horizontal band saw. That’s exactly what this buying guide is designed to do. We’ve researched 32 new and bestselling band saws and picked the top 10 for you. Before we get to the band saw reviews below, take a look at what you need to know when shopping.

Best Horizontal Band Saws

Power: Since you can do so much with a horizontal band saw, you will not want to be limited by a low-power motor. Pick a motor with a lot of horsepower if you plan to use it for heavy workloads.

Best Horizontal Band Saws

Speed: Some projects require different speeds for many reasons, including to keep the blade from getting too hot. So look for a band saw with a wide range of speeds.

How to Choose a Horizontal Band Saw

Blade Angle: Horizontal band saws can give you additional versatility by allowing you to adjust the band angle. We recommend getting a band saw with a wide range of angles.

Best Horizontal Band Saws

Circular Capacity: When you are working with a horizontal band saw, you will want to find one that offers a lot of circular capacity. A larger capacity means you can work with larger pieces of wood.

Best Horizontal Band Saws

Rectangular Capacity: This is another important spec to look for. Again, you will want to find a band saw with the most capacity so that you can work on larger pieces of wood.

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Warranty: Woodworking tools see a lot of action so make sure to get one with a solid warranty. We’ve included the warranty length below, but since it can change, double check it.

Top 10 Products

All right, time for the band saw reviews. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? If you’re in a hurry, take a look at the top pick and budget pick, which are the two best band saws in our opinion.

Shop Fox W1715

Top Pick
The Shop Fox W1715 is easily one of the best horizontal band saws on the market. We love this band saw for several reasons starting with the price. While it won’t break your bank, it still provides a lot of value. It is also easy-to-use, so this horizontal band saw is great for novice woodworkers and pros alike. One of the best parts of this saw is that it is portable, so you can easily bring it to your job site. As with other band saws, you will be able to use this powerful tool to cut through metals, plastics, and wood. It runs at three different speeds so you can choose which speed if appropriate for each project. For example, you will want to use the lower rates on metals and plastics to keep the blade from heating up too much. We love that this band saw offers the versatility of a vertical saw as well. You can simply install the vertical cutting attachment and make clean vertical cuts without owning two separate tools. When you are using the band saw horizontally, you can use a vise to hold stock for angled cuts. Overall, this is a very smart choice.
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WEN 3975 Band Saw

Budget Pick
Since there are plenty of reasons to choose a cheap horizontal band saw over a more expensive option, we wanted to make sure to include the WEN 3975 Band Saw. It takes the place of our budget pick because it provides the best combination of quality and affordability. When you buy this horizontal band saw, you will be getting a tool with a smaller motor, but it is more than suitable for home use. Though it is an affordable saw, you will still get the added convenience of a variable speed dial that allows you to adjust the speed of the blade anywhere between 125 to 260 FPM. This saw will give you plenty of range to work on a wide variety of materials. In fact, you can work with confidence on projects with brass, aluminum, copper, steel, and more metals. We love that this budget-friendly horizontal band saw is compact and portable. You can easily move it to different areas around your home, yard, garage, or shop. You can even take it to a job site because it is rugged enough to withstand tough conditions. The best part is that, even though it is affordable, it is built to last.
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Grizzly G0622 Band Saw

If you have more money to spend, you should look into the industrial-strength Grizzly G0622 Band Saw. It is the best band saw, and it is a powerful tool that will be great for professionals who plan to put its power to the test on a daily basis. The ball bearing construction gives this horizontal band saw its incredible durability. Though it is extremely powerful, it only operates at three speeds. However, the rates that are offered are enough to provide you with the versatility that any serious woodworker would need. This band saw also comes with an automatic shutoff, so you will never have to worry about turning it off when you are finished cutting. You will be able to handle all types of materials with ease. When you buy this saw, you will get a blade and a vertical cutting attachment. This feature will give you the added versatility of a vertical band saw without having to purchase an entirely different tool. Our favorite part of this sturdy horizontal band saw is that it comes with useful handles and wheels. This gives you the added benefit of portability without sacrificing a solid build. The bottom line is this: you will find that this Grizzly band saw will work perfectly, even for tough jobs.
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Jet HVBS-712D Band Saw

The Jet HVBS-712D Band Saw is a unique product, so we wanted to be sure to include it in our reviews. When you look at the specs, you will notice that it is a fairly standard horizontal band saw. However, it comes with wheels so it can be moved around. Despite having the wheels, it is still a compact design, and it doesn’t have a tall stand. This makes it perfect for throwing it in the bed of your truck and heading to any job site. It also has the convenience of a tool-less quick-lock vise. This feature will allow you to adjust the mitering angles between any of the three preset positions. The material stop is another tool-less feature that gives you the convenience of an accurate and repeatable set-up. The complete coolant system is yet another feature worth mentioning. It keeps your horizontal band saw from getting too hot under intense workloads. You will love that this saw comes with a table that can be placed in either a vertical or horizontal position. Finally, you will appreciate the fact that the multi-position blade guides aid in creating safer conditions when you are working in the vertical position. This product is a great buy for anyone looking for a compact band saw with a lot of power.
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Klutch 155790K Band Saw

