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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Infrared Saunas

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How to Pick Your Sauna

Getting your own home sauna is easier than ever with the internet--thanks, internet! And we’ve researched the best-selling infrared sauna options on the market to help you choose. Not sure what to look for? Read over our list of specs below to learn about the main features we considered in our indoor sauna reviews!

Best Infrared Saunas

Type: Portable saunas are cheaper and easy to pack up, while stationary saunas are more sturdy.

Best Infrared Saunas

People: Want to share or sauna solo? Keep in mind that portable saunas are one-person events!

How to Pick Your Sauna

Max. Temperature: How hot can it go? Most saunas, portable or stationary, can reach at least 130° F.

Best Infrared Saunas

Size: Size matters with stationary saunas, so make sure you have enough room to set it up!

Best Infrared Saunas

Weight: Stationary saunas are heavy, portable ones are not! Planning to move? Then go lightweight!

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Warranty: Longer is better, since a warranty can give you an idea of the quality of the product it’s covering.

Top 10 Products

Are you ready to feel the heat? Our infrared sauna reviews are waiting! Our top pick and budget pick summarize the best of the products we found, but keep reading if you want to thoroughly compare your options. There’s no need to sweat over finding the perfect sauna with our reviews on your side!

JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna

Top Pick
Our overall favorite option for the best infrared sauna was this two-person sauna from JNH Lifestyles. Besides the attractive five-year warranty, this sauna features an attractive modern look. It’s made from solid Canadian hemlock wood in dual layers for superior insulation with a tempered safety glass door. The dual layers help prevent issues with expansion when the sauna heats up. Seven carbon fiber far infrared heaters and energy-efficient LED lighting give you the spa experience at home! The control panel inside lets you set the timer and temperature. Bonus: plug in your MP3 player with the AUX connection and play music through the built-in speakers! All of these awesome features are built into a tool-free design, with the various parts and panels buckling together without needing screwdrivers or other tools. Low-stress assembly? Yes please! Overall, this is an attractive infrared sauna that will give you years of enjoyment!
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Radiant Portable Sauna

Budget Pick
The best infrared sauna on the market with a low price: the Radiant Portable Sauna, in our humble opinion! Use the controller to choose from five temperature options up to 150° F and set the timer up to 30 minutes. A heated foot pad and folding canvas chair are also included, so you have everything you need to get your sauna time! Three carbon fiber heating panels work quickly and efficiently to bring the sauna’s temperature up to your set level. When you’re done, the sauna folds up easily, and you can use the attached arm strap to carry it off to storage. Each panel of the sauna is lock stitched together for durability and the neck collar is padded and double-lined for comfort. A portable infrared sauna is an inexpensive way to get your sauna fix, and the Radiant Portable Sauna combines a great value with a great design!
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Idealsauna Far Infrared Sauna

The Idealsauna Far Infrared Sauna comes with a heating foot pad and a folding canvas chair for you to use during your sauna session. A controller allows you to set the timer up to 30 minutes and the temperature as high as 140° F! The FIR ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements work quickly to get the sauna to the temperature you want. This lightweight sauna features a full main zip for getting in and two arm slot zips for multi-tasking during your session. When you’re finished, the opening flaps fold in, and the tent can be flattened up and put away until next time. You can take it just about anywhere thanks to the easy folding and its light weight! A portable sauna is a compact and often less expensive alternative to a larger stationary sauna and works well for a range of lifestyles and homes!
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JNH Lifestyles Joyous

The JNH Lifestyles Joyous infrared sauna is designed for one person. It’s made from a double layer of solid Canadian hemlock wood with a tempered safety glass door and six carbon fiber FAR infrared heaters. On top of that, two premium speakers, a volume rocker, and an AUX connection let you play the music of your choice while you bask in the heat! A digital control panel lets you set the temperature up to 140° F and a timer. LED lighting provides soft, energy-efficient illumination to the interior of the sauna. A five year warranty covers all parts of the sauna for your peace of mind. The whole thing “buckles” together without the need for tools, so setting it up and taking it down isn’t a huge chore! If you’re looking for a one-person infrared
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Ridgeyard Portable FIR Sauna

