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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Indoor Grow Box

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How to Pick Your Grow Box

Here’s the deal: Indoor grow boxes are the easiest way to grow full cycle, from seed to harvest. Unlike DIY hydroponics which requires lots of testing and tweaking, indoor grow kits are ready to go, all-in-one solutions. They are fully automated and include all fans, filters, lights, pumps, and everything else you need to grow. They’re ideal for beginners and people looking for big yields with less effort. To help you find the perfect grow box (also known as grow cabinet) we’ve researched and reviewed 35 new and bestselling products and picked the top 10. What’s the bottom line? There are currently only two reliable grow box brands that we would recommend. SuperCloset and Grow Box USA. Both offer years of research and experience backing up their grow box and grow room designs. Now: Before we check out the complete hydroponic grow system reviews below, here are the specs you should look for to get the best hydroponic system. Let’s go!

Best Indoor Grow Box

Wattage: How bright is the darn thing? Wattage is one way of estimating how much power an indoor grow box will use. It’s also a common way of gauging how powerful the included lights are. More is better but see the review below.

Best Indoor Grow Box

Odor Control: Listed as a percent, odor control indicates how good the grow closet is at keeping your room or home from smelling like fertilizer and other odors. We let you know in the reviews how well these grow cabinets control odor.

How to Pick Your Grow Box

Light Proof: Also listed as a percent, this spec indicates how closed up the system really is. Higher is better. Hint: The best ones are very closed up. Leaking light means less effective growing and may also disturb plants at night.

Best Indoor Grow Box

Light Type: We let you know what type of light is included with the grow closet: LED, HPS, or CFL. LED is energy efficient and cool, HPS is hotter but makes plants grow rapidly, CFL needs to be adjusted but work well in small spaces.

Best Indoor Grow Box

Full Automated: We explain in the review whether the grow box can function on its own or not, meaning it can make growing adjustments if left alone. All of the top grow boxes on our list offer automation, making your life easier!

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Dimensions: The size of a grow box (usually measured in feet) is important depending on how many plants you want to grow, how big they are, as well as how much floor space you can dedicate to the growing system.

Top 10 Products

All right, here’s what you’ve waited for: The 10 best grow boxes for sale! First, our top pick and budget pick, for those of you in a hurry. Then all runner-up hydroponic grow kits for those of you who want a little more nuance. You can buy most of these systems with and without cloning chambers. They are also compatible with soil as well as hydro growing methods. They all come with instructional DVDs in case you get stuck, plus nutrients and grow medium so you can get going ASAP. Let’s do this!

Grow Box USA The Stanley

Top Pick
The Stanley from Grow Box USA has two 90W LED lights with adjustable light hangers as well as 84W LED side lights to provide your plants light from all angles. The lights, hydroponic system, water cooler, CO2, and fans can all be automated so you can ignore your grow box for up to two weeks at a time. It locks, too (two keys included), and doesn’t leak light or run noisily. Air scrubbers filter the air of odors before releasing it from the box. Speaking of, the grow box is made of 16-gauge welded steel and very high quality. The hydroponic system can be set for Deep Water Culture or drip feeding of up to eight plants, and a backup reservoir and aeration system are included, too. On top of that, three dual-outlet grounded timers, an internal CO2 boost bucket system, and a pH adjusting kit help you keep your plants happy and growing quickly. Phew, tons of features. It’s an easy, fully automated experience, we love it! This hydroponic grow box gives you about 4.5 square feet to work with. Because LEDs are more expensive than other types of lighting, a LED grow box can have a higher up-front cost. However, the LEDs run cool, draw less power, and last a long time. If you want the best, this is it!
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SuperCloset SuperLocker 3.0

Budget Pick
We love the design of this hydroponic grow cabinet: It’s built to fit in tight spaces but still offers plenty of grow height and looks just like a gym locker. Made with powder-coated steel, you can lock it up easily if you want. The lighting is a full-spectrum Kind LED K3 adjustable grow light with T5 fluorescent side lighting, while the small cloning chamber has two 24W T5 fluorescent bulbs. These lighting systems provide bright, intense light with low heat output. An air pump quietly pulls air in, and it goes through an industrial grade carbon filter before it is released outside. A 132 GPH water pump delivers water to your plants. As for the tech, this small grow box isn’t short on it. Included are a digital thermometer and hygrometer, a Total Dissolved Solids meter, an analog timer, and a pH adjusting kit. Fans ensure every plant gets optimal airflow. You can grow eight plants in the central chamber and start up to 14 plants in the cloning chamber. The automated SuperPonics hydroponics two-method system is extra-efficient, combining top feed watering with bottom feed oxygenation. If you’ve always wanted to garden in a locker, this is your chance! The SuperLocker 3.0 works great and is very affordable.
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Grow Box USA The Silverback

