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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Hunting Arrows

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How to Choose the Best Hunting Arrow

You’re a rugged traditionalist. Or maybe you have an affinity for honing a craft and you love a challenge. Whatever your reason, you’re searching for the best hunting arrows-- and you’ve come to the right place. Our experts researched and reviewed the top options on the market today to bring you a top ten list. We took the effort out of shopping, so you can get to doing what you love without the hassle of researching the details. There are a few things you should keep in mind while shopping, though. Check out our specifications below, so you end up with the right set of arrows to suit your needs.

Best Hunting Arrows

Material: Whether you prefer carbon, fiberglass, or wood, you’ll find what you’re looking for on our list. Check this spec for information on what each option is made from.

Best Hunting Arrows

Adjustable Nocks: Some archers appreciate being able to tighten or adjust the nocks on their arrows. We’ll tell you here if the model you’re eyeing features adjustable nocks.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Arrow

Pieces: The arrows on our list are sold in sets of six or twelve. We’ll tell you here how many each set comes with, so you know what you’re getting and you end up with enough.

Best Hunting Arrows

Length: Check this spec for the details on how long each model of arrow is. Whether you prefer shorter or longer units to hunt or practice with, you won’t be disappointed with the variety we have to offer.

Best Hunting Arrows

Weight: We’ve recorded how much the individual arrows weigh, so you can make an educated purchase. Whether you’re looking for deer hunting arrows or like to practice archery for fun, we have something for you.

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Shaft Diameter: The best hunting arrows come in a wide range of shaft diameters. This spec will let you know how wide each arrow shaft is, so you find exactly what you need.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to check out our hunting arrow buying guide. Our top ten list is packed with quality options. Each item is sure to please, so shop freely and with confidence. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first. Let’s get shopping!

Tiger Archery Arrows

Top Pick
Kicking off the list as our top pick for the best arrows for hunting is the Tiger Archery set. Sold as a pack of twelve, these durable arrows are made to last and withstand target practice from strong carbon. Each arrow is 30 inches long and 0.309 of an inch in diameter. Colored fletching featuring two black vanes and one white vane ensure that your arrow is always pointed in the correct direction. Nickel-plated stainless steel tips make these arrows ideal for both target shooting and hunting. The nocks are not glued in, so you can adjust them to your liking. Even better, the set comes with six complimentary replaceable nocks. The perfect companion for both novice archers and seasoned hunters alike, it’s easy to see why the Tiger is our favorite arrow. Perfectly weighted for making the mark and strong enough to take on rigorous practice, you’ll enjoy shooting these for a long time to come.
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ANTSIR Fiberglass Arrow

Budget Pick
Landing the list as our favorite choice for good hunting arrows that won’t cost an arm a leg is the ANTSIR set. Made from fiberglass and designed as target practice arrows for recurve, compound, or long bows, these arrows come in a standard set of twelve at a great price. Featuring many of the same characteristics that you would find in a top-quality set, our budget pick is the ideal option for anyone in need of a new set at a deal. The colored plastic fletching looks great soaring through the air and keeps your arrow pointed in the correct direction. The nocks are not fixed with glue, allowing you to adjust them as you see fit. Rounded, nickel-plated stainless steel bullet tips are set at the end of the arrows are easily replaceable. Even better, the low handed shock and excellent speed make this set great for beginners. Make the ANTSIR your choice and start honing your craft today, without taking a hit to your wallet.
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Huntingdoor Target Arrows

Featuring rotating nocks, a default setting in line with the cock feather, removable 100 grain field points, and standard screw-in threads, the Huntingdoor Archery set has all the right features for anyone ready to do some serious shooting! Sold as a twelve pack, these arrows can be used with compound, recurve, or longbows. No matter what type of bow you prefer, you can count on the Huntingdoor to pair well. A 31” shaft made from strong, durable carbon helps them easily soar through the air and hit the mark with strength and precision. Low hand shock and superior speed for optimal comfort make these a great choice for beginners and experienced archers alike. An improved wall thickness provides added durability during flight and contact, so you can rest easy, knowing this set will last. The colored plastic fletching vanes and nocks add style and practicality to the Huntingdoor arrows. You won’t want to overlook this set, especially if you’re looking for versatility and quality.
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M.A.K. Hunting Arrows

The M.A.K. hunting arrows are made solid from pure carbon and are ideal for extended durability and rigorous practice. If you’re looking for the best arrows for compound bow hunting, look no further! These arrows are designed with a dynamic spine so that they fly better and shoot consistently. At 30 inches in length with an outer diameter of 0.307 of an inch, these long and light bows are designed for victory. The colored plastic fletching keeps your arrows flying the correct way. Even better, the fletching, nocks, and hunting arrowheads are replaceable and the sets come with extras for free! The nocks are also adjustable. Nick-plated stainless steel tips hold up during outdoor shooting and target practice, so you don’t need to worry about constant breaks. Available in stylish green and black, these arrows are designed to make you feel confident and professional in your abilities, giving you the edge you need to hit your target.
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Misayar Carbon Arrow

