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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Inflatable Loungers

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How to Choose the Best Inflatable Lounger

If you’re looking for a comfortable, colorful, and easy to use way to lounge around, the best inflatable lounger might be right up your alley. We spent a lot of hours just kind of relaxing in order to figure out which of these products we should include in our inflatable lounger review. Before we get into our list, let’s take a look at some of the features you need to know before you start shopping.

Best Inflatable Loungers

Color Options: Color options actually vary widely from product to product. Some of them come in a handful of solid colors while others have some really cool patterns and designs. In fact, one of our picks gives you 12 different options!

Best Inflatable Loungers

Weight Capacity: These things can hold a surprising amount of weight! Believe it or not, they can usually hold anywhere from 400 to 500 pounds! Make sure you double check the limit for the one you end up purchasing.

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Lounger

Neck Pillow: Technically, these don’t have neck pillows. They’re long tubes that fold into shape. Now, they do offer some neck support because of the way the fabric inflates when you fold them. But there is no separate neck support pillow.

Best Inflatable Loungers

Pockets: Pockets really make these loungers so convenient. Think about it: you can lay down and relax with your phone, a drink, a book or a magazine, and anything else you need to relax with arm’s reach.

Best Inflatable Loungers

Size: The size that we included is the inflated size. They’re all pretty impressive in size. Keep in mind, this will vary slightly depending on how much air you have in yours and how tight you roll the edges.

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Carry Bag: All of the products that we chose come with a carrying bag. A carrying bag is the best way to transport your lounger from place to place and the only way to keep it contained when not in use.

Top 10 Products

Now that we’ve covered our inflatable lounger buying guide, let’s move into our products. If you’re in a hurry, make sure you check out the 2 items at the top of our list. They’re our top and budget picks and are the best place to start. Stick around through the end of our outdoor inflatable lounger reviews if you can, though. Each one of these products is awesome. Now, let’s chill out and get right to our reviews, shall we?


Top Pick
Look, we’ll be totally honest with you. The first thing that drew us to our pick for best air lounger was its name. Chillbo Baggins? Awesome. We were happy to find out that this was also a really awesome lounger, too. First of all, it’s easy to inflate, just scoop up some air and you’re all set. It’s made of ripstop fabric that’s lightweight and durable. What does that mean for you? It’s really easy to take this lounger just about anywhere. It folds up really small, only 13 x 7 x 3.5 inches, and comes with its own carrying bag with shoulder strap making it super easy to carry. Use it on the beach, by the pool, when camping or picnicking, or hanging out at a festival.
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ChillaX Inflatable Hammock

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for the best inflatable hammock on a budget, look no further than this one from Chillax. No matter where you take it, this inflatable hammock will keep you comfortable and you can even share it with a friend. There are some awesome extras with this one. You get not 1, not 2, but 3 pockets. A large one where you can stash a book and 2 smaller ones for your phone and a bottle of whatever you’re drinking. Get this: it also comes with a bottle opener so you have just about everything you need to lay back and chill. It’s made of multi-layered material that’s durable, lightweight, and made to last. It’s easy to use, too and can be set up in minutes.
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Vansky 2.0 Inflatable Couch

Next up in our inflatable lounger reviews comes from Vansky. This inflatable couch has a great head and neck support and an ergonomic design that will keep you so comfortable, you might not want to get up. Inflation is simple, just scoop up some air, roll of the end, and secure it in place with the buckle. The material is pretty nice, too. It’s made of lightweight polyester that’s durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. You can use this one just about anywhere, too. It even floats. We really like that this one had 3 pockets, too, so you can keep what you need close by. This one can hold a lot of weight so it’s a great one to share. Plus, it staying inflated for 4 to 8 hours.
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Live Infinitely Air Lounger

