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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Indoor Outdoor Basketballs

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quadcopter reviewsBest Indoor Outdoor Basketballs

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How to Choose the Best Indoor Outdoor Basketball

The best basketball for sale is one that will perform indoors on the wooden court as well as outdoors on the asphalt. There are a lot of basketballs out there so it’s not always easy to determine which one is best for indoor and outdoor use. That’s why we researched some of the most popular and best-selling products available and put together this basketball buying guide. Before we get started, let’s take a look at some important features.

Best Indoor Outdoor Basketballs

Official Size: Official size can mean a few things. It’s either NBA official, NCAA official, or, in one case, FIBA official. Official size refers to both the diameter and weight of the ball, which is different for each league.

Best Indoor Outdoor Basketballs

Color: Believe it or not, there’s a lot of variety here. While most of these are available in the standard orange color that comes to mind when you think about a basketball, there are other colors available, too.

How to Choose the Best Indoor Outdoor Basketball

Pieces Included: You might be thinking, pieces? But this is a ball, how many pieces does a ball have? And that’s a good question. Some of these come in kits that include a pump, needles, nets, or even wristbands.

Best Indoor Outdoor Basketballs

League: If the ball is league official, we’re going to tell you what league it's for. The NBA is really popular, as is the NCAA. If you’ve never heard of FIBA, it’s the International Basketball Federation which is based in France.

Best Indoor Outdoor Basketballs

Cover Material: Material varies quite a bit from real leather to composite to rubber to microfiber. What’s most important about the cover is that it has a good grip. Also, the more durable it is, the better it will be to use outside.

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Warranty: Unfortunately, a lot of these balls don’t come with a warranty because they get pretty beat up quickly when played with a lot. That said, there are 2 balls in our list which are covered for one year after purchase.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know a little more about the features to look for, let’s move into our reviews. Whether you’re looking for the best Spalding outdoor basketball or something to use for your league, you’ll find it here. Our top and budget picks are right at the top of the list so start there and keep reading if you can. We really found a wide range of choices for you! Alright, ready. Let’s get started.

Spalding NBA Excel Basketball

Top Pick
Our top pick is the Spalding NBA Excel Basketball, the best basketball for indoor and outdoor play. It’s made of composite leather that looks and feels like the real thing. The texture is great. It has pebbling over the whole ball and gives you a soft, tacky feel that really helps you get a good grip. It feels soft but was made to be durable so it holds up to a lot of play. Beneath the outer layer is foam backing to increase precision and handling without altering the bounce or adding unnecessary weight. That’s not all, the channels in this ball are deep which helps with control while dribbling. It’s the same size and weight as NBA balls and even bears the official logo. It’s a great ball for competition on any court.
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Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball

Budget Pick
The best cheap basketball we found in our research is the Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball. Our budget pick has a 16 panel optime leather construction that is ideal for indoor and outdoor play. The pebbled texture increases grip and control which makes it easier to sink baskets or pass the ball accurately. Beneath the rubber is a sponge layer that provides the ideal bounce without affecting control. Wilson is the official basketball of the NCAA tournament which is why this ball bears the NCAA logo. This ball is available in 3 sizes: official, intermediate, and youth. The official size is available in black & white and red & white, intermediate in Carolina blue & white and orange & white, and youth in lime green & white. The bright colors really demonstrate that this isn’t your average ball.
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Under Armour 495 Basketball

Under Armour 495 Basketball is next up for best basketball for indoor and outdoor play. One of the cool things about this ball is you can get it in 3 different sizes: official, intermediate, and youth. The composite outer layer has a pebbled texture and was designed to have the best possible grip and feel without being too sticky. The channels are deep to help with control while you dribble and it even has 80% Nylon windings to help keep its shape. That’s not all. The 100% Butyl bladder maintains maximum air retention, which means longer periods of play before you need to worry about making any adjustments. It’s also a really great buy as it’s on the low end of the price range and still manages to be a really solid performer.
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Wilson NCAA Replica Game Ball

