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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Insoles for Flat Feet

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How to Pick Your Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Do you leave a full footprint in the sand? Are your feet as flat as unleavened bread? Then an orthotic insole for flat feet just might make your life a lot more comfortable! We’ve researched and reviewed some of the best-selling insoles for flat feet to help you get comfy faster. Not sure what to look for? Then check out our handy list of insole specs and features below before getting into the reviews!

Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Orthotic Design: An orthotic is made to help correct foot and ankle problems, so it’s a good feature to look for in these insoles.

Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Sizes: Check out the available size range if you have particularly large or small feet to make sure you can fit in!

How to Pick Your Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Unisex: Some insoles offer separate men’s and women’s sizes, while others provide unisex insole size options.

Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Arch Support: Flat feet need arch support to help avoid fatigue and pain, so arch support is a must in orthotic insoles!

Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Contoured: Contoured insoles provide shaping and support to your arches and heel to put your feet in the “proper” shape.

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Dimensions: One size, trim-to-fit insoles need to have the right starting length and width for them to work for you.

Top 10 Products

Ready for the reviews? If you’re in a hurry, check out our top pick and budget pick for our overall favorites among orthotic insoles. If they don’t quite strike your fancy, keep reading for a variety of insoles made for flat feet. Stay on your toes!

Samurai Insoles

Top Pick
Designed specifically for flat feet, the Samurai Insoles come in a range of sizes to fit men’s shoes 4-16.5 and women’s 6-13.5. No trimming them down to the right size! The thin, low profile of these insoles is part of what brought them to the top of our list of the best insoles for flat feet. Arch and heel support can be bulky and hard to fit into slim footwear, but these insoles are compatible with a range of shoe types and sizes! A dense, springy inner core provides cushion and support to your entire foot, while a molded contoured arch and heel cup with a hidden semi-rigid orthotic support keep your foot stable and help prevent fatigue. If you’re on your feet a lot or want to walk or run without your flat feet slowing you down, these slim but supportive insoles are a great option.
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Copper Compression Insoles

Budget Pick
Copper-infused fabrics aside, these compression insoles provide firm support to flat feet with a contoured arch and heel cup. They come in three sizes: Small fits men’s shoe sizes 6-8.5, Medium fits 9-11, and Large fits 11.5-13. These sizes cover women’s shoe sizes 7-14.5. Made with copper-infused nylon, the insoles are shaped to provide stability and a touch of cushioning. Stability pads at the forefoot and heel absorb shocks and support your feet. These aren’t the most cushioned of orthotic shoe insoles, but that makes them fit more easily in a range of shoes. Cushion is focused in the heel and forefoot, which are common areas that need shock absorption if you’re on your feet all day. If you’re looking for support over cushioning, our budget pick for the best cheap insoles for flat feet might do the trick!
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Nazaroo Flat Feet Insoles

The Nazaroo Flat Feet Insoles come in a variety of sizes made to fit men’s shoe sizes 4-16.5 and women’s 6-14.5. A deep heel cup and contoured, semi-rigid arch support provide stability and help align your foot properly for good form when walking, running, and standing. A silicone pad provides extra cushioning in the heel area, while EVA and latex cushioning absorbs shocks throughout the insole. This flat foot insole has an antimicrobial top fabric to discourage odors from forming, so you can wear these insoles for hours on end! Despite being relatively thin, the tough supportive design keeps its shape in your shoe and doesn’t take up too much space. You can use them in athletic shoes, work footwear, or casual shoes for comfort while walking and standing. For thicker support and cushion, you may want to look into our Powerstep insole reviews.
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Powerstep Original

The Powerstep Original is available in multiple sizes, so you won’t have to trim them to fit. The size range covers men’s shoe sizes 3-14.5 and women’s 5-16.5. The Original insole features a deep heel cradle and semi-rigid arch support to provide stability and align your feet properly. Dual-layer cushioning absorbs shocks and keeps you comfortable. This shoe insert has moderate cushioning, so it’s thin enough to fit in most footwear, from athletic shoes to casual and dress shoes. The top fabric is antimicrobial and moisture-wicking to keep your feet cool, dry, and smelling fresh. These insoles are above-average and a great way to provide extra support to your heels and arches. For an even greater level of cushioning support, take a look at our Powerstep Pinnacle review. The Powerstep Maxx, another Powerstep insole we reviewed, has a higher arch than the Original and Pinnacle.
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Feetmat Premium Shoe Insoles

