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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Hot Yoga Mats and Towels

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How to Choose Your Hot Yoga Mat

Looking for the best hot yoga mats and towels to take your practice to the next level? Well, you are in the right place! When practicing hot yoga, you will want to protect yourself from rough surfaces and slipping. The best yoga mats and towels provide superb control, excellent comfort, and ample hygienic protection. They will make your hot yoga session easier and more fun, so they are a very smart investment. Let’s go right into downward dog, shall we? Here is what to look for when shopping.

Best Hot Yoga Mats Towels

Type: You will want either a yoga mat or a yoga towel. For frequent use, both would be best. Yoga mats cushion your hands and feet from harsh surfaces. Yoga towels absorb sweat, which can make you slip on the mat. You can also get combinations, which are a mat and towel hybrid.

Best Hot Yoga Mats and Towels

Thickness: Yoga mats are designed with appropriate thicknesses to ensure comfort and stability while attempting poses that vary in degrees of difficulty. Yoga mats only need to be a little more than a few millimeters thick.

How to Choose Your Hot Yoga Mat

Size: The size of yoga mats and towels shows you how wide and long it is (in inches). They are designed to cover the right amount of space for a single person within a typical hot yoga classroom or outdoor space.

Best Hot Yoga Mats and Towels

Material: Hot yoga mats are made out of modern materials that offer comfort and support, such as different types of rubber, foam, and elastomer. Hot yoga towels are made from advanced types of microfiber to be absorbent and hygienic.

Best Hot Yoga Mats Towels

Machine Washable: Many of these hot yoga mats and towels can be washed conveniently in your washing machine. Others are made from sensitive materials that make a quick hand wash necessary. Either way, we will point this out for each reviewed product.

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Eco-Friendly: Yoga is a great way to get back in touch with yourself and stay healthy. If you choose an eco-friendly yoga mat or yoga towel, you can add even more benefits by reducing your impact on the environment. It is win-win for your body and the planet.

Top 10 Products

Get ready for the definitive list of affordable hot yoga mats and towels, designed to make your practice as comfortable as possible. Remember that hot yoga mats provide the cushion, and towels are for cleanup and stability. It’s recommended that you have one of each before you start practicing, and with products as great and affordable as the ones in this top 10 list, the choice is easy! Let’s take a look at the winners!

Yoga Design Lab Combo

Top Pick
This is a two-in-one hot yoga mat and towel combo, which sounds perfect. Why buy two different products when you can get all that you need in one? This combo takes care of the issue of your towel bunching up while you move around on it. No longer will you have to stop to straighten it out. This premium product is lightweight, flexible, and ultra absorbent. The mat portion is odorless and leaves you feeling very clean even after lots of sweating. Conveniently, it also comes with a durable carrying strap, so you can come and go from class as you please. If you are searching for the best yoga mat for hot yoga, you may have found it.
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MangoFit Hot Yoga Towel

Budget Pick
The MangoFit Hot Yoga Towel provides generous support for you to strike a pose and feels both supportive and comfortable. Designed for fast absorption, this yoga towel for hot yoga has a microfiber surface that soaks up sweat very efficiently. Its non-slip function only works when the mat is wet, so it is best to gently spray it with water before use. As you sweat on the mat, the grip will grow even stronger, gently supporting your poses when you need it. You will have peace of mind and can focus on improving your reverse warrior, triangle, and all other poses that you practice. Last but not least, the MangoFit Hot Yoga Towel comes in a simple and elegant design. It is a great choice!
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Matymats Non-Slip Yoga Mat

A unique aspect about the Matymats Non-Slip Yoga Mat is its newly patented elastic material that makes it resistant to germs and other issues. One of the best yoga mats for hot yoga, it is double layered with both layers defined by differing designs and colors. The elasticity provides excellent resilience from wear and tear. Cushiony and odorless, these hot yoga mats are lightweight and easily roll up, which make them simple to transport and store. We highly recommend it.
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Clever Yoga Premium Mat

The Clever Yoga Premium Mat is made of thick TPE plastic that is extra supportive for your joints and spine while in a focused yoga session. A fantastic yoga mat for hot yoga, it has a double-sided sticky surface that prevents slipping and provides easier balance, enhancing your performance as you work out. This mat is made for people of all shapes and sizes and is safe, durable, and easy to clean. It also feels great when you are lying on your back and doing breathing exercises. Plus, it’s very eco-friendly!
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Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip

The Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Hot Yoga Mat is one of the best yoga mats for hot yoga. This mat effortlessly keeps its grip on you as well as the floor. Considering it’s available in different sizes, it is a good fit for people of varying shapes and lengths. You have your choice of five different stylish colors as well. Many online customer reviews agreed that this one is the best yoga mat for hot yoga. You may want to take their word for it since this mat works great.
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Yoga Design Lab Towel

First and foremost, the Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Towel is a multi-purpose towel that is designed as a hot yoga towel but can also be used for recreation, travel, work, meditation, and many other things. It is lightweight, unbelievably absorbent, non-slip, and odorless. What more can you ask for if you are looking for the best hot yoga towel? Seriously, though, this is a high-quality product and offers a ton of value for your money.
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Shandali Gosweat Yoga Towel

The fact that the Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel is so lightweight, clean, and effective might make it the best hot yoga towel on the market. This hypoallergenic towel stays dry no matter how much you sweat on it. It is easily portable and if your yoga studio has its own yoga mats, just lay one of these over theirs, and you will have even less to carry around, plus a hygienic surface.
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Mettadali Hot Yoga Towel

A unique quality about the Mettadali Hot Yoga Towel is its anchor fit design. This is the first yoga towel to feature corners that hook onto the corners of your yoga mat, allowing it to stay spread out over the mat. What a genius idea! The Mettadali Hot Yoga Towel will never bunch up on you, no matter how much you move around on it. It is non-slip and just as absorbent, quick drying, and hygienic as any other premium hot yoga towel. You may want to invest in one for all these reasons.
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Yoga Jaci Skidless Yoga Towel

The Yoga Jaci Skidless Hot Yoga Towel comes in two different sizes: a hand towel size and a mat towel size. Both versions are worth having for their specific purposes. Use the mat towel to pose over, and it will soak up your sweat, stay dry while you are in session, and keep a steady grip so you can practice with ease. Keep the hand towel close by for when you want to quickly wipe the sweat from your face, and you will be the most comfortable yoga practitioner in the studio. You will be sure to stay dry and balanced with this product.
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Susama Yoga Hot Yoga Towel

This size of the Susama Yoga Hot Yoga Towel makes it compatible with many of the best hot yoga mats, including the ones that we have reviewed above. This hot yoga towel has a grip that actually strengthens the more you sweat on it so you will want to sweat as much as you can (easy, right?). Now your sweat can help you stay healthy and improve your practice, too! Pop the Susama towel in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry to keep it clean. Extremely hygienic and hypoallergenic, the Susama Yoga Hot Yoga Towel is a must own for anyone who practices hot yoga frequently.
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