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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Indestructible Dog Toys

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quadcopter reviewsBest Indestructible Dog Toys

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How to Choose a Tough Dog Toy

There are few things more fun than pampering your pet, right? Dog experts agree that dog toys are not a mere luxury but actually a necessity. Dogs seem to agree, too. The only downside is that your best friend can quickly chew through most toys, so you’ll have to buy a new one. That’s where we come in! After lots and lots of research we found the best indestructible dog toys for sale.The good news is that durable, tough dog toys are often not expensive. There are a few things to watch out for, though. Here’s what you should keep an eye on when buying.

Best Indestructible Tough Dog Toys

Material – For a start, you’re going to have to decide which material to get. The main options are plastic and rubber dog toys or a combo. You need to be careful about this and go only for reliable manufacturer and dealers, since there aren’t many regulations that keep the furry end consumer safe. This goes double for manufacturers outside the US. Both plastic and rubber are good for heavy chewers, as long as they’re hard enough. Natural rubber dog toys came out on top in our real-world reviews, so we recommend them. More on this below.

Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Type – There are three main types of dog toys: Chewing, dental, and intelligence promotion. Plus, there are combinations, too. You’re probably aware that dogs love to gnaw at things. Chew toys are designed so that your upholstery remains as intact as possible. In other words, chew toys substitute for your furniture and shoes. Dental toys are something of a doggy toothbrush, meant to massage their gums and scrub teeth. Finally, IQ toys are designed to stimulate the dog’s brain, and they’re often very interactive, allowing you to join in. Just resist the urge to bite yourself, no matter how great that toy looks.

How to Choose a Tough Dog Toy

Treat Compatible – Some toys will have a hollow center or cavity that you can fill with treats. It’s as straightforward as it sounds, although your dog might disagree. The whole point is to make the four-legged ball of joy concentrate on the toy, and get a sense of accomplishment if he approaches it the right way. In fact, this kind of problem-solving stimulates your dog's intelligence and is very rewarding. This is bound to prolong the entertainment and is very fun to watch. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that most IQ toys are treat-compatible. We highly recommend trying them.

Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Country of Origin – As noted earlier, there aren’t many regulations that protect your dog from bad manufacturers, and the industry relies on the honor system. In other words, the manufacturers are left to their own devices as to how to develop and make the toys. To help you with this we have pointed out below if the dog toys are made in the USA. We have also included reputable foreign brands that have a long track record and many positive online customer reviews. It’s worth double checking this since it can change over time. Generally, most toys from well-known companies are high quality, though.

Best Indestructible Tough Dog Toys

Dimensions – Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes, though most of them are balls, sticks or bones. With this in mind, it’s tough to find and/or give exact measurements, so we’ll stick to approximations. If you see 3 x 3 x 3 inches for dimensions of an item, you can fully expect it’s a ball rather than a cube. Depending on your dog’s size, choose one that fits comfortably in his or her mouth but isn’t so small that it could be swallowed. When in doubt, get a little larger toy and double check the manufacturer’s recommendations for breed size.

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Weight – There’s no golden standard when it comes to dog toys, so they’ll vary greatly (much like dogs vary from breed to breed). Make sure, though, that the weight suits your dog. If it’s a bigger breed, he might find a lightweight toy to be not much of a challenge; conversely, if it’s a small dog, and you get him or her a very heavy ball, there will be a quick return to your shoes or pillowcases. This is another area where your dog’s personal taste matters, so it’s smart to buy two different dog toys and let your pet test them.

Top 10 Products

All right, let’s sink our teeth in the best dog toy reviews – that’s what you’re here for after all. Below you will find the top 10 indestructible dog toys that emerged as winners in our research. All of them will make your pooch smile, so simply pick the one that fits your needs and budget.

Goughnuts MAXX Stick

Top Pick
Our top pick for this list is the Goughnuts Maxx Stick, although it comes in more shapes than a simple stick. There are the Maxx 50 Ring and Power Ring (basically, rubber doughnuts), Stick 50 and Power Stick, and the vanilla Max Stick. All Goughnnut dog toys are made in the United States and offer excellent quality and value. The brand also uses a patented, innovative visual safety indicator. Basically, there’s a layer of red material underneath the surface that serves as an indication that the toy is ready for replacement. This shouldn’t happen for a long time, but it’s a great feature. The minute you start noticing the red layer, take the toy away from your dog and get a replacement. This feature alone makes it worth the while, but the quality of it is not a laughing matter, either. This is a very sturdy chew toy, intended for passionate dogs, and it will survive lots of punishment. Try it!
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West Paw Hurley

Budget Pick
The West Paw Hurley is a budget-friendly solution to the problems that may have been gnawing at your heels. It vaguely resembles a bone and comes in four distinct colors which are chosen so that you can find spot them easily when your dog drops them in the backyard or the park. The toy is very cheap but is incredibly popular in customer reviews online. Moreover, you can get it in three sizes – small, medium and large, with large being about 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. It’s floatable, so you don’t have to worry about losing it that way, either, and the rubber is completely phthalate-free and BPA-free. You can wash it in the dishwasher, and once your dog is through playing with it, simply recycle it. Last but certainly not least the toy is made in the United States. Did we mention it’s super cheap?
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Goughnuts Chew Ring