The Silverback: yes, like the gorilla. With about double the square footage of The Stanley, this hydroponic closet is great for people who want to grow lots and lots of plants. Like, definitely more than three plants at a time. It’s the largest growbox this manufacturer makes, hence the epic name. This version comes with three 135W LED lights, but no side lights are included. Eight quiet exhaust fans combined with two quiet intake fans keep the air flowing (through filters, of course), along with an internal CO2 system. The cloning chamber is lit with T5 fluorescent lights. For the hydroponics side of things, a zero-maintenance water cooler and a backup reservoir provide stability to the hybrid Deep Water Culture/drip feed system (with aeration built in, too) that can feed up to nine plants at a time. What else? You also get four dual-outlet grounded timers, all of the materials you need for your first two grows, and meters to track the temperature, humidity, and Total Dissolved Solids. All in a 16-gauge steel frame… wow. You can even buy an automatic pH adjuster to automate your growbox even further. The Silverback is ideal for people who want big hydroponics systems and won’t settle for less!
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Supercloset Superbox

Okay, some of these grow cabinets are a little on the large side. If you want to start small, the Superbox might be for you. If you think subtlety is all about size, this small but powerful grow chamber is just that. It can easily be mistaken for a mini fridge! You can grow up to eight plants under a warm-spectrum 200W CFL system. If you’re comfortable with hydroponics, this grow box kit combines Deep Water Culture, Bubble/Aeroponics, and Top Feed for fast-growing, healthy plants. It’s also compatible with soil growing if you prefer, but then you don’t get to use the ten-gallon reservoir. Bummer. CFL lights run hotter than LEDs, but the Superbox is designed to have as much air circulation and cooling as its larger Supercloset cousins. This helps keep the room from throwing off too much heat. A carbon filter and the adjustable fan keeps air flowing and smelling fresh. You also get an analog single light timer, a Total Dissolved Solids meter for hydro grows, and a temperature and humidity meter as well. Despite this being a smaller kit, you still get all of the materials you need to go through two grows, including nutrients and growing medium.
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Supercloset SuperLocker 2.0

This SuperLocker came before the SuperLocker 3.0 we reviewed above as our budget pick. Going with an earlier generation can save you some cash, but there are a few differences between the two. First, the Superlocker 3.0 uses LED lighting, while the 2.0 uses HPS lighting. HPS throws off more heat than CFL and LED lighting, but it’s quite powerful. This discrete growbox has a cloning chamber at the top of the locker for starting new plants, plus air filters and fans to keep (clean-smelling) air moving. The cloning area is lit with a 20W T5 fluorescent light, and a trellis is included to help your plants learn to walk--er, stand. You can grow plants up to three feet tall and keep the door locked with the included key. Although this closet grow room has similar specs to the Superlocker 3.0, you may have better luck finding the 3.0 - just check out both and compare! It offers a good-sized growing area, especially for taller plants, and is easy to stick in a corner out of the way even if you don’t have tons of space.
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Grow Box USA The Stanley MAX

If you love the Stanley grow box but want a cloning chamber… voila! The Stanley “MAX” features adjustable-height 480W LED lighting that can be switched between veg and bloom lighting, as well as a 42W LED side light for maximum growth. The cloning chamber lets you start your next grow sooner. Air filters keep your indoor air from smelling, and you have a lot of options for automation as well. This package includes an automatic pH adjusting system (which usually has to be purchased separately) as well as the light, CO2, and watering automation. These automation systems let you auto-pilot your growing for as long as two weeks at a time. The hydroponics system uses a combination of Deep Water Culture and Drip Feed with a reservoir and water cooler, as well as pumps for water and air. This lockable grow box basically looks like a big office closet, and it’s perfect for people who want something larger than the SuperLocker. It runs quietly even with all of its fans and pumps, and the LED lighting is efficient, bright, and cooler than CFL and HPS lighting methods. Basically, it’s awesome all over.
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SuperCloset SuperNova