Carbon is unmatched for its lightness and durability, so it’s no surprise that you’re searching for the best carbon hunting arrows. The Misayar is a superior carbon set with a sleek, stylish, and strong design. Equipped with a 100 grain point, these arrows provide maximum accuracy and durable penetration when they hit the target. Designed for ideal flight and stability, the thirty inch shafts feature a 0.307 inch diameter and each unit weighs 1.2 pounds. It comes complete with replaceable and adjustable field points and nocks, so you won’t run out, even in the event of a break. Best of all, these arrows fit with recurve, compound, and longbows, making them an excellent option for practice hunting or targeting with your favorite bow. And you can choose from a pack of six or twelve, so you end up with the set that is right for your needs. With so many options, what’s not to love about this premium set of arrows?
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GPP Hunting Carbon Arrow

Whether you’re into crossbow hunting or archery, the GPP arrows are designed to meet your needs. Made from strong carbon and featuring arrow nocks in a half-moon shape and arrow vanes in blue and white, these arrows are attractive and effective. You’ll be shooting with style and meeting the target with ease when you make GPP arrows your new companion, due to their unique and dynamic manufacturing. If you’re looking for the top hunting arrows that are lightweight and on the shorter side at 20 inches, then you’re in the right place, because these weigh virtually nothing and are easy to use. You want a set of arrows that match your finesse and strengthens your abilities. GPP delivers everything you could ever want from a set of arrows designed specifically for hunting, so don’t waste another minute reading reviews. You could be out on the trails now, enjoying your new set!
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Huntingdoor Feather Arrows

Crave an authentic experience? The Huntingdoor Feather Hunting Arrows make your next adventure as close as it comes to a traditional expedition. Crafted from wood and equipped with a metal arrowhead and black feathers, you’ll bypass modern manufacturing and immerse yourself in the world of nature, decked out in her finest. Man has been crafting arrows from wood, metal, and stone since practically the dawn of civilization, so if you’re in the market for the best bow hunting arrows and you aren’t fond of modern methods, you’ve come to the right place. At 31 inches each and weighing just 2.4 ounces, you’ll love working with these gorgeous units. The nocks are carved into the shaft, which is approximately 0.313 of an inch in diameter. The Huntington set comes in a pack of six, which is just enough to keep you going and pursuing your target, without weighing you down. Nothing stands in your way when you’re backed my Mother Nature.
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ANTSIR 20” Hunting Arrow

We searched high and low to bring you a list filled with the best carbon arrows for hunting, and we found a set sure to impress even the toughest of critics! The ANTSIR arrows are made with consistently thick composite carbon shafts for ultimate durability. Matched with a 125 grain point, these arrows generate maximum accuracy and precise penetration. With an outer shaft diameter of approximately 0.346 of an inch and a 20 to 22-inch length, these babies soar through the air and race to the target like it’s nothing. Lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver, you won’t feel bogged down, even though the ANTSIR provides the ultimate in strength and durability. The arrow nocks are designed in a half-moon shape and the four-inch vanes come in stylish blue and white. An aluminum insert for screwing the arrow tips in makes changing out tips or tightening a breeze. Perfect for crossbow hunting or archery, this twelve piece set has all the right features to make your next adventure a success!
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MUSEN Carbon Arrow

We wanted to track down the best arrows for deer hunting, which lead us to MUSEN. Sold as a set of twelve, these carbon arrows are 30 inches long, weigh about 0.075 of a pound each, and feature a 0.307 shaft diameter. The steel tips penetrate fast and deep and the lightweight design lets you shoot straight and far, making these the ideal option for anyone who takes aim at prey from a distance. The tight nocks help the arrow grip the bowstring better, providing added agility and quickness to your process. The sleek, all-black design keeps you well-hidden. You don’t want to stand out from the brush with neon colors when you’re on a serious trip! Plus, the professional look of these arrows will keep you grounded and remind you why you came in the first place, so you won’t get distracted. If you’re ready to make your hunting trips successful, but you need the right arrows for the job still, then you won’t want to overlook this set.
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Archery Sharly Arrows

Boasting some of the best hunting arrow reviews, the Archery Sharly set of six carbon arrows features real turkey feathers and replacement screw-in field points that are compatible with recurve and longbows. At 31 inches each, these lightweight arrows feature 100 grain replaceable arrow points that are ideal for hunting, target practice, and outdoor shooting. We love the versatility of this set, and know you will, too, because the options are limitless! Low hand shock coupled with great speed make these arrows comfortable and practical. The extraordinary durability means you can practice your heart out, before taking these out into the wild for a real adventure! And here’s the kicker: all of these great features are wrapped up in an extremely affordable package that won’t leave you broke. We could not have picked a better option to finish our list of the best hunting arrows because the Sharly looks the part and performs like a true champion.
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