Another great indoor and outdoor basketball from Wilson is the NCAA Replica Game Ball. It proudly bears the NCAA logo because it is the official ball of the March Madness tournament. What makes it so special? For one thing, the patented laid-in channels and pebbled texture give you astonishing grip and control. The durable rubber surface helps this ball stand up to a lot of hours on the court and is especially suited for outdoor play. The surface is a little rougher and unforgiving on an outside court but this ball can take it. That’s not all, the inner layer contains Wilson’s cushion core technology which helps deliver a more consistent and reliable bounce. Whether you’re a competitive player or you’re just looking for a great ball to shoot hoops in your driveway, this one is a great choice.
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Spalding NBA Replica Game Ball

This Spalding indoor outdoor basketball is an NBA replica game ball, meaning it’s the exact size and weight as the balls used in official NBA games. That said, if you wanted it in an intermediate size, never fear, that’s available as well. This ball has a composite leather construction with a pebbled surface, which provides an effective grip so you can improve your accuracy. The internal construction gives this ball a reliable bounce to increase performance and reliability. We also really like the classic look. The channel designs, colors, and even the NBA logo are so traditional. A ball like this is exactly the image that comes to mind when you think of a basketball. It’s a great bargain on its own but get this. It’s also available as a kit that includes a pump, too.
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Molten X-Series Basketball

Next up is the Molten X-Series Basketball, a great indoor basketball that might also be the best basketball for outdoor use. Molten is the official ball of the International Basketball Federation and many teams and players worldwide. The X-Series has a uniform pebbled surface like most balls but get this. It’s unique in that the pebbles are wider and flatter than you’ll find on other balls. That really adds to the grip and delivers precision and control. This ball has an interesting look to it, too, that was intentionally done to help it stay visible on the court. The standard orange color you’re used to when it comes to basketballs makes up most of the surface. But, there’s a lighter almost peachy colored X design that uniformly wraps around the ball that really catches your eye.
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Rodzon Game Basketball

If you’re looking for the best basketball for outdoor play but want something that performs well indoors, too, check out the Rodzon Game Basketball. This is actually a really nice set that includes the ball, a net, a pump, and needles so you can make sure you’re always game ready. It would make a great gift for someone just getting into the game or a basketball lover looking for a new ball. So, let’s talk about the ball specifically. It’s official NBA size and weight for starters. The outer layer is made of premium leather that’s extremely durable and soft. The surface is covered with wide, flat pebbles that give you superior grip. That’s not all, the cushion core technology provides a consistent bounce and the nylon twined yarn layer adds a lot of durability.
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adidas Performance Basketball

The adidas Performance Basketball is our next pick for best indoor basketball ball that’s also great for outdoor use. The outer layer is made of composite microfiber that’s just a little bit soft to the touch. Get this: it also helps with moisture management. That means that any sweat or rain that comes in contact with the ball won’t have as much of an effect as it would if you were using a different one. The bladder is composed of nylon that’s really durable and helps maintain the structure of the ball. It also won’t leak much at all. One thing we have to mention is that this ball ships deflated so don’t be surprised when you open the package and it needs inflating. This ball is available in 2 colors, natural and orange.
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NZACE Game Ball

The NZACE Game Ball is up next in our basketball reviews. One of the awesome things about this one it the material. It’s covered in hygroscopic leather which not only gives you a great grip, it also absorbs moisture so sweat won’t get in the way of your performance. It’s also a really durable material which is one reason why this is a good choice for outdoor play. This is the same size and weight as an NCAA tournament ball and is really made to stand the test of time. Plus, the company offers a free gift with purchase of the ball. You can receive a maintenance kit, which includes a basketball pump, 2 needles, a large net, and a pair of wrist bands. It’s all for a pretty reasonable price, too.
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NIKE Versa Tack Basketball

Last on our list is the NIKE Versa Tack Basketball. This ball has a tough, textured surface that provides a lot of grip while also making it really tough. That’s one reason why this is a good choice if you play both indoors and outdoors. It actually wears really well and can take at least a season or two of hard play, indoors or outdoors. Something cool about this ball is the way the channels are designed. The concave shape helps to guide your hands so you can work on getting the proper placement to get the most control over the ball during play. The Butyl bladder is not only strong enough to prevent leaks, it’s also made to help the ball keep its shape even after hours and days on the court.
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