The Ridgeyard portable infrared sauna heats up in as little as 5 minutes to its top temperature of 140° F! Use the controller to set the temperature and timer, then get in! A folding canvas chair is included for you to sit on inside of the tent during use, and a heated footpad comes with it as well. Three carbon fiber heaters work quickly to bring up the temperature, and automatically shut off after the timer goes off. This is a great personal infrared sauna if you need something portable and easy to use! You can set it up almost anywhere, and it folds up with an arm strap to make transport and storage simple. Arm zips let you read a book or change the channel during your sauna session. A portable sauna can take up 30% less space than a stationary cabinet-style sauna, so it’s a great option for small homes and apartments!
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Dynamic Saunas Barcelona

The Dynamic Saunas Barcelona FAR infrared sauna uses six efficient carbon heating panels inside of a thick dual layer Canadian hemlock wood construction to provide you with the hot, hot heat you crave! A clear tempered glass door can handle the heat, too, with temperature options as high as 140° F. A soft touch control panel is featured on the inside and outside of the sauna for adjusting the LED lighting, temperature, and timer. Rock out to some sweet tunes with the AUX connection and speakers, too! You can also change the LED lights to a range of colors depending on your preference. This sauna has a smaller interior than some other stationary options, so it works best for one person. Plus, the assembly requires some screws and tool know-how, so it’s not as easy to put up as some other options. But overall it has a great price and design!
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Radiant Saunas Hemlock

This home infrared sauna from Radiant Saunas uses six carbon heaters to bring the interior temperature as high as 141° F! A solid hemlock build with an extra-deep bench and a tinted, tempered glass door resist heat and expansion. A built-in radio, CD player, and AUX connection give you a bunch of options for playing your favorite tunes! Other extra features include a towel hook, magazine rack, back rests, and an oxygen ionizer. LED control panels on the inside and outside of the sauna let you adjust the temperature, LED lights, and timer to your preferences. The warranty covers the electronics and heating system for five years, the radio for one year, and the rest of the sauna for seven years. A tool-less buckle assembly makes it easy to set up on top of all that! A seven-color therapy light is included on top of the soft LED lighting. Just plug it in and go!
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Durherm Negative Ion Sauna

Need a portable negative ion infrared sauna? This infrared portable sauna tent from Durherm features ultra-thin tourmaline panels, a removable foot pad heater, and three low-EMF heaters. Adjust the heat setting, set a timer, and turn the foot pad heater on or off with the included controller. A canvas folding chair is included for use inside of the tent, too. Two washable terry cloth neck collars are included as well. The sauna folds up and is secured by a strap so you can easily carry it by the built-in handle. Take it anywhere, or store it under the bed when you’re not using it! This spacious one-person infrared sauna is energy-efficient and works quickly to get up to the temperature you’ve selected. Get toasty from head to toe in just a few minutes. The Durherm XL portable sauna offers a great combination of quality and portability among portable infrared saunas!
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JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1

The JNH Lifestyles Ensi two-person infrared sauna features a zero-EMF heating system tested and certified by Intertek. Seven carbon-fiber far infrared heaters work quickly and efficiently to bring the sauna up to temperatures as high as 140° F. Made from solid Canadian hemlock wood in a dual layer for insulation, the sauna features multiple heat-resistant glass windows in a stylish modern design. The sauna has a digital control panel for adjusting the temperature and setting a timer, and energy-efficient LED lighting as well. The warranty covers the heaters for 10 years, while the wood structure and electrical parts are covered for 5 years. A tool-free design makes setting up this stationary sauna almost… easy! That also means you can take it with you in the event of a move without too much difficulty. A built-in 3.5mm AUX connection, two speakers, and a volume rocker lets you play music, too!
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Royal Saunas Low EMF

The Royal Saunas Low EMF Infrared Sauna is made from a gorgeous double layer of chemical-free Canadian hemlock wood with a safety glass door and two windows. Fun special features include two built-in speakers with an AUX connection for playing your favorite tunes while you bask! You also get a digital control panel for setting the temperature and timer, and save your favorite settings for easy selection later. The sauna uses five large low EMF nano-carbon mica heaters to bring temperatures up to 158° F and energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lighting, and a Chromo Therapy Lighting System with soft lighting. The sauna is well-insulated and designed not to expand when heated, plus the tool-free assembly makes setup a breeze! You can actually pack up this sauna and take it with you if you have to move out. A one-year warranty covers everything, including the audio system, so you can rest easy in your new sauna!
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