Similar to the Stanley from Grow Box USA, the SuperNova has a little more floor space for people who want more room. It is lit with a full-spectrum Kind K3 L450 LED grow light with a secondary optical lens to help the light better penetrate leafs. T5 bulb side lighting hits your plants from all angles. Like other SuperCloset box designs, it’s made of 16-gauge steel and is lockable. The hydroponic system combines drip feed with Deep Water Culture for the best of both worlds (and better plant growth as a result). The SuperNova brings out the big guns with a 50-site SuperCloner cloning chamber lit with two 24W T5 bulbs. You can also grow up to eight “mother” plants in the cloning chamber with the SuperPonics system. Grow up to twelve plants at a time in the main chamber and keep them happy with automated hydroponics and airflow. An internal fan pulls air through dual carbon filters before releasing it outside. A four-port air pump and 185 GPH water pump keep up with the water demands of this larger setup, and an analog single timer lets you set the lighting schedule. You also get a pH control kit, TDS meter, and a thermometer/hygrometer to monitor your cabinet’s environment.
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SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 HPS

This hydroponic grow box is the perfect size for hobby growers and even pros. The cloning chamber lets you propagate up to 50 plants at a time under two 24W T5 bulbs, while the main chamber can hold up to 16 plants! The main chamber is lit with a 400W full spectrum HPS digital lighting system that is air-cooled and dimmable depending on your needs. The hydroponics system is made to be easy to maintain, with a 15-gallon reservoir, air pump, and 185 GPH water pump. This hydro grow box provides both top feed and Deep Water Culture watering methods for optimal growth. You also get an analog single timer for controlling the light cycle. You can monitor your growing environment with a TDS meter and digital thermometer/hygrometer, and adjust the pH with the included kit as needed. Dual carbon filters keep the “exhaust” from your grow room smelling fresh. Plus, internal fans provide perfect airflow to all of your plants. The system can also be used to grow plants in soil if hydro isn’t your thing. But when you can water your plants automatically and get faster, better growth, what’s stopping you?
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SuperCloset Big Buddha Box

So if you want your closet grow room to actually be the size of a real room, there’s still hope: the Big Buddha Box integrates a 9x9 Gorilla Grow tent with all of the awesome bells and whistles of SuperCloset designs. One upside of this grow tent is that you can buy a height extension, boosting it to almost eight feet. The downside is that it’s not as secure as the other grow rooms on our list and doesn’t have an integrated lock. Other than that? It’s really awesome. Space for 75 plants, all watered with VerticalPonic ebb and flow hydroponics, able to grow up to five times bigger with more production than typical horizontal grow setups. The two 600W HPS lights are air-cooled, digital, and dimmable so your plants can grow up towards them without being burned. A trellis system helps your plants produce more, too. Internal fans circulate the air, which passes through a Phresh carbon filter before being released outside of the tent. You also get a digital thermometer/hygrometer, a TDS meter, analog single timers, and a pH control kit to keep your environment just the way you like it.
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SuperCloset LED Trinity 3.0

Another huge hydroponics grow box, the Trinity 3.0, features three chambers: a cloning chamber and two vegetative/flowering chambers. Each of the growing chambers features its own 450W Kind LED K3 L450 grow light, plus T5 side lighting. The SuperCloner cloning chamber has two 24W T5 bulbs with an adjustable shelf - with room for up to 50 plants! This grow box is designed to allow you to split your grow, optimizing one chamber for vegetating and the other for flowering. Each of the main chambers can hold up to 16 plants. The SuperPonics watering system combines Top Feed, Deep Water Culture, Bubble, and Aeroponics methods for the best plant growth. A 15-gallon reservoir plus dual air and water pumps keep it all going. Fans ensure good air circulation, while activated carbon filters keep the air that leaves the box smelling fresh. To monitor your room environment, a digital thermometer/hygrometer, TDS meter, and pH adjustment kit are included to keep your plants as happy as possible. Basically, this hydro grow room is ideal for growing a lot at once while remaining space-efficient and secure. Despite its size, it’s designed to be easy to maintain, whether you choose to go the hydro root or even just use soil.
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