If you are looking for a cheap, entry-level horizontal band saw, you will want to check out the Klutch 155790K Band Saw. Since it is so affordable, we wanted to make sure to include it in our reviews. For being an inexpensive tool, you will be surprised to learn that it still has a very powerful motor. It should have no problem gliding right through metal pipes. Though it doesn’t cost nearly as much as some of the top-of-the-line horizontal band saws, you will find that you will still get several of the must-have features that add convenience to the more expensive saws on the market. For example, it comes with a quick-positioning vise that allows you to hold your materials in the perfect spot to get the best cut. You will also love that you can adjust the speed between three different rates so you can make adjustments to fit the needs of any project. You will also like that this saw comes with a two-position rocker switch. The switch also has a safety lock, so with this feature, you will never have to worry about accidentally turning the saw on. It is an overall great tool for beginners looking to invest in a horizontal band saw.
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Jet HVBS-56M Band Saw

We wanted to include the Jet HVBS-56M Band Saw as a nice mid-range option. It costs more than some budget options, but it is still much cheaper than some of the industrial-strength saws we have seen. It is a great product to own if you are looking for a tool that combines the benefits of both a vertical and horizontal bandsaw because you can easily switch it between the two positions. Our favorite features on this saw don’t even directly affect the quality of the cuts. In fact, our favorite features are the handle and wheels for transportation and the adjustable level pads that are found on the front legs. The handle and wheels will allow you to easily move the saw anywhere in your shop or on your job site. Thanks to the leveling pads, you won’t have to worry about uneven ground limiting your choice of where you can work. Instead, you can make a few adjustments to the height of the pads to make the table of the saw as level as possible. This feature will allow you to get more stability as you use your powerful saw to cut through various materials.
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Dake SE-712 Band Saw

The Dake SE-712 Band Saw was another easy pick for our top ten favorite horizontal band saws. It is the perfect saw for professionals because it is a robust and powerful tool. Though it is an industrial strength product, you will find that it still includes wheels to help move the heavy saw. You could use the wheels to move the saw around your shop, or if you really needed to, you could transport it to other job sites. No matter where you use the tool, you will be happy that it provides enough power to glide through various materials without getting bogged down. This feature is especially important for professional woodworkers, who will be using the saw every day. You will love that this horizontal band saw comes with four different speed settings so you can adjust it to meet the needs of your various projects. For example, you can use the lower speeds to cut through stainless steel, and you won’t have to worry about the blade overheating. In fact, you will hardly ever have to worry about the blade getting too hot because this saw comes with a coolant pump motor system. This system works to keep the work surface and blade cool and clean.
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Jet HVBS-712 Band Saw

When we were researching different horizontal band saws, we knew we wanted to include the Jet HVBS-712 Band Saw in our top ten list. Its design is very similar to some of the other Jet band saws we have mentioned, but it is a more basic version. If you are looking for a band saw that is compact and easy to use, this is a great product for you. You will be able to adjust the blade on this band saw up to 45 degrees. It also gives you a ton of versatility since it has vertical capabilities. You can easily switch between vertical and horizontal positions so that you can get the benefits of two tools in one. The adjustable material stop is another feature worth mentioning in this review. It allows you to make the same great cuts repeatedly. Lastly, we love the built-in storage cabinet and chip tray that Jet manages to fit in the compact design. The storage cabinet is great for keeping pencils, measuring tapes, and safety glasses within reach. The chip tray collects debris from the band saw, and it can be emptied quickly when it gets too full.
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Klutch 2701Q032 Band Saw

The Klutch 2701Q032 Band Saw is the perfect product for someone who doesn’t have enough work space for a stand-alone horizontal band saw. You can easily attach it to any workbench or tabletop, so you can ultimately take it wherever it is needed. The portability of this tool is really quite impressive considering its powerful capabilities that allow it to take on any material or project. With all of that power, you will want to be able to control the speed of the bi-metal blade. Fortunately, you can adjust the speed anywhere between 130 and 288 FPM. With the blade moving at such high speeds, you will love the added safety feature that automatically shuts the blade off after use. You will also appreciate the fact that the vise that comes with this horizontal band saw. Its design allows you to spend less time trying to get the materials in the ideal cutting position and more time doing the actual cutting. It is also worth noting that this saw has precise miter capabilities. Overall, this is a very useful tool. You will certainly get your money’s worth out of it whether you are using it around the home or you are a professional.
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IPP BS5205

To wrap up our ten favorite products, we wanted to include a horizontal band saw review of the International Power Products BS5205. It is a solid, dependable tool that will allow you to cut through metal and wood with ease. No matter what material you are working with, you can choose one of the three-speed options to get the best cut. You can also switch this tool to a vertical cutting position with its add-on cutting table. Our favorite features on this horizontal band saw are the tool shelf, wheels, and handles. While these may seem arbitrary to the actual functionality of the horizontal band saw, they are nice little extras that set this tool apart from others on the market. The tool shelf will allow you to keep commonly used items out of the way of the saw but also within reach. The shelf is a great place to keep your pencils and tape measures, so you can easily make your markings and get back to cutting. The handles and wheels allow this solid cast iron frame to be transported to different job sites. You will be able to get any job done anywhere without sacrificing the benefits of a high-quality tool.
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