The Live Infinitely Air Lounger is our next pick for best inflatable air lounger. One of the reasons that we like it so much is because it’s so durable. Listen to this: it has a thick, leak proof inner liner that’s then wrapped in ripstop polyester. Why is that so important? It’s virtually leak-proof and pretty tough. It can actually hold up to 500 pounds. Another cool thing about it is that it’s really long, over 9 feet! That makes it easier to fill because it captures more air and allows you to roll it a little tighter. There are 2 pockets where you can stash your phone, a book, or a magazine, anything to help you get more comfortable. Plus, it comes with a 1 year unlimited warranty.
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Lougnee Inflatable Air Lounger

One of the things that great about the Lougnee Inflatable Air Lounger is how long it stays inflated. You’ll get 4 to 8 hours thanks to the patented design. Why? Because it makes an awesome seal and an elastic PC strip to reinforce it. The fabric is a polyester cloth and nylon blend so it has a lot of stretch and supports you no matter what position you’re in. Inflating it is super easy, just run against the wind and scoop up some air. Then seal the end and you’re all set. This is a great choice for just about anywhere you can think of to use it. It fits into a small carrying bag when it’s deflated and is easy to carry around. Plus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.
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NewNomad Inflatable Lounger

Anyone who’s looking for the best inflatable couch that comes in a variety of awesome patterns has to take a closer look at the NewNomad Inflatable Lounger. It’s made of high-density micro-poly yarn. That’s not all. To prevent leaks, they really went above and beyond. Get this: the stitching is triple reinforced. Plus, there’s an advanced sealing system and a thick inner bag to help keep the air in for longer periods of time. Don’t worry about where to stash your stuff, the large pocket can fit the little things you need. With this one, you get a carrying bag so you can take it with you wherever you travel. It also comes with a plastic stake if you need to secure it down in windy weather.
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Mockins Inflatable Lounger

Another awesome choice for best inflatable couch is the Mockins Inflatable Lounger. First of all, it’s really portable and has a convenient travel bag so you can take it wherever you want. Plus, it has a fast and easy set up that can be done in less than a minute. It was actually designed to hold the most air for as long as possible. The material is really great, too. It’s made of durable waterproof ripstop polyester which is not only lightweight, it’s also really resistant to tears. We really like that there are 3 different sized pockets on the side, perfect for a water bottle, tablet, smartphone, or book. You’ll have everything you need right within reach while you relax. There’s also a peg included in case you need help holding it down.
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Sleeping Cloud Inflatable Lounger

Next up for best inflatable sofa is the Sleeping Cloud Inflatable Lounger. This one is really comfortable because it’s made out of high quality polyester oxford cloth. Plus, it’s waterproof and has no smell or static problems. This one is built not to leak with a double-layer design. The inner bag is made of high strength plastic that won’t burst or leak. We were pretty impressed with the inflate time. Most of these loungers give you about 4 to 8 hours. The Sleeping Cloud lounger stays inflated for up to 24 hours. It’s available in 7 colors and comes with a carrying bag with shoulder straps. This is a great one to take with you to the beach, on a camping trip, or anywhere else you want a place to lounge.
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Mad Grit Air Sac Sofa

We like the Mad Grit Air Sac Sofa for a lot of reasons. For starters, it’s really durable. The leak proof liner and thick outer layer hold air for up to 7 hours and can hold over 500 pounds. If you’re wondering if there’s a place to put your stuff the answer is yes. There’s a pocket on each side, one for you and one for whoever you’re sharing with. Or, you know, just 2 for you. We really loved the little extras that you get with this one: 2 LED camping lights and a bottle opener. Plus, it comes with a great carrying bag so that you can take it anywhere. Mad Grit offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will give you a full refund if you’re not happy with their product.
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ChillPill Inflatable Lounger

Here’s another one of those items that drew us in with the name and made our list because it’s so awesome. The ChillPill Inflatable Lounger is super strong and durable. It’s made with Oxford nylon ripstop and strong stitching and can hold up to 400 pounds. It’s really easy to inflate, it’ll take less than a minute until you’re lounging in style. There are some nice little extras that come with this, too, like a stake that you can use to keep it tethered down on windy days. This comes in particularly handy when you take it to the beach. There’s a pocket on the side where you can keep your belongings while you chill. The included bottle opener might come in handy, too. This one comes in both orange and black and comes with a carry bag.
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