Goughnuts makes some of the best pet toys, especially for dogs of all sizes. Their new chew ring is a virtually indestructible dog toy, and much like the rest of their line, it floats. Now, you’ll notice that the operating word here is “virtually,” as the toy can be destroyed, though it’d require a tough chewer and long periods of time. Still, the minute you notice the red safety layer appear, you’ll know it’s time to change the toy. Goughnuts will be all too happy to replace it, by the way (at the time of writing). It’s important to note that all Goughnuts toys are made in the USA so you can feel confident that you’re getting only the best for your dog or puppy.
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KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

When it comes to your puppster’s health, getting indestructible dog toys may seem like a trifle, but it’s far from it. Dogs have ultra-strong jaws that can go through most anything. Luckily, that’s where the Kong Rubber Ball Extreme jumps in. The ball, like most of the Kong product range, is made in the States, and it’s also designed to handle pretty much anything your dog can dish out. It comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, with the last one measuring about 3 inches in radius. It’s ideal for medium and large doggos. This model doesn’t have an elaborate feeder. There’s simply one hole going through the middle of the ball, and you can put treats inside. Still, your dog should get a big kick out of trying to get them out. Get ready for an entertained and happy puppy!
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KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

The Kong Jumbler Ball is a great toy if you want to keep your dog stimulated and entertained on his or her own for hours. It’s not a complete sphere, as there are two handles on opposite ends so that it’s easier for the dog to grab it and carry about. There’s also a fun squeaker built in and an inner ball which both serve to entice the dog to play. The outer ball is made of hard and durable, yet quite pliable thermoplastic. It should survive lots of chewing, even from eager dogs. The toy offers a fun combination of sounds and different chewing sensations, increasing the chances that your dog will love it. It’s a great product that provides excellent value for the money and is quite durable.
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Jakpak Tooth Cleaning Ball

Jakpak Tooth Cleaning Ball offers pretty much what the name promises – a dental treat for your best friend that also manages to entertain. It comes in four distinct flavors (well, colors, actually, but who could resist a pun?) – Mint, Purple, Red, and Yellow. All the variants are easily spotted in the dog park, and they float, so you don’t have to fear losing yours anywhere. Much like the rest of Jakpak’s range, this product is made of safe, soft rubber material. It’s quite durable, as it well should be, given the purpose. In addition to being a dental cleaning tool, the ball can hold some treats within the central cavity so it can turn into an IQ toy in no time. We love the double use, offering a lot of bang for your buck. It’s a fun dog toy, definitely worth trying.
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Petacc Giggle Ball Dog Toy

Petacc Goggle Ball Dog Toys are made of high-grade non-toxic plastic, phthalate and BPA free, and environmentally sound. It’s quite stylish and stimulating looking so it will attract your dog visually (yes, dogs see colors, just not to the same extent as we do). Moreover, the internal magnet lets the ball shake and move when your dog is using it, making it totally irresistible. The ball also gives off funny sounds that will make your dog get even happier about it. Not only is this ball good for training your dog mentally and physically, but it’s also good for teeth-cleaning. There’s even a hole inside for treats, so your doggo has some real incentive to play with it while learning how to solve puzzles. It’s a great buy!
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Ethical Pets Play Strong Y

The Ethical Pets Play Strong Y has an interesting shape, and it’s made of high-quality materials. This toy is quite tough but not entirely indestructible. Still, small and medium breeds should have a blast gnawing at it for quite some time. It’s made of a rubber/thermoplastic combo, and free of problem materials, so it’s got that going for it. More importantly, however, the toy has a hollow center, ideal for putting in treats, so that your puppy can work for his/her food to improve cognitive abilities. Dogs are decedent from ancestors that spent most of its adult life looking for food, so trying to retrieve treats out of dog toys is a very fun activity for your favorite canine.
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Monster K9 Indestructible Ball

You want virtually indestructible dog toys? You got ‘em! The Monster K9 Indestructible Balls are tough dog toys suitable for even the most aggressive chewers, such as Pits and Dobermans. It’s made of high-quality natural rubber, and, rare for a product advertised as indestructible, it lives up to its name. It’s pretty much puncture-resistant, which goes a long way to prolonging its life expectancy. The toy looked almost new after hours of play. Of course, tough and aggressive chewers could eventually work through it, but this ball should still last a very, very long time. The toy about the size of a tennis ball so it should suit most breed sizes, from border collies to terriers to mastiffs. If they do go through it, Monster K9 Dog Toys will send you a replacement, no questions asked. What’s not to love?
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Ethical Pets Play Strong Toy

Much like the Strong Y model, the Ethical Pets Play Strong S-shaped Bone Toy is advertised as virtually indestructible. And, much like the Strong Y, it’s ultra-tough but could give in after a few months of play. To be honest, it is quite tough, though, and should give your dog many months of playtime. This is subjective, of course, and can always vary based on your breed. In short, it’s a very tough dog toy that should offer many hours of fun. There’s a hollow center where you can put treats for your dog, and make him or her try to get them. Furry friends are bound to get a kick out of it and absolutely loved the activity in our review. It’s a solid choice that offers a smart mix of features and value.
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