The Feetmat Premium Shoe Insoles are one-size-fits-most cut-to-fit insoles for men’s shoe sizes 8-12. A semi-rigid support around the heel and arch encourages good foot form with each step, while layers of EVA foam and gel sponge pads on the heel and midfoot provide cushioned support. The contoured, deep heel cup stabilizes the foot to keep stress off of your ankles and other areas, while the arch takes pressure off of your flat foot’s low arches. An anti-microbial mesh upper is breathable and helps keep odor-causing bacteria to a minimum. These are relatively thin insoles compared to other insoles for flat feet with an orthotic design, and have a medium arch height. If you find insoles with high arches to be uncomfortable, these may work better for you and help prevent fatigue and soreness. The comfortable combination of gel and foam combined with a breathable top fabric helps keep your feet happy and cool at the same time!
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Sumkica GEL Shoe Insoles

The Sumkica GEL Shoe Insoles come in two cut-to-fit sizes, one for men’s shoe sizes 8-13 and one for women’s sizes 5-10. It features a TPU and gel layer to support the heel and midfoot under a full-length gel layer. The TPU/gel layer provides arch support along with additional gel pads on the heel and forefoot. These insoles are a good option for people who love the feel of gel insoles but tend to get hot feet thanks to the anti-friction, moisture-wicking fabric covering. If you have low arches or mildly flat feet, these gel insoles might provide the right amount of support you need. The gel cushions your feet and is shock-absorbing with a heel cup and contoured arch to provide stability. If you find that insoles with high arches make your flat feet less comfortable, the relatively low arch support on the Sumkica insoles might be the perfect alternative.
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Powerstep Pinnacle

With unisex size options to fit men’s 3-14.5 shoes and women’s 5-15.5, the Powerstep Pinnacle is a top-of-the-line orthotic insole for handling the woes of flat feet. A double layer of foam cushioning provides comfort and shock-absorption, while a built-in deep heel cradle and arch support help to align your foot properly and stabilize it. The combination of cushioning and stabilizing features make this insole super comfortable for people with flat feet. The moisture-wicking top fabric is anti-microbial to keep odor-causing bacteria to a minimum, too. The Powerstep Pinnacle insole has a contoured arch that provides support and can make being on your feet more comfortable. If you want a greater level of cushioning and a higher arch, try the Powerstep Maxx, which we also reviewed! Or if you think the Pinnacle will be more than what you need, the Powerstep Original is a thinner orthotic insole option for flat feet.
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Sof Sole Airr Orthotic

Available in men’s shoe sizes 7-14 and women’s 5-11, the Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Insoles work well for athletic shoes, work boots, and everyday shoes due to their slim design. Skydex air pocket technology helps cushion and absorb shocks in the heel and contoured arch. Gel pads in the forefoot and heel also provide shock absorption during walking, running, and other movements. The arch is supported by a nylon plate to provide firm support and guidance to low arches and flat feet. To top it all off, COOLMAX fabric with Microban helps prevent heat and moisture build-up to keep you comfortable and odor-free. These insoles for flat feet combine the squishy comfort of gel with the firm support of dense foam to stabilize as well as cushion your feet. If you’re looking for supportive insoles for athletic footwear and other shoes that don’t have a lot of extra room, the Sof Sole Airr is thinner than many orthotic insoles.
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Fittest Sports Orthotic Insoles

The Fittest Sports Orthotic Insoles come with a bonus pair of compression ankle socks--fun, right? But the insoles are our main focus, so let’s talk about those. These insoles come in five unisex size options to suit men’s shoe sizes 4-13.5 and women’s 5-12.5. The base is supported by a firm outer shell that goes from the heel to midfoot. On top of that, a layer of PU foam provides cushioning and contoured support to the arch and heel. Gel pads at the heel and forefoot act as shock-absorbing cushions for walking and standing. The moisture-wicking top cover helps keep your feet cool and dry, too. The firm arch support is ideal for flat feet, while the heel cup provides stability as you move. These sports orthotic insoles can be used for walking, exercising, and in any of your shoes that look great but leave you hurting later!
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Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

The Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx insole is a thick and supportive insole designed to provide comfort and stability to flat feet. With firm foot arch support and an angled heel cup, the insole stabilizes your foot with each step to help improve your “walking posture.” Choose from a range of different sizes for men and women--no need to mess around with “cut-to-fit” insoles! The Pinnacle Maxx insole uses durable EVA foam and a top fabric that reduces friction and heat while also helping prevent odor-causing bacteria. Just one pair of these insoles can be used for every pair of shoes in your closet since they don’t use adhesives. Whether you spend a lot of time on your feet or want your favorite shoes to feel as good as they look, the Pinnacle Maxx insole might be for you! The firm arch support and heel cup make these insoles a great option for people with